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外研版必修五module 5 the Great Sports Personality 讲义

M5 B5 the Great Sports Personality 讲义 I. words for recognition athletics stadium final victory pitch ring background rugby II. words for simple use retire slogan declare perform symbol compet

itor retirement score tough logo quality brand purchase dramatically guarantee designer protest track marathon borough club tracksuit gymnast ultimate net trainer ministry specific bat sportswear champion

1. choose the words in the box to fill in the blanks. 1> retire v. _____________ (n.) 2> performance n. _______________ (v. ) 3> buy v. _____________ (同义词) 4> design v. ________________ (n. ) 5> compete v. ____________( n.) 6> drama n. _______________ (adv.) 7> mark v. ___________ (同义) 8> tough adj. _______________ (同义) 9> promise v. ____________(同义) 10> drama n. _________________ (adv) 2. complete the sentences with the words in the box. 1> Most companies owe their success to ____________ image. 2> The five-star flag is the ___________ of the People’s Republic of China. 3> The operation will be ____________ next week. 4> Tickets must be ______________ two weeks in advance. 5> At speeds above 50km, serious injuries ______________ increase. 6> Britain ____________ war on Germany in 1914. 7> Take this chance and I __________ that you won’t regret. 8> All local farmers ___________ against building the new airport on their farm land. III. key words 1. perform v. 1> perform an operation / an experiment / a task/ one’s promise _______________________ 2> She is currently performing at the National Theatre. _______________ 3> The company has not been performing well recently. ________________ 4> Our class will give a performance at the New Year party. ________________ 5> Diana is a poor performer in exams. __________ 6> Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo _________ so well at the 21st Winter Olympics that we were all proud of them. A. performed B. possessed C. observed D. supported 7>尽管她以前从未接受过电视采访,但却表现得十分好。 Although she had never ________ ____________ on TV before, she __________ ________. 2. advantage n. 1> Rich has an advantage over you since he can speak German. ______________________ 2> We should take full advantage of these low prices while they last. _______________________

3> You will find it to your advantage to go to the country for a change. ______________________ 4> This failure may be turned to our advantage. _______________________ 5> I think full advantage is _________ of this technology to improve the quality of our products. A. taken B. made C. placed D. picked 6>他出身于富裕家庭而比其他孩子有优势。 He had the ____________ ________ the other boys of ________ _________ in a rich family. 7> 在申请某些工作方面,男性比女性有优势。 Males _______ ______ ___________ __________ females in ________ ________ some kinds of jobs. 3. guarantee v. / n. 1> We guarantee to deliver your goods within a week. _________________ 2> Our goods are guaranteed, you may return any bad ones. ____________________ 3> Buying a train ticket doesn't guarantee you a seat. _______________________ 4> I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result. _____________________ 5> My watch is still under guarantee,so they’ll repair it for free. ________________ 6>这场胜利确保他们在决赛中有一席之地. This win _________ _________ a place in the final. 4. score v. / n. 1> He bought two score of apples yesterday. ______________________ 2> The team scored two goals before half-time. _________________________ 3> Scores of people have written to offer their support. _________________ 4> You will be able to take ten dozen bottles free of duty through customs. _____________ 5> A storm destroyed dozens of homes and buildings. ___________________ 6> Shortly after the accident, two ________ police were sent to the spot to keep order. A. scores of B. dozens of C. dozen D. scores 5. declare v. 1> He declared himself to be a great scholar openly. __________________

2> The customs asked me if I had anything to declare. __________________
3> The government declared a state of emergency. ______________________ 4> It is declared that there will be no school this afternoon. _________________ 5> At last the judge made a declaration that she was not guilty. _______________ 6>The rise of prices of grain was announced in the papers. ___________________ 7> Doctors claimed to have discovered a cure for the disease. _________________ 8> The judges had different ideas about the results, so it was two hours before the results were _________ . A. cried out B. let out C. announced D. declared IV. key phrases 1. on the increase 1> The demand for primary products is on the increase in European market. _____________ 2> The number of smokers in our country is on the rise. ________________

3> The number of the students in our class increased by ten this year. ________________ 4> on the contrary ________________ on the spot __________________ on the way _______________ on the basis of… ________________ 2. rise to one’s feet 1> He rose to his feet and left the room without a word. _________________ 2> He tried to struggle to his feet, but in vain. _______________ 3> Now that you have been an adult,you must learn to stand on your own feet. ____________ 4> Hearing the news,he jumped to his feet with joy. ________________ 5> The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. ________________ 6> He raised his hand to ask a question. ______________ 3. turn the wrong way 1> When the leader entered the stadium he turned the wrong way and fell on the ground. _________ 2> It turned out that this method doesn't work well. ____________ 3> I turned my chair around to face the fire. _____________ 4> They had nowhere to stay so I couldn’t turn them away. ____________ 5> The young woman turned musician. __________________ 6> Her face turned white at the news. _________________ 7> turn off/ on / to / up / down / over / _____________________________________________ V. key sentences 重点句型 1. 主谓一致 :就前原则 __________________________________________________ 1>. He, together with his friends is going to visit Hainan this summer. 2>. Mr. Green, along with three guards was murdered. 3> Tom as well as two of his friends was invited to the party. 2. 强调句型 :________________________________________________________________ 1> It was because of the heavy rain that he came late. 2> It is I who am your friend. 3> It was in 2009 that they first met each other. 4> It was 2009 when they first met each other. _______________ 5> I want to know who it is that has been named our captain. ________________ 6> Was it on a lonely island that he was saved one month after the boat went down? _________ 7> It was not until I came back that he left. 8> It was on the farm _______ he spent his childhood _______ he learned how to grow vegetables. A. where ; that B. which ; when C. that ; that D. which ; which 9> 直到她摘下墨镜我才认出她是著名的影星。 (强调) ______ ________ _______ _________ she _______ _______ her sun glasses _______ I _____________ that she was a famous film star. 3. 倍数表达法: ________________________________________________________________ 1> He has got three times as many books as his younger sister. 2> The dictionary is five times more expensive than that one. 3> The newly broadened square is four times the size of the previous one.

4> Peter’s jacket looked just the same as Jack’s, but it cost ________his. A. as much twice as B. twice as much as C. much as twice as D. as twice much as 5> 十年前我们村的人口是他们村的 3 倍。 Ten years ago the population of our village was ________ _________ __________ _________ __________ that of theirs. 4. the chances are that… ___________________ 1> If you go into a school or university anywhere, the chances are you will see students in Li Ning tracksuits with the familiar logo. 2> (The) Chances are (that) we will win easily. __________________ 3> There is a chance that I will see him these days. ________________ 4> We took a chance on the weather and planned to have the party outside. ______________ 5> She tried to commit suicide, but we saved her life by chance. ____________ 6> 有可能到明天我就把这篇文章写完了。 __________ ____________ I’ll have the essay _____________ by tomorrow. VI. grammar 状语从句 1.时间状语从句 连词有:_______________________________________________________ 1>Mary made coffee while guests were finishing their meal. 2> As is reported, it is 100 years since Qinghua University was founded. 3> Hardly had he arrived when it began to rain. 4> No sooner had she gone to sleep than the telephone rang once more. 5> Each time he comes, he will bring us a lot of flowers. _________________ 6> The young lady rushed into the room immediately she heard the noise. __________________ 7> Not until you told me did I have some ideas of it. 8> Before I could get in a word, he had measured me. _____________________________ 2. 条件状语从句 连词有:________________________________________________________ 1> If you don’t change your mind, I won’t be able to help you. ________________ 2> Take your raincoat with you in case it rains. _______________ 3> I will do it on condition that you help me. __________________ 3. 让步状语从 连词有: __________________________________________________________ 1> Whenever we find an unknown plant, we should describe it in our book. __________________ 2> No matter what he is wearing, you must serve him. __________________________ 3> Young as she is , she knows so much about life. ___________________________ 4> Child though he is, he can speak three languages. _________________________ 5> He will never tell you the truth even if he knows it. _________________________ 4. 状语从句省略 1> If (it is ) possible, please look up the word in the dictionary. 2> While (I was ) passing by the supermarket, I met my friend. 3> When (he was ) questioned, he made no answer. 4> Unless ( I am ) invited, I won’t take part in it.



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