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2014高考英语一轮复习 Unit1 Women of achievement课件 新人教版必修4

Unit 1

Women of achievement

假如你叫李华,为了培养同学们的英语学习兴趣,提高 英语水平,你和学校的几位英语爱好者在互联网上建了一个 叫做“”的网站。请用英语在校报上写一篇 文章,向全校同学介绍这个网站。 审题构思: 篇章结构:

拟关键词: 构建句式:

Dear fellow students, I'd like to introduce you to a new website—easyenglish. com. The purpose of setting up such a website is to develop your interest of learning English and make learning English easy and enjoyable①for us students.A wide variety of English

materials are available in this website , such as English
exercises,foreign cultures and short English stories.And you can also enjoy chatting in English here with other English

learners so that you can improve both your oral and written English.Furthermore② , if you'd like to show your own English writings and exchange your English learning



others , this





choice.Meanwhile,your English can get improved by being corrected by others. Welcome to surf this website and enjoy learning English!

【赏文酌句】 第一段:切入主题,介绍该网站。

英语语言能力??高级词汇像available,variety使用得 当。状语从句使用得当。连词furthermore,meanwhile 凸显文章的亮点。 第三段:邀请加入交流。


[模拟] simpler. 轿车、公交车和出租车使我们的生活便捷多了。 Make yourself at home.请不要客气。 Cars,buses and taxis make our lives so much

2.furthermore adv.而且,此外
[模拟] The house isn't big enough for us , and

furthermore,it's too far from the town.这所房子对我们 来说不够大,另外它离市区也太远。

佳句背诵 ?It seems to be clearing up.天似乎要转晴。 ?It's blowing/raining/snowing hard/heavily.

?Our earth is being endangered by the more and more serious pollution.污染越来越严重,我们的地球处境危险。 ?There will be a rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning.将有一场雷电交加的暴风雨。

?The temperature has dropped a lot today.

?In the past hundred years, there have been frequent

natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and
earthquakes.在过去的几百年里,经常发生诸如水灾、干 旱和地震这样的自然灾害。 ?Now more and more people become aware that those disasters have much to do with what we have done to the


?This month's floods are among the worst in South China since 1998, when over 3,600 people were killed and more than 20 million displaced. 本月所爆发的洪水是中国南方1998年以来最严重的,当时

?The rainstorm has left 13 dead, 23 missing in this town so far.到目前为止,这次暴雨使这个城镇13人遇难,23人下 落不明。 May love and joy surround you!




核 心 单 词

1.功绩;成就 n. achievement 2.项目;工程;规划 n. project 3.举动;表现 vt.&vi. behave 4.值得的;值得做的 adj. worthwhile 5.直言的;坦诚 adj. outspoken 6.尊敬;尊重;敬意 n. &vt. respect 7.支持;拥护 n.&vt. support

8.welfare n. 福利,福利事业 n. 学会,学院 10.audience n. 观众,听众 n. 事业,生涯 12.emergency n. 突发事件;紧急情况 13.generation n. 一代,一辈 14.modest adj. 谦虚的,谦让的

1.离开;起程;出发 move off
重 2.(想法、问题等)涌上心头; 涌入脑海 crow din 3.蔑视;瞧不起 look downup on/on 4.(偶然)遇见;碰见 come across

过着……的生活 6.refer to 查阅;参考;谈到 chance 碰巧 8.carry on 继续;坚持

短 语


2.Once I stop,it all comes

经 记录它们的日常活动。 crowding in and I remember 典 She spent years 句 doserving and 式 recording their daily the chimps in laboratories. 一旦我停下来,所有的一切 都会涌上心头,而且我会记



A.馨然过关 温故知新 B.基本通过


worthwhile adj.值得的;值得做的

(教材原句)However,the evening makes it all worthwhile. 不过到了傍晚时分我们觉得这一切都是值得的。


①be worthwhile doing/to do sth ②sth be worth doing ③sth be worthy to be done ④sth be worthy of being done

①His first book is of great use for our course.But his latest one is________worth reading. (2013·杭州月考)



完成句子 ②Being untouched is not,in itself,a characteristic_______

________ ________ ________ ________( 值 得 重 视 高 于 一
切). (2012·北京·阅读理解D) ③He thinks it is never too late to challenge oneself to_______ ________ ________(实现有意义的事情).

答案 ①A ②worth valuing above all others ③achieve

something worthwhile

respect n.&vt.尊敬 (教材原句)For forty years Jane Goodall has been outspoken about making the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals.四十年来,简·古道尔一直呼吁世人 理解并尊重这些动物的生活。

联想拓展 show/have a deep/sincere respect for sb深深地/由衷地敬重某

have some/little/no respect for...相当/不太/毫不尊重?? pay one's respects拜访某人 in respect of sth/with respect to sth关于;就??而言 in all respects无论从哪方面来看

without respect to不管;不考虑

①He was________selfless man that everybody________him. a;respectable C.such a;respects 完成句子 B.a such;respect D.such a;respected

Molly always told us exactly what she thought , and we________ ________ ________that. ③先生,尽管我极为尊重您,但我(仍然)认为您的确错了。 ________ ________,sir,I think you're quite wrong.



②respected her for

③With respect

intend vt.计划;打算
(教材原句)I looked carefully at the text and realized that it was intended for women in the countryside.我细细地看了这 篇文章,了解到那是为农村妇女写的。

intend doing/to do sth打算做某事 intend sb to do sth 打算让某人做某事 be intended to do sth/for sth 专门为……;专门给…… had intended to do sth/to have done sth本来打算做某事

intend that...打算……;主张……

①The programme________for children turned out to be
welcomed by people of different ages. A.used C.using B.intended D.intending

②Now Mr.White is back and________ ________ ________ ________ ________( 打 算 写 一 本 书 )about his adventures. (2012· 上海· 阅读理解A) ③Was anybody________ ________ ________ ________(掌握 预期的消息)? 答案 ①B (2012· 陕西· 六选五) ③grasping the

②intends to write a book

intended message


look down upon/on蔑视;瞧不起
(教材原句)Many people look down upon poor people.


look up to sb 尊敬某人
look sb up and down 上下打量某人 look into 调查 look forward to 期待;盼望 look through仔细查看;浏览


①I often________the words I don't know in the dictionary or on the Internet. A.look up C.look for B.look at D.look into (2011·四川,14)

②If you________faults but you still want the bicycle,ask
the shop assistant to reduce the price. A.come across C.look for (2011·安徽,34) about D.focus upon


Mr.Garcia________ ________ ________anyone who hasn't

had a college education.
④她一向崇敬父亲。 She has always ________ ________ ________ her father. 答案 ①A ②A ③looks down on ④looked up to

refer to提及,涉及;参考;打听.
(教材原句)If the word“group”refers to different members, use a plural verb.如果“group”这个词指的是不同成员,谓 语动词用复数形式。 联想拓展把??提交给?? refer把??当作?? refer oneself to依赖;求助于 bear/have some/no reference to sth与某事物有关/无关 without reference to sb/sth 不考虑某人/某事物 reference book 参考书,工具书

①It was foolish of him to________his notes during that
important test,and as a result,he got punished. A.stick to C.keep to B.refer to D.print to

②The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an
hour without________his notes. A.bringing up C.looking for B.referring to D.trying on


Complete the exercise without________ ________ ________ ________. ④我说有些人很愚蠢,并不是说你。 When I said some people are stupid,________ ________ ________ ________ ________. 答案 ①B ②B ③referring to a dictionary

④I wasn't referring to you

come across(偶然)遇见;碰见
(教材原句)By chance I came across an article about a doctor called Lin Qiaozhi...很偶然地,我看到了一篇关于一位名叫 林巧稚的大夫的文章?? 联想拓展 come about 发生 come on 快点;加油;出场;改进 come out 出现;开花;发行;发表

come up(问题、计划等)被提出;升起;长出地面
come up with 提出 come to到达;共计;达到

①She________an old friend of hers yesterday while she was shopping at the department store.

A.turned down C.took after B.dealt with D.came across

完成句子 ②我在阁楼上偶然翻到了一些老照片。

I________ ________some old photos in the attic.
③人类怎么会说这么多种语言,这种情况是如何产生的呢? How ________ ________ ________ ________ that humans speak so many different languages? 答案 ①D ②came across ③did it come about

It hits/hit sb+从句 某人突然想起……,(教材原

句)Suddenly it hit me how difficult it was for a woman to
get medical training at that time.我突然想起在那个年代, 一个女子去学医是多么困难啊。 联想拓展 与“It hits/hit sb+从句”含义相似的结构还有: ①It occurred/occurs to sb+从句 ②It strikes/struck sb+从句

完成句子 ①我突然想起来我把她的生日忘了。

________ ________ ________all of a sudden________I had
forgotten her birthday. ②我突然想起没有人赞成这个改变。 ________ ________ ________ ________nobody was in favour of the change.


①It hit me;that

②It struck me that


after her mother came to help her for the first few
months was she allowed to begin her project.她母亲头几 个月来帮她的忙,这才使她得以开始自己的计划。 【考点警示】 (1)only在句首修饰状语从句时,主句要用倒装语序,从句不 用倒装语序。 (2)only在句首修饰句子的主语时,不用倒装语序。

①________you eat the correct foods________be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A.Only if;will you C.Unless;will you B.Only if;you will D.Unless;you will


________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ Einstein do his research freely. ③只有当他回来时,我们才弄明白了事情的真相。 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ we find the

答案 ①A ②Only by the year 1918 could

③Only when he returned did

【考点警示】 1.注意在具体语境和搭配中某些特殊主语(集体名词、非谓 语动词、从句、分数等)的主谓一致。



1 . The man together with his wife and

children_______(sit)there watching TV. 2 . More than one student________(have)passed the


3.Every means________(have)been tried.
4.She is the one of those women who________(know)a thing about furniture. 5.A large quantity of water________(be)coming. 答案 1.sits 2.has 3.has 4.knows


1 . The day before yesterday the police including one
officer________searching for the murderer in that mountain. B.are C.was D.were

2.The population of Jiangsu________to more than twice

what it was in 1949.The figure is now approaching 74
million. A.has grown C.grew B.have grown D.are growing

3.Listening to loud music at rock concerts________caused
hearing loss in some teenagers. B.are C.has D.have

4.A poet and artist________coming to speak to us about Chinese literature and painting tomorrow afternoon. B.are C.was D.were

5.Professor Smith,along with his assistants,________on

the project day and night to meet the deadline. B.working working D.are working

6.All the scientific evidence________that increasing use of chemicals in farming________damaging our health.

(2012·湖南,35);are;is B.shows;are D.shows;is

7 . The basketball coach , as well as his team , ________interviewed shortly after the match for their

outstanding performance.
A.were B.was D.are


8.One-third of the country________covered with trees and the majority of the citizens________black people. (2011·湖南,26);are
C.are;are 答案 1.D 2.A 3.A 4.A 5.C;is
D.are;is 6.D 7.B 8.A


应用文(3)新闻报道、介绍及通知 报道、通知与介绍等应用文是高考书面表达考查的主 要形式之一,内容丰富灵活,写作时要语言简练、准确、交 待清楚通知、介绍、报道的事件、人物等,“一般包括时间、


假设你是班长,请根据以下要点拟一则口头通知: (1)事由:欢迎澳大利亚学生来校参观; (2)参观时间:11月15日; (3)参观人数:约60人;

①8:30在校门口迎接; ②9:00带客人到会议室开联欢会; ③11:00领客人参观植物园、校办工厂等; ④12:00客人离校。


②尽可能与他们用英语交谈。 注意: (1)词数100左右。 (2)参考词汇:botanical garden植物园

school-run factory校办工厂 ____________________________________________________

审题谋篇 本文为口头通知 1.口头通知比书面通知要口语化,开头往往有称呼语;


开头:Ladies and gentlemen/Boys and girls等。 正 文 : 先 用 提 醒 注 意 的 句 子 , 如 Please be quiet , everyone!/Attention,please!/May I have your attention, please?/I have something to tell you等。 结尾:用That's all宣布通知完毕,并用Thank you(for your listening/time)之类的客套语以示礼貌。

1.①Attention,please! ②Everybody,please be quiet! ③May I have your attention,please? 2.①I have some good news for you!

②There is something I have to tell you.
③I have something important to tell you. ④I have an announcement to make. ⑤I'd like to announce that...

3.①Any questions? ②Thanks for your attention! ③Don't forget,will you?

④Be sure not to be late.
⑤Everybody is welcome. ⑥That's all.Thank you.

【佳作欣赏】 Boys and girls, May I have your attention,please?I have an important

announcement to make.About sixty Australian students will
come to visit our school on November 15.We'll meet them at the school gate at 8:30 in the morning.At 9:00,we'll take them to the meeting room,where a get-together will be held.About two hours later,we'll show them around our

botanical garden and the school-run factory.And they will
leave our school at 12:00.Please remember to be friendly to

our guests during their visit,and talk with them in English
as much as possible. That's all.Thank you. 名师点评 1.该短文符合口头通知的写作要求,格式正确。 2.通知的内容要点完整、层次清晰。 3.用语符合口头通知的要求,且语句通顺、连贯。


容如下: 时间:10月第1周。 活动:1.演唱歌曲:流行歌曲 2.器乐演奏:古典和民间音乐

地点:届时通知 参加者请于9月20日前报名。

注意: 1.书面通知应写成一篇连贯的短文; 2.可以适当增减细节; 3.词数100左右; 4.通知格式已为你写好; 5.生词:古典——classical 民间——folk 乐器——musical instruments 比赛——contest September 10,2014 Dear students, ________________________________

Come to the great fun!
Students Union

September 10,2014 Dear students, The Students Union has decided to organize a music week.It will be held in the first week of October.The activities include singing pop songs and playing classical and folk music.Bring your own musical instruments,please.A music

contest will be included,too.The students taking part in the
contest will listen to part of a song or a piece of music,and then guess where it comes from.If you'd like to take part in

the music week,please come and sign up for it before
September 20th.The place for the activities will be announced later. Come to the great fun! Students Union

1.Given that this is the case,why aren?t students taught to
manage conflict the way they are taught to solve math problems,drive cars,or stay physically fit? a(2012· 浙江· 阅读理解C) 分析:given that...为分词独立结构作状语,意为“鉴于,

考虑到”;they are taught to solve math problems,drive
cars,or stay physically fit为定语从句,修饰先行词the way。句子的主干为 ...why aren't students taught to manage conflict the way...



2.We've become so accustomed to noise,there's almost a
deep prejudice against the idea that silence might be beneficial. (2011· 安徽· 阅读理解E)

分析:这是个主从复合句,句子主干为We've become...。 be accustomed to...习惯于;there's前面省略了that,that 和 前 面 的 so 构 成 so...that 句 型 , 表 示 结 果 ; prejudice against对……有偏见;that silence might be beneficial为

同位语从句,解释the idea的内容。
译文:我们已经习惯了噪音,以致于对寂静有益的观点 就持有偏见。


1.So I carried on and found the bus stop,which was a
request stop , where the bus wouldn't stop unless passengers wanted to get on or off. (2012·广东· 阅读理解C) 分析:这是个主从复合句,主句为I carried on and found

the bus stop。本句中含有两个定语从句,分别由关系代
词which和关系副词whhere引导,先行司均为the bus stop。

译文:因此我继续往前走并找到了公交车站,这是招手即停 的车站,公交车在这里通常不停车,除非乘客要求上车或者 下车。

2.Different areas have different styles of old Irish songs are sung with out instruments.(2011· 安徽· 阅读理解D)

分析:这是个主从复合句。主句为Different areas have
different styles of old Irish songs。which引导定语从句修 饰先行词songs;without instruments不用乐器伴奏,作 状语。 译文:不同地区有不同风格的古老的爱尔兰歌曲,唱这




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