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Period 4 Module 1 Basketball Listening Function Everyday English Listening---1. Warming-up ? Answer the questions about basketball. Keys: 1. a 2. a 3. b 4. b Listening---2.While-listening ? Listen to Part 1 and decide which two people are speaking and when. ? Keys: B---Two commentators speaking at the beginning of a game. Listen to Part 2 and check the words you hear. ? Listen to part 2 and get the answers to activity 3 ? Keys to activity 3 amazing disappointed disappointing exciting exhausted ? listen to Part 1 and Part 2 again and check the true statements: ? 1, 2, 5 ? 3, 4, 6 T F Listening---3. Post-listening Keys to activity 4 1. Yao Ming has played extremely well. 2. The Chicago Bulls team used Jordan too much, and when he didn’t play or played badly the whole team wasn’t good. 3. Both teams played very hard for the whole match and they used their playing abilities(passing, shooting, etc) very well. 4. At the start of the last quarter of the match the Rockets were 2 points ahead. 5. It was a very exciting match with both teams playing hard all the time. Listening ---4. Language focus (Part 1) 1. I’m your commentator for tonight’s game. I’m here with Dan Watson, a local journalist who’s been following… 2. I’m really looking forward to it. 3. … are really hot at the moment. 4. …rely too much on … 5. …expect too much from… 6. He’s a terrific player. Listening ---4. Language focus (Part 2) 1. …they had a lot of stamina---they all ran and ran and RAN! 2.

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