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英语学习: English learning 1. What problems did you have in learning English ? 2. How did you solve the problems ? 3. What do you think about learning English ? 范文 1 Hi , I am Judy .As

for me . it is not easy to learn English in the beginning .I came across so many problems that every class was like a bad dream . First of all , my English teacher spoke so fast that I couldn’t understand what she said. Besides , I was afraid of asking questions because of my pronunciation .What’s more ,my grammar was also a big headache .Later I tried to see films and listened to English programs to improve my listening ability .Apart from it , I read aloud and spent my spare time talking with the native speakers .In the end , I made great progress in my

pronunciation .What is more, in order to overcome problems of grammar ,I took notes and worked on lots of exercises .Now I fell in love with English and do well in it . As far as I am concerned , Everyone is born with the ability to learn including learning English which is a lifelong journey ,so don’t be afraid of learning English .We can master English perfectly as long as we make efforts to learn it.

我最喜欢的校园地方 As we all know ,school is an unforgettable place to us which leaves a deep impression on every student .To my mind , my classroom is my favourite place which has an attractive appearance. Meanwhile ,it is bright and full of warmth.

In my classroom ,I learn all kind of subjects from which I gain a lot of knowledge .As we all know, knowledge is power and only by acquiring knowledge can we have the chance to be a successful person . What is more, I make a number of faithful friends who accompany me all the time .We share happiness and sorrows together and they encourage me to challenge difficulties .In a word ,they are the most important part in my school life . All in all,my classroom is the most special place deep in my heart. It not only provides me with knowledge but also brings me so many soft and sweet memories .I am grateful to my classroom.

越来越多的孩子都热衷于上网了, 但是上网对于孩子而言有利有 弊。请你描述上网的优缺点, 优点 1.快速获得大量的信息。 缺点 1.经常玩游戏、聊天浪费时间

2.正确运用网络有助于学习。 和金钱并且不利于学习。 3.广交朋友。 你的看法和做法
As we all know, internet plays an important role in our daily life .It is a trend for the teenagers to surf on the net nowadays .However , every coins has two sides . On the one hand , going online has a number of advantages .By surfing online it is easy and quick for us to collect a great amount of information we need .What is more ,if we make use of the internet in a right way ,it is also a fantastic tool for learning .In addition ,it is a platform to make friends who have something in common .On the other hand, it also has disadvantages .Teenagers are likely to play games .As a result, money and time will be wasted .What’s worse ,they will not put their heart into studies .Of course, being cheated is also common when chatting online. As far as I am concerned , going online is good for me . I am determined to surf on the net for an hour every day .If we make a plan ahead, it will serve us to a great extent .We use it to expand our vision and increase our knowledge .Above all, we must grasp the discretion .


2012 年上海: Suppose you are Joe. Your friend Betty is upset about a coming exam for she cares too much about the result. What do you think? Try to offer her some advice. 范文 1 I am sorry to hear that you are going through the tough situation .As a matter of fact ,it is common to be upset about the exam result as a student including me. However, too much stress will have a negative effect on us especially on our health which is the greatest wealth .What is more, worry about the result can not change the situation at all .I would like to share my thought with you that maybe help you to some extent . As we all know ,practice makes perfect. If we can give full attention to the knowledge and keep practicing ,we will be confident and it is a piece of cake for us when we take the exam. In addition , one time fail of the exam can not represent your ability .So don't care about your result a lot .Try to talk to yourself " Calm down and try my best ."Don't expect the worst and hope for the best all the time .What is more ,it is of great help to relax if we can spare time for recreational activities such as doing some sports or watching movies .Last but not the least ,friends or family members are comforters when we are upset .Turn to them for help and they will inspire you to overcome the stress . In a word, keep a sound mind and go out of your way to fight for your exam. I am sure that you will be satisfied with the text result and you will rebuild your confidence .I am looking forward to your good news .



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