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Unit2, Book2

Revision of Unit II,Book II
Ⅰ.重点词汇 1.________ adj.古代的;古老的 3.________ v.志愿;n. 志愿者 5.________ v.容许;承认 7.________ v.主办;做东;招待 n.主人 9.________ v.取代;代替;替换 11.________ v.收费;控诉;n。主管 13.________v。罚款 15.________ v.做广告;登广告 17.________ v. 讲价;讲条件;n. 便宜货 19.________ n. 疼痛;痛苦 II.重点短语 1.________________参加 3.________________也;又;还 5.________________ 主管;看管 7._________________改变主意 9.________________ 和某人达成协议 III.重点语句 2.________________ 代表;象征 4.________________ 事实上 6.________________陆续地;一个接一个 8._________________定期地 2.________ vi.比赛;竞争 4.________ adj.规则的;定期的 6.________ adv。如今;现在 8.________ n. 职责;责任 10.________n. 座右铭;格言 12.________ adj.物理的;身体的 14.________n. 海报;招贴 16.________ n. 光荣;荣誉 18.________ adj.没有希望的 20.________ n.应受到;应得到;值得

1. I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago. 2. There are two main sets of games…and both are held every four years on a regular basis. 3. Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors. 4. It’s in the Summer Olympics that you have the running races, together with swimming, sailing and all the team sports. 5. No other countries could join in, nor could slaves or women! 6. It’s a great responsibility but also a great honor to be chosen. 7. There is as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals.

8. She was so angry that she said to her father that she would not marry anyone who could not run faster than her.

I. 单词拼写 1.In my hometown those ________? (志愿者)? go to help the old and disabled regularly. 2.Nowadays many young people are lacking in ________? (责任心)? in their work. 3.The patient is not hopeless;he just needs more ________? (身体的)? exercise. 4.This kind of product should be advertised,but such an ________? (广告)? costs a lot. 5.The woman teacher deserved to get the ________ (奖章)? for her outstanding teaching. 6.These out-of-date mottoes must be r________ with new ones,in my opinion. 7.In a________ times,only men athletes could take part in the games. 8.Over 200 graduates will c__________ for the position this time. 9.You've been working all morning---you d__________ a rest. 10.These toys are a real b__________ at such low prices. II. 单项选择 1.After bargaining for the painting,the foreign dealer made a ________ with the Chinese seller. A.bargain C.peace 2. The new secretary has been doing well in her work,and she ________ to be promoted. A.worth B.worthy C.deserves D.decided 3.The patient is supposed to go to the hospital for ________ checks. A.common B.normal C.regular D.usual 4.It's reported his sister will compete ________ many foreign athletes ________ the first place.;in B.for;for C.against;in D.with;for 5.As modern equipment is being used widely,the factory ________ some of its workers with robots. A.represents B.replaces C.exchanges D.reduces 6.The girls ________ into the company recently have to receive strict training before they start to work. A.accepted B.accepting C.admitted D.admitting 7.I can't stand ________ with Jane in the same office. She just refuses ________ talking while she works. A.working;stopping work;stopping C.working;to stop work;to stop 8.________ the danger from the enemy action,people had to deal with the lack of food,clothing,fuel, and almost everything. A.As far as B.As long as C.As well as D.As soon as 9.It looks as if they are going to ________ us 3,000 dollars for the simple lunch. A.want B.cost C.demand D.charge 10.The whole city was in high spirits because pieces of exciting news came ________. A.step by step B.little by little C.side by side after another



book2 unit2知识点总结

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unit2 book2

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Unit2, Book2

Revision of Unit II,Book II Ⅰ.重点词汇 1.___ adj.古代的;古老的 3._...重点语句 2.___ 代表;象征 4.___ 事实上 6.___陆续地;一个接一个 8....

Book2 unit2

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