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2015年(人教版)高一英语必修1 新课讲授:Unit 3Travel journal Period 4 Using language 课件

人教课标 高一 必修 1

Unit 3

首先通过几张最有代表性的照片把学生带入 那片神奇的土地,接着通过设计了略读,精读 以及读后练习,锻炼学生的阅读能力。然后让 学生展开想象,写一封E-mail给自己的朋友,讲 述课文里学习过得老挝之旅的内容。 本节课内容充实,设计的练习合理得当,对 学生语言能力的提高有极大促进作用。

Have you ever been to Tibet?

yak 牦牛


snow mountains

1. They reached Tibet in winter. 3. When we reached a valley, it became warmer. 5. Their cousins will join them in Dali.

( F)

2. Wang Wei always rode in front of me. ( T )
( T) (T )

4. They went to sleep early in their tent. ( F )

On the mountain they saw:

1. _________________ snowfall
2. _________________ clear sky 3. _________________ bright stars

In the valleys: 1. ___________ butterflies flying around us yaks and sheep eating grass 2. ________________

At midnight, they heard no sound fire of ______ wind but that of _____.

What did they do? 1. _________ ride bike in the snow. winter clothes for 2. change _______ ___________ clothes. summer put up tent to make camp. 3. _________

How did they feel? 1. Legs were ________________. heavy and cold 2. To climb the mountain was ___________ hard work but to go down the hills is great _____. fun 3. We can hardly ___________ wait to see our cousins.

Imagine that you are a friend of

Wang Kun. Write a short email
asking about Laos.

What is the food like in Laos? What do you think of the country? How was your trip?

Have you meet …?
When did you come back?

What kind of things did you see?
Could you give me more details

about …?
Could you tell me about …?

Have a nice/good time.
Have fun.

Good luck on your journey.
Take care. Best wishes.



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To: Wang Kun

Subject: About Laos

Dear Wang Kun, How are you these days? I keep wondering how you feel about … Best wishes! Your friend

Dear Wang Kun,

How are you these days? I keep worrying about you all the time. ____ How was your trip? I think you a great fun must have ______________.

I decide to ________ travel in Laos next
week. So I write to you to ask some

___________ information about Laos because I
need to do some ____________. preparations

Could you give me ___________ more details
about Laos? I hope you tell me

something about Laos.

Best wishes!

Yours Mary

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