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【广东专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(十八) [必修4 Unit 3 A taste of English humour]


[必修 4

Unit 3

A taste of English humour]

(限时:30 分钟)

Ⅰ.完形填空 Different things usually stand for different feelings. Red, for example, is the color of fire, heat, blood and life. People say red is an exciting and active color. They associate (使发生联系) red with a strong feeling like __1__. Red is used for signs of __2__, such as STOP signs and fire engines. Orange is the bright, warm color of __3__ in autumn. People say orange is a __4__ color. They associate orange with happiness. Yellow is the color of __5__. People say it is a cheerful color. They associate yellow too, with happiness. Green is the cool color of grass in __6__. People say it is a refreshing color. In general, people __7__ two groups of colors: warm colors and cool colors. The warm colors are red, orange and __8__. Where there are warm colors and a lot of light, people usually want to be __9__. Those who like to be with others like red. The cool colors are __10__ and blue. Where there are these __11__, people are usually worried. Some scientists say that time seems to __12__ by more slowly in a room with warm colors. They suggest that a warm color is a good __13__ for a living room or a __14__. People who are having a rest or are eating do not want time to pass quickly. __15__ colors are better for some offices if the people working there want time to pass quickly. 1.A.sadness B.anger C.administration 2.A.roads B.ways C.danger D.places B.leaves C.grass D.mountains 4.A.lively B.dark C.noisy D.frightening 5.A.moonlight B.light C.sunlight D.stars 6.A.summer B.spring C.autumn D.winter 7.A.speak B.say about D.tell B.yellow C.white D.gray 9.A.calm B.sleepy D.helpful C.golden D.yellow 11.A.colors B.people C.groups D.feelings 12.A.walk B.go D.move B.way C.fact D.matter 14.A.factory B.classroom 15.A.Different B.Cool C.Warm D.Same Ⅱ.阅读理解

A Bill Gates and the president of General Motors have met for lunch, and Bill is going on and on about computer technology. “If automotive technology had kept pace with computer technology over the past few decades, you would now be driving a V- instead of a V- and it would have a top speed of 10,000 32 8, miles per hour,” says Gates.“Or, you could have an economy car that weighs 30 pounds and gets a thousand miles to a gallon of gas. In either case, the sticker price of a new car would be less than $50. Why haven't you guys kept up?” The president of GM smiles and says, “Because the federal government won't let us build cars that crash four times a day.” Why is that funny (or not funny, as the case may be)? Human beings love to laugh, and the average adult laughs 17 times a day. Humans love to laugh so much that there are actually industries built around laughter. Jokes, sitcoms and comedians are all designed to get us laughing, because laughing feels good. For us it seems so natural, but the funny thing is that humans are one of the only species that laughs. Laughter is actually a complex response that involves many of the same skills used in solving problems. Laughter is a great thing-that's why we've all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There is strong evidence that laughter can actually improve health and help fight disease. In this article, we'll look at laughter-what it is, what happens in our brains when we laugh, what makes us laugh and how it can make us healthier and happier. You'll also learn that there's a tremendous amount that no one understands yet. 16. What's the best title of the passage? A.Laughter B.The joke between Gates and the president of General Motors C.Why do we laugh? D.Laughter and health 17.Which one is NOT true according to the passage? A.Computer technology has developed quickly during the past few decades. B.Automotive technology has developed as fast as computer technology according to Bill Gates. C.The president of GM thinks it is impossible to build cars worth less than 50 dollars. D.If cars were less than 50 dollars, a large number of accidents would happen per day. 18.From the passage we can know that________. A.humans laugh because it can fight disease B.humans have gained skills to laugh since they are born C.humans are one of the only species that can laugh D.laughing can make humans feel bad 19.The underlined word “sitcoms” in Paragraph 3 means “________”. A.situation comedies B.tragedies C.body languages D.fictions 20.This passage is most probably an ________. A.introduction of an article about Microsoft B.introduction of an article about laughter C.article about laughter D.introduction of an article about General Motors B A new study has found that making someone laugh is one of the best ways to woo (求婚) one's lover. However, researchers have discovered that not all humour is equal. The quickest path to success is to use a very specific form of wit: selfdeprecation. “Many studies show that a sense of humour is attractive to women, especially to their girlfriends, but we've found that selfdeprecating humour is the most attractive of all,” said anthropologist Gil Greengross.

One possible explanation is that taking_the_mickey_out_of_oneself is a high?risk strategy. “It is a risky form of humour because it can draw attention to one's real faults, thereby diminishing (缩小) the selfdeprecator's status in the eyes of others. But based on the idea that self?deprecating humour can be an especially reliable indicator not only of general intelligence and creativity, but also of moral virtues such as humility.” Anthropologist Kate Fox,author of Watching the English, believes selfdeprecation is uniquely vital for those with an English cultural background:“For the English,the rules of humour are the cultural equivalent of natural laws—we obey them automatically,rather in the way that we obey the law of gravity.” “Pomposity(夸耀) and selfimportance are outlawed. Serious matters can be spoken of seriously, but one must never take oneself too seriously,” she added. “As long as everyone understands the rules, they are duly impressed both by one's achievements and by one's reluctance(不愿) to talk about them publicly.” However, Greengross warns of another danger in the use of selfdeprecation. “If you are a lowstatus individual, using selfdeprecating humour can be disastrous to you,” he said. “Think about the secondary?school child whom nobody liked, who made fun of his shortcoming in sports. His kids laughed at him and he was considered more pathetic (悲惨的) than he was previously. This is high- attraction. It is not for everyone.” risk 21.What is Kate Fox? A.A film?maker. B.An official at school. C.A lawyer. D.An expert in studying anthropology. 22.From the passage,we know that Gil Greengross ________. attractive to women all the way, especially to his girlfriend B.believes that he himself is really the author of Watching the English C.thinks that a low?status individual can be disastrous to him/her while using self?deprecation D.loves the secondary?school child whom nobody liked because of his shortcoming in sports 23.The underlined phrase “taking the mickey out of oneself” (in Paragraph 3) may be replayed by ________. A.making someone laugh B.self?deprecation C.obeying the law of gravity D.pomposity and self?importance 24.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.The quickest path to success is to make someone laugh. B.Self?deprecation perhaps lowers its status in the eyes of others. C.The English obey natural laws without obeying the law of gravity. D.Nobody likes making fun of one child's shortcoming in sports. 25.Where does the text probably come from? A.A novel. B.A survey study. C.A pet magazine. D.A travel guide.

课时作业(十八) Ⅰ.不同颜色往往可以代表不同的心情。根据不同颜色的特点以及给人留下的感觉,颜色的选 择在日常生活中往往也起着一定的作用。本文以其中的一些颜色为例作了相关的解释说明,是一篇 知识性很强的文章。 1.B 根据上文的 strong feeling 可知 anger 符合文意。 2.C 下文所列举的例子 STOP signs 和 fire engines 都属于危险信号,故选 danger。 3.B 根据常识,黄色应是秋天树叶的颜色,故应选 leaves。 4.A 下文提到人们把黄色和幸福联系起来,说明黄色是一个充满生机的颜色,故选 lively。 5.C 下文提到黄色是令人愉快的颜色,根据常识太阳光的颜色是黄色,故选 sunlight。 6.B 绿色是春季里草的颜色,故选 spring。 7.C speak 后面往往接某种语言作宾语;say 后面常接说话的内容;tell 的宾语一般是人; talk about sth 意为“谈论某事物”。故 C 项正确。 8.B 根据上文对 yellow 的解释,可知 yellow 也属于 warm color。 9.C 与下文喜欢冷色调的人相对应,再根据上文对各种暖色调的解释可知,active 为正确选 项。 10.A 四个选项中只有 black 可归到冷色调中去。 11.A 前一句讲的是冷色调,故此处选 colors。 12.B go by 意为“走过,流逝”,与下文的 pass 照应。 13.B 根据上文,暖色调的环境下时间似乎过得更慢,说明暖色调是用来装饰起居室和饭馆 的好方法,故选 way。 14.C 由下一句中的 are eating 提示可知选 C。 15.B 与暖色调相对立,冷色调适用于办公室,以使人感觉时间过得比较快。 Ⅱ.A 俗话说得好:“笑一笑,十年少”。本文是一本书的引言,通过比尔· 盖茨和通用汽车公司总 裁的幽默谈话向我们讲述了“笑”的作用:它可以促进我们的身体健康,增强抵御疾病的能力。 16.D 主旨大意题。纵观全文可以看出: 文章通过一个幽默引出了笑的作用: 可以增进我 们的身体健康,增强抵御疾病的能力。 17.B 细节理解题。文章第一段的 If automotive technology had kept pace with computer technology over the past few decades, you would now be driving a V- instead of a V32 8,用的是虚拟语 气。意思是:如果在过去的几十年里汽车的发展要是跟得上电脑技术的话,那么你现在开的就会是 V- 而不是 V32 8。 18.C 细节理解题。由文章倒数第二段的 For us it seems so natural, but the funny thing is that humans are one of the only species that laughs.可知。 19.A 词义猜测题。该词的意思应和此句前面的 Jokes(笑话)以及下文的 comedians 接近,故 选 A。而 tragedies(悲剧),body languages(身势语), fictions(小说)均不在此列。 20.B 推理判断题。由最后一段的后半部分尤其是 In this article, we'll?可以看出,该文是一 篇文章的引言部分,用以吸引读者,介绍文章的内容。 B 21.D 细节理解题。根据 Gil Greengross 和 Kate Fox 的谈话内容,即“爱与笑”是人类社会 永恒的话题。因此,两位专家都是研究人类学的。故选 D 项。 22.C 推理判断题。对于 Gil Greengross 的相关信息表述,只有 C 项符合倒数第二段 Gil Greengross 所说的 If you are a lowstatus individual, using selfdeprecating humour can be disastrous to you 一句的含义。 23.B 词义猜测题。由第四段的解释 It is a risky form of humour?to one's real faults,thereby diminishing the selfdeprecator's status in the eyes of others.说明 taking the mickey out of oneself 就是 “戏弄自己”,也就是“自嘲”(selfdeprecation)。 24.B 推理判断题。A 项错在与第一段最后一句不吻合;B 项正确是因为与第四段中 It is a risky form of humour?diminishing the selfdeprecator's status in the eyes of others.一句吻合;C 项错在 与第五段最后一句 we obey them automatically, rather in the way that we obey the law of gravity. 不吻 合;D 项错在与最后一段第一句不吻合。

25.B 推理判断题。文章讨论的是谦卑、笑声以及自嘲等的运用,说明一种社会问题,极有 可能出自某个调查研究。故不可能是 A 项(小说)、C 项(宠物杂志)、D 项(旅游指南),而应该是 B 项(一份调查研究)。



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