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Period 2 Reading

Can you name some countries in which English is a native language?

English Around the World

the United Kingdom Ireland South Africa

Canada the USA

Australia New Zealand

? This unit seeks to give us a better understanding of how English developed and how it is spoken in the world.

Which language do you think is the most widely used language in the world? Do you think Chinese can be a world language? Why? Do you know the meaning of “Englishes”?

World English
American British

Canadian Australian


Br E & Am.E

When you hear two native speakers of English, they may still not speak the same kind of English.

The differences between British English and American English.
BrE autumn typhoon I think colour centre traveller AmE fall tornado I guess color center traveler

vocabulary spelling

pronunciation dance [da:ns] dance[d?ns] not [not] not [na:t]


AmE lift elevator 电梯 petrol gas, gasoline 汽油 flat apartment 公寓 autumn fall 秋天 underground subway 地铁 大学 university college 垃圾 rubbish garbage 垃圾箱 dustbin trash can 假期 holiday vacation 两周 fortnight two weeks


Am E neighborhood labor color honorable humor favorite theater kilometer

Br E neighbourhood labour colour honourable humour favourite theatre kilometre

Match the words that have the same meaning. petrol eraser gas flat apartment color elevator lift honour rubber colour honor movies pictures subway underground

Why do people all over the world want to learn English?

Trade Internet website Entertainme nt(娱乐) Learn in western university

Diplomacy (外交)

From these we can see ….
It’s more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

The Road to

Modern English

Task 1: skimming
1. What’s the main idea of the passage ? The history and development(发展) of English.

Task 2: scanning

Find out the key sentence of each paragraph

Main ideas of each paragraph :

Para 1
Para 2

More and more people speak English.

Native English speakers can understand each other but not everything. English is changing over time. The two big changes happened in English spelling. English is spoken as a foreign or second language in many countries.

Para 3 Para 4
Para 5


Para 1Development of English

the end of the 16th century

the next century



Many other countries

More people speak in more countries

1. English had the most speakers in the 17th century. T F

2. English developed when new settlers and rulers came to Britain. T F 3. Languages frequently change.

√ √

4. The language of the government is always the language of the country. T F 5. English is one of the official languages used in India. T F

6. This reading describes the development of the English language. T F

Fill in the blanks.(Para3-4)
AD450--1150 AD800--1150 English was based on _______ German enriched the English language. Shakespeare made use of a wider vocabulary. Some British settlers moved to America.

Danish and French settlers

By the 1600’s
1620 ___________
Later in the 18th century By the 19th century

English began to be spoken in

The language was settled.

Answer following questions. (Para.5)

Why does English become a second language in India?
India was ruled by Britain from 1765 to 1947. And during that time English became the language for government and education.

Retell the text.
England At first, only people in ________ spoke English. moved Later, people from England _______ to other

parts, so English began to be spoken in
______ _____ _________. Today, _______ people many other countries more speak English as their _____, second or foreign first can language. _______ English speakers _____ Native not everything understand each other but ____ ___________.

cultures All languages change when ________ communicate with one another. So there are British English, American English, Australian English and so on. identity They all have their own ________.

English is also spoken as a foreign or many other countries second language in _____ ____ _______. Maybe one day Chinese English will become one of the world English.

Task 6: discussion
1. As we all know, more and more

people all over the world now want to learn Chinese. Do you think Chinese will become an international language all over the world in the near future? And why? Please list the reasons.

1.Read the passage as fluently as you can.



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