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1. Marriage This House would rather enter into an arranged-marriage than look for a love-marriage. 2. Crime & Punishment This House would allow long-term prisoners to choose to serve as frontline soldiers in active war zones in exchange for a shorter prison term. 3. International Affairs This House would prefer Chinese hegemony to American hegemony. 4. Your Emails This House believes that the former CIA employee, Edward Snowden, who revealed the USA’s email survelliance programme (known as PRISM) to the international press, is a traitor and not a hero. 5. Birth Lottery This House believes that infertility is a blessing and not a curse. 6. Religion & Medical Ethics This House would force all hospitals, including religious hospitals, to offer abortion services. 7. Women This House believes that cosmetic products are empowering for women. 8. Protection of Property Rights This House believes that it is legitimate to use violence to defend private property. 9. Beyond This Earth This House believes that space exploration should be entirely funded by the private sector. 10. Caught, Not Taught This House believes that teachers should not be allowed to go on strike. 11. Political Transparency This House believes that politicians who are gay have a moral obligation to come out. 12. Environment This House believes that we should not protect endangered animals. 13. Charity Strike This House would force individuals to donate all wealth above $50 million to philanthropic projects. 14. Our Children

This House believes that children should be raised without a concept of gender. 15. Super Heroes This House believes that people with supernatural powers must be compelled to join the government. Round 1 Education 1. THBT academic researchers should restrict public access to their research that has not undergone peer review. 2. THW make public universities free. 3. THW require all public servants to send their children to public schools. Round 2 If I Were A Doctor... 1. As far as they are able to, THBT doctors have an obligationto disclose to a patient's sexual partners that the patient has HIV/AIDS. 2. THBT doctors should never administer life siustaining treatment to those pronounced brain dead. 3. THBT doctors should refuse to administer abortions on patients who insist on maintaining a pro-life stance. Round 3 Mind Your Own Business 1. THW abolish all patents. 2. THW nationalize any company that is deemed to be too big to fail. 3. TH supports multinational corporations who outsource their production to countries that have loose labor laws. Round 4 Social Networking 1. THBT social networking sites have done more harm than good for interpersonal interaction. 2. THBT social networks like Grindr should not allow users to prevent their profiles from being searched by members of a special race. 3. TH condemns dating sites like Ashley Madison that are targeted at people in relationships looking to have an affair.

Round 5 Crime and Punishment 1. TH supports the indefinite detention of indiviiduals in the interest of public safety. 2. THBT justice should involve no consideration for retribution and focus on rehablitation instead. 3. THW ban proselytizing (to induce someone to convert to one's faith) in prisons. Round 6 Gender 1. THW require all employees to take the same amount of leave and work the same numbers of hours that their average female colleague with a child does. 2. Regardless of parental consent, THW fund gender reassignments surgery for minors. 3. THBT the homosexual movement should out homosexuals they know to be in the closet. Round 7 Environment 1. THW not cut funding to research that seeks to deal with climate change, even in the wake of austerity. 2. THW stop searching for new sources of oil. 3. THW stop preventing the worsening of climate change and focus on adapting to its consequences instead. Round 8 Democracy 1. TH prefers a system of proportional representation to first-past-the-post voting. 2. TH supports parties who choose thier policy positions on bills being voted on in the legislature through an online vote by their constituents. 3. THBT majority of the members of the legislature should be chosen from a socially representative random draw from the general population. Open Octo Finals Geopolitics and Conflicts 1. In post-conflict societiies, THW stop collecting and destroy all information regarding the ethnic and religious identities of its citizens. 2. For as long as Israel occupies Palestinian territories, TH supports an academic boycott of Israel.

3. THBT journalists should not use deception to gain access to rogue states or conflict zones. Open Quarter Finals and EFL Pre-Semi Finals Economics 1. THW not tax investment income. 2. THBT governments should balance their budget unless they secure consent to the contrary from young voters via referenda. 3. TH supports the wider use of alternative, non-centralized currencies such as BitCoin. Open and ELF Semi-finals Discourse and Narratives 1. TH regrets individualism as the dominant conception of morality in contemporary liberal discourse. 2. THBT political correctness' gain is discourses's loss. 3. TH regrets the state's monopoly over historical narratives. EFL Final Socio Legal 1. THW abolishwelfare services for the poor and give them the equivalent in cash instead. 2. THBT spouses with no employment income should be entitled to significant portion of their partner's wages/salary. 3. THW have affirmative actions for the ugly. @温庆霖(306459883) this is for u! hahahah

Open Final Social Justice 1. THBT all children should be surrendered to the state’s care upon birth 2. THW cap the number of years a person can own land 3. THW ban inheritance Round 1 education Thbt in public universities, tuition fees should no directly proportional to wealth. Thw make arts and literature classes optional in all levels. Thw establish exclusive schools for the LGBTQ. Round 2 Politics Th rejects the resignation of politicians over sex scandals. Thw outlaw negative advertisements during election campaign period. Thw no longer reserve seats in parliament for minority groups. Oppo. 2. Win Round 3 Environment Th rejects earth hour. Thbt witnessing the slaughter of an animal must be a prerequisite to eating meat. Thw allow governments to seel parts of their lands to other countries' waste dumping. Oppo. 2. Win Round 4 women Thbt self-identified feminists have an obligation not to make any cosmetic changes to themselves. (E.g. Makeup, surgery, etc) Thw allow pro-life organizations to pay a women to deliver the baby. 3. Thbt feminism should reject monogamous relationships. Govt. 3. Lose Round 5 international relations Thbt its high time for Latin America to democratize. Thbt African countries should reject increasing Chinese involvement in their development. Thbt non-government entities should not be allowed to meet leads of rogue states. Oppo. 2. Win Round 6 sex-mature edition Thbt victims of sexual abuse of priests of the Catholic Church have a moral obligation to reject financial settlements. Th celebrates the rise of "virginity sales" online. Th regrets the rise of divorce insurance. Gov. 1. Win Break first. Quarter finals economics Thbt tax evasion must be punished with the loss of citizenship.

Thbt it is in the ASEAN's interest to restore tariffs on Chinese products. Thw withdraw all state benefits from the voluntarily unemployed. Govt. 3. Win Semi-finals Crime and punishment In liberal democracies, thw allow criminals to financially compensate families of victims for a lesser sentence. Thw keep a criminal record of juvenile delinquent. Thw pardon illegal immigrants who agree to become material witnesses to a crime. Oppo. 3. Win Final media and advocacy Th regrets the use of explicit and graphic imagery of suffering to promote altruistic causes. Thw ban reporting on suicides. Thw allow individuals to run for office in their home country even if they are on political asylum. Round 1 : Big Small States THBT religious education should take place only within state run public schools THBT prisons should be run by private companies THBT the state should own a media company Round 2 : In the Courtroom THBT criminal court judges should be directly elected by the people THW use juries in all criminal trials THW televise criminal trials Round 3 : Women THW legalize government run brothels THS the right of women to use their sexuality to advance their careers THW subsidize a parent to stay at home with their child Round 4 : Well-being THBT state should subsidize vegetarianism THW prioritize organ transplants to those who have led healthy lifestyles THW require restaurants to portion meals to have balanced nutrition. Round 5 : Religion or Faith THBT religion has done more harm than good THW remove tax exemptions for religious institutions THW not allow religious communities to expel members based on incorrect religious beliefs Round 6 : Connecting to Others

THW remove age restrictions on film viewing THBT employers should not be able to forbid their employees from accessing social networking sites at their workplace. THW legalize simulated child pornography Round 7 : Strangers in a Strange Land THW give amnesty to illegal immigrants who have spent a significant time in the country THW defend the right of nations to make cultural similarity a requirement for immigration THBT states should subsidize the creation of mixed ethnic housing communities Round 8 : Self Development THBT we should only be taxed for social services we use. THW pay the poor to not have children. THW not give welfare to people who refuse to move to areas with more job opportunities. Octos : Education THW ban home schooling THBT Students with disabilities should be taught in the same class as everyone else THW not make class attendance compulsory

Quarters : International Relations THBT the Palestinian Authority should directly charge Israel for war crimes at the ICC THBT international military interventions must include a partner from the region where the intervention is taking place THW remove all sanctions on Iran Semis : Unfamiliar families THW ban international adoption THW celebrate the childless woman THS the right of parents to send their children to gay correctional therapy Finals : Northeast Asia THBT China is ready for multi-party elections THBT the US should get out of South Korea and Japan THW break up the Chaebols Round 1: THW create public housing for the poor in wealthy areas. Round 2: THBT Japan should acquire nuclear weapons. Round 3: THW only imprison individuals who pose a direct and continuing threat to society.

Round 4: THBT international development institutions (e.g. World Bank) should not finance natural resource extraction Round 5: THBT self-described progressive males of dominant ethnicities are morally obliged to refrain from taking positions of responsibility where there is a qualified alternative candidate from a historically disadvantaged group who would otherwise receive the post. Definition of progressive in the context of this motion: A person who supports or implements reform in pursuit of social equality. Round 6: THW legally permit soldiers to refuse to participate in military actions or missions on the basis of conscience. Round 7: THBT European Union nations should forgive Greece's sovereign debt. Round 8: THBT countries with booming populations should allocate every adult a single tradable permit to have a child. Round 9: THW ban political parties and require all candidates for national public office to seek election as independents. Open Partial Double-Octo-Final motion: THBT universities should never prohibit research or teaching on the ground of sexist, racist or otherwise discriminatory implications. EFL & ESL QF Motion: THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrolment in degree programs within their university that have statistically poor employment outcomes. Open Octo-Final motion: THBT the US should cut off all military aid to Egypt. EFL Semi-Final Motion: THBT policies that may have significant environmental consequences should be subject to a veto by a "Supreme Court" of independent scientific experts. Open Quarterfinal Motion: THW ban all advertising of consumer goods and services Open Semi-Final motion: THBT the WTO should never allow nations to place export restrictions on food, rare-earth metals, and other non oil commodities EFL Final motion: This House welcomes the decline of the United States of America as the sole global super power. ESL Final motion: THBT representative democracies with large numbers of foreigners living in their territory (on temporary or permanent basis) should create specific seats to represent them in parliament.

Open Final: THW not allow religious communities to expel members on the basis of views or actions that contradict doctrinal teachings. Final Motion (Chosen): THW teach Fetish Classes in High School Other: THBT Sex Ed should broaden its teaching to pleasure. Semis: (Chosen): THW allow for gay adoption (Chosen): THBT transgendered individuals should be able to participate in beauty pageants. Preliminaries: Round 1: THBT the EU should have a standing army TH supports sending aid to North Korea Round 2: THW drill in National Parks THW release animals back into their natural habitat Round 3: THW require zombie apocalypse training for the military THW force all superheroes to register their true identity to the Government Round 4: THW rescue child soldiers THW use death row inmates for medical testing Round 5: THW encourage the creation of Islamic Courts inside the United States TH supports the military burning of the Koran in Afghanistan





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