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Unit 1
晨背三部曲(话题:个人情感) 经典词汇 1.feeling n. 感情;感觉 2.delight n. 高兴;喜悦 3.pride n. 自豪;骄傲 4.curiosity n. 好奇心 5.appreciation n. 感激 6.anxiety n. 担心;焦虑 7.fear n. 害怕;恐惧 8.pleasure n. 高兴;愉快 9.sorrow n. 悲伤;悲痛 10.anger n. 生气;愤怒 11.satisfied/content adj. 满意的 adj. 积极的 13.delighted/glad/pleased adj. 高兴的 14.nervous adj. 紧张的 15.optimistic adj. 乐观的 afraid of 害怕;担心

Living well sorry for 为??感到难 过/歉疚 18.break out 爆发;突然发生 deeply moved 深受感动 worried about 对??感到忧虑 surprised at 对??感到惊讶 22.look forward to doing sth. 盼望做某事 23.hope/wish to do sth. 希望做某事 24.burst into laughter/burst out laughing 突然大笑;放声大笑 25.burst into tears/burst out crying 突然大哭;放声大哭 pleased with 对??满意 angry with sb. for sth. 因某事对某人生气

热身体验 连词成句 1.I, not, know, how adapt oneself to, new environment (用特殊疑问词和不定式 连用作宾语) I_don't_know_how_to_adapt_myself_to_the_new_environment., we, control, mood, become, especially, important(用主语从句) How_we_control_our moods_becomes_especially_important.

Ⅰ.词海拾贝 基础记忆 1.suitable adj.适合的;适宜的 2.adapt vt. 使适应;改编 3.conduct n. 行为;品行 vt. 指挥;管理;主持 4.abolish vt. 废除;废止 5.resign vi.& vt. 辞职;辞去(工作、职位等) 6.companion n. 同伴;伙伴 7.adequate adj. 足够的;充分的 8.profit n. 收益;利润;盈利 9.disability n.伤残;无力;无能→disabled adj.伤残的 10.ambition n.雄心;野心→ambitious adj.有雄心的;有野心的 11.beneficial adj.有益的;受益的→benefit n.利益;好处 v.受益;有益于 12.absence n.缺席;不在某处→absent adj.缺席的;不在的 13.annoy vt.使??不悦;惹恼→annoyed adj.颇为生气的→annoying adj.使人烦 恼的

→annoyance n.烦恼 14.encouragement n.鼓励;奖励→encourage v.鼓励;鼓舞 →courage n.勇气; 胆量 15.assistance n.协助;援助→assist v.帮助;援助→assistant n.助手 16.congratulate vt.祝贺;庆贺→congratulation n.祝贺;贺词 17.access n.(接近的)方法;通路;可接近性→accessible adj.可接近的;可进入 的; 可使用的 18.approval n.赞成;认可→approve v.支持;赞成;同意→disapprove v.不赞 成 语境记忆 19.My husband's talking with full food in his mouth annoys me. Although I am annoyed with him about his annoying habit, he can't get rid of it.(annoy) 20.Your suggestion is very beneficial and I benefited a lot from it.(benefit) 21 . Robert is a very ambitious man and one of his ambitions is to travel in Antarctic.(ambition) 篇章记忆 Tom is ambitious.One of his ambitions was to get an architect certificate. But when he was conducting experiments in the basement, an oil tank on the bench exploded, sending him flying outwards through the exit. He lost his eyesight as well as 70% of his hearing. In other words, he was disabled. Ⅱ.短语互译 1.换句话说 in_other_words 2.适合 adapt_to 3.切去;省略;停止(做某事) cut_out 4.上气不接下气 out_of_breath 5.总而言之 all_in_all 6.闲坐着 sit_around well as 和;也 many ways 在很多方面 9.make fun of 取笑 10.never mind 不必担心 11.all the best (口语)(祝你)一切顺利 with 遇到;经历;会晤 Ⅲ.句型一览 1.used to do (sth.)过去常常做?? I used_to_climb_trees (过去常常爬树), swim and play football. 2.every time 引导的时间状语从句 Every_time_I_returned_after_an_absence ( 每次我在缺课后回来 ), I felt stupid because I was behind the others. 3.现在分词短语作伴随状语 I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling_sorry_for_myself (顾 影自怜). ... 和??一样?? Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to_live_as_rich_and_full_a_life_as_you_do (像你一样过得丰富多彩、充实美满). Ⅳ.语法自测——动词不定式 完成句子 1 . I found it very interesting to_watch_kids/children_playing hide?and?seek.(watch)

我发现观看孩子们玩捉迷藏是非常有趣的。 2.I have to spend much time on my notes to_make_sure I can pass tomorrow's test.(make) 我不得不花费大量的时间在笔记上,以确保我能通过明天的考试。 3.Wang Lihong is reported to_have_fallen_in_love_with a girl who is studying in Yale University, which is really amazing.(fall) 据报道王力宏爱上了一个在耶鲁大学读书的女孩,这真是令人惊异。 4.I went to the cashier's to pay for the beautiful dress in the department store, only_to_find_my wallet was lost.(find) 我到收银台去为百货公司那件好看的衣服付款,却发现我的钱包不见了。 5 . He had_intended_to_take_part_in/intended_to_have_taken_part_in his best friend's birthday party last weekend, but his little daughter suddenly got ill, so he had to take her to hospital.(intend) 上周末他原本打算去参加他最好的朋友的生日聚会的, 可他的小女儿突然病了, 他只得 送她去医院。

1.adapt vt.使适应;改编 ①Whether the rabbit will be able to adapt quick enough to survive is a big question.(2012·浙江阅读 A) 这种野兔能否尽快地适应并生存下来是一个大问题。 (1)adapt to ... 适应于?? adapt oneself to ... 使某人适应于?? adapt sth. from ... 根据??改编某物 be adapted for ... 为??而改写/改编 (2)adaptable adj. 能适应的;可修改的 (3)adaptation n. 适应;改编;改写本 an adaptation of ??的改写本 ②Novels are often adapted for the stage. 小说常常被改编为戏剧。 ③As far as I know, the TV play is adapted from a true story. 据我所知,这部电视剧改编自真人真事。 【对点练习】 对比填空 ①After graduation from college, I gradually adapted to ? ?living on my own. ?②When you go to a new country, you must adapt yourself ? ?to new manners and customs.


③The film Tiny Times is an adaptation of Guo Jingming's ? ?novel of the same name. ?④The film Tiny Times is adapted from Guo Jingming's ? ?novel of the same name. 2.absence n.缺席;不在某处 (1)in the absence of sb. = in one's absence 某人不在时 in the absence of sth. 缺乏某物 absence of mind 心不在焉 (2)absent adj. 不在的;缺席的 be absent from ... 不参加??;缺席?? ① But conscientiousness in the absence of social skills can lead to problems.(2013·江苏任务型阅读) 但是缺乏社会技巧的良知会导致问题。 ②His absence of mind during driving nearly caused an accident. 他驾车时心不在焉,差点肇事。 【对点练习】 用 absence 的相关短语完成下列句子 ①然而,在缺乏英语环境的情况下学习英语相当困难。 However, learning English as a foreign language is very difficult in_the_absence_of_a native language environment. ②汤姆因病没去上学。 Tom was_absent_from school because he was ill. 3.annoy vt.使??不悦;惹恼 (1)annoy sb. 使某人不高兴 (2)annoyed adj. 感到恼火的;觉得生气的 be annoyed with sb. 对某人生气 be annoyed at/about sth. 因某事生气 be annoyed by ... 被??惹恼 (3)annoying adj. 使人不高兴的;恼人的;烦人的 ①It really annoys me when people forget to say thanks. 当有人连谢谢都忘记说时,我确实感到不愉快。 ②Everyone is annoyed by the traffic jams in the city. 大家都为城市的交通堵塞感到烦恼。 【对点练习】 根据英汉提示完成小片段 他不停地开玩笑,已开始惹她不高兴了。尽管他很烦人,我认为她也不该对他生气。 His constant joking was beginning to annoy her. Annoying as he was, I thought she should not be_annoyed_with him. other words 换句话说 word in a/one word beyond words keep/break one's word 总之,简言之 难以言表 have words with sb. have a word with sb. 与某人吵架

遵守 / 违背诺言 Word comes that ... 有消息传来??

与某人交谈 ①In other words, English weather?speak is a means of social bonding.(2013·重 庆阅读 E)

换句话说,英国人对于天气的谈论是社交的一种方式。 ②He has broken his word so many times that I cannot trust him any more. 他经常食言,我再也不能相信他了。 【对点练习】 用 word 的相关短语完成下列句子 ①总之,我们必须尽最大努力做这项工作。 In_a_word,_we must try our best to do the work. ②有消息传来说流行歌手陈楚生的女朋友很富有且很漂亮。 Word_came_that the girlfriend of Chen Chusheng, a popular singer, is rich and beautiful. ③这儿的景色无以言表。 The scenery here is beyond_words. ④你能和我谈一下吗? Would you like to have_a_word_with me? 5.out of breath 上气不接下气 (1)hold one's breath 屏住呼吸 catch one's breath 喘息;恢复正常呼吸 lose one's breath 喘不过气来 take a deep breath 深呼吸 (2)breathe v. 呼吸 ①He entered the house, but soon had to run back to catch his breath.(2012·四 川完形) 他进了房间,但是很快不得不跑回来喘口气。 ②But there is another factor that can cause your heart problems more immediately: the air you breathe.(2012·陕西阅读 C) 但是还有另外一种因素能马上导致心脏问题,那就是你呼吸的空气。 【联想发散】根据提示,补全下列常见短语: ①out of sight 看不见 ②out of control 失控 ③out of date 过期 ④out of_order 出毛病 ⑤out of patience 不能忍受 ⑥out of question 没问题;毫无疑问 【对点练习】 用 breath 的相关短语完成下列句子 was/got out of breath 上气不接 ? ? ①While climbing, he ?下气 ? ?lost his breath 喘不过气来 ②To make the movement easier I had to take_a_deep_breath (深呼吸). 6.all in all 总而言之 above all 首先;最重要的是 after all 毕竟;终究 first of all 首先 in all 总共;总之 all the same 仍然;还是 ①All in all, every road leads to Rome, but I do believe hard work pays off.(2012·山东写作) 总之,条条道路通罗马,但是我坚信努力总会有回报。


②If you want to speak good English, you should first of all listen to good English as often as possible. 如果你想英语说得好,首先应尽可能经常听规范的英语。 【对点练习】 选词填空(in all/all in all/above all/at all) ①It is said that the library has 20 million books in_all. ②All_in_all,_young people should be forward?looking rather than the other way round. ③Does he get no pension at_all? ④Above_all,_he loves words and their sounds.

7.ambition/beneficial/adequate/cut out ① ambition n. 雄心;野心 full of ambition 野心勃勃 achieve one's ambition 实现某人的夙愿 ②beneficial adj. 有益的;受益的 be beneficial to sth./sb.(= be of benefit to sth./sb.) 对??有益 ③adequate adj. 足够的;充分的 be adequate for ... 对??来说是足够的 be adequate to (do) sth. 足以做某事;胜任某事 ④cut out 切去;省略;停止(做某事) cut down (on) 缩小;缩减(尺寸、数量等) cut across/through 抄近路穿过 【对点练习】 结合上述词汇完成下列句子 ①She never achieved_her_ambition of becoming a famous writer. ②A good diet is_beneficial_to health. ③The heavy rain was_adequate_for the drought in Southwestern China. ④I cut this article out of the newspaper.

I used_to climb trees, swim and play football. 我过去常爬树、游泳和踢足球。 【句型透视】(1)used to do 表示过去经常发生的动作或存在的状态;现在已不再发生或存 在;其后常常接动词原形。used to 的否定形式为 usedn't to 和 didn't use to 两种形式。 I used to believe in the American Dream, which meant a job, a mortgage (按揭), credit cards, success.(2013·江苏完形) 我过去相信这样的一个美国梦,它意味着工作、按揭贷款、信用卡和成功。 (2)含 used to 的其他常用结构: be used to (doing) sth. 习惯于(做)某事 be used to do sth. 被用来做?? Some owners will leave their animals outside for a long period of time, thinking that all animals are used to living outdoors.(2012·全国卷Ⅱ阅读 A) 有些主人让他们的宠物长时间地待在外面,认为所有的动物都习惯生活在户外。 Originally, just the human voice and maybe some kind of simple instrument, such as a bell, were used to get people's attention.(2013·浙江阅读 A) 最初,仅仅是人类和某种简单乐器的声音,例如钟声,被用来吸引人们的注意力。 【对点练习】


用所给词的适当形式填空 ①I used to be (be) a very self?centered person, but in the past two years I have really changed.(2013·山东完形) ②I am used to living (live) here, so I have decided not to move. ③Coal can be used to produce (produce) power.

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.This concert was conducted (指挥) by a famous director from Vienna. 2.Would it be a suitable (合适的) moment to discuss my report? 3.His ambition (雄心) now is to become an outstanding basketball player. 4.In order to look after her sick mother, Mary decided to resign (辞去) her position as a manager in the company. 5.The parking places are adequate (足够的) for 100 cars. 6.After graduation/graduating (毕业) from college, he worked as a salesman in a company. 7.We can't start the job until we have the director's approval (认可). 8.He's afraid of losing dignity (尊严) and won't speak a foreign language. 9.I congratulate (祝贺) you once more; this is the best thing you could have done. 10.The island is accessible (可进入的) only by boat because the bridge is not available. Ⅱ.选词填空 adapt to, as well as, out of breath, cut out, used to, in other words, be beneficial to, make sb. annoyed 1.Cutting_out the unimportant details, the passage reads more interesting. 2.Tom is lame in the left leg, and that made_him_annoyed. 3.To our delight, he has adapted_to his disability. 4.He used_to love writing and reading novels. 5.Literal translation, in_other_words,_word?for?word translation is not to be encouraged. 6.They reached the company out_of_breath only to be told they were fired. 7.Daydreaming is highly beneficial_to your physical and mental well?being. 8.In spite of his disabled leg, he as_well_as his teammates won the championship in the sports meeting of our school last month. Ⅲ.根据汉语提示,选用练习Ⅰ、Ⅱ中的句子,加入适当过渡词后联句成篇 1.左腿有点跛曾让汤姆很难过。 2.让我们高兴的是,他现在已经适应了这种情况。 3.他过去曾十分喜欢写作和读小说。 4.现在他的目标是想成为一名出色的篮球运动员。 5.尽管他的腿有些残疾,他和他的队友们却在上个月学校举行的运动会中获得冠军。 Being lame in the left leg ever made Tom annoyed, but to our delight, he has adapted to it.He used to love writing and reading novels; however, his ambition now is to become an outstanding basketball player. In spite of his disabled leg, he as well as his teammates won the championship in the sports meeting of our school last month.


Ⅰ.多项选择 1.Recently, to maintain national balance, the Chinese government has ________ a policy of encouraging college graduates to take positions in rural areas. A.adapted B.admired C.adopted D.admitted 解析:选 C 考查动词词义辨析。句意:为了维持国家平衡,中国政府最近通过了一项 鼓励大学毕业生去农村就业的政策。根据句意可知选 C 项, adopt a policy “通过一项政 策”。 2 . Russian President Putin ________ Rowhani on his election to the Iran's presidency on June 17,2013. A.celebrated B.expressed C.congratulated D.observed 解析:选 C 句意:2013 年 6 月 17 日,俄罗斯总统普京祝贺鲁哈尼当选伊朗总统。 congratulate sb. on sth.“就??向某人祝贺”。 celebrate“庆祝; 庆贺”, 宾语为 sth.; express“表达”;observe“观察;遵守”。 3.My grandfather often goes to the countryside, because he thinks a stay there will be ________ to his health. A.delicate B.avoidable C.permanent D.beneficial 解析:选 D 句意:我爷爷经常去乡下,他认为待在那里有益于身体健康。 beneficial“有益的;受益的”,符合句意。delicate“脆弱的;容易生病的;精致的”; avoidable“可避免的”;permanent“永久的”。 4.People in flooded areas suffered a lot, without drinking water, electricity and ________ food supply, so they continued to flee the town. A.suitable B.content C.handy D.adequate 解析:选 D suitable“适合的;适宜的”;content“满意的;满足的”;handy“有 用的;方便的”;adequate“足够的;充分的”。由句意可知选 D 项。 5.It made him really disappointed that his ________ to become a pilot, was held back by his poor eyesight. A.destination B.inspiration C.ambition D.promotion 解析:选 C 考查名词辨析。句意:他成为一个飞行员的理想因为视力差而被阻碍了使 他感到非常沮丧。 destination“目的地”; inspiration“灵感; 鼓舞”; ambition“抱负; 志向”;promotion“提升;促销”。根据句意可知答案为 C。 6.For professional athletes, ________ to the Olympics means that they have a chance to enter the history books. A.appeal B.attachment C.access D.approach 解析:选 C access“进入”,符合句意。appeal 作名词时,意为“呼吁;上诉;吸引 力”;attachment“附加”;approach“接近;方法”。 7 . In modern times, people have to learn to ________ all kinds of pressure although they are living a comfortable life. A.keep with B.stay with with with 解析:选 D live with 在此处与 put up with 类似,有“承受”的意思,符合句意。 stay with“与??待在一起”;meet with“偶然遇到”。 8.It is really a wonder that he won the awards four times ________ from 1983 to 1986. a way a row a flash a distance

解析:选 B 句意:他从 1983 年至 1986 年连续获奖,真是个奇迹。in a row“连续”, 符合句意。 9.Don't expect to pass the driving test at your first attempt. ________, you've been learning to drive for only a couple of days. A.After all B.As a result C.In other words D.In general 解析:选 A 考查短语辨析。句意:别指望第一次就通过驾照考试,毕竟,你学习驾驶 才几天时间。after all“毕竟”;as a result“作为??的结果”;in other words“换 句话说”;in general“通常”。 10.—Look! Tom is________. —So would you if you had a long running. A.out of shape B.out of order C.out of breath D.out of temper 解析:选 C out of shape“变形”;out of order“发生故障”;out of breath“上 气不接下气”;out of temper“发脾气”。根据句意可知选 C。 Ⅱ.完成句子 1.(2014·武汉市部分学校高三起点调研)Tony is a naughty boy.He likes to play tricks on others but hates to_be_made_fun_of.(make) 托尼是个淘气的男孩,他喜欢捉弄别人但是讨厌被捉弄。 2.(2014·武昌区调研)There are training programmes designed for disabled people who/that_have_no_access_to/don't_have_access_to mainstream activities.(access) 有专门为无法参加主流活动的残疾人设计的培训方案。 3.The flat I'm living in is only half_as_large_as_my_previous/former_one,_but I'm living closer to work.(half) 我现在住的这个单元房只有原先那个房子面积的一半,但我住的地方离工作地方更近 了。 4.The basketball coach, as well as his team, was_interviewed shortly after the match for their outstanding performance.(interview) 这个篮球教练和他的球队因为表现出色,在赛后不久就被采访了。 5 . What_made_me_annoyed/What_annoyed_me was that he didn't even make an appearance at the conference, not to mention make a speech.(annoy) 让我感到恼火的是,这次会议他根本就没露面,更不用说讲话了。 6.Word came that_he_had_resigned and would return the next year.(resign) 有消息说他已经辞职了,明年就会回来。 7 . I wish he had/could_have_benefited_from my talk about music and life.(benefit) 但愿他从我对音乐和人生的交谈中获得了收益。 8 . Make good use of learning resources such as the website and library, and_you_will_make_great_progress.(make) 充分利用像网站、图书馆等的资源,你就会取得很大的进步。 9 . With so many representatives (being)_absent_from_the_meeting due to the delayed flight, we had to put it off till next week.(absent) 鉴于很多代表因航班延误而缺席会议,我们不得不将会议推迟到下周。 10 . Some species of animals have become extinct because they could_not_adapt_(themselves)_to the changing environment.(adapt) 有些动物灭绝了,因为它们不能适应变化的环境。 Ⅲ.完形填空 (2014 ·河南省适应性测试)I was doing well as a department head in a Mumbai firm, but my relationship with the boss had become strained (紧张的). Not wanting to __1__ this, I resigned rather impulsively (冲动地). But with no other job offer in hand, I soon became __2__.

Then, one morning, a Situations Vacant ad I spotted __3__ a person like me. So, carrying my __4__ typed CV (简历) in an envelope on which I had written both “To and From” __5__, I took a train on a Monday morning to get to the post office, where I could have it weighed, stamped and __6__. Getting off the train, I __7__ the crowd of office?goers out of the station and on to the street. Suddenly, I noticed my envelope was __8__! I rushed back to the __9__. The train was still there. A __10__ of the compartment in which I travelled ended up with nothing. I waited __11__ for the train to pull away. It hadn't fallen on the tracks either. The __12__ thing to do was to go home, sit at my typewriter, make a new CV and covering letter and mail it. But losing the envelope was like a bad __13__, so I gave up. Three weeks passed. I __14__ a letter that referred to my “lost” job application and invited me for a __15__ with the company's managing director. I was __16__. I soon got the job, and __17__ there as deputy general manager until I took voluntary retirement in 2002. I still think about my application __18__ its addressee (收信人). I imagine someone found it. He or she might have asked others on the train. Realizing it would be __19__ to a fellow citizen, the finder took it to a post office, stuck the stamps and mailed it. To that __20__ friend, I want to say: Thank you for a little act that proved to be so big for me. 1.A.look up B.take up C.put up with D.come up with 解析:选 C 空格后面的 this 指的是作者与老板关系紧张这件事,故选 C,put up with“忍受”。look up“查阅”;take up“占据”;come up with“提出”,均不符合语 境。 2.A.anxious B.proud C.hopeless D.curious 解析:选 A 由语境可知,作者辞职时很冲动,并没做好准备,现在手边又没有其他的 工作,所以现在作者心里应是焦虑的。故选 A。hopeless 语气太重,不符合题意。 3.A.dismissed B.hired C.missed D.sought 解析:选 D 句意:然后,有一天早晨我发现了一则招聘广告需要我这样的人。A 项意 为“解雇”,与语境不符,可排除;B 项意为“雇用”,为过去时,表示已经受雇了,也不 符合语境;C 项意为“想念”,与语境不符。D 项意为“寻找”,符合语境。故选 D。 4.A.finally B.neatly C.completely D.exactly 解析:选 B 由下文语境并结合选项可知,作者要去应聘,自己的简历当然要打印得很 整洁。故选 B。 5.A.addresses B.instructions C.directions 解析:选 A 根据下文“to get to the post office”可知,信封是要邮出去的,应 在信封上写好寄信人和收信人的地址。故选 A。 6.A.sorted B.loaded C.posted D.corrected 解析:选 C 根据上文“the post office”可知,作者在邮局可以把信封称重量,盖 戳,然后寄出去。故选 C。 7.A.avoided B.left C.lost D.joined 解析:选 D 由语境可知,作者下了火车,加入到上班一族的人群中走出车站,来到大

街上。join 意为“加入”,符合句意。故选 D。 8.A.falling B.missing C.broken D.mistaken 解析:选 B 根据下文提到作者回去找信封可知,作者的信封不见了。missing 是形容 词,意为“失踪的,缺少的”,符合题意。故选 B。 9.A.platform B.yard D.street 解析:选 A 根据下句“The train was still there.”和下文语境可知,作者因为发 现信封丢失而原路返回寻找,因为是刚刚下了火车、离开车站,所以只有站台(platform) 符合逻辑。故选 A。 10.A.memory B.look 解析:选 C 根据上文可知,信封不见了,返回自己曾坐过的那节车厢的目的是为了找 信封,因此 search 符合题意,故选 C。a look of 意为“??的表情”,不符合语境,可排 除。 11.A.aimlessly B.excitedly C.angrily D.impatiently 解析:选 D 根据下文可知,他是等火车离开后再看看铁轨上有没有信封,所以选择 impatiently,意为“不耐烦地”,表示作者当时焦急的心情。作者并不是漫无目的地乱找, aimlessly“漫无目的地”,可排除。信封丢失后,找不到信封,作者的心情应该是焦急的, 而不是生气或兴奋。故选 D。 12.A.meaningless B.logical C.valuable D.difficult 解析:选 B 根据空后的叙述:找不到信封,回家后坐在打字机旁边再打一份简历寄出 去可知,这一系列行为都是符合人的正常做事逻辑的。logically“符合逻辑地”,符合语 境。故选 B。 13.A.sign B.fortune C.result D.mark 解析:选 A 根据空前的“bad”和下文“so I gave up”可推知,作者认为求职路上 丢掉信封是不好的征兆,所以选择 sign。fortune 意为“运气”,为不可数名词,不能用冠 词修饰,可排除。mark 意为“标志,记号”,不符合逻辑。故选 A。 14.A.expected B.mailed C.received D.wrote 解 析 : 选 C 根 据 下 文语 意 和 选 项 可 知 , 应 是三 周 后 却 “ 收 到 ” 了 一封 来 信 。 receive“(客观上)收到”,符合题意。故选 C。 15.A.dinner B.walk D.meeting 解 析 : 选 D 根 据 作 者 在 找 工 作 这 个 语 境 和 空 后 的 “the company's managing director”可知,作者是去见这位主任面试。故选 D。 16.A.surprised B.disappointed C.encouraged D.worried 解析:选 A 由语境知,作者把装简历的信封丢失后,决定放弃了,却收到面试的邀请 信,应该感到非常吃惊。故选 A。 17.A.arrived B.moved C.worked D.helped 解析:选 C 根据上文“got the job”和下文“as deputy general manager”可推知, C 项正确。A、B 两项是终止性动词,在肯定句中是不能和 until 连用的,故排除。 18.A.pointing B.reaching C.touching D.persuading 解析: 选 B 根据上下文语境可知, 作者是在思考自己的简历是怎样到达收信人手里的。 reach 意为“到达”,符合题意。故选 B。

19.A.important B.hard C.realistic D.friendly 解析:选 A 本句是作者猜测的内容,作者认为一定是有人发现了那个信封,意识到这 封求职信对其主人来说一定很重要,所以代为投递了。故选 A。 20.A.imagined B.responsible C.hidden D.unknown 解析:选 D 由上下文语境知,拾到自己丢失信封的那位好心人作者并不认识。故选 D。 Ⅳ.阅读理解

(2014·马鞍山高三两校联考 )A Vietnamese man hopes to raise the quality of education in his country by building “parent libraries” in rural schools. Nguyen Quang Thach provides libraries to the schools so books are more available in farming communities. He works with publishers in Hanoi to get the books at reduced rates for teachers and their students. Mr. Thach says most schools have enough textbooks. But he says many poor families have few books at home and do not visit school libraries. He learned this by talking with farmers, workers and students. More than 90 percent of Vietnam's population can read and write. But academic performance in the schools remains low compared to other Southeast Asian nations. Corruption is a big part of the problem. Vietnamese media often have stories about teachers giving high grades in exchange for money. Some experts criticize teaching methods that depend heavily on dictation. They say asking students to repeat everything a teacher says to the class harms their ability to think for themselves. Nguyen Quang Thach says he wants people to invest money in books for a better future. To date, almost 1,000 parent libraries have been built in Thai Binh Province. Hundreds of books are in each one. Several other provinces have copied this model. For each school, Mr. Thach helps build libraries for up to four classes. Other people then follow his example. Parents of school children pay three dollars each for the first year and one dollar in other years. The head of the AnDuc Secondary School, Pham Duc Duong, told reporter Marianne Brown that Mr. Thach's work has improved the quality of education. “He says students have been doing better in competitions, especially in social science.” Duong Le Nga heads the school youth group. She says that after the libraries were built, students started asking teachers more questions. The students also set up debating teams. She thinks Mr. Thach's example helps students think more creatively — “outside the box”. The deputy head of the school, Uong Minh Thanh, says many students there will work in factories. But after seeing the influence of the new libraries, he hopes the children will set high goals for themselves. 语篇解读:一个越南人心系乡村教育,通过建立“父母图书馆”帮助学校提高教学质量。 1.We can learn from the passage that Vietnamese teachers ________. A.lack creative teaching methods B.don't have a high salary to support family C.make money by forcing students to attend classes


D.don't have enough books to read 解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据文章第四段可知,老师的教学方法只是依靠听写,没有 创造性。因此 A 项正确。 2.How is the library project carried out? A.Every school will be provided with four libraries. B.Mr. Thach and parents co?fund for the libraries. C.Parents pay three dollars every year. D.Parents should pay four dollars in all. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第六段内容可知,B 项正确。 3.In Duong Le Nga's opinion, students ________. A.have been doing better in compositions B.need to have a box when thinking C.are more creative in thinking than before D.should set high goals for themselves 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段最后一句可知,学生思考问题更富创造性。 因此 C 项正确。 4.What's the main idea of the passage? A.People think highly of Nguyen Quang Thach's “parent libraries” project. B.Vietnamese teachers' corruption is ruining the future of children. C.Schools in Vietnam are in great need of libraries. D.A Vietnamese helps the quality of education by a book revolution. 解析:选 D 主旨大意题。文章首句点明了主旨:一位越南人希望通过建立“父母图书 馆”来提高乡村教育质量。故 D 项正确。




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