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选修六unit4 Global warming第二学时 Learning about Language


Learning about Language

一、回忆课文,写出下列短语 1.同意,赞成;订购________________________ 2.上升,增长;升起________________________ 3.发生;造成________________________ 4.即使________________________ 5.大量的________________________ 6.反对?? ________________________ 7.继续________________________ 8.导致________________________ 答案:1.subscribe to 2.go up 3.come about 7.keep on 4.even if 8.result in

5.quantities of opposed to

二、回忆课文,完成下列句子 1. 这个数值对你我来说很可能无关紧要, 但是跟其他自然变化相 比较而言,这却是一种快速的增长。 That probably does not seem much to you or me, but it is a rapid increase when __________other natural changes.

答案:compared to 2. 毫无疑问,地球是在变暖,而地球变暖正是人类活动导致而成 的,并非是一种无规律的自然现象。 ______________the earth is becoming warmer and that it is human activity that has caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon. 答案:There is no doubt that

3. 如果没有‘温室效应’, 地球温度将比现在低大约 33 摄氏度。 __________the ‘greenhouse effect’, the earth ________be about thirtythree degrees Celsius cooler than it is. 答案:Without;would 4. 即使我们开始减少二氧化碳及其他温室气体的含量, 在未来几 十年或几个世纪内,气温仍会持续升高。 __________we start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, the climate is going to keep on warming for decades or centuries. 答案:Even if


1.It is a rapid increase compared to most natural changes.(p.26) 跟多数自然变化相比较而言,这却是一种快速的增长。 ?词语链接 compared to/with 和??比起来(相比), (过去分词短语充当状语) compare with/to 与??类似, 比得上把??比喻成?? compare...with/to...把??与??作比较 by comparison with 与??相比 ?即学即练 完成下列句子。 (1)This school ____________( 可 与 ?? 媲 美 ) the best in the country. (2)________________(与他所收藏的相比), the new stamps were not very interesting. (3)It was a small place then ______________(与现在相比). (4)He ____________________(把心脏比作水泵). (5)Black __________________________( 把伦敦的公园比作人体 的肺部). (6)If you __________________( 把 这 本 字 典 和 那 本 比 较 一 下 ),

you'll find many differences. 答 案 : (1)compares with (2)Compared to/with what he had (4)compared the heart

(collected) already (3)compared to what is now to a pump

(5)compared the parks of London to the lungs of the human

body (6)compare this dictionary with that one 2.So how has this come about and does it matter? (p.26) 这种温度的增长是怎么产生的呢?会产生什么影响呢? ?词语链接 come about 发生,造成 come out 出来;出版;开花;发芽;结果(如何);(消息)传开 come up 发生,举行,走过来;被提出 come over (从远处)来到;改变立场/观点 come along 跟着去,赶快;进行,进展 How come + 句子...? ??是怎么回事/怎么发生的? How did it come about that...? ??是怎么回事/怎么发生的? ?即学即练 选用上述词语完成下列句子。 (1)Sometimes it is hard to tell __________________(吵架是如何 发生的). (2)The secret will finally__________(泄露出去).

(3)I ____________ (获得第一名) in the examination. (4)A beggar ______________(走上前) to us and asked for money. (5)The question of drugtaking ________________(一定会被提出 来) at the next conference. (6)____________(跟我来), I'll show you to your room. (7)It's already 10 o'clock.I wonder how it __________(发生) that she was two hours late on such a short trip. (8)你怎么不到英国来度假呢? _______________________________________________________ _________________ (9) 他是怎么知道我们在什么地方的呢? _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:(1)how a quarrel comes about (3)came out first along (7)came about (9)How (4)came up (2)come out (6)Come

(5)is bound to come up

(8)Why don't you come over to England for a holiday?

did it come about that he knew where we were?/ How came he knew where we were?

3.All scientists subscribe to the view that the increase in the earth's temperature is due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal,

natural gas and oil to produce energy.(p.26) 所有科学家都同意燃烧煤、天然气、石油等化石燃料导致了地球 气温升高。 ?词语链接 subscribe vi.同意;订阅;捐助 vt.签署(文件), 捐助 subscription n.订阅, 订阅费;捐款 subscriber n.订阅人,订购者 subscribe to 同意;订阅;捐助 ?即学即练 完成下列句子。 (1)This magazine is available by ________. (2)We no longer __________the view that women are inferior to men. (3)He ________ regularly to the Hope Project. (4)He ________ all the papers before he left. 答案:(1)subscription (4)subscribed 4.The problem begins when we add huge quantities of extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.(p.26) 但当我们使大气层中增加了大量额外的二氧化碳时,问题就来 了。

(2)subscribe to (3)subscribes

quantity 数量和质量相对时作不可数名词; 指具体数量时作可数 名词。 注意:短语 a (large) quantity of 或(large) quantities of 后既可跟 可数名词的复数也可跟不可数名词。“a quantity of +名词”构成主 语 时 , 谓 语 动 词 的 数 通 常 根 据 quantity 的 数 来 确 定 。 “large quantities of + 名词 ” 作主语,谓语只能用复数形式。词组 in quantity 表示 “大量地”。 ?即学即练 用 quantity 和 quantities 填空。 (1)________of apples were in the basket and a large ________of milk was in the bucket. (2)It's a lot cheaper if you buy it in ________. (3)This company is more concerned with quality than ________. 答案:(1)Quantities;quantity (2)quantity (3)quantity 5.They also agree that it is the burning of more and more fossil fuels that has resulted in this increase in carbon dioxide.(p.26) 他们还认为,正是由于燃烧的化石燃料越来越多而导致了二氧化 碳的增加。 ?词语链接 result in 引起, 导致(某种结果) (=lead to; bring about; contribute to) result from 由??造成,因??而产生(带某种原因)

?即学即练 用 result in 和 result from 填空。 (1)The accident ________ three deaths. (2)He was ashamed that his hesitation ________ failure. (3)Sickness often ________ eating too much. (4)His failure ____________ not working hard enough. 答案:(1)resulted in (4)resulted from 6.In fact, Hambley states, “More carbon dioxide is actually a positive thing.It will make plants grow quicker; crops will produce more; it will encourage a greater range of animals-all of which will make life for human beings better.”(p.27) 汉布利实际上是这样说的:“二氧化碳含量的增加实际上是件好 事。它使植物生长更快,庄稼产量更高,还会促进动物的生长——所 有这些都能改善人类的生活。” ?词语链接 state v.陈述,说明,宣布,声明 n.状况,情况;国家 statement n.陈述 stated adj.约定的, 已经说明的 the head of state ?即学即练

(2)resulted in

(3)results from


A.完成下列句子。 (1)You'd better ______________(说清楚自己的见解). (2)He________________(已声明) his intention to run for election. (3)__________( 据说 ) that all the people in the accident were killed. (4)He arrived ______________(按照既定的时间). (5)He is ______________(健康状况不太好). 答案:(1)state your views clearly (2)has already stated (3)It is stated (4)at the stated time

(5)in a poor state of health

?词语链接 range n.范围 v.从??到??各种种类 beyond the range of 超越??的范围 out of one's range 某人达不到的地方或范畴 range 从??到??不等 range between...and... 从??到??不等 ?即学即练 B.将下列句子译成汉语。 (1)The company puts out a large range of products. _______________________________________________________

_________________ (2)The two countries are separated by a range of mountains. _______________________________________________________ _________________ (3)His interests range from chess to boating. _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:(1)这家公司生产的产品名目繁多。 (2)这两个国家被一系列山脉隔开。 (3)他的爱好从下国际象棋到划船,什么都喜欢。 7 . Greenhouse atmosphere.(p.27) 温室气体继续在大气层中聚集。 build up 逐步建立,增加,增进 ?即学即练 完成下列句子。 (1)The clouds ____________(正在聚集). (2)He ____________(逐步恢复体力) again after an illness. (3)Taking exercise will ________(增强体质). 答案:(1)are building up (3)build up your body 8.Even if we start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and








(2)built up his strength

other greenhouse gases, the climate is going to keep on warming for decades or centuries.(p.27) 即使我们开始减少二氧化碳及其他温室气体的含量,在未来几十 年或几个世纪内,气候仍会持续升温。 keep on doing sth. 老是(不断)做某事 注意:在很多情况下 keep on doing 和 keep doing 意思差不多, 但是当强调决心和毅力时,通常用 keep on doing。 ?即学即练 完成下列句子。 (1)If you ________________( 老 是 犯 同 样 的 错 误 ), you'll be dismissed. (2)Prices ____________( 不 断 地上 涨 ) and they began to feel stressed. (3)I noticed Peter ________________(老是盯着我看). (4)They ____________(继续工作) although they were tired. 答案:(1)kept making the same mistake (3)kept looking at me all the time (4)kept on working 9.glance v. & n.匆匆一看,扫视 at first glance 乍一看,乍看之下 glance at 浏览, 简略提及 ?即学即练

(2)keep increasing

完成下列句子。 (1)He ____________( 瞥 了 一 眼 那 个 信 封 ) and recognized his uncle's handwriting. (2)__________(乍一看) the problem seemed easy. 答案:(1)glanced at the envelope (2)At first glance

10.on the whole 从整体看,大体上 as a whole 作为一个整体;总的来说 ?即学即练 用 on the whole, as a whole 填空。 (1)I think our trip was very successful __________. (2)You have made a few mistakes but __________ you have done well. (3)The festival is of great importance for our city and for the country __________. 答案:(1)on the whole (2)on the whole (3)as a whole

11.average n.平均,平均数 adj.平均的,普通的 on (the) average 平均地 above/below (the) average 在平均水准以上/以下 ?即学即练 完成下列句子。 (1)________ of 6 and 12 is 9.

(2)1,000 people a year die of this disease __________. (3)Temperatures this year are ____________, so we feel a little cooler than before. 答案:(1)The average (3)below the average 12.On the other hand,there are those,like George Humbley, who are opposed to this view...(p.27) 另一方面, 还有一些人, 像科学家乔治· 汉布利, 反对上面的观点。 oppose v.反对,抵制,后面带动词的 v ? ing 形式 They opposed the new tax.他们反对新税。 I oppose your going there alone. 我反对你单独去那里。 I would oppose changing the law. 我将反对改变这个法规。 ?词语链接 opposite adj.完全不同的,相对的; prep.在??的对面; adv.在对面; n.相反的人/物,对立面 be opposed to 反对(to 是介词) ?即学即练 选用上述词语填空。

(2)on (the) average

(1)He ________ strongly ________ the plan. (2)Father does not ________ the idea at all. (3)The new tax program may meet with fierce ______. (4)There was a garden on the ________ side of the street. 答案:(1)is;opposed to (4)opposite 13.长难句结构分析 Even if we start reducing the amount of carbon (1) (状语从句) dioxide and other greenhouse gases , ,) the climate is going (主语) (谓语) (2)oppose (3)opposition

to keep on warming for decades or centuries .,) (状语) 这是一个复合句, even if 引导让步状语从句, the climate...or centuries 是主句。 They are made from oil and gas which are (2) ,,) (主语)(谓语) (状语) (定语从句) non?renewable resources .,)

这是一个复合句。which 引导非限制性定语从句,说明先行词 oil and gas。 (3)However , I still 主语 think people should advocate 谓语 主语(从) 谓语(从)

improvement in the way we use energy today .,) 宾(从) 状语 定语从句(修饰先行词 way) 注意:people 为宾语从句。

?即学即练 模仿造句,并分析句子成分。 (1)即使我跟他们说的是实话,他们也不会相信。 _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________ (2)这条街道有好几周没有清扫了,很脏。 _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________ Even if I did tell them the truth they 答案:(1) ,,) (状语从句) (主语) wouldn't believe me .,) (谓语) (宾语) The street hasn't been cleared for weeks (2) ,,) (主语) (谓语) (状语) which makes it very dirty .,) (非限制性定语从句)

一、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.The spokesman of government made a ________(state) to the

public to explain the accident. 2 . What the ________ (consume) need most is what the businessmen care most. 3.They are totally ________(oppose) to the new plan. 4 . These years , our company has been developing

________(steady). 5 . Most of the villages around have been obviously ______(pollution). 6.________(live) in Paris for 35 years,he experienced many social and cultural ________(phenomenon) of France. 答案:1.statement 5.polluted 2.consumers 3.opposed 4.steadily

6.Having lived;phenomena

二、词语活用 1.用 range 的相关词语完成下列小段落。 The supermarket (1)________________( 有 种 类 繁 多 的 ) goods.Their prices (2)________________ ( 从 几 元 到 几 百 元 不 等).According to their varieties,the shop assistants (3)____________ (把他们整齐地排列)on the shelves. 答案:(1)keeps a wide range of to several hundred yuan (2)range from just only a few yuan

(3)range them neatly

2 . 用, compare with, compared to, by

comparison with, 等词语自编一个小段落。 _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ __ 答案:Liu Sha sat on the seat,feeling rather depressed.Compared to Li Ling,a top student,one of her roommates, she was much weaker in English although she had been studying harder.She compared herself with Li Ling and thought she could be well compared with Li Ling both in attitude and ability.Maybe her study plan was unsuitable compared to Li Ling's.As a result,she had to adjust her solution.Just as she was sighing, Xiao Xu, a smart girl, compared to a red rose, telephoned her and told her she failed in the English exam again.When hearing it, she was better off by comparison with Xiao Xu,after all her effort was paid off. 三、用所给动词的适当形式填空 1 . When ________(compare) different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities. 2.In the atmosphere ________(surround) the earth there are

gases ________(call) “greenhouse gases”. 3.As I'm not sure where ________(start) with my project, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. 4.It takes a lot of energy ____________(make) things from new materials, so, if you can, buy things ________(make) from ________(recycle) materials. 5.With his money ________(run) out, he couldn't go back home. 6. With more forests__________(destroy), huge quantities of good earth ____________(wash) each year. 7.Environmentalists have tried to stop the earth's temperature ________(rise). 8.What are the names of the scientists ________(mention) in the text? 答案:1.comparing 2.surrounding;called start make;made;recycled 5.running 6.being destroyed;is being washed away 7.rising 8.mentioned 四、运用括号内的词组, 将下列句子译成英语 1. 如果司机没有喝醉, 这起交通事故就不会发生了。 (come about) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:If the driver had not got drunk, the car accident wouldn't have

come about.

2.室内温度在上升。(go up) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:The temperature in the room is going up.

3.这一事故导致三人死亡。(result in) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:The accident resulted in three people being killed.

4.我叫他停下来,但他还是哭个不停。(keep on) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:I have told him to stop but he keeps on crying.

5.即使要失败十次, 我也绝不灰心。(even if) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:I wouldn't lose courage even if I should fail ten times.



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