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人教版高中英语必修2unit 2 listening and writing

The race

listen to the tape, get the general idea and choose the best answer.
A. This story is about a princess who races because she does not want to marry. B. This story is about a princess and a man who agree to marry. C. This story is about a man who cheats to marry a princess. D. This is a story of how a Goddess helps a man marry a princess.

Work theto order of marry the story ( 4 ) One manout wanted win and Atlanta very much. (11) Atlanta married him and they lived happily. ( 7 ) When the race began Atlanta ran past him. ( 5 ) He asked the Goddess of Love for help. ( 1 ) Atlanta was a very beautiful princess. ( 3 ) Many men tried to compete with her, but failed and so were killed. ( 9 ) She stopped to pick them up. ( 6 ) She gave him three golden apples. (10) She ran too slowly and he won. ( 8 ) He threw the golden apples one after another. ( 2 ) She could run faster than any other man.

5 Fill in the blanks. Hippomenes was waiting when Atlanta came out. She thought, “I __________ don’t want this man ______!” So she said to her to die to go away The race father, “Tell him __________. _____________ will not be run today.” But Hippomenes said, “These are ________: her rules She _________________ runs faster than will marry the man who _________ her! Come ________-on let’s run!”

Listening text
The race So the next day Hippomenes was waiting when Atlanta came out. She thought, “I don’t want this man to die.” So she said to her father, “Tell him to go away. The race will not be run today.” But Hippomenes said,

“These are her rules: she will marry the man who runs faster than her. Come on- let’s run!”

When the race started Hippomenes
ran fast, but Atlanta ran even faster.

Soon she was in front. At once
Hippomenes threw one of the golden

apples. It fell far to the side of Atlanta and she ran to get it. As she picked it up, she saw Hippomenes was in front. So she ran very fast until she was in

front again. Just then Hippomenes
threw another apple over her head

and far to the side. Again she stopped

to pick it up, and Hippomenes went in

When she finally caught up with
Hippomenes the second time, he threw the third and last golden apple. As it flew through the air Atlanta saw it and wanted it. So she picked this one up too. By this time Hippomenes was almost at

the end of the race. Atlanta could

not catch up with him because the
apples were too heavy. So

Hippomenes won the race and
married Atlanta. Thanks to the goddess they lived happily ever after.

1. If you were Hippomenes, would you run against Atlanta? 2. Do you think Hippomenes deserved to win the race? Why or why not? 3. How do you think Atlanta felt when she discovered Hippomenes had had help from the Goddess of Love? If you were Atlanta, would you still agree to marry him? Give your reasons.

Role play ━ discussions
Boy: what to do Girl: How to marry

By cheating …

Pretend, forgive ……


Speaking and writing

1. Atlanta’s favourite sport was running. What is your favourite sport? Give reasons why you like it so much. Think about: ?How you became interested in that sport ?Your favourite athlete ?What you do to improve your skill

2 Tell your partner about your favourite sport using the outline above. Tehn listen to your partner’s talk about his/her favourite sport. You may find the expressions below helpful
I like … because … I became interested in it when …. My favourite athlete/footballer/sportsman is … I like him/her because … I practise … In the future I hope to …

Sample dialogue:
S1: My speech is about football. S2: Fine. Off you go. S1: I became interested in football when I was very young. I used to watch my uncle’s television and saw the

Chinese team take part in the
world cup. I became so excited

that I decided I would practise

harder so that one day I might
become part of the Chinese team. S2: How old were you?

S1: I was 14 years old at that time.
S2: I think you should mention that.

Did you like football before that?

S1: Yes. I liked to play with my friends but I didn’t have a burning ambition to become part of the Chinese team. S2: OK. Carry on.

S1: My favourite footballer is Diego
Maradona. He is a South American

player who used to play a few years ago.
I like him because he was so skillful

with the ball. I love to watch him play
on old matches. Unfortunately, he has

retired from football now. I think
Chinese footballers have a lot to learn

from him.

S2: That’s fine. Now what do you do to improve your skill? S1: I practise every day at lunchtime. I try to improve my running skills and my handling of the ball. Sometimes I play games with my friends. In the future, I hope to go

to a sports university and perhaps

be able to join the Chinese national

S2: Good. That sounds fine. Now would
you like to listen to me. I like swimming because…

My favorite sport
?Begin by explaining which sport you have chosen and why ?Make three short paragraphs ?Give a reason for each of your ideas ?Finish by saying what you hope to do with this sport in the future ?Make your sentences more interesting by using some different linking words.

Sample 1 I first became interested in football when I was nine. Now I play in my school team and join my friends for a game every week on a regular basis. It’s fun. My favourite footballer is David Beckham although I also like Ronaldo.

They are both excellent and have great skills too. Apart from playing at school I go to sports school every weekend. I learn many skills there, such as passing the ball and scoring. I especially like playing on the wing like Beckham but being a striker is good as well.

Sample 2 Swimming is my favorite sport. I like it

because it can bring me much fun. The
process of learning how to swim is very interesting. You can try different ways

of swimming, such as backstroke.

You can swim at any time of the year if you like. In hot summer, if you jump into the river or the sea to have a swim, you will feel cool and comfortable. Even in cold winter, you can swim if you are brave enough. It’s a healthy sport and it can build up our body.

If you are a beginner, you must be
careful. You’d better not swim alone and bring life buoy with you in case of danger. If you want to be a good swimmer, you must have a lot of practice and have

great determination.


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