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10 24 warming up高中英语必修五

人教课标版 高二 必修 5

Unit 4

Warming up

Question Where can we get the information?





TV programmes

Means of media today

Means of media today

Lead in
1. What do you want to be in the future? 2. What is your ideal occupation? 4. If you are offered a chance for a job at

China Daily, will you need to find out
what kind of jobs they have?

But whatever you want to be, you
need to know a lot about the occupations and prepare yourselves for them from now on.

Questions How many different kinds of jobs do newspapers have? What are they? Look at the following pictures, and guess what they are?

Who interviews people and writes news stories?


Who takes photos of important people or events?



make sure the writing is clear, concise and accurate; checks facts

lays out the article and photographs

prints the newspaper

Types of jobs journalist

What it involves Interview people or finds out events from onlookers and writes news stories checks the writing and facts and makes changes if necessary


Types of jobs

What it involves

photographer takes photographs of important people or events critic gives opinion on plays and books designer lay out articles and photographs foreign reports form abroad correspondent

More jobs
editor deputy editor sub editor


编辑 副主编 审校编辑 评论员 漫画师 通讯员

Now if you want to be a good

news journalist, what qualities
do you think you need to have?

Very important


Not very important

1 Higher level of education

2 Work experience
3 Good communication skills 4 Curious, active personality 5 Hard-working

□ □ □

□ □ □

□ □ □

6 Enthusiasm for the job
7 Prepared to work long hours

8 Ability to work in a team

Look at the title and the picture. What do you think would make the first day at work “unforgettable”? ? Doing things very special or meeting
somebody very important ? Feeling very strange and uncomfortable

? Not dressed correctly for the job or
dropping food or drink and feeling


? Feeling at home straightaway because the atmosphere is so friendly ? solving a problem or showing some expertise which impresses your new boss or colleagues

Guess the meaning of these expressions cover a story have a “nose” for a story a trick of the trade get the fact straight get the wrong end of the stick how the story goes a real “scoop”

cover a story

to report on an important event have a “nose” for a be able to tell whether it story is a true story a trick of the trade clever ways known to experts get the fact straight to present ideas fairly

get the wrong end of not to understand the stick properly

how the story goes get a scoop

this is the story a piece of hot news

My first work assignment “Unforgettable”, says

new journalist

Task 1 Skimming
What’s the main idea of this passage? This passage is about Zhou Yang’s first assignment at the office of a popular local newspaper. And his discussion with his new boss, Hu Xin, was to strongly influence his life as a reporter.

Task 2 Scanning Decide if each of the following statements about Zhou Yang is true or false. If it is true, please find out a sentence from the passage to prove it.
1. Zhou Yang is very enthusiastic. T He asked “Can I go out on a story immediately?”.

2. Zhou Yang is eager to learn. He asked “What do I need to


remember when I go out to cover a story?”. 3. Zhou Yang is modest. mind?”. T

He asked “What should I keep in

1. Zhou Yang needs to answer a letter
from a student asking how to become a journalist. So he is making notes in order to answer the questions. Can you work out Zhou Yang’s notes? Use the information from the reading passage to help you.

Zhou Yang’s notes
curious Skills ◆ We need to be _______. ◆ To _______ acquire all the information we need to know, we have to ask questions many different _________. ◆ To be a good reporter, we must have a “ ____ ” for a story. nose ◆ When we find people are not ______________, telling the truth we must find out story the missing parts of the ______.

The importance of listening getting the detailed facts _________________________

Tips Dos

◆ ______ Listen to the
answers carefully.

______ _____. Don’ts ◆ Don’t be rude ◆ Don’t talk too much ourselves.

Stages in researching a story

1. ask questions 2. note reactions 3. check facts 4. do research

How to check facts use research and ask witness
How to deal with accusations of printing lies use a tape recorder for the interview

2. Read the text carefully and choose the best answers. 1). Why was Zhou Yang’s first work assignment unforgettable? D A. Because it was his first work day as a reporter. B. Because he had the chance to meet his new boss. C. Because he made a strong impression on his new boss. D. Because he got some advice from his new boss.

2). According to the text, which of the following is NOT true? A A. The questions a reporter prepares to ask are fixed. B. A reporter must be able to tell when people are lying. C. Listening is a very important skill for a reporter. D. Zhou Yang’s colleagues are willing to help each other.

3). According to the text, which of the following is TRUE? D A. Zhou Yang covered a story on the first day. B. The footballer was proved not to be guilty. C. A reporter needs to take a camera with him or her. D. A reporter needs to take notes while listening.

A reporter’s duties are
1. to work in a team 2. to get an accurate story 3. to protect a story from accusations.

Work out which adjectives best describe what is required for these two jobs. Some may be needed for both jobs. concise patient imaginative well-recognized technically good polite honest truthful thorough creative curious admirable careful gifted professional

Adjectives to Adjectives to describe a journalist describe a photographer Patient, wellorganized, thorough, curious, careful, concise, professional, polite
Creative, imaginative, technically good, gifted, professional, well-organized, patient

What is the main difference

between being a journalist and
being a photographer?

A reporter needs to be ___________ thorough, ________________________ curious, careful and concise but a photographer needs to be creative, _________ __________________________________. imaginative, technically good and gifted ________________________________ They both need to be professional, ________________________. well-organized and patient I think I would make a good photographer ___________ ______________________________ because I am creative and I enjoy __________________________. being technically good at things.

A good reporter:
1. is usually poorly educated. well 2. always has a good eye for a good story. nose to 3. needs have good observation skills as well as good communication skills. 5. is seldom a very good listener. always/usually

6. hardly checks the evidence carefully
before it appears in the newspaper. 7. writes with unnecessary words. without 8. is one who thinks of readers’ benefits last. first

1. Practicing reading aloud the dialogue

with your partner. Pay attention to the
intonation and stress. 2. Read a newspaper and try to discover something to do with our topic about it.

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