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2015 七年级(上)期中测试卷
一.听句子,选出你所听到的单词。 1. A. quilt 2. A. friend 3. A. uncle 4 .A. brown 5. A. telephone B. map B. five B. apple B. purple B. name C. pen C. photo C. aunt C. black C. next

二. 情景反应,选择你所听到的句子的应答语。 6. A. Good morning. C. Good afternoon. 7. A. My name’s Gina. C. I’m fine. 8. A. It’s green. C. It’s seven. 9. A. Not at all. C. Thank you. 10.A.You’re welcome. C. I’m OK. 三.听对话,选择正确答案。 11. What’s Dave’s sister’s name ? A. Mary. A. Yes, it’s. A. Red. A. 235-0825. A. Yes, it is. B. Dave. B. Yes, it is. B. Black. B. 235-0285. C. Bob. C. Yes, he is. C. White. C. 325-0285. D. Alice. D. No, he isn’t. D. Blue. D. 235-0582. 12. Is Tom Bob’s brother? 13. What color is the pen? 14. What’s Alan’s telephone number? 15. Is this Cindy’s pencil? B. Yes, it isn’t. C. No, it isn’t. D. No, it is. B. You’re right. B. It’s not n ice. B. It’s a ruler. B. Nice to meet you, too. B. Good evening.



Hello, I’m Jack. My 16 red. My telephone 16.__________ 20.__________ 18 He is in No.1 Middle _ 20

name is Smith. My jacket’s color is is 928-8686. Tom is my good . 18.___________ 19


. My quilt is

.He’s 13 years old. 19.__________


一.单项选择(15’) 1.----- How ____ you, Bill? -----I ____ A. is; am fine, thanks! B. are; is C. are; am D. is; are

2. ----- What’s that in English? -----It’s ____ ID card. A. a 3. ----- What’s this? ----- ____ a ruler. A. It -----__________. A. It’s green. C. It’s green jacket. ----- ______________443-6278. A. Is A. Kate; Kate C. Green; Green 7. -----Who is ____? -----Alan. A. he B. his C. she D. her 8. ----- Are these your brothers? -----______________.They’re my friends. A. Yes, it is. C. Yes, they are. B. No, it isn’t. D. No, they aren’t. B. Its C. It’s D. It 6. She’s Kate Green. Her first name is _______, and _______is her family name. B. Kate; Green D. Green; Kate B. It’s a green. D. It’s a jacket. B. It’s C. This D. This’s 4. ----- What color is your jacket? B. an C. the D. /

5. -----What’s her telephone number?


9. -----Hi ,Linda! Have a nice day! -----__________ A. Nice to meet you. C. Not at all. A. at A. am; are B. in B. is; is B. Thanks! You, too. D. Oh, no! C. of C. are, are D. for D. is; are

10. Here is a photo _____Jim’s family. 11. His name _____Jim. His parents __________teachers. 12. -----Alice, is this your ring? -----Yes, it’s ______.Thank you _____ your help. A. me; for A. of A. Are; baseball C. Is; baseballs 15. -----How do you _____ it? -----W-A-T-C-H,watch. A. call B. spell C. see D. find B. mine; at B. in C. my; to C. at B. Is; baseball D. Are; baseballs D. mine; for D. for 13. Please call John _________678-2563. 14. ______those your ______?

Here is a__① _ of Tom’s family. This man(男人)__②___Mr. Green. He is Tom’s father. __③_ woman (女人) is Mrs Green. She is Tom’s ___④__. __⑤__is the boy? He is Tom. _ ⑥_parents are teachers. The ⑦ is Kate. She’s __⑧_sister. Tom __⑨__ Kate are students. They’re in __⑩__ school. B. photo 1. A. book B. am 2.A. is B. An 3.A. A B. mother 4.A. father B. What 5. A. Who B. Her 6. A. She B. boy 7.A. girl B. Toms 8.A. Tom 三.阅读理解( ’) B.30 or 9.A. and 10.A. same B. the same C. map C. are C. These C. brother C. What color C. He C. boys C. Mr. Green’s C. at (A) C. a same D. room D. be D. This D. grandfather D. How D. His D. girls D. Tom’s D. with D. an same


Hi! I’m Tom. This is my pencil box. It’s orange. My ruler is blue and red .It ’s in the pencil-box. That is a pencil. It’s black. It is not my pencil. It’s Lucy’s. The white eraser is Bob’s. I call Bob at 789-6943. It is his telephone number. 1.What color is Tom’s pencil-box? ( A. It’s white C. It’s orange 2. ________is blue and red. A. Tom’s ruler C. Bob’s eraser 3.The eraser is_______. A. black A. Tom’s B. blue and red B. Bob’s C. white C. Lucy’s ) D. orange D. Bob’s friend’s 4._________telephone number is 789-6943. 5.下列哪一选项不符合短文意思?( A. Tom’s ruler is in the pencil box. B. Lucy’s pencil is black. C. Bob’s eraser is blue. D. The pencil box is Tom’s. (B) ID card Name: Mary Green Favorite number: six Favorite color: white Age: 12 Phone number:161-0981 ID card Name: Jack Brown Favorite number: four Favorite color: blue Age: 11 Phone 161-0928 6.Jack’s favorite color is ________. A. white A. Green B. blue B. White C. green C. Smith D. yellow D. Brown 7. Mary’s last name is ________. 8.How old is Mary ? number: B. Tom’s pencil-box D. Lucy’s pencil ) B. It’s black. D. It’s blue and red.


A.16. A.9 A.161-9835.

B.14. B.6 B.161-0981.

C.12. C.4 C161-0928. (C)

D.11. D.2 D.161-3248.

9.Jack’s favorite number is ________. 10. What’s Jack’s telephone number?

My name is Li Lei. I’m 13 years old. I’m in Class Five, Grade One. Linda Smith is my English teacher. She’s from the USA, She has a son and a daughter. They’re in China now. Dale is her son. He is 14 years old. Dale and I are classmates(同班同学). We are good friends. 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F) 11. Li Lei is 14 years old. 12. Linda is from the USA. 13. Dale is in Class Five, Grade One. 14.Linda is Li Lei’s mother. 15. Li Lei and Dale are good friends. ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) )

四.用括号里面词的适当形式填空。 (10’)
1. I_____ (be)a girl. 2.The boy is_____ (she) brother. 3.Those are my _____ (parent). 4. _____(this) are his books. 5. Lucy and Helen are _____(friend).

五. 句型转换(10’)
1.This is his notebook. _____ _____ (改为复数句) his _______.

2.Are those your cups? (作肯定回答) ______ , they _______. 3. Tom is my uncle. (就画线部分提问) _____ is ______ uncle? 4.These are my pencils. (改为同义句)


These ______ are _____. 5.She is in the library.(改为一般疑问句) _______________________________

六.根据汉语提示完成下列句子,每空一词。 (10’)
1. 她的钢笔是什么颜色? _______ ______ is her pen? 2. 我能找到它。 I ______ ______ it. 3. 这是你的字典吗? ______ ______ your dictionary? photo. 3. 我父母在第一张照片里。 My parents _______ in the _____ 4. 谢谢你的帮助。 _______ you for your _______.

七.书面表达(15’) 假设你是 John 你在学校图书馆捡到一串钥匙。你的
电话号码是 375-6642. 你的电子邮箱是据此拟一份招领启事。 Found: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________


2015 七年级英语(上)中考听力材料及答案 Ⅰ听力材料
一.听句子,选出你所听到的单词。 1. Is that a map? 2. This is Linda’s family photo. 3. Alice is my aunt. 4. The quilt is purple. 5. What ’s your telephone number? 二. 情景反应,选择你所听到句子的应答语。

6. Good afternoon, Bob. 7. Nice to meet you. 8. What ’s this in English? 9. Your photo is very nice. 10.Thank you for your help. 三.听对话,选择正确的答案。 11.A:Dave, is this your sister? B: Yes, she is. A: What ’s her name? B: Her name is Mary. Q: What ’s Dave’s sister ’s name? 12. A: Bob, is Tom your brother? B: No, he isn’t. He is my friend. Q: Is Tom Bob’s brother? 13.A: What ’s this? B: It ’s a pen. A: What color is the pen? B: It’s red. Q: What color is the pen? 14. A: Hello, Alan! B:Hello, Tony! A: What ’s your telephone number, Alan? B: It ’s 235-0285. Q:What ’s Alan’s telephone number ?

15. A: Cindy, is this your pencil? B:No, it isn’t. It ’s Eric’s . Q: Is this Cindy ’s pencil? 四.听短文,写出所缺单词。 Hello, I’m Jack. My last name is Smith. My jacket is yellow. My quilt is red. My telephone number is 928-8686. Tom is my good friend. He’s 13 years old. He is in No.1 Middle School. Ⅱ试题答案 听力部分(20’) 1— 5 B C C B A 6—10 C B B C A 11—15 A D A B C 16.last 17. yellow 18.number 19. friend 20.School 笔试部分(100’) 一.单项选择。 (15’) 1— 5 C B B A C 6—10 B A D B C 二.完形填空。(10’) 1— 5 B A D B A 6—10 D A D A B

11—15 D D C D B

三.阅读理解。(30’) 1— 5 C A C B C 6—10 B A C C C

11—15 F T T F T

四.用括号里面词的适当形式填空。(10’) 2.her 3.parents 4.These 五.句型转换。(10’) 1. These are notebooks 4.pencils mine


2.Yes are



5. Is she in the library?

六.根据汉语提示完成下列句子,每空一词。 (10’) 1. What color 2. can find 4. are first 5.Thank help 七.书面表达(15’)(略)

3. Is





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