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明仁教育学科导学案 gggggggggggganggang 学生: 日期: 2013 年 月 日 星期: 时段: gang 纲 英语构词法
语法知识基础薄弱,词汇量不够。 掌握常用英语构词方法:即合成法、派生法和转化法,并会灵活运 用 掌握常用英语构词方法:即合成法、派生法和转化法,并会灵活运 用 讲解规则与实例,记单词做练习,在练习中记单词 教学过程

一.讲解基本结构。 二.Exercises:.
We earn our_____________ (LIVE) in America today in peaceful ____________ (COMPETE) with people all across the Earth. Profound and _________ (POWER) forces are shaking and _________ (MAKE) our world, and the urgent question of our time is whether we can make change our friend and not our enemy. This new world has already ___________ (RICH) the lives of millions of Americans who are able to ____________ (COMPETITION) and win in it. But when most people are working harder for less, when others cannot work at all, when the cost of health care devastates families and threatens to ____________ (BANK) our enterprises, great and small, when the fear of crime robs law abiding citizens of their _____________ (FREE), and when millions of poor children cannot even imagine the lives we are calling them to lead, we have not made change our friend. 1. What you said sounded________ but in fact it was untrue. A. reasonable C. reasonless B. reasonful D. unreason


2. We have to learn ________technology from other countries. A. advance C. advantage 3. The child looked at me________. A. stranger C. strange B. strangely D. strangeless B. advancing D. advanced

4.The black people were against slavery and fought for their________bravely. A. free C. freedom B. freely D. frees



四、学生对于本次课的评价: ○ 特别满意 ○ 满意 ○ 一般 ○ 差 学生签字: 五、教师评定: 1、 学生上次作业评价: ○ 非常好 ○好 ○ 一般 ○ 一般 ○ 需要优化 ○ 需要优化 教师签字:

2、 学生本次上课情况评价:○非常好 ○好

教务主任签字: ___________




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