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Ⅰ.短语填空 rather than; settle down; have a gift for; go through; in the distance;as far as; catch sight of; mix up; leave for; look over 1 . The two Frenchmen ________ strange adventures in the African forests. 2.It is obvious that the little girl ________ learning languages. 3.You'll be accompanied ________ the border; then you must find your own way. 4.I could see the faint gleam of light ________. 5.Wait until the children ________ before you start the lesson. 6 . ________ risk breaking up his marriage he told his wife everything. 7.Glancing round, he ________ a dark figure in the shadows. 8.The visitors will ________ Paris in the morning in the next plane. 9.Don't ________ those papers,or we'll never find the ones we need. 10.We must ________ the house before we decide to rent it. 答案 1.went through 2.has a gift for far as the distance 5.settle down 6.Rather than 7.caught sight of 8.leave for 9.mix up 10.look over Ⅱ.完成句子 1 . ______________________( 温哥华以北的海岸 ) has some of the oldest and most beautiful forests in the world. (coast) 答案 The coast north of Vancouver 2 . ______________________( 经 过 两 天 的 旅 行 后 ), the girls began to realize that Canada is quite empty. (travel) 答案 After two days' travel 3.It's approximately 400 kilometres northeast of Toronto, so ______________________(这要花太多的时间). (take) 答案 it would take too long Ⅲ.模仿造句 1.Rather_than_take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver. [翻译]他不愿惹麻烦,匆忙离开了。 答案 Rather than cause trouble,he left in a hurry.

2 . Going_eastward,_you'll pass mountains and thousands of lakes and forests,as well as wide rivers and large cities. [翻译]声音通过液体或固体时,会变成热量。 答案 Passing through a liquid or solid,sound is changed into heat. 3.People say it is Canada's most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. [翻译]他住在一所大房子里,四周树木环绕。 答案 He lives in a big house,surrounded by trees. 4 . It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some_measuring over 90 metres. [翻译]这座庙宇用石头建成,有些石头重达 5 吨之多。 答案 The temple was made of stones,some weighing over 5 tons. 5.The girls were surprised at the_fact_that ocean ships can sail up the Great Lakes. [翻译]我们必须承认,生活的质量和生命本身一样重要。 答案 We have to admit the fact that the quality of life is as important as life itself. 二、阅读理解 (2015· 陕西卷) When the dog named Judy spotted the first sheep in her life, she did what comes naturally. The fouryearold dog set off racing after the sheep across several fields and, being a city animal, lost both her sheep and her sense of direction. Then she ran along the edge of a cliff (悬崖) and fell 100 feet, bouncing off a rock into the sea. Her owner Mike Holden panicked and called the coastguard of Cornwall, who turned up in seconds. Six volunteers slid down the cliff with the help of a rope but gave up all hope of finding her alive after a 90minute search. Three days later, a hurricane hit the coast near Cornwall. Mr. Holden returned home from his holiday upset and convinced his pet was dead. He comforted himself with the thought she had died in the most beautiful part of the country. For the next two weeks, the Holdens were heartbroken. Then, one day, the phone rang and Steve Tregear, the coastguard of Cornwall, asked Holden if he would like his dog back. A birdwatcher, armed with a telescope, found the pet sitting

desperately on a rock. While he sounded the alarm, a student from Leeds climbed down the cliff to collect Judy. The dog had initially been knocked unconscious (失去知觉的) but had survived by drinking water from a fresh stream at the base of the cliff. She may have fed on the body of a sheep which had also fallen over the edge. “The dog was very thin and hungry, ” Steve Tregear said. “It was a very lucky dog. She survived because of a plentiful supply of fresh water, ” he added. It was, as Mr. Holden admitted, “a minor miracle (奇迹)” . 语篇解读 这是一篇记叙文。文章叙述了一只名叫 Judy 的狗, 在追赶绵羊时掉落悬崖,掉进大海并遭遇飓风,但是它在恶劣的环 境下顽强地生存下来的故事。 1.The dog Judy fell down the cliff when she was ________. A. rescuing her owner B. caught in a hurricane C. blocked by a rock D. running after a sheep 答案与解析 D 考查细节理解。根据文章中的“The fouryearold dog set off racing after the sheep across several fields...”可知答案为 D。 2.Who spotted Judy after the accident? A. A birdwatcher. B. A student from Leeds. C. Six volunteers. D. The coastguard of Cornwall. 答案与解析 A 考查细节理解。根据文章中的 “A birdwatcher, armed with a telescope, found the pet sitting desperately on a rock” 可知,一位观鸟者用他的望远镜发现了绝望地蹲在岩石上的 Judy。 故答案为 A。 3.What can we infer from the text? A. People like to travel with their pets. B. Judy was taken to the fields for hunting. C. Luck plays a vital role in Judy's survival. D. Holden cared little where Judy was buried. 答案与解析 C 考查推理判断。 根据文章中的“...had survived by drinking water from a fresh stream”以及“It was a very lucky dog” 可知答案为 C。

4.Which of the following can be the best title for the text? A. Miracle of the Coastguard. B. Surviving a Hurricane. C. Dangers in the Wild. D. Coming Back from the Dead. 答案与解析 D 考查主旨大意。文章主要叙述了一只幸运的狗 Judy 在恶劣的环境下顽强生存下来的故事,所以选项 D“起死回生” 是文章的最佳标题。 三、完形填空 (2016· 江西九江统考) Once upon a time there was a thief in the Ruby (红宝石) Palace. No one knew who he was. People only knew that he __1__ in the palace, and that they should always __2__ their jewels in the palace. The King decided to __3__ who he was,and he asked for help from a dwarf (小矮人) who was famous for his __4__. The dwarf spent some days there, watching and listening, __5__ there was another stealing. The following morning the dwarf made all the palace people gather together in the same __6__. After inspecting them for the whole morning, without __7__ a word, during lunch, the dwarf started asking them what they knew about the __8__ jewels one by one. Once again,it seemed that no one had been the thief. But then, suddenly one of the __9__ began coughing, rolling with pain,and finally he __10__ the floor. The dwarf, with a smile, explained that the food they had just eaten was __11__, and the only antidote (解 毒药) for this poison was hidden inside the ruby that had been stolen the previous __12__ before yesterday. And he explained that he himself had exchanged some __13__ rubies for the genuine ones. He expected that only the thief would be able to __14__ his life since the poison was particularly quickworking. The coughs and groans (呻吟声) spread around the room, and terror took hold of all people __15__ except one servant. He quickly ran to the place where he had hidden the __16__ and from where he took the ruby. __17__, he was able to open it and drink the strange liquid inside to save his life. In fact, the gardener was one of the dwarf's assistants, and the poison could do __18__cause a few strong pains for a short while.

And the servant then was found out and __19__ by the guards and taken immediately to __20__. He was soon given a heavy punishment there. 1.A. lived B. studied C. travelled D. played 2.A. make B. dig C. hide D. sell 3.A. find out B. pick out C. work out D. take out 4.A. patience B. difference C. confidence D. intelligence 5.A. since B. while C. after D. until 6.A. palace B. woods C. room D. street 7.A. telling B. saying C. writing D. reading 8.A. forgotten B. valued C. stolen D. left 9.A. gardeners B. drivers C. guards D. secretaries 10.A. fell to B. sat on C. stood on D. jumped onto 11.A. prepared B. endangered C. cooked D. poisoned 12.A. day B. week C. month D. year 13.A. true B. false C. valuable D. expensive 14.A. protect B. survive C. save D. keep 15.A. nearby B. present C. dangerous D. faraway 16.A. food B. jewels C. properties D. belongings 17.A. Especially B. Particularly C. Deliberately D. Fortunately

18.A. anything but B. nothing but C. everything but D. all but 19.A. blamed B. watched C. beaten D. arrested 20.A. temple B. market C. court D. hospital 答案与解析 语篇解读 本文是一则故事,主要讲述的是一个小矮人智破珠宝 失窃案。 1. A 人们不知道他是谁,只知道他住在宫中。根据语境可知, 此处选 A 项。 2. C 根据语境可知,宫中有贼,人们就要把珠宝藏好,故选 C 项,hide“隐藏” 。 3. A 国王决定弄清楚这个贼是谁。 find out“查明,弄清 ” , 符 合 语 境 。 pick out “ 挑 选 ” ; work out “ 制 订 出 ” ; take out “带??出去” 。第 19 空所在句中的“was found out”也是提示。 4. D 根据语境可知,此处表示国王向一个以才智著称的小矮 人求助。 patience “ 耐心 ” ; difference “ 差异 ” ; confidence “ 信心 ” ; intelligence“智慧;才智” 。 5. D 小矮人在宫中花了几天时间观察和倾听直到又有一起失 窃案。故选 D 项,until“直到??为止” 。 6. C 第二天早上小矮人把宫中所有的人召集到一间屋子里。 下文第 15 空所在句中的“around the room”是提示。 7.B 审视了人们一上午,小矮人一句话也没说。故选 B 项。 8. C 午饭时小矮人开始逐个问他们对失窃的 (stolen)珠宝都知 道什么。 9. A 突然其中的一个园丁开始咳嗽,痛苦地打滚,最后躺在 了地板上。最后一段第一句中的“the gardener”是提示。 10.A 参见上题解析。 11 . D 小矮人微笑着解释说,他们刚刚吃的食物被下毒了。 prepare “ 使 ?? 做好准备 ” ; endanger “ 危及 ” ; cook “ 烹饪 ” ; poison“下毒” 。本句后面的“for this poison”是提示。 12.A 这种毒药唯一的解药就藏在前天被偷走的红宝石中。 13.B 小矮人解释说他已经用一些假的红宝石把真正的红宝石 换下来了。此题解题的关键是理解句中的 genuine“真正的 ”的含

义,不然就会误选 A 项。短语 exchange...for...“把??换成??” 。 14. C 毒药很快就要起作用了,只有那个贼能够救 (save)他自 己的命。 15.B 咳嗽声和呻吟声在屋子里传播开来,恐惧抓住了在场所 有的人,除了一个仆人。present“在场的” ,符合语境。 16.B 这位仆人立即跑到他藏珠宝(jewels)的地方,拿出那颗红 宝石。 17.D 对于这个贼来说,他能打开红宝石并喝里面奇怪的液体 救 他 自 己 的 命 是 幸 运 的 , 故 选 D 项 。 fortunately “ 幸 运 地 ” ; especially“尤其” ;particularly“特别” ;deliberately“故意地” 。 18.B 实际上那位咳嗽的园丁是小矮人的一个助手,毒药只是 能引起短时间的剧痛。nothing but“只是” 。 19 . D 那个仆人被查出来后被卫兵逮捕了,并迅速送往法庭 (court),在那儿他将得到严惩。根据语境可知选 D 项。arrest“逮 捕” ;blame“责怪” ;watch“注视” ;beat“打败” 。 20.C 参见上题解析。



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