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2013-2014 火箭班高考英语短文改错分类训练—名词 一、考点规律分析 短文改错的名词考点主要涉及名词的单复数问题,即在该用复数的地方误用其单数,或在该用单数的 地方误用其复数。 二、真题单句归纳 (1) We stopped to rest for a while and to drink some waters from a stream. (2) We climb ev

erywhere, not only in America. We have been to Europe many time. (3) There are branch library in many villages. (4) I hope that you two could come and visit us some times soon. (5) Today I visited the Smiths — my first time visit to an American family. (6) They were eager to know everything about China and asked me lots of question. (7) We study quite a few subject, such as maths, Chinese, English and physics. (8) …and often watch football match on TV together. (9) Happy birthday, Peter, and many happy return of the day! (10) She said that she and my schoolmate all wished me success. (11) I used to love science class — all of them— biology, chemistry, geography, physics. (12) They did not want me to do any work at family. (13) …so that I’ll get good marks in all my subject. (14) On the way up I was busy taking picture since the scenery was so beautiful. (15) No one worries much about the radio program young people listen to. (16) Their word were a great encouragement to me. (17) You know, that was a dinner we had waited for several month.” (18) …but after class we become stranger at once. (19) You can find all kinds of information in just a few minute on the Internet. (20) Nowadays millions of people of all age take pleasure in a hobby… (21) She was doing her homeworks one Sunday morning when… (22) Without enough knowledges, you can never teach well. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Women live longer than men in most country. (2) The film is very interesting. I have seen it many time. (3) It’s said that all the ticket have been sold out. (4) The children spend a lot of times watching TV. (5) I met a lot of interesting peoples on holiday. (6) The flower in the park were all pleasing. (7) As the day went by, she became less anxious. (8) Computer are becoming more and more popular in the country. (9) It’s one of the most interesting book that I’ve ever read. (10) He made his first time visit to China when he was 18. (11) Hearing the news, the woman burst into tear. (12) He hasn’t lived here long, but he has a great many friend here. (13) I was afraid she would have left for family when I got there. (14) He’s getting married next month and decides to buy some furnitures. (15) There’s a paper’s factory near our school.


2013-2014 火箭班高考英语短文改错分类训练----代词 一、考点规律分析 短文改错对代词的考查主要涉及人称代词的前后一致性(包括指代的一致性和单复数的一致性)、人称 代词的主格与宾语变化、各类代词的误加与漏用(尤其是一些易受汉语影响的结构)、某些不定代词的用法 (尤其是在意思上用错)、代词在某些习语中的用法等。 二、真题单句归纳 (1) David pointed to a path which it he thought would probably lead to a village. (2) When we walked to the car, Bill smiled and shook head. (3) We climb everywhere, not only in America. They have been to Europe many times. (4) And I can’t forget the good food you cooked for I. (5) I hope that both you two could come and visit us some time soon. (6) The Smiths did his best to make me feel at home. (7) And they must not break the rules too often if we want to win the game. (8) Now I can’t watch much television, but a few years ago… (9) Now someone at home reads instead. (10) I’m spend all the whole weekend reading and preparing for it. (11) The day before the speech contest(比赛) English teacher talked to me. (12) I think I liked those classes because I felt that it helped me understand what the world works. (13) …in any other words, I am an only child. (14) For example, when he bought a chocolate cake, he put them in a secret place (15) Then he ate it all, by himself. He never helped other. (16) The three of them were very excited. (17) But his parents think going to college is more important than playing sports and college is the only place for a smart boy like his son. (18) According to studies, any children spend more time watching television than they spend in school. (19) …and tried to translate anything into English. (20) …as I was learning to express me in simple English. (21) One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher. (21) At once I apologize and controlled me at my best till the dinner started. (22) And every year more and more people start a stamp collection of your own (23) If any one of us had any difficulty in our life or study, the other would help him out. (24) What’s more, you have to be friendly with your pupils and take good care of him. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Here are some letters for you and he. (2) She loves swimming. It keeps she fit. (3) Here are the cats Auntie brought us. Take good care of it. (4) Everyone here gets up earlier than her does. (5) Here is my dog. It’s name is Petty. (6) He opened mouth as if to say something. (7) Don’t lose your heart. Try again. (8) The Smiths have been married, but have no children of his own. (9) I tell him everything, for he is a good friend of me. (10) He smiled at her and laid her hand on hers. (11) When you are away from home, you should look after you. (12) If you have any question, put up hand. (13) It’s a very important thing. You must think over carefully. (14) I don’t like these; please show me some other. (15) In order to catch the thief, the police did his best. (16) This is the book which you bought it for me ten years ago. (17) I’m very sorry about all the whole thing. (18) When I got up, I found parents were preparing breakfast for me. (19) Yes, money is very important, but it is not anything. (20) At the airport, all his baggage was stolen, but soon he got them back.

2013-2014 火箭班高考英语短文改错分类训练-冠词 一、考点规律分析 短文改错对冠词的考查主要涉及冠词的误加和漏用,有时也考查不定冠词与定冠 词以及零冠词的用法区别(包括 a 与 an 的区别)。 其中, 涉及最多的是, 当一个单数可数名词表示泛指时, 其前漏用不定冠词;另外,冠词在一些习语中的用法也是一个重要考点。 二、真题单句归纳 (1) After a hour or so we began to feel very frightened. (2) I decided to climb the tree to see where we were. (2) Some people read the books or watch television while others have sports. (3) Good health is person’s most valuable possession. (4) Modern people know more about the health, have better food, and live in clearer surroundings. (5) There is public library in every town in Britain. (6) Maybe you could come during a winter holidays. (7) Today I visited the Smiths — my first visit to a American family. (8) Each player must obey captain, who is the leader of the team. (9) Some wanted to see the programme while others preferred another. (10) I’ll take this chance to wish you wonderful time on your birthday. (11) Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd. (12) For example, when I was a child, the rain was a mystery(奥秘). (13) We may be one family and live under a same roof. (14) As everyone knows, it’s famous mountain with all kinds of plants and animals. (15) My teacher advised me to keep my diary. (16) When I was boy, the most exciting thing was to celebrate the Spring Festival. (16) On Thursday I will have to decide what I want to do over a weekend. (17) And every year more and more people start a stamp collection of their own and discover an interest which can even last lifetime. (18) Ten minutes later, the firemen came and put out fire. (19) As we all left home at early age,… (20) My grandma was the best cooker in the world but could make the most delicious dishes. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Her sister, who is nurse, will marry one of the doctors in the hospital. (2) It was such wonderful dinner that we enjoyed it very much. (3) It was raining hard, so I had to borrow a umbrella. (4) My friend Mary comes from an European country. (5) Mr Smith used to be physics teacher till he turned writer. (6) In small village like this, everybody knows everybody else. (7) Only few of the children can read such books. (8) For long time neither of us spoke to each other. (9) Look, a girl in blue is my cousin. (10) Look! A car has stopped there. A car is beautiful. (11) She asked whether we came from a same city. (12) The mountain was covered with the snow all the year round. (13) You don’t know what wonderful time we’ve had. (14) People made the fun of her because she wore such strange clothes. (15) Soon the plane was out of the sight. (16) Great changes have taken the place in my hometown since 1978. (17) In the word, he is a good student and all of us like him. (18) You say you took the book without his permission. In the other words, you stole it.

2013-2014 火箭班高考英语短文改错分类训练-形容词与副词
一、考点规律分析 短文改错对形容词与副词的考查主要涉及形容词和副词比较等级的误用(尤其是在本身已是比较级的词前误加 more)、形容词与副词的混用(如修饰动词时误用形容词或修饰名词时误用副词)等,另外,用作表语时该用形容词的却误用 了名词、 简短副词(如 in, down 等)的误加与漏用、 涉及形容词搭配的 as…as 结构、 how 与 what 的混用等也是常考的考点。 二、真题单句归纳 (1) After an hour or so we began to feel very frightening. (2) Charles said, “As soon as I see a realy tall building, I want to climb it. (3) Last Sunday, police cars hurry to the taller building in New York. (4) As a result, people in the modern world generally live much more longer than people in the past. (5) Therefore, there are still some countries where people have shorter lives. (6) People in industrial countries can expect to live for twice so long as people who lived a few hundred years ago. (7) In some places you may borrow many books as you want. (8) I told Mother, Father, Sister and all my friends here that a great time I had. (9) I never knew a ride down a river could be so much exciting. (10) I’m sure we’ll have a wonderfully time together. (13) Also, the sport teaches us the important of obedience. (14) Unfortunate, there are too many people in my family. (15) I think I liked those classes because I felt that they helped me understand what the world works. (16) After learning the basics of the subject, nothing else seemed very practically to me. (17) Whenever I see them I will often think of my English teacher. (18) What things are in other homes, I wonder. (19) For instance, one night he played strong and loudly music till four o’clock in the morning. (20) But he is difference now. (22) …although radios can be very noise. (23) …all planned and written by grown-ups to make children want things that they don’t real need. (24) But one of the best players in our team told me just then that he wouldn’t play basketball any more. (25) But one of the best players in our team told me just now that he wouldn’t play basketball once more. (26) I would describe myself as shy and quietly. (28) Yes, a concert can be very excited. (30) Nowadays millions of people of all age take pleasure in a hobby which is both interested and fun. (31) She called 119 immediate. (32) However, we seldom felt lonely or helplessly. (27) Finding information on the Net is easily. (21) The time passes quickly. Evening came down. (11) First, let me tell you something more about myself. (12) I used to play ping-pong a lot in my spare time, but now I am interesting in football.

(1) I’ll try to be more carefully next time. (3) There are few boys than girls in our class. (5) The more money you make, the most you spend. (9) Look at the asleep boy. How lovely! (13) I promise to return back before 10. (14) The book contains much use information. It’s well worth reading. (15) This is quite far the mostly expensive bicycle in the shop. (16) The workers warm welcomed us at their offices. (17) Oh, it’s simply wonderfully to see you here! (18) She is in more health now than she was last year. 4 (2) China is much more bigger than the United States. (4) He says that skiing is much exciting than skating. (6) He found someone was following her, so she felt frightening. (8) In fact, we finished the work without any difficult. (12) The sun rises in the east and sets down in the west.

(7) It was real very dangerous. You might have injured yourself. (11) Last week was very rain. I didn’t go out the whole week.

(10) The fish tastes well; why not have a try?

2013-2014 火箭班高考英语短文改错分类训练-介词 一、考点规律分析 短文改错对介词的考查主要涉及在及物动词后接宾语时误加介词和在不及物动词后接宾语时漏加介 词、可直接用作状语的副词短语前误加介词、介词与其他词的常用搭配、常用介词的基本用法、习语中的 介词用法等。 二、真题单句归纳 (1) Bill insisted in staying near the car. (2) Suddenly we caught sight at a car and some men. (3) When I have free time I go a long walk. (4) When they came down the police were angry to them. (5) Most people can quickly get for help from a doctor or go to a hospital since they are ill. (6) …and some books, for example, books for history, science, cooking and gardening are also popular. (7) I never knew about a ride down a river could be so exciting. (8) It was very kind for them to meet me at the railway station. (9) In fact, they are planning to visit China in next year. (10) We practise for three times every week. (11) We must keep in mind that we play for the team instead ourselves. (12) Unfortunately, there are too many people among my family. (13) I was happy with any programme but the others spent a lot time arguing… (14) Thanks very much on inviting me to your birthday party on Sunday. (15) So I’m really sorry that I won’t be able to come in this time. (16) …but we do not seem to get much time to talk about together. (17) For instance, on one night he played strong and loud music till four o’clock in the morning. (18) I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow. (19) His parents asked him to spend in more time preparing for the college entrance examination. (20) I feel sorry to him. (21) Because so much viewing, children may not develop the habit of reading and the ability to enjoy themselves. (22) On one year the average child will see 25,000 television commercials… (23) The main problem was in that I always thought in Chinese… (24) I’m sure they will laugh to me and see me as a fool. So I feel unhappy every day. (25) You can find all kinds information in just a few minutes on the Internet. (26) But I have spent lots my money, … (27) …you will probably want to join in the Stamp Collectors’ Club… (28) We have a lot on common and have a lot to talk about.
三、模拟单句演练 (1) We must serve for the people heart and soul (3) Soon the nurse married with my friend Jim .(2) I followed the man for a while, and saw him enter into the bank. .( 4) I took a great many of photographs in the mountains. .(6) Don’t talk. What the man says is well worth listening. (8) She was very kind and insisted lending her car to us. (10) Are you glad to be going to back to school? (12) Please close the door at next time you come in. (14) We can finish the work either this week or in next week. (18) I’ve read a lot books about animals.

(5) In English class, we often talk each other in English (7) The chair looks hard, but it is comfortable to sit. (9) I asked to her what she would be doing on Saturday.

(11) On his way to home, he met one of his old friends Jack. (13) Thousands of people go to the seaside in every year.

(15) We walked down the stairs instead taking the elevator. (16) We could not have heard them because the noise from the river. (17) Don’t be angry to me for not having written—I was really too busy. (19) He invited us to dinner, which was very kind for him. (23) On my way back, I called at Mr Smith at his office. 5 (20) I knew that there was no hope on the moment I saw him.

(21) Don’t go by plane. It’s a lot of more expensive.(22) Except milk and cheese, we all need vegetables.

2013-2014 火箭班高考英语短文改错分类训练-非谓语动词
一、考点规律分析 短文改错对非谓语动词的考查主要涉及不定式符号 to 的有无, 介词后该使用动词的什么形式(用动 名词),并列结构中几个非谓语动词是否一致,动词用作主语时用何种形式(可用动名词或不定式,但不能用动词原形)等。 二、真题单句归纳 (1) David and I wanted go off to find help but Bill insisted on staying near the car. (2) …rather than go into the forest and getting lost. (3) David pointed to a path which he thought would probably leading to a village. (4) I went back to get David and helped him to stood up. (5) Charles and Linda Mason do all of these things as well as climbed building. (6) Modern people know more about health, have better food, and to live in clearer surroundings. (7) The World Health Organization and other organizations are working improve health all over the world. (8) …you pay the cost of send a postcard, the librarian will write to you. (9) …and let you to know when the book you want has returned (10) I want to thank you again for have me in your home for the summer holidays. (11) I had always wanted return to the village after moving away. (12) It was very kind of them to meet me at the railway station and drove me to their home. (13) I look forward to hear from you soon. (14) Play football not only makes us grow up tall and strong but also gives us a sense of fair play and team spirit. (15) I was often a little tired after a day’s work and watch TV demands very little effort. (16) I’d like very much come but I have an examination on Monday morning. (17) I’ll spend the whole weekend reading and prepare for it. (18) But then there is always more mysteries look into. (19) After learn the basics of the subject, nothing else seemed very practical to me. (20) My parents love me dearly of course and will do all they can make sure that I get a good education. (21) He did not want share things with other people. (22) That is, a game of tennis making him very busy. (23) As we climbed the mountain, we fed monkeys, visiting temples and told stories. (24) But his parents think go to college is more important than playing sports. (25) …children may not develop the habit of read and the ability to enjoy themselves. (26) …to make children to want things that they don’t really need. (27) Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper as I was learning to express myself in simple English. (28) Shake her head, she said, “It isn’t a good time to do that, dear.” (29) It’s like going to a huge library without have to walk around to find your books. (30) I am thinking of making a trip to London, and visit the British Museum and some parks. (31) I have some records giving to me as birthday gifts. (32) I dream of standing on the platform in the classroom and give lessons to lovely boys and girls. 三、模拟单句演练(1) In those days we were forced work twelve hours a day. (2) It’s very difficult for a foreigner learn Chinese. (3) It was silly of you believe what he said. (4) He was made wash the boss’s car once a day. (6) I waved to her but failed attract her attention. (5) I’ll let you to know as soon as I hear from her. (9) It was clear that he wanted be alone.

(7) I have already seen the film twice. I don’t want see it any more.(8) What I want know is when all this happened. (10) Most children are interested in listen to stories. (13) Be careful in cross the street. (15) Find work is very difficult these days. (17) Look, some of my classmates are practising speak English over there. (11) Walk quickly is difficult for an old man.

(14) The film is very interesting. It is worth see twice. (16) Most of us students enjoy ask questions in English.

(18) Teach a child to sing and dance is very interesting. (19) Learn to speak English is more difficult than to write it. (20) My friend Jim is very good at making things and repair things.(21) He decided to go to the south, find a good job and living there. (22) It was very kind of you to buy us some much fruit and seeing us at the station. (23) Excuse me, would you to tell me the way to the zoo? 6

2013-2014 火箭班高考英语短文改错分类训练-动词 高考英语短文改错考点类析· 动词用法 一、考点规律分析 此考点归纳的是除动词时态与非谓语动词之外的动词考点,它包括被动语态、情态动词、动词形式的 变化、动词用法辨析、动词 be 的误加与漏用等。 二、真题单句归纳 (1) He lied down by the side of the path to rest. (2) Charles and Linda were seeing near the top of the building.、 (3) Books may be keep for four weeks. (4) …and let you know when the book you want has returned. (5) Uncle Ben will also go back for Christmas. (6) They eager to know everything about China and asked me lots of questions. (7) I’d like to your pen-friend, and get to know more about your country. (8) What your favourite sport? (9) I use to play ping-pong a lot in my spare time, but now I am interested in football. (10) I was used to watch it every night. (11) There will an important game next month. (12) Because of so much viewing, children may not be develop the habit of reading and the ability to enjoy themselves. (13) I followed her advice and should put down 100 words or so each day. (14) As we were all left homeat an early age. (15) I often dream of a teacher. (16) Without enough knowledges, you can never learn well. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) I want to know how long the book can be keep. (2) Don’t worry. Your child is well looking after here. (3) All the invitations must sent out today. (4) You are an expert on this. You might invited to speak at the meeting. (5) The public have a right to know what in the report. (6) What the English for this? Can anyone tell me? (7) He says that he likes singing and that he wants to a singer. (8) He is a nice girl. You’re certain to happy with her. (9) I use to play tennis a lot but I don’t play very often now. (10) He has changed a lot. He is not what he was used to be. (11) It was very cold. The snow lied thick on the ground. (12) There will have an English film in the school hall tonight. (13) After that, the boy d