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外研版 高中英语 B5M2 language points

1 横岗高级中学 2015-2016 学年度第一学期高二英语学案

Book5 Module 2
I. 重点单词

A Job Worth Doing

Language points

1. This person has offered to do a job--- and may not be paid for doing it. 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ offer 词性为______________,意为________________________ 拓展:offer sth to sb= offer sb sth 意为_____________________ offer sb money for sth 意为_____________________ offer sb sth for money 意为_____________________ 翻译: 这个公司为他提供了一份很好的工作,但是他拒绝了。 _______________________________________________________________

2. But in practice, few drivers respect the rules. 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ respect 词性为______________,意为__________________________ 拓展:respect 还可作______,意为__________________ show respect for sb 意为___________________ win/gain the respect of 意为___________________ 翻译:如果你不尊重自己,怎么能指望别人尊重你。 _______________________________________________________________ 3. Timoteo stands on the bend and directs the traffic. 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ direct 词性为________,意为______________; 其副词形式为______________,意为______________ 拓展:direction 意为_______________________ 翻译:你能告诉我火车站怎么走吗? _______________________________________________________________ II. 重点短语

1. Many roads are in bad condition and accidents are frequent.

2 横岗高级中学 2015-2016 学年度第一学期高二英语学案

翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ in… condition 意为________________ 拓展:on condition that 意为_______________________ 翻译:这辆汽车情况良好。 _______________________________________________________________ 翻译:只有在他考试满分的情况下,他才能拿回手机。 ________________________________________________________________

2. One road in particular, which goes north from La Paz, is considered the most dangerous road in the world. in particular 意为________________ 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 拓展:be particular about sth 意为_______________________ 翻译:整顿饭都很好,特别是葡萄酒是最好的。 _______________________________________________________________ 翻译:他对衣服很讲究。 _________________________________________________________________ 3. Although there is not a lot of traffic, on average one vehicle comes off the road every two weeks. 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ on average 意为__________________________ 翻译:这里平均一天有一千个游客。 _______________________________________________________________

4. In theory, the road can only be used by…. But in practice, few drivers respect the rules. 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ in theory 意为__________________________

3 横岗高级中学 2015-2016 学年度第一学期高二英语学案

in practice 意为__________________________ 翻译:从理论上讲每个人都是平等的,但在实践中并不是。 _______________________________________________________________ 5. But often they just pass by, taking the human traffic signal for granted. 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ take… for granted 意为__________________________ 翻译:不要认为什么都是理所当然的。 _______________________________________________________________ 6. This last experience had a profound effect on Timoteo. 翻译课文原句: ________________________________________________________ have an effect on/ upon 意为__________________________ 拓展:take effect 意为_____________; 相当于__________________________ affect 词性为__________,意为_____________ 翻译:这些游戏对我没有影响,对他影响却很大。 _______________________________________________________________



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