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高一英语阅读理解练习( ) 高一英语阅读理解练习(1) A Valencia is in the east part of Spain. It has a port on the sea, two miles away on the coast. It is the capital of a province that is also named Valencia. The city is a market centre for what is produced by the land around the city. Most of the city‘s money is made from farming. It is also a busy business city, with ships, railways, clothes and machine factories. Valencia has an old part with white buildings, coloured roofs, and narrow streets. The modern part has long, wide streets and new buildings. Valencia is well known for its parks and gardens. It has many old churches and museums. The university in the centre of the city was built in the 13th century. The city of Valencia has been known since the 2nd century. In the 8th century it was the capital of Spain. There is also an important city in Venezuela(委内瑞拉) named Valencia.

1.From the text, how many places have the name Valencia? A. one B. two C. three D. four

2. What is the main difference between the two parts of Valencia? A. The colour of the building C. The age of the buildings B. The length of the streets D. The colour of the roofs

3. When was Valencia the most important city in Spain? A.2nd century B.8th century C.13th century D. 20the century

4. What is Valencia famous for? A. Its seaport C. Its churches and museums B. Its university D. Its parks and gardens

5. The main income of the city of Valencia is from its ______. A. markets B. business C. factories D. farming

B Plants are very important living things. Life could not go on if there were no plants. This is because plants can make food from air, water and sunlight. Animals and man cannot make food from air, water and sunlight. Animals get their food by eating plants and other animals. Therefore animals and man need plants in order to live. This is why we find that there are so many plants

around us. If you look carefully at the plants around you, you will find that there are two kinds of plants: flowering plants and non-flowering plants. Flowering plants can make seeds. The seeds are protected by the fruits. Some fruits have one seed, some have two, three or four, and some have many seeds. But a few fruits have no seeds at all. An example of a fruit without seeds is the banana fruit. Most non-flowering plants do not grow from seeds. They grow from spores(胚芽) 。 Spores are very small. Some spores are so small and light that they can float in the air. We may say that spores are quite the same as seeds. When these spores are all on wet and shady places, they usually grow into new plants.

6. The main idea of the first paragraph is that ______. A. plants are important for life B. plants cannot grow without air D. we can not live without water

C. there are many plants in the world 7. Plants can make food from______. A. flower, water and air C. air, water and soil

B. water, sunlight and air D. air, sun and light

8. What can we infer(推断) from the passage ? A. Of all living things animals are most important C. All fruits of flowering plants have seeds 9. This passage may be taken from______. A. a medicine book C. a science magazine B. a novel D. an experiment report B. Spores are seeds

D. Without plants,man will die out

10. The underlined word “protected” in the third paragraph can be replaced by ______. A. damaged B. polluted C. prevented D. guarded

C Mrs. Blake teaches English in a large school in the inner area of a big city on the west of coast. Even since she was a young girl,she has wanted to become a teacher. She has taught eight years now and hasn‘t changed her mind. After she graduated from high school, she went on to college. Four years later, she received her bachelor’ degree (B A) in English and her teaching s certificate (证书) Then she went to teach in the secondary schools of her state. In the summers, 。

Mrs. Blake takes more classes; she hopes to get a master s degree (M A) With an MA, she ‘ 。 will receive a higher salary and if possible, she hopes to get a doctor’s degree as well. The school day at Mrs. Blake‘s high school, like that in many high schools in the United States, is divided into one hour each. Mrs. Blake must teach five of these periods. During her free period, which for her is from 2 to 3 P.M. , Mrs. Blake must meet with parents, make out examinations, check assignments at all, Mrs. Blake works continuously from the time she arrives at school in the morning till the time she leaves for home late in the afternoon.

11. How long is it since Mrs. Blake graduated from middle school? A. four years B. eight years C. twelve years d. twenty years

12. According to the article, which is the right order of the degrees a person can receive after going to university? A. a doctor‘s degree – a bachelor’s degree – a master‘s degree B. a bachelor’s degree – a master‘s degree – a doctor’s degree C. a master‘s degree—a bachelor’s degree – a doctor‘s degree D. a bachelor’s degree – a doctor‘s degree—a master’s degree 13. How many degrees has Mrs. Blake achieved so far? A. one B. two C. three D. none

14. Which of the following sentences is not true? A. Mrs. Blake teaches in the inner area of big city on the east of the United Sates B. Mrs. Blake has turned her wish of becoming a teacher into reality. C. Mrs. Blake is still studying in her holidays in order to get higher degrees. D. The working hours in the school where Mrs. Blake works are similar to those of many other high schools in the states. 15. According to that third paragraph,Mrs. Blake is ______ during the school day. A. lonely B. free C. funny D. busy

D To swim across the English Channel takes at least nine hours. It‘s hard work and it makes you short of breath. To fly over the channel takes only twenty minutes as long as you’re not held

up at the airport, but it‘s an expensive way to travel. You can travel by hovercraft (气垫船) if you don’ mind the noise and that takes forty minutes. Otherwise, you can go by boat, if you t remember your sea-sickness pills. All these means of transport have their problems, and the weary(厌烦的)traveler often dreams of being able to drive to France in his own car. “Not possible, you say. Well, wait a minute. People are once again considering the idea of a channel tunnel or bridge.” This time, the great London Council 议会) looking into the possibility of ( is building a channel link straight to London. A bridge would cost far more than a tunnel, but you would be able to by rail or by car on a bridge, yet a tunnel would provide a rail link only. Why is this idea being discussed again? Is Britain realizing the need for links with Europe as a result of joining EEC? Well,perhaps,the main reason,though,is that a tunnel or bridge would reach the twenty square kilometers of London s discussed dockland 船坞) A link from London to the ‘ ( 。 continent would stimulate(刺激) trade and revitalize(使重新具有活力)the port, and would make London a main trading center in Europe. With a link over the Channel, you could buy your fish and chips in England and be able to eat them in France while they are still warm!

16. From the lines we can see that people crossed the Channel by ______ in the past. A. air B. boat C. swimming D. A, B, or C

17. The weary traveler thinks the best way to cross the Channel is ______. A. by swimming B. in his own car C. by air D. by hovercraft

18. A tunnel would cost______ a bridge. A. far less than B. as much as C. far more than D. as little as

19. According to the passage, a link from London to the continent would be______. A. necessary for its trade C. useful for its industry B. important for its politics D. helpful for its culture

20. The main idea of the passage is______. A. how to develop the trade of London B. when to cross the Channel C. how to get to Europe from London more conveniently D. what to do in the developing of traveling




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