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Word power, M9U4

Religions around the world

印度教(Hinduism),乃印度的婆罗门教。 梵天(Brahma)、毘瑟奴(Vishnu)和湿婆 (Shiva)为印度三大主神,分别代表宇 宙的“创造”、“守护”和“毁灭”。 另一个

可达到梵我合一的途径就是瑜珈 (yoga)的修练。

伊斯兰教( Islam), 其意为“归顺真主”。

该城即伊斯兰的圣地麦加城 . 安拉是唯


犹太教(Judaism)是世界三大一神信仰中 最早而且最古老的宗教, 也是犹太民族 的生活方式及信仰。 多数犹太人的宗 教活动, 主要在家中进行。它包括每天 三次的祈祷,早晨、下午及日落之后。会 众的祷告通常在犹太会堂举行。会堂是 犹太人祷告与学习的地方, 在星期一、 星期四、安息日及节日和至圣日。

景如 点来 灵佛 山掌 大 佛


佛教(Buddhism )创立后,在印度几经
演变。创始人释迦牟尼。 佛教向亚洲

国。 孙悟空的筋斗逃不出如来佛掌 如来


基督教 Christianity


Do you know any religious words that are used in our daily life now? Religions are important in our daily life. Different cultures are closely related to religions. Now we will learn some expressions related to it. Read the article in Part A on page 54, and answer the following questions.

1. What religions are mentioned in this article? Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 2. When did the religions begin? Hinduism began over 4,500 years ago. Buddhism began about 2,500 years ago. Judaism began over 3,000 years ago. Christianity is about 2.000 years old. Islam was started about 1,400 years ago.

安息日 3. Is the Jewish Sabbath on Saturday? Where do Jews worship? Yes. They worship in a synagogue. 4. What religion do Muslims believe in? They believe in Islam. Read the article again and complete the chart.

People B.P54 who believe in it

Who/ What they believe in Several different gods

The religious book they read Vedas

Place they worship in temple

Hindui Hindus sm 印度人 印度教 Buddh Buddhist ism 佛教徒 佛教

Buddhist The teachings scriptures 佛经 of Buddha





Torah synagogue 犹太教会堂 律法 church mosque

Christianity Christian God 基督教 and Bible Jesus Islam Muslim Allah Koran 伊斯兰教 真主 古兰经

Can you tell me words and expressions related to religions? ---priest, bishop, nun, worship, angel, 尼姑 devil or soul. Look at the pictures on page 55 and the sentences below.

Discuss and explain the religious words
in your own language.

Make a comparison between the
religious meanings and the meanings

that are now used in daily English.

In religious books, an angel refers to a messenger and servant of God, usually represented as a person with wings and dressed in white.

While in our daily speaking, it can refer to a person who is very kind or you are very grateful to. When it is used to describe a child, it means the child behaves well.

In the religious term, it means the most

powerful evil spirit.
While in our daily conversation, it

refers to a person who behaves badly.

Soul 灵魂
In the religious term, it means the sprit inside one’s body, or the part of a person that is not the body. The soul is believed not to die even if the body is dead. While in our daily conversation, it refers to a kind of human feeling which helps us recognize, create and enjoy the work of art.

Complete the information using religious words.

The _____ is the spirit inside someone’s body. soul It can suffer if it is in a bad person, but we use it to talk about our mood and feelings in general. The word _____ means a messenger angel or helper from God, but it is also used to describe a sweet or very good person. The _____ is the opposite of goodness and devil represents evil. We can also use the word to describe a naughty child.

1 soul 灵魂

2 angel 天使 3 devil 魔鬼

1. Surf the Internet or refer to some
relevant resources about different religions. 2. Preview Grammar and usage. 3. B1, B2, D1, D2, Workbook



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