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新人教版必修二 Unit 4 Wildlife protection-Listening,speaking and writing[课件]

Listening,speaking and writing

True or false
1. There are many different species of F dinosaur and all of them have been found in China. several 2. Not long ago, a rare new

species of birdF like dinosaur was discovered in Henan Liaoning Province. think 3. Some scientists are sure dinosaurs died F out because the earth got too hot for the dinosaurs to live on any more. 4. Dinosaurs died out quickly about 65 T million years ago and many animals have died out in the same way.

1. Listen to the tape and choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.P30 1 key: 1. C 2. D 3.B 4. C 2. Which is the best for describing what happened? P30 2 key: 2. This story is about why the dodo disppeared.

Listen again and fill in the blanks.
Once upon a time, I lived on earth too. I was called “dodo”. My home was an island _______ called Mauritius. I was curious and kind-hearted and different from quite ___________ ______ most of the other animals there. I liked to make friends with the other animals and never quarreled. I had no enemies My best friends were the other birds, _________. the monkeys and all the other dodos of course. There were many of us. We were birds too but we large were _______ and only had _______ ________. small wings My favourite activity was to _________ along the wander insects beach and wait till the __________were ready to be eaten.

? One day a new animal came to my island. It was called man and ____ ________we seemed to be at first good friends. Man followed me everywhere and I gave him some of my insects to eat. But one day I ___________ wondered where my other dodo friends were. Several of them seemed to have_____________. I disappeared asked the other birds and the monkeys. They all said the same thing. “Your friends _______ are ________ __________ and killed while you are being hunted walking on the beach.” Had man eaten them? I could not believe it. So I asked my friend, man, if it was true. He seemed surprised. “I have not seen the other dodos lately.” he said, “Perhaps they _____ ______ ________ and eaten by some are being killed other animals.”

When more dodos______________, I set a trap. disappeared I pretended to go for my walk but instead I hid in the forest and waited. Sure enough man came along. He ran after the last of my dodo friends and I saw him kill her. I felt so angry that I rushed out straight at man’s spear. He _______ killed me too. I was the last of myspecies ________. no more After that there were ___ _________ dodos in the world. My advice is : be careful who you trust.

Imagine you are with the dodo and you try to help it. Talk in pairs about what you might do. These phrases might be useful to you.

I’m going to
I intend/mean/plan to

Purpose help the dodo hide it in a cave
trap man as he kills a dodo

I will I feel like I’d like to
I’m ready to

attacking man myself
put man in a cage
teach man how to be friends

I would rather not tell you what I think of man

Suppose you are Dodo’s friend and you have found a way to solve the dodo’s problems. Now write a letter to the dodo to tell him how you will help him.

Step 1 : Collect your ideas for the letter and write down as notes. Step 2: Begin your letter like this: Dear Dodo, I am writing to you because I have heard of your problems. …
Step 3: Finish the letter by writing : Yours sincerely. (your name)

Step 4: Check your writing and share your ideas with the class by reading them aloud.

Sample letter to the Dodo
Dear Dodo, I am writing to you because I have heard of your problems. I know man is trying to kill all the dodos and I want to help you. Here are my ideas. First, I would like to come and attack them for you so that they will leave you alone. I want to build a trap and catch them and put them in a cage. Then they will not feel like killing any dodos again. Second, I wish I could take you away to another island where you will be happy and peaceful. I wish I were with you now. Good luck till I come. Yours sincerely, Xiao Xing


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