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M4U1 reading 公开课Advertising

Unit 1



? Have you seen the ads before? ? Do you know what the ads are advertising?

where why







Where can we find ads in our lives?


TV Radio


On billboards

On banners

On products Means of transportation

1.What is an advertisement? An advertisement uses words and pictures to persuade people to buy a product or service, or to believe in an idea. 2.What are the two main types of ads? Commercial advertisements & PSAs.

radio, TV…, images, languag e



promote charged tricks

educate free of charge believable


Which do they belong to, CAs or PSAs?

1.The taste is great.


雀巢咖啡 飘柔洗发水

CAs 2. Start ahead. 3.Knowledge changes life. PSAs 4.the choice of a new generation. CAs
5.Yes to life, no to drugs. 6.good to the last drop. 7.Connecting people.

百事可乐 PSAs CAs CAs 麦斯威尔咖啡 诺基亚手机

Reading strategy:Expository


Introduction of the subject

Examples and facts that develop or support the idea


Para.1 introduction of advertisements

This text


Supporting details

Para2. Para3.

What an advertisement is.

Not all the advertisements tell us the complete truth.

PSAS aim to teach us and help us lead better lives.

Para. 5

author’s opinions/suggestions

Careful reading
Introduction of the subject ——————— (para1) Advertisements Title 1.______________ important part of our lives. Ads are an 2.__________

What is an ad?
Supporting details ——————— (para2-4)

commercial Include 3.___________ads and PSAs. Use words and pictures to 4.persuade people to buy a 5.product or 6.service or to 7.believe in an idea. service

Does an 7.______? ad tell the May not tell you the complete truth. fall complete Try not to 8.________ for the trick. truth

What is a PSA?
Conclusion (para5)

Mean to teach us. lead Help us 9.______better lives.

intelligent and not be a slave to ads. We must be 10.__________


Task-based reading
Types Places found Methods used

Purpose Believable or not To promote a product or service Do not tell people the complete truth. Cost Examples

? newspapers


? magazines ? the internet Attractive pictures & ? radio clever ? television language

Being paid for

“Bright– Teeth fights bad breath!”


We can learn a lot To serve by the public following the advice they give.

For free

“Yes to life, no to drugs.”

Further Reading
1. Most people are not aware of how many ads are around them. not always 2. Advertisements are always meant to promote a product or service. not only in newspapers and on TV. 3. PSAs are only found 4. PSAs and commercial ads use some of the same methods. 5. Commercial ads can give us valuable information about how to live our lives. PSAs 6. An ad warning people against smoking is an example of a PSA.

? Provide information about latest products. ? Increase sales by repeated advertising. ? Make the public aware of social problems.

? Mislead customers or cheat them of money. ? Give false or incorrect information. ? Take too much time or space on TV or newspapers.

Competition A: 警惕高空坠物 B: 小心地雷 C: 高处危险 D: 战争空投,反战宣传

A:prenatal and postnatal care优生优育 B:the great power of union团结力量大 C: Laid-off下岗再就业 D: universalization of compulsory education普及义务教育

A: Laid-off下岗再就业 B: 少说多做 C: 团结协作 D: 反对腐败

A: 诚信重要 B: 偷一罚十 C: 贪污可耻 D: 禁止帖小广告

? Writing ? 要点:1.广告在我们生活中起着重要作用。它用吸引人的 图片和聪明的语言去劝诱人们去购买一样产品,一项服务 或去相信一个理念。 ? 2.广告的形式主要有两种:商业广告和公益广告。商业广 告是指为了推销一项产品或服务而花钱做的广告。而公益 广告则旨在给人们提供关于健康,安全或其它任何关乎社 会福利问题的知识,其目的是要教育并帮助我们生活得更 好。 ? 3.当涉及到广告时,我们应该保持理性,让广告为你服务 :想一下你为什么应该做广告上建议的事,购买广告上所 推销的产品或服务。

Advertisements play an important part in our lives. They usually use attractive pictures and clever languages to persuade people to buy a product or service or believe in an idea. There are two main types of advertisement – commercial advertisements and public service advertisements. A commercial advertisement is one that someone has paid for to promote a product or service. Public service advertisements are intended to educate people about health, safety and any other issue which affects social welfare.They aim to teach us and help us lead better lives.

? .when it comes to advertisements, be smart about advertisements and let advertisements be at your service:think about why you should do the things the advertisenents suggest,or buy the product or service the advertisenents promote

? Rewrite your composition about advertisements. ? Preview for next class.


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