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必修2 unit1 warming up and listening1

Unit 1 Cultural relics

Period 1 Warming up and Listening

The Great Wall
1.a long history 2.the symbol(标志) of China and its culture 3.used for protecting our count

ry 4.A man who has never been there is not a true man.

Taj Mahal(泰姬陵)in India
1.It is located in India. 2.It is the grave a king built for his wife. 3.It showed the deep love of the king and queen.

The Mona Lisa
1.It is the most famous painting in the history of art. 2.It is famous for her smile. 3.It was painted by Leona da Vinci(达芬奇).

Do they have anything in common? ?famous ?a long history ?tell us stories about the past
?symbols of their countries and cultures

What know what a relic ? Do you is a cultural cultural relic is ?
1.A cultural relic can be any object, building or rare item, which doesn’t need to be ______ _______ or valuable but is enough to have survived for ________, _______ a long time. destroyed 2. A part of something old that has been _____ while the rest of it has been preserved. past 3.It tells people about ________.
not seen or found very often

Ming Dynasty vase

ivory dragon boat

Mogao Caves (In China)

The Potala Palace (Lhasa, Tibet)

Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Warriors

Big Ben in London

The Pyramids in Egypt

The Forbidden City in China

Some cultural relics are important enough to be placed on the World Heritage List, such as the Pyramids, Potala Palace, and the Forbidden City.

Listening task on p44

Task 1: Lead-in
(1) What do you know about the Forbidden City in Beijing? (2) When was it built? What was it used for?

Task 2: Listen to the dialogue and

summarize the main idea in one
sentence. The listening text is a
discussion/ talk/ conversation _________________________ the forbidden city about___________________.

Listen to Part A and fill in the chart with details. Information about the Forbidden City Part A It was because ordinary Reasons for people were never allowed into the palace while the its name emperors ruled China.

Number of rooms


Reasons for 1. Nice is a special number the number in Chinese culture. 2. It shows respect to the
Emperor of Heaven who

has 10,000 rooms in his

Part B How old is it? Nearly 600 years odl.

How many Emperors lived there?

Fourteen Emperors from the Ming Dynasty and ten from the Qing Dynasty.

What is it A national museum. used for now?

The Forbidden City (Imperial palace and now the Palace Museum) in the heart of Beijing is the largest and most complete imperial palace and ancient building complex in China and the world at large. Its construction began in 1406 and was completed 14 years later, having a history of 600 years.

1.Preview Reading 2.Do EX in ZYB


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