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重庆市九龙坡职业教育中心 2012-2013
课程名称 英语
适用年级:高二秋 适用专业:所有专业 命题教师:赵萍、赵双双、向阳 审题教师: 试卷页数: 考试时间: 120 分钟





一、 语音,选出发音不同的

选项(5 分)
( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. health ) 2. A. allow ) 3. A. donate ) 4. A. introduce ) 5. A. expect B. math B. fashion B. poster B. design B. respect C. north C. fabric C. volunteer C. disaster C. rewarding D. that D. battery D. soldier D. kid D. exciting

二、词汇(30 分)
(一)单词配图(10 分)















9( ) 10( ) A. jeanswear B. introduce C. menswear D. donate blood E. casual wear F. children’s wear G. sportswear H. help the blind cross the road I. sing and dance at a nursing home J. tell the way for a foreigner (二) 单词连线(10 分) 1. journey 2. pleasure 3. allow 4. collection 5. display 6. perfect 7. volunteer 8. survive 9. rewarding 10. disaster (三)词组连线(10 分) 1. give one’s regards to 2. look forward to 3. see somebody off 4. try on 5. from start to finish 6. take part in 7. feel proud of 8. that’s the case 9. a little bit 10. tidy up

A.允许 B.灾难 C.完美的 D.志愿者 E.旅行 F.幸存 G.展览的时装 H.高兴 I.展示 J.值得做的 A. 收拾 B. 有点儿 C. 试穿 D. 为某人送行 E. 代某人问候…… F. 那样的话 G. 期盼 H. 感到自豪 I. 参加 J. 从头到尾

三、单项选择(10 分)
1. Please give to your family. A. regard B. my regards C. my regard 2. I want to the Students’ Fashion Show. A. take in B. take part in C. take part 3. I hope you can have a safe home. A. journey B. stay C. welcome


Liu fang, won the fashion show , was from our school. A. which B. who C. where 5. Some old people often have difficulty . A. walk B. to walk C. walking 6. it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we will go swimming. A. Why B. If C. where 7. I spend two hours trash and cleaning the room. A. collecting B. to collect C. collected 8. 12 May 2008 was the day the Wenchuan earthquake happened. A. why B. where C. when 9. They in Chongqing since last winter. A. live B. lived C. have lived 10. I any job because my English is so poor. A. haven’t got B. hasn’t got C. didn’t get

四、阅读理解(30 分)
(A) Hello, everyone. Today we are very happy to have Mr Harrison here with us. Mr Harrison is a Canadian engineer. He is very experienced and he knows how to use all our different machines. He will work here for several weeks. I’m sure you will find him very friendly and helpful. Let’s give him a very warm welcome. 1. Who is Mr Harrison? A. An engineer B. A writer C. A cook 2. What does he know? A. He knows how to make dilicious food. B. He knows how to write a story. C. He knows how to use all machines. 3. How long will he work here? A. For one month B. For a year C. For several weeks 4. What will you think of Mr Harrison? A. Cool B. Friendly C. Interesting 5. Where does Mr Harrison from? A. China B. Britain C. Canada (B) There will be a Students’ Fashion Show in our school on 30 September. The students of the Fashion Design Department are very excited because the winner will have a chance to study in France for six months. All the students are busy preparing for the show. Every day there are many students working in the clothing lab. Some are busy drafting on computers. Others are measuring the models. They all spend long time designing, drafting and sewing the

garments by themselves. Zhang Jie, one of the students, says, “ It is something we all really want to do. Although it is hard work, it is well worth it. It is a valuable experience for our future.” 6. Where will the fashion show be held? A. In France B. In their school C. In the clothing lab 7. When will the fashion show be held? A. On 30th September B. On 30th November C. On 30th October 8. How long will the winner of the Students’ Fashion Show study in France? A. Six weeks B. Three months C. Half a year 9. Students do all the following things in the lab except_____. A. Designing B. Drafting C. Writing 10. Which is the best title for this passage? A. A Students’ Fashion Show B. Study in France C. Our Future (C) At Times Square in New York, a white-haired old woman was often seen walking up and down the square day in and day out. Some people wondered whether she was homeless, but in fact she was a volunteer to help those who were in need of help. At the sight of a small kid running aimlessly all on his own, the old woman would come up and say, “ Did you lose your way home, my child? Do you need my help?” Seeing a girl crying, she would step up and say, “What troubles you? Do you need my advice?” In this way, she saved some young men and women who were out of work for a long time and lost hope for life. There was a young man who wanted to kill himself. With the old lady’s advice, he had confidence in himself again and became the manager of a company later. When he was asked what happened that day, the young man would say, “At her advice and encouragement, I couldn’t help throwing myself into her arms; she was Mother or Grandma to me.” Following this old woman, many aged New Yorkers organised a volunteer group. They helped those in need. Since then, many people have benefited from the group. 11. Who is the white-haired old woman? A. She is a volunteer. B. She is a homeless person. C. She is a killer. 12. Why did the white-haired old woman walk at the square every day? A. She was looking for her home. B. She wanted to get some money from passers-by. C. She was a volunteer to help those in need. 13. Which of the following is not true according to the passage? A. The old woman saved some young men who were out of work. B. A young man wanted to kill himself and was saved by the old woman. C. Many young New Yorkers organised a volunteer group. 14. What did the young man do at the lady’s advice?

A. He couldn’t help throwing himself into her arms. B. He simled to her. C. He shook hands with her. 15. What is the best title for this passage? A. Give Help to Those in Trouble B. Leave Strangers Alone C. Never Talk to Strangers.

五、完成对话(10 分)
A ( )Ken:Hello, Jenny . 1) Jenny: No, I’m not . ( ) Ken: There is a fashion show tonight . It is held by Senior Two students of our school. They will display the clothes which were designed by themselves . 2) ( ) Jenny: Yes. I’d love to . 3) Ken: In the art hall of our school. ( ) Jenny: 4) Ken: At 7:30 pm. ( ) Jenny: 5) Ken: Shall we meet at our school gate at 7:20 ? Jenny: OK. See you then. Ken: See you. A. B. C. D. E. Where will it be held ? When and where shall we meet ? Are you still busy ? When will it start ? Would you like to go with me ?

B ) Judy: Hi, Tony. 1) Tony: It was quite interesting. ( ) Judy: 2) Tony: We read newspapers to the elderly, played music and sang songs for them. ( ) Judy: 3) Tony: I believe that the elderly need to be taken good care of. With our help, they could be happier. ( ) Judy: I see. 4) Tony: Yes, of course. We need more people who would like to pass their love to others. ( ) Judy: Great. 5) (


A. B. C. D. E.

What did you do there ? How did you find your voluntary work at the Nursing Home ? Why did you do so ? Can I join you next time ? Thank you.

六、用 who, that, which, whose, when, 或 where 合并句子(15 分) 。
1. I like the beautiful skirt. / We saw it at the fashion show.

2. The girl is sewing a dress. / The girl studies in a vocational school.

3. Do you know the boy ? / The boy’s family lost everything in the earthquake.

4. I’ll never forget those days. / During those days I studied in America.

5. The hotel was near the railway station. / We stayed in the hotel.




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