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Unit 1 1.add up 合计;加起来 add up to 总计达;总共有(多少) add A to B 给 B 加上 A add to 增添;增加 add + that 从句/直接引语 补充说, 继续说 2. ignore (v.忽视,对…不理睬,不 顾) ignorant (adj.不知的,无知的) ignorance(n.无知,愚昧) be ignorant of/about sth. = be in ignorance 对某事不了解 近义: take no notice of / pay no attention to 3.calm: 形容水面平静 , 人的情绪不 激动 calm(them/it/....)down quiet: 不吵闹,心里没有烦恼 still: 一动不动,静止 silent: 沉默,不讲话 4. have got to=have to/must have you got to...? haven’got to; don’t have to 5. be concerned about/for=be worried about 为…担心 be concerned with 与...有关;涉及 as far as sb is concerned=in one’ s opinion 我认为 with concern 关切地 concerning prep.有关的 6. go through 1) 经历, 经受 (不好的事) experience 2)仔细检查,审查 3)浏览,翻阅 look through go 的其它短语: go after 追赶 go by 走过 go ahead 前进 go along 向前进,一起去 go on 继续 go over 复习 go in for 爱好, 从事 through 的其它短语: come through 安然度过 look through

浏览,翻阅 pass through 穿过,通过 get through 完成,穿越,通过,接通电话 注:through 本身有从头到尾的意思 7. set down 1)写下,记下 write down 2)制定,规定 3)将…停下来让乘客下车 set 的其它短语: set aside 不顾,把 … 放在一边 set forward 提出,促进 set back 使推迟 set about doing sth. 着手做某事 set off 动身,出发 set out to do sth. 出发,着手 set up 竖起,创设,开办 8. a TV series 电视剧 a series of 一连串的,一系列的, 一套的 outdoors( ≠ indoors) in the open air 10.spellbound adj. 入迷的 11.on purpose 故 意 地 do sth. on purpose 反义:by chance/accident 偶然 do sth with/for the purpose of 怀 着...的目的 order to do/ in order not to do (句首,句末) to do(句首,句末) so as to do (不可位于句首,只能 放句末) dusk ≠at dawn thundering adj. 雷鸣般的 14. be good to; be bad to; be +adj. + to point 分数; point to 指向; point at 指着 15.not...until 直 到 ... 才 until/till 直到 get it repaired get sth. done 让... 被做=have sth. done upset sb. 使...不安

16.cheat in the exam 作弊 cheat sb. 欺骗某人 cheat sb.(out)of sth. 骗 某人某物 cheat sb. into doing sth. 骗某人做某事 17.should have done 本来应该做某 事(而实际没做,含有责备的意味) should not have done 本来不该做某 事(而实际已做) 18.make a list of 列清单 在单 上:on the list reason n. 理由,原因 (1) 构 成 句 型 The reason why that ... (2) 构 成 短 语 the reason for sth/to do 和 for the(some)reason There ’ s no reason for that. 那事 没有什么理由 19.feeling 感到 feelings 情感 be afraid to do sth 害怕去做... be afraid of doing 害 怕 某 事 发 生 /sb/sth 20.hide:hide-and-hide 捉迷藏 hide away (1)躲藏 hide away in the forest (2)藏 hide away sth; hide sth away 21.It is...(被强调)that... be/get/grow crazy about 对...狂热 be crazy to do sth 做某事是不理智 的 with 与...有联系 处理=deal with 区别:do with→what deal with→ how have something to with 与...有些关 系=be concerned with have a lot to do with 与...有很大 关系 have nothing to do with 与...没有 关系 23.there was a time 有一段...的时 间 there was a time when 这/那时发生 了...

24.take along 随身携带 by oneself 独自;靠自己 25.far+adj./adv./ 比 较 级 ( 加 深 程 度) much too+adj. too much+ 不可数 名词 26.happen to 碰巧 sb happen to do sth It happens/happened+that clause 27.dare( 用法跟 need 相似) (1)情态动词,常用于否定句( dare not)疑问句(dare 提前) (2)实意动词,后常与不定式连用,但 在 dares,dared 后或是在否定句中 的 to 可以省略 (3)I dare say. 我想,我以为=as far as I'm concerned 28.It/This is the first/second...time that+ 主 语 +have/has done It/This was the first/second/third...time+ 主 语 +had done 29.Look...through... 透过 ... 看 ... look through 浏览 It's no pleasure/use doing 做 ... 没乐趣 30. face to face 面对面地 (在句中 作状语)face-to-face 面对面的(作 定语) 类似的还有: heart to heart 坦诚地 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地 back to back 背对背地 step by step 逐步地 side by side 并排地 one by one 一个一个地 arm in arm 臂挽臂地 hand in hand 手拉手地 31.suffer 遭 受 , 蒙 受 ( 后 接 痛 苦 pain,惩罚 punishment, 损失 loss, 寒冷,饥饿,疾病等名词) suffer from…一般不用于被动语态 suffering n.痛苦,苦难 sufferer n. 受苦者,受难者

32.recover vt. recover sth (strength/consciousness/one`s sight) 恢复... recover oneself 清醒过来,恢复将 康 vi. sb recover(from illnesse/loss) 某人(从...中)恢复过来 33. gossip about get/be tired of sb/sth/doing be tired out 精疲力尽 33. do a survey /surveys(调查) 34. entire 完整的,全部的,不分割 的,切断,破坏之意,而指所述整体 whole 完全的,全部的,含有各部分完 整无缺之意 total 全体的,全部的,意味着总额, 总量,总数,强调把一切计算在内 complete 圆满的,完整的,指各个部 分完整,充足 35. power 体力,智力,能力/ 统治, 政权/ 动力,电力 power 用途最广,用于各种身心的,隐 藏的,外显的力 strength 体力,是内部的能力,在身 体组织内存在的力 force 指活动的力,是 Strength 所展 示出来的力,外部的力,势力,暴力 ability 完成某事的能力 energy 经历,之人内在的活力 36.settle vi.定居/ 使处于舒适的位 置 vt. 结束,解决/ 决定,确定,安排 好 settle 短语: settle down 舒适坐下,定居,安静 下来 settle down to sth. 定下来心做某 事 settle in/into sth. 适应 settle on sth. 决定某事/某物 settle up 付清,结算,结账 37.get tired of 厌烦,厌倦(精神

上的讨厌) Be/feel/tired of sb./sth.厌烦某人 /某事 Be/feel/tired of doing sth.厌烦做 某事 Be tired with/from 由于?而疲倦 (体 力上的疲劳) Unit 2 1. later adj. 晚来的 (late 的比较 级) adv. 后来地 latter adj. (位置上后面的) the latter (one) the former (one) 2. even if=even though 是 连 词 词 组,用来引导让步状语从句,意为 “ 尽 管 、 即 使 ”, 表 转 折 : though,although,but 3. I’d like sth 4. That child come up to me. Come up to vi.走近 come up 被提出 come up with 想 出 , 发 现 come across 偶 然 遇 到 come ture 实现 5. over+时间 over the pass years over class/work 6. actually=in fact=as a matter of fact 7. be based on 以...为根据 base A on B A be based on B 被动 base 还可以用作名词,意为“底部, 基础” at the base of 8. present 当前的,现在的(作前置 定 语 ) adj. the present situation present 做 adj.还有“出席的”的意 思 at present;now;at this time;at this moment 9. make(good/full/no....)use of 使用 Every minute should be made good use of. make up 编写, 编造, 和解 make-up 化妆 make up of 由...构成 10.the number of/a number of 从意

义上判断 the number of “...的数目”,接可数 名词复数,谓语动词用单数 a number of 许多,大量(后接复数 名词) ,谓语动词用复数 a great/large/small number of fluent in 12.such as&for example 全部列举 that is/namely for example: 一般只举同类人或物中 的“一个”为例,与所给例子用逗号 隔开 13.The job was done. The job was difficult. The job(which/that was)done was difficult. 14.standard (1)adj. 标 准 的 , 第 一 流 的 standard side (2)n. 标准,水平,规范(可数) reach/meet standard 符 合 标 准 on a standard 根据某一标准 such thing as...没有...这一 回事 像 ... 一样,诸如 ... 之 类的 such that 如此...以致 16.expect sb to do sth sb be expected to do sth expect+that 从 句 认 为 / 预 想 ... expect sb/sth sb expect to do sth 某人希望做某 事 I expect so. 我想是这样 I expect not. I don’t expect so. a part(role)in (1) 参 加 某 运 动 =take part in play an active part (2)对某事有影响,对某事起作用 18.recognize 辨认,认出 recognize his voise 承 认 , 公 认 recognize sth/sb as sth/sb 19.way to do way of doing

(in)the way ...的方,...的方式 (in)the way+that 从句 (in)the way+in which 从句 (in)the way+从句 20.command (1)命令 (2) vt. command sb (not)to do command that sb (should)do 命令 某人(不)做某事 21.request(1)n.请求 (2) vt. request sth (from sb)请求(从某人)得到某 物 request sb (not) to do sth 请 求某人(不做)某事 request that sb (should) do 请求... Unit 3 1.transport 作 n.时,意思还有“ (旅 客或货物)运输” 、运送等 vt. 意为 “运输,运送(货物,人,物等) ” transport sb/sth to swh 2.prefer (preferred,preferring) prefer sth (to sth) prefer doing sth=prefer to do sth prefer not to do sth prefer doing sth to doing sth prefer to do sth rather than do sth prefer sb (not) to do sth 宁愿某 人做某事 perfer that sb (should) do 宁愿, 更喜欢 3.dream n. V. Dreamed/dreamt dream a ... dream(vt.) dream of/about sth (vi)梦见,梦想 dream that ... 4.persuade vt. 说服;劝服 persuade sb (not) to do sth =sb out of doing sth persuade sb into doing sth persuade sb(of sth) 使某人相信(某 事) persuade sb that+从句 persuade 暗示是成功的,如果“劝说” 未成功,则不能用,用 advise 5.get/make+ 宾 语 + 宾 语 补 足 语 (-ing/done/to do/adj.) 6.finally,at last,in the end 的区

别: 《学案》 Finally 强调活动过程的最后 7.It is /was ... ( 被 强 调 部 分 ) that/who+ 剩余部分【 be 动词固定, that/who】 8.on schedule=on time 准时,按照 计划 ahead of schedule 先 于 预 定 时 间 behind schedule schedule v 安排,计划,预定 9.insist:坚持认为,坚持主张 insist on/upon doing sth 坚持做 insist that 坚持说 insist that sb (should) do sth 坚 持主张,坚持要求 insist on one’s doing 其它感官动词用法跟 see 一样:look at,hear,listen to,watch,notice,feel,observe about;be concerned about 忧虑,关心 care for sb/sth like look after 喜欢,照顾 care n. take care, take care of with care 小心地 adv. find it +adj. to do sth sth be familial to sbbe familialwith 熟悉 12.determined adj. 坚决的,有决心 的 be determined to do sth determine v. 决心,下定决心,确定 1 ) determine to do sth 2)determine+从句 13.change one’ s mind make up one’s mind to do keep/bear mind 记住 read one’s mind 直言不讳 give/put one’s mind on 专心于 mind doing mind one’s doing 14.sth +be +adj.+ to +动 15.give in to 向...屈服 give sth on 上交 give up 放弃,戒掉

give up sth /give up doing sth 16.reliable adj. 可靠的 rely vi. rely on 17.encourage encourage sb to do sth encourage sb in sth encouraging(adj.) encouraged(adj.) encouragement discourage vt. discourage sb from doing sth 18.view n.[c] 自然美景,风景 [u] 视 野,视域 in view adv. 看得见 There is no one in view. [u]观点, 见解 in one’ s view=in one’ s opinion one’s view(s) on/about 其它搭配:get/have a good view of sth 对 sth 一览无余 19.find it +形+to do sth funny 滑稽的 do sth for fun have fun=enjoy oneself=have a good time make fun of sb=laugh at sb get changed 换 好 衣 服 get dressed 穿上衣服 change 可做名词,做“零钱”讲 change A for B put put up① 举起,拾起 =raise② 挂起, 张贴③ 建造,搭起 =build④ 提供住宿 put sb up company with 陪伴某人 lay 下蛋 lie-lied 说谎 22.give in (sth to sb) give up 放弃,认输 give out 精疲力尽,分 配 give away 捐赠,泄漏 give off 发出光、气味 23put up our tent put away 把... 收起来,存放

put back 放 回 原 处 put one ’ s heart to 全神贯注于 put down 放下,写下,镇压 put out 扑灭,伸出 put an end to 使...结束 24.At first...,and then... The former...,the latter... The one...,the other(one)... Unit 4 1.trip: 指带有目的的旅行 例如: business trip voyage:指航空,航海 2.attitude towards sth/doing sth 关于...态度 3.burst n. a burst of laughter/applause burst into+n.≠burst out+doing... 突然...起来 burst into tears/laughter if=as though 1)as if 似乎,好像 2 ) as if 在表 语从句中=that at an end=come to an end 结 束 by the end of 直到...的最后(完成 时) put an end to(介词)+n./doing 结束 sth 6.believe sb 相 信 某 人 所 说 的 话 believe in sb =trust 7.shock n. 打击,震惊,震动 a shock to sb Vt.使震惊, 使惊愕 shocking adj. shocked be shocked to sb 8.trap vt. trapped trapped 困住, 陷入绝境 u.陷阱 set a trap (for) 设...陷阱 fall into a trap 掉 入 陷 阱 , be caught in a trap 中了圈套 trapped adj. 被困住的 a trapped person trap sb into doing last for 持续... 9.all...not...=not all...部分否定

当 all,both 及 every 的合成词与 not 连用时,表部分否定 完 全 否 定 要 用 no,never,nowhere,nore( 单数,复数 都行),neither,nothing,nobody 等 10.bury (vt.) A.埋藏,埋葬 B.蒙住 陷 入 ... ; 专 心 于 buried in/bury oneself in The+adj. 表一类人或物(复数意义)在境外,表方向 in:在境内, 表范围内 on:与境界相壤 12.ruin 借喻 destroy 彻底毁坏, 很难完全修复 damage 价值、用途降 低或外表损坏 13.give one’s congratulations to sb (for sth) congratulate sb on sth 14.judging from/by (句首) 从...判 断 judge the case proud of proudly(adv.) prise(n.) be proud to do sth be proud that... take prise in sth /doing sth 16.honour 1)v. honour sb (with sth) 2)n. show honour to sb 向 ... 表示 敬意 an honour to ... 对...是 光荣的人或事 It ’ s one ’ s honour to do sth my thanks to sb for sth Unit 5 1.generously ① 慷 慨 的 , 大 方 的 +doing sth/with sth be generous to sb with sth ②

宽宏大量的,宽厚的+to sb 2.devote vt.致力于,专心从事 devote oneself / one ’ s energy(time,effort,money)to( 介 词)sth/doing sth 把...专于 devote adj.① 深爱的 ② 投入的 或

be devoted to sb/sth 专心致力于...

to 是介词 3.found ( 组 织 ) 建 筑 build founder foundation 基础 found (founded,founded) the foundation of mankind 前无冠词,不可数名词 guidance (n.) guide(v.) adj. legally agv. 反义 词 illegal ①与法律有关的 a legal adviser ② 合法的 be legal to do sth fee (vs) fare be hopeful about sth 5.youth ①v. 青年时期 ②c. 年轻

prison(动作) prison 类 似 : bed,church,class,college,hospita l,school,university,market be ...away 有...远(指距离,时间) 主 语 +can / 某些动词(see,find,witness)等“见 证,目睹”主语有时不是人而是物、 时间、地点 拟人用法,使句子生 动 11.stage ①阶段,时期(at,in) ② 舞台(on) stage 阶段,时期 situation:形 容情况(此强调周围环境)in the ___ position:位置, 形势 (强调人的立场) in the ___ case: in the ___ 11.reward for (doing) sth (做) 某事的报酬/奖励 a reward for ... a reward of +具体的钱数 reward sb for (doing) sth v. reward sb with sth 13.trouble Don ’ t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. out of trouble have trouble (in) doing sth/with sth 14.lose one’s heart to sb 爱上, 喜欢上 lose one’s weight lose one’ s way 15.imagine+( one’s)doing should do 应该做 should have done 本应该... 16.asleep 是表语形容词,意为“睡着 的” fall asleep be asleep sleep 是动词或名词, 意为“睡觉” sleeepy 是形容词,意为“困乏的,欲 睡的” stop(prevent/keep) sb (from) doing

人 ③ the youth 复数含义 violence violent blow up the balloon/bridge willing to do sth 反: unwilling a strong will 很强的意志力 be willing to do sth 愿意做某事 Where there is a will, there is a way.有志者事竟成 (地点状语从句) at will 任意地,随意地 receive 收 到 accept 接 受 fairly 相当地=very 7.turn to 介词短语 ① 求助于,转 向 turn to sb for help turn down 把(音量)调低 up 出现 turn

8.fight ① n. 打 架 , 战 斗 ② v. fight for 为...而战 fight against 与 ... 作 斗 争 fight with 同...并肩作战 9.prison 表示蹲监狱时,其前面不用 冠词 be in prison 在狱中,被监禁 (状态) 反:be out of prison 出狱 put

sth =sb be stopped(prevented/kept) from doing sth ①学位:get a degree ② 度,度数 10 degrees ③ 程度,等级 18.强调 : do,does,did 后面的动词 要原形 be in power 当权,执政(状态) the first time 引导时间状语从句, “第一次... ” (类似用法: the last time,the moment,the minttue,every time...) for the first time 第 一次 19.reward n. 报 酬 , 奖 金 award n. 奖品,奖项 award sb sth in reward 作 为 报 酬 / 答 get nothing in reward vt.酬谢,给人报答 reward sb with sth /for (doing) sth



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