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新课标人教版选修七教案 {Unit2 Robots Period 2} (2)

Period 2

Language Study

Teaching aims 1.To learn the useful expressions and sentence structures. 2.To enable students to use language points both orally and in written forms. Teaching procedures ?Step 1 Learning words and phrases 1.desire n.渴望;欲望;渴求;vt.希望得到;想要 Do you think it is possible for a robot to have its own needs and desires? 你认为机器人有可能有自己的需求和愿望吗? [拓展] (1)desire 作名词时,可接不定式或者 for 短语作定语,还可以接 that 引导的 同位语从句。 (2)desire 作及物动词时的常见搭配: desire sth./to do sth./ do sth./that... [注意] desire 作名词后接同位语从句以及作动词后跟宾语从句时,从句常常用虚拟 语气,即“(should)+动词原形”结构。 The teacher desires me to come to school on time. =The teacher desires that I should come to school on time. 2.test out 试验;考验 It was going to be_tested_out_by Larry' wife,Claire. 它将由拉里的妻子克莱尔来试验。 [拓展] test sb.on sth.就某事(物)测试某人 test sth.on sb./sth.在某人(物)身上做试验 test sb.for sth.为某事检查某人 Mr.Li will test us on_ grammar next week. 下周李老师要检测我们的语法。 I am going to_test you for diabetes. 我将要检查你是否有糖尿病。 They have decided to test_the medicine on cats. 他们已决定在猫身上试验这种药。 3.alarm vt.使某人警觉;使惊恐;n.警报;惊恐 However,when she first saw the robot,she felt alarmed. 然而当她第一次看到那个机器人时,她害怕了。 Please give/raise/sound the alarm when you are trapped in danger. 当你处于危险境地时,请发出警报。 [拓展] be alarmed at/by 担心,害怕 give/raise/sound the alarm 发警报 in alarm 惊恐地 4.sympathy n.同情心

Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot. 克莱尔觉得,机器人向她表示同情,这有点荒唐可笑。 [拓展] (1)have/feel sympathy for sb.同情某人 play on sb.'s sympathy 利用某人的同情心 be in sympathy with sb./sth.赞同/支持某人/某事 (2)sympathize v.表示同情,怜悯 sympathetic adj.有同情心的 I have_a_lot_of_sympathy_for him;he brought up his two children on his own. 我非常同情他,他独自把两个孩子养大。 You'd better not play_on_Tom's_sympathy.It's not polite. 你最好不要利用汤姆的同情心,那是不礼貌的。 We are_in_sympathy_with_your stand on lower taxes. 我们支持你关于减税的立场。 5.favour n.喜爱;恩惠;vt.喜爱,偏袒 As a_favour Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant. 托尼为让克莱尔高兴,答应帮助她,使她变得更漂亮,使她的家变得更高雅 大方。 A teacher must not show favour to one student more than another. 教师不应该偏爱某一个孩子。 Personally,I favour the latter one. 就我个人而言,我喜欢后者。 [拓展] in favour of 支持,赞同 do sb.a favour/do a favour for sb.帮某人一个忙 ask sb.a favour/ask a favour of sb.请某人帮个忙 Are you_in_favour_of_the decision? 你支持这个决定吗? Now that you are not busy,why not do_him_a_favour/_do_a_favour_for_him? 既然你不忙,为什么不帮他个忙呢? 6.accompany vt.陪伴;伴舞 accompany someplace 陪伴某人去某地 accompany用……为某人伴奏 accompany doing sth.陪某人做某事 注意:不能用 accompany do sth.结构 As he was not allowed to accompany_her_to_the_shops,he wrote out a list of items for her. 因为克莱尔不让托尼陪她去商店,所以托尼就给她写了份购物清单。 She asked her teacher to accompany_her_on/at the piano at the concert. 她请她的老师在音乐会上为她钢琴伴奏。 Will you please_accompany_me_in travelling to Shanghai on business? 请陪我去上海出差好吗? 7.ring up 给……电话

When the clerk at the counter was rude to her,she rang_Tony_up and told the clerk to speak to him. 当站台的售货员对她粗鲁时,她就打电话给托尼,让售货员同托尼说话。 I will ring_you_up as soon as he arrives. 他一来我就给你打电话。 [拓展] call sb.(up);phone/telephone sb.;give sb.a call/a ring/a phone call 打电话给某 人 call/ring back 回电话 ring off/hang up 挂断电话 hold on 别挂断 8.turn around=turn round 转向,回转 As she turned_around,there stood Gladys Claffern. 她一转身,就看到格拉迪斯· 克拉芬站在那儿。 The students began to whisper when the teacher turned_around/round. 老师一转身,学生们就开始窃窃私语。 [拓展] turn against 反对 turn back 折回,掉回头 turn down 拒绝 turn in 上交 turn out 结果是;生产 turn to 求助于;翻到(某页) turn up 开大,出现 So far,she has turned_him_down_three times. 到目前为止,她已经拒绝了他三次了。 The stranger we met yesterday turned_out to be Tom's father. 昨天,我们遇到的那个陌生人原来是汤姆的父亲。 He didn't know who to turn to. 他不知道向谁去求助。 9.declare vt.宣布,声明 She cried out “Tony” and then heard him declare that he didn't want to leave her the next day and that he felt more than just the desire to please her. 她大叫一声“托尼”,然后听到托尼一本正经地说,明天他不想离开她,而且 他并不满足仅仅使她开心。 declare for/against sb./sth.声明支持/反对某人/某事 declare sb./sth.(to be)+n./adj.宣布/宣称……为…… declare sth./that...宣布;宣称;声明 declare war on/against...向……宣战 He decided to_declare_for_the North. 他决定声明支持北方。 The doctor finally declared_that the woman was dead. 医生最后宣布该妇女死亡。 The use of certain chemicals_has_been_declared_illegal_recently.

近来某些化学品的使用被宣布为非法。 They have now declared_war_on/against drug dealers in the area. 他们现已对该区的毒贩宣战。 10.leave...alone 不管;别惹;让……一个人待着;和……单独在一起 She shouted “Leave_me_alone” and ran to her bed. 她高声喊:“让我独自待一会儿!”然后就跑上床。 Why not leave_him_alone? 为什么不让他一个人待一会儿? [拓展] leave...alone=let...alone leave aside 搁置一边 leave...behind 遗忘;把……抛弃在后面 leave off 中断,停止 leave out 遗漏,省去;不提及 leave over 剩下;残留 [提醒] let alone 还可以表示“更不用说”的意思,而 leave...alone 不能。 Let's start again from where we left off. 让我们从中断处重新开始。 Mike left out a zero in the telephone number. 迈克在电话号码中遗漏了一个零。 11.His name was Tony and he seemed more like a human than a machine. 他的名字叫托尼,与其说他看上去像一台机器,倒不如说更像一个人。 more...than...与其说……倒不如说…… He is more_my friend than my teacher. 与其说他是我的老师倒不如说他是我的朋友。 The boy is more_lazy than_stupid. 与其说这男孩笨倒不如说他懒。 [拓展] more than 多于;超过;不仅仅 not more than 不超过 no more than 仅仅=only Mr.Zhang is more_than our teacher and he is our friend. 张老师不仅仅是我们的老师,还是我们的朋友。 Please don't be so angry.After all,she is_no_more_than_a child. 请不要如此生气,毕竟她还只是一个孩子。 12.She cried out “Tony” and then heard him declare that he didn't want to leave her the next day and that he felt more than just the desire to please her. 她大叫一声托尼,然后托尼一本正经地说,第二天他不想离开她,而且他并 不满足仅仅使她开心。 这是一个复合句,declare that...please her 作 hear 结构中的宾语补足语, 其中 declare 后面又接了两个 that 引导的宾语从句,第一个 that 可以省略,而第 二个 that 则不能省略。 I'd like to tell you (that) he is too young and that_he isn't fit for the job.

我想告诉你他太年轻不适合这个工作。 ?Step 2 Using words and phrases Do Exercises 1 and 2 on Page 13 in Learning about Language. Keys: Exercise 1:1.satisfaction,tested out 2.sympathy 3.leave...alone 4.desire 5.ring...up 6.scanned 7.absurd 8.declared Exercise 2: scan, favour, cushions/beddings, beddings/cushions, clerks, awful, turn around,alarms,declaring ?Step 3 Consolidation Ask students to retell the text after learning the useful words and phrases. ?Step 4 Homework 1.Finish off Exercises 1 and 2 on Page 55 in Using Words and Expressions. 2.Go over useful words and phrases in the text.


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