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Unit 5 Canada-the True North Period 2 reading

Period 2 Warming-up & Reading
1. Do you like travel abroad? Which country interest you most? Why?

II. Warming Up
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What language(s) do Canadians speak? What is the capital of Canada? What is the national animal of Canada? What is the Canadian leader called? How many Great Lakes are there in Canada?

III. Skimming
1. What is “The True North”?____________________________________________________ 2. Which of the following shows the right route of the trip? A. Toronto → Calgary → Vancouver → Thunder Bay B. Vancouver → Calgary → Thunder Bay → Toronto C. Vancouver → Thunder Bay → Calgary → Toronto D. Toronto → Thunder Bay → Calgary → Vancouver

IV. Intensive Reading
Step 1. Listen to the tape of the text, then finish the true or false questions. ______ a. They will take the train across Canada westward. ______ b. You can cross Canada in less than five days. ______ c. Vancouver is the coldest part in Canada. ______ d. It is so wet in Vancouver that the trees are tall. ______ e. Canada is a large country with a small population. ______ f. The ocean ships cannot go to Thunder Bay. Step 2. Read the passage once again, and fill in the blanks. Para.2--- Vancouver 1. Canada’s _____________ part. 2. Canada’s ______________ city, surrounded by_____________________________ 3. One of Canada’s ___________cities to live in. 4. Its population is increasing _____. 5. Some of the oldest and most beautiful ________in the world. Para.3 --- Calgary 1. _________ from all over the world come to _________ __ the Stampede. 2. Many of them _____ __ ____ ___ riding wild horses and they can win thousands of dollars in ______. Para.4 --- Thunder Bay Thunder Bay is a ______ ______city. Thunder Bay is at the top of the ________________. Canada has _______________the world’s total fresh water; and much of it is in the Great Lakes. Step 3. Answer the following questions.. 1). How did Li Daiyu and Liu Qian get to Montreal ? A. By plane B. By train C. They first took the plane and then the train. D. They first took the train and then the plane. 2). How long is Canada from coast to coast? A. 5,500 kilometres B. 5,000 kilometres C. 1,500 kilometres D. 5,100 kilometres

3). What is the population of Canada? A. more than thirty million B. Less than thirty million C. Thirty million D. Thirteen million 4). What is Calgary famous for? A. Cowboys B. Mountains C. Grizzly bear and eagle. D. The Calgary Stampede 5). Why do many cowboys come to compete in the Stampede? A.To show off the gift B.To win much money in prizes C.To be famous D.To spend the holidays

V. Sum up.
My cousin and I travelled wild animals from the train 1 3 Canada by train. We saw many beautiful the way 4 2 (风景) and 5

the Rocky Mountains. The city

Thunder Bay is a port in the centre of Canada. In Toronto, we went up the CN Tower and saw the 6 (薄雾) from Niagara Falls. When we arrived in Montreal, we saw many signs and ads 8 7

French. Then we went to Old Montreal,

(sit) in a typical cafe beside the St Lawrence 9

River. We spent the afternoon doing some shopping in shops and visiting the artists in their (工作场所). People there speak English but the city has

10 (France ) culture and tradition.

VI. Daily Reading
Along the river banks of the Amazon and the Orinoco there lives a bird that swims before it can fly, flies like a fat chicken, eats green leaves, has the stomach of a cow and has claws (爪) on its wings when young. They build their homes about 4.6m above the river, an important feature (特征) for the safety of the young. It is called the hoatzin. In appearance, the birds of both sexes look very much alike with brown on the back and cream and red on the underside. The head is small, with a large set of feathers on the top, bright red eyes, and blue skin. Its nearest relatives are the common birds, cuckoos. Its most striking feature, though, is only found in the young. Baby hoatzins have a claw on the leading edge of each wing and another at the end of each wing tip. Using these four claws, together with the beak (喙), they can climb about in the bushes, looking very much like primitive (远古的) birds must have done. When the young hoatzins have learned to fly, they lose their claws. During the drier months between December and March hoatzins fly about the forest in groups of 20 to 30 birds, but in April, when the rainy season begins, they collect together in smaller living units of two to seven birds for producing purposes. 1.What is the text mainly about? A.Hoatzins in dry and rainy seasons. B.The relatives and enemies of hoatzins. C. Primitive birds and hoatzins of the Amazon. D. The appearance and living habits of hoatzins. 2.Young hoatzins are different from their parents in that____ . A.they look like young cuckoos B.they have claws on the wings C.they eat a lot like a cow D.they live on river banks 3.What can we infer about primitive birds from the text? A.They had claws to help them climb. B.They could fly long distances. C.They had four wings like hoatzins. D.They had a head with long feathers on the top. 4.Why do hoatzins collect together in smaller groups when the rainy season comes? A.To find more f ood. B.To protect themselves better. C.To keep themselves warm. D.To produce their young.


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