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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修7 unit4

选修 7
Unit 4 Sharing 能力演练
一、语法填空? 语法填空? It is time to go Christmas shopping again.But wait,does 1 have to be this way?While some bravely enter the crowded parking lots and ringing registers, 2 are saying no to the whole shopping thing and 3

(find)ways to revive the original meaning of Christmas giving.In fact,in a recent Ipsos Reid survey conducted(实施) on 4 of World Vision,84 percent of Canadians said they would rather have a holiday gift given to a charity in their name There is even an 6 5 receive more socks or sweaters.?

(organize)encouraging us to have a Buy Nothing (start)by Mennonites 门 (

Christmas. It is a national initiative(首创) 7 “

诺派教徒) but open to everyone with a thirst for change and a desire for action.” Co ? founder Aiden Enns of Winnipeg says.“ 8 I was

working at Adbusters magazine back in 2001,I noticed how successful the Buy Nothing Day campaign was,especially in North America and the UK. ? 9 a shame that it was only one day,I thought,” says Enns.So he

decided to inject a spirit of radical simplicity into the whole Christmas season 10 Buy Nothing Christmas was born.?

二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、

B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? Why is setting goals important?Because goals can help you do,be,and experience everything you want in life.? 1 just letting life happen to

you,goals allow you to make your life happen.? Successful people 2 how their life should be and set lots of goals.By setting goals you are 3 your life.It,s like having a 4 to show you

where you want to go.Think of it this way.There are 5 drivers.One has a destination (目的地) in mind (her goal) which can be found on a map.She can drive straight there without any 6 time or wrong

turns.The other driver has no goal or destination or map.She starts off at the same time from the same place as the first driver,? 7 she drives aimlessly around,never getting anywhere,just 8 gas.Which driver do you want to be?? Winners in life set goals and follow through on them.They decide what they want in life and then get there by making 9 and setting goals.?

10 people just let life happen by accident.Goals aren,t difficult to set and they aren ? t difficult to reach.It ? s up to you to find out what your goals really are.You are the one who must what direction to aim your life.? Research tells us that when we write a goal down we are more achieve it.Written goals can be 13 12 to 11 what to achieve and in

regularly,and have more

power.Like a contract(合同) with yourself,they are harder to neglect or

forget.Also 14

you write your goals in a particular way you are able to

make yourself continuously 15 situation that will bring you nearet to your goal.? 1.A.Because of C.In spite of 2.A.imagine C.experience 3.A.going on with C.getting along with 5.A.two C.some C.fixed 7.A.or C.but 8.A.thinking of C.turning off 9.A.plans C.friends 10.A.Lucky B.Instead of ? D.In addition to ? B.discuss ? ? B.taking control of ? D.taking advantage of ? B.friend ? D.sign ? B.such ? D.goal ? B.dull ? D.wasted ? B.for ? ? B.using up ? D.paying for ? ? D.maps ? B.Young ?

C.Ordinary 11.A.practise C.admit 12.A.willing C.likely 13.A.improved C.set 14.A.although C.when 15.A.aware of C.familiar with 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解

D.Unsuccessful ? B.change ? D.decide ? B.anxious ? D.clever ? B.achieved ? D.reached ? B.until ? D.unless ? B.worried about ? D.accustomed to ?

专题训练( 说明文的阅读(3) 专题训练(八) 说明文的阅读 ) 阅读下列材料,然后按要求完成读写任务。? Abby Subark is a mother of two from Boston.“For my kids,I,m nervous.I don,t know if they,ll be able to achieve their American dream.” She may be right.More than hard work or education,the best way to get rich in America is to be born rich.? It is the case that somebody who is in the upper third of income,with poor scores at the bottom on tests when they are in the eighth grade,is more likely to go to college and finish college than a poor kid with the top scores.That,s what the working persons children are up against.?

The Economic Policy Institute finds it would take a poor couple with 2 children 9 or 10 generations to achieve middle class status.That ? s about 200 years.The typical feature of American opportunity has always been the ability to do better than your parents.But compared with similar developed countries,the United States ranks fifth out of six for so ? called intergenerational mobility.(变动)? If you look at the mechanisms(机制)for upward mobility that were so readily available 50 years ago,they are becoming out of reach,like plentiful factory jobs with good wages and affordable education and health care.? White families are twice as likely as blacks to be upwardly mobile.For most people in America today,where you end up depends on where you start.? If you started in the middle–income class,about 40 to 45 percent of what you are making right now is due to the fact that your parents were in the middle ? income class.The rest is up to you.? But for the millions of people who find themselves below the poverty line and the millions more who are the working poor,their starting point for the American dream leaves them painfully far away from the middle class. 根据所读短文,选择最佳答案。? 1.The main idea of the passage is __________.?

A.How the middle class comes about in the U.S.? B.It,s hard to realize the American dream for the poor.? C.Wealth and social status depend on family background.? D.Upward mobility in America has never been easy.? 2.Which of the statements is NOT true according to the passage?? A.People used to have job opportunities and welfare for upward mobility. B.A great many poor people can hardly realize theirAmericandream.? C.You can make all your dreams come true in America if born rich.? D.Rich kids are more likely to go to college than poor kids.? 3.The underlined sentence “where you end up depends on where you start” most probably means_________.? A.your starting point cannot determine your destination.? B.only a high goal can ensure success.?,s birth has nothing to do with his fate.?,s family lays solid foundation for his future achievements. 4.Why is Abby Subark nervous?? A.Her kids don,t want to compare with other rich kids in achievement. B.Her kids don,t want to achieve success at all.? C.Her kids can achieve success through hard work and education.? D.Her kids can,t reach their goal without a rich family.? 5.What can we infer after reading the passage??

A.Poverty causes people much pain.? B.People below the poverty line can never be in the middle class.? C.Lower starting point makes it hard for people to realize their dream. D.Poor people,s starting point is too low.?

一、? 1.解析:it 指代前文的 to go Christmas shopping,在这里作形式主语。 答案:it 2.解析:与前文的 some(一部分人)呼应,这里用 others 表示另一部 分人。? 答案:others 3.解析:由 and 连接的两个谓语动词,时态应该一致,这里都应该用 现在进行时。? 答案:finding 4.解析:固定短语 on behalf of,意思是“代表……” 。? 答案:behalf 5.解析:would rather...than...,宁愿……也不……。? 答案:than 6.解析:这里在不定冠词的后面应该用名词,organize 的名词形式是 organization。? 答案:organization 7.解析:过去分词表被动,在这里作定语,意思是“由……开始(最

先倡导)。? ” 答案:started 8.解析: When 引导时间状语从句,意思是“当……的时候” 。? 答案:When 9.解析:What 引导感叹句,感叹的对象是个名词(a shame) ,所以用 what。? 答案:What 10.解析:and 连接两个并列分句。? 答案:and

二、? 1.B 2.解析:imagine 表示设想。? 答案:A 3.解析:通过设立目标而控制自己的生活。? 答案:B 4.解析:目标的设立使自己感觉有一张地图在告诉自己应到哪里去。 答案:C 5.解析:从下文所举的例子可知,应是两个司机。? 答案:A

6.解析:由于第一个司机制定了自己的目的地, 所以她不会浪费时间。? 答案:D 7.解析:因为是例举的两个相反的例子,所以是转折关系。? 答案:C 8.解析:由于第二个司机漫无目的地开车,最终的结果只是“耗尽汽 油” 。? 答案:B 9.解析:成功者为了达到自己的目的,他们制定计划和目标。? 答案:A 10.解析:与成功者对比的是不成功者。? 答案:D 11.解析:一个人必须决定自己在哪些方面可以取得成功。? 答案:D 12.解析:一旦制定了目标,就可能会成功。 likely 的意思是“很可能” 。? 答案:C 13.解析:书面的目标可以容易地达到。? 答案:B 14.解析:这是一个时间状语从句。当以特殊的方式写出自己的目标 时。? 答案:C

15.解析:aware of 的意思是“知道” 。当以特殊的方式写出自己的目 标时,知道自己所处接近目标的位置。? 答案:A 三、? 1.解析:从第一段最后一句和最后一段可知答案。? 答案:B 2.解析:从倒数第二段可判断出来。? 答案:C 3.解析: 一个人的良好家庭环境为他的将来成就奠定了基础。与文 章的主题一致。? 答案:D 4.解析:她的小孩没有出生在富裕家庭,这使他们难以实现他们的 梦想。? 答案:D 5.解析:文章的主题。从第一和最后一段可判断出。? 答案:C



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