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P19-1 1、Use the information in the passage to complete the notes about Charlie Chaplin. 使用信息 在这一段文章里的 完成笔记关于查理卓别林。 Born:He was bron in a poor family in 1889 Job:His job is an actor Costume:Large trousers,worn out shoes small round black hat and a walking stick Type of acting: His type of acting is mime and farce Died: He died in 1997 in Switzerland
出生:他出生在一个贫穷的家庭在 1889 年 职业::他的工作是一名演员 服装:大裤子,穿破的鞋子小圆黑帽子和手杖 类型的表演:他的类型的演技是哑剧和闹剧 去世:,他死于 1997 年在瑞士

P19-2. Read the passage again and write down the main idea of each paragraph。

Main Body:主体: Paragraph1:段落
(1)The word situation 处境情况 (2):Charlie’s childhood 查理的童年 (3). His famous film character 他的著名的电影人物 (4).An example of his work 他的工作的一个例子 (5.)His achievements 他的成就 Now use this information to write a summary of the passage in your own words.



P19-3.In pairs discuss these questions about Charlie Chaplin.

(1). Do you think his poor child hood helped him in his work? Why?

(2) .Why do you think he is so successful?

P19-3.Suggested answers: 建议答案: 1. Yes, I think so. Because his poor childhood offered the experience of poor life and toughened him. 2. Because he brightened the lives of Americans and British through t wo world wars and the hard years in between, and up to now no body ha s been able to this better than him. Step5 Summary and Homework
(1)。是的,我是这么认为的,因为他的贫穷儿童提供了经验的贫穷的生活和钢化 他。 (2)。因为他照亮了生活的美国人,英国经历了两次世界大战之间,坚硬的年,到目前为止没有 人能够比他顾不上这。总结和作业 小结:在这节课,我们已经读了一篇关于一个著名的喜剧查理王子卓别林我们已经知道卓别 林是一个天才演员。我们应该学会乐观的生活态度。我们也从查理· 卓别林学会了一些单词 和短语的文本。

P19-4. Chaplin starred in silent films so ha had to use of gestures and body language to tell his story. What dialogue do you think he would have written for the scene described in the reading passage? In pairs make up a dialogue of your own and act it. You can start like this: LITTLE TRAMP: At last! Thank goodness! Somewhere to hide from the snow! We're lucky to find this hut before we disappeared under the snow. FRIEND: Yes indeed. It's warm here but I'm hungry! LITTLE TRAMP: Perhaps... P19-4.卓别林主演了无声电影所以公顷不得不使用手势和身体语言来讲述他的故事。什么
对话你认为他会写整篇文章中描述的场景吗?在对编对话和表演的自己。 你可以开始像这样:

流浪汉:终于!谢天谢地!个地方躲雪!我们幸运地找到这小屋在我们消失在雪下。 朋友:是的。它是温暖的在这里,但是我饿了! 流浪汉:也许……

P20-1 1.Fill in the chart below and note the connection between the nouns,verbs,adjectives and adverbs .Pay attention to the words which do not have all the forms.
1。填写下面的图表和注意之间的连接名词、动词、形容词和副词。注意的词语,没有所有的 Noun 名词 fortune 幸运 Verb 动词 Adjective 形容词 fortunate Adverb 副词 fortunately contentedly

contentment 满足 content content performer/performance 表演者/性能 perform performing humour 幽默 astonishment 惊讶 bore 令人讨厌的人 humour astonish bore humorous astonishing

humorously astonishingly boringly


charm 魅力 charm charming charmingly entertainment 娱乐 entertain entertaining entertainingly P20-2.Complete the passage with the words and phrases below in their proper forms. Enjoyment ; overcome; laughter; off; cut outstanding Uncertain; pick out; throughout; failure;charge;chew In the 1990s,Mr Bean became a star using mime to highlight difficult social situations mu ch as Charlie Chaplin had done. His method of acting was to appear uncertain look around and then do exactly the wrong thing. Children Particularly would burst into laughter at his behaviour.He always managed to pick out those things that people are afraid of doing be cause they do not want to appear a social failure . On one occasion in a restaurant he or dered a steak tartare. When the uncooked meat arrived he was overcome by shame bec ause he could not eat it.He cut off a piece of meat and pretended to chew a mouthful but instead put it into the plant pot beside him . He put other pieces into his pocket. Througho ut the meal he seemed to show great enjoyment in his food . He was such an outstandin


g performer that when he finished eating his dinner ,the waiter offered him the same dish again at no extra charge ! 在 1990 年代,憨豆先生成为了一个明星使用 mime 强调困难的社会情况就像查理· 卓别林所 做的。 他的方法是不确定的代理出现环顾四周,然后做的恰好是错误的。孩子们特别会哄堂大笑,他 的 行为他总是设法挑出那些人不敢做,因为他们不希望出现一个社会失败。有一次在餐厅,他下 令鞑靼牛排。当他克服了未煮熟的肉类到达的耻辱,因为他不能吃他切断了一块肉,假装嚼了 一口而是把盆栽植物在他身边。 他把其他碎片放进他的口袋里。 在整个进餐过程中他似乎显 示了极大的乐趣在他的食物,他是这样一个出色的演员,当他吃完了他的晚餐,服务员给他同 样的菜又在没有额外费用! P20-3/ Play a game How did you help your mother last weekend?One of you may ask the question and the other make as many sentences as you can using the phrases below. 玩个游戏你是怎么帮助你的母亲最后的周末吗?你可能要问的问题和其他使尽可能多的句 子你可以使用下面的短语。 Pick up 获得、捡起 pick out 挑选出、领会 pick off 拖延、.推迟 cut down 减少 cut up 切碎

When either os you makes an incorrect sentence or you have used all the verbs once ,swap roles correct sentence you get a point.Add up the points and see who has won. 当你让一个不正确的操作系统或者句子或你用所有的动词一次,互换角色正确的句子你得到 一个点。把分数加起来,看看谁赢得了。 EXAMPLE: 示例: S1:How did you help your mother last weekend? S1:你是怎么帮你妈妈上个周末吗? S2:I picked up my clothes and hung them up .I picked out the bad fruit……. S2:我拿起我的衣服并把它们挂起来。我挑选了坏果子……。




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