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M3U2 Language Task & Project课堂精讲

M3U2 Language

Task & Project

1. concern n. [u]关心忧虑 [c]令人担心的事 vt. 1)涉及 2)使担忧 3)对……感兴趣 show concern about / for 担心/关心…… be concerned with 对……感兴趣; 与……有关 be concerned in 与……有关,参与…… be concerned about/ for 关心/挂念…… as/so far as sb./sth. be concerned 就……而言 (1) His latest book is _______ youth unemployment. 他最新的书是有关于年轻人的失业问 题。 (2) We are all_________________ her safety. 我们都担忧她的安危。 (3) He was _________________ the crime. 他和这个犯罪活动有关。 concerned adj. 担忧的(作前置定语) ;有关的(作后置定语) concerning prep. 关于 (4) The persons ________ are to be punished. _______________________________________ (5) There is a ________ expression on her face.________________________________________ (6) Yesterday we wrote him a letter _________ the business arrangement.___________________ 2. access vt.进入;使用 n. 通道; (使用的)机会,权利 accessible adj. 可到达的,可接近的 have/get/gain access to 进入, 见到,到达 be accessible to 可以进入,可拿得到 的 (1) Some documents are not accessible to the public. ____________________________________ (2) The roof can be accessed by a ladder. _____________________________________________ (3) Fallen rocks cut off the only access to the village. ___________________________________ (4) You can easily get access to him. _______________________________________________ 3. conclusion n.结论,意见;结束,结尾 (1) I only listened to ____________ of his speech. 我只听了他讲话的结尾部分。 ★ in conclusion 总之,最后 come to / arrive at/ reach/ draw a conclusion 得出结论 jump to a conclusion 匆匆得出结论 拓展:conclude v.得出结论 (2) What can you conclude _____________ that? 从那件事中得出什么结论? (3) He concluded his speech ____________ (以…结束) a poem. ★ conclude…from 从…中得出结论 conclude …with 以…结束 4. interrupt vt.&vi 打断,打扰;阻断,中断 辨析 interrupt : 使正在进行的活动中断,尤指打断别人的话。 disturb: 妨碍工作的进行或使人不得安宁。 (1) She opened the door quietly so as not to __________________ our work. (2) Sorry to __________________, but there’s someone to see you. 5. differ vi. 相异,有区别 His views _________ _________ those of his parents. 他的观点和他父母的观点不同。 = His views ___________ __________ _________ those of his parents. ★ differ from…=be different from …与…不同 differ in … = be different in…在…不同 tell the difference between A and B = tell A from B make a/ no / some difference to sb./sth. 有/没有/有些影响/关系 6. represent vt. 代表(某人,某团体),象征,描绘 represent sb./sth. as… 意为“把某人/某物描述成……” represent oneself to be/ as 自称… (1) The rose ______________ England. 玫瑰花是英格兰的象征。 (2) The king is represented _____________a hero in the play. 拓展:representation n.代表,描绘 representative adj.代表性的, n.代表,代理人 7.distinguish vt.区分,辨别,使具有某种特征

(1) At what age are children able to ___________________________ (明辨是非)? (2) It was hard to ________ one twin _______ the other.(分辨出) ★ distinguish between…and … 区别……与…… distinguish …from… distinguish sb as…作为…而使某人突出 8.convenient adj. 方便的(不用人作主语) convenience n. (1) Will 3 o’clock be convenient____________________ you ? 3 点钟对你来说方便吗? (2) Please come whenever _______________________ (在你方便的时候). ★be convenient for …. ……是方便的 It is convenient for sb. to do sth. 做某事对某人来说是方便的 at one’s convenience 在某人方便的时候 for convenience 为了方便起见 9. Not all characters were developed from drawings of objects. (p38) (1) not/never 与 all, both, every, everybody, everything, everywhere, always, altogether, entirely, 连用表示部分否定。 All is not gold that glitters.= Not all that glitters is gold. --- Luckily for you, Miss Brian. The thief might not have noticed your safety in your room. It is still there. --- Thank you, Ms. Sigman. I’m glad to know that___________ lost. A. all is B. more C. any is not D. all is not (2) 如果要表示全部否定用 none, no, neither 等表示否定意义的词。 ____________ (他们中没有人)knows the answer. 10. While the students found the soldier’s idea interesting, the system was too difficult to be of practical use. (p39) 本句是主从复合句,其中 while 置于句首,引导让步状语从句。 be of practical use =be practically useful . “ be of + 抽象名词”相当于抽象名词所对应的形容 词,常用于这一结构的名词有 importance/ help/ value/ interest/ benefit 等 The computer is of great use. =_______________________________. The film is of great interest. = ________________________________.

1. concerned with concerned about/for concerned in concened concerned

concerning 有些文件是公众得不到的。

2.Some documents are not accessible to the public.

The roof can be accessed by a ladder. 通过梯子可到达房顶。 Fallen rocks cut off the only access to the village. 落下来的石头切断了通向乡村的唯一道路。 You can easily get access to him. 你可以很容易接近他。

3.the conclusion; from; with 4.disturb; interrupt 5.differ from; are different from 6. represents; as 7.distinguish between right and wrong; distinguish from 8.for/ to; it is convenient for you 9.D; None of them 10.The computer is very useful. The film is very interesting.

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