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2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析
1.【2011乌鲁木齐】Don't A. wake up too late, or you will feel tired in class. B. get up C. stay up D. stand up

2.【2011?广西柳州】Speak louder, please. I can‘t ________ you. A. see B. hear C. write

3.【2011?广西柳州】Mr Wang will arrive in England in two days. A. put on B. turn off C. get to —I‘m going to ______ it with my grandparents. D. pay 4.【2011 连云港】—What‘s your plan for this weekend? A. cost B. spend

C. give

5.【2011 雅安】Mrs. Green is ________ her purse, but she can‘t __________ it. A. looking for; find B. looking at; find C. seeing; looking for D. finding; look for 6.【2011 沈阳】You should take off your shoes before you ___ the new flat. A. leave B. find C. choose D. enter 7.【2011梧州】We shouldn‘t ____ our hopes. Everything will be better. A. put up B. cheer up C. fix up D. give up 8. 2011 福建莆田】 【 —What a nice coat! I‘ ll take it. A. try it on B. pay for it 9.【2011 黑龙江绥化市】It's very hot here. Why not A. put on B. put off —But you'd better ____ first. I‘ m afraid it may be small for you. C. put it on your coat? C. take off

10.【2011 江苏徐州】I was so tired this morning that I couldn‘t _______ early as usual. A. get up B. get on C. get off D. give up 11.【2011 内蒙古包头】If we try our best, our dream will ________ one day. A. work out B. come true C. put up D. show off her challenging 12.【2011 哈尔滨】Li Na has won the championship in France Tennis Open. All the Asians sprint and excellent English. A. are proud of B. take care of C. get along with . Will you give me some advice? 13.【2011 呼和浩特】--Three problems are too hard to

--There are many ways. The mostt important is to have a careful plan. A. work out B. look out C. hand out --Yes. I always D. break out thirty minutes after supper. D. pay 14.【2011 呼和浩特】-- Do you take exercise every day? A. spend B. cost

C. take

15.【2011?四川广元】—How was your weekend, Jeff? A. interest B. time

—I had great ___ watching a football game. away.

C. Fun

16.【2011?四川广元】Don‘t bring food to the party. If you ___,I ?ll take it A. are B. do C. will


2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

17.【2011?四川南充】Don't_______ the TV. My baby is sleeping now. A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down

18.【2011?四川南充】When I was young, my father used to________ me some interesting stories. A. say B. tell C. talk 19.【2011 湖北十堰】---All the oil in the world will have ____ some day.---Yeah. What shall we use for power at that time? A. given away B. put away C. run out D. set out 20.【2011 湖北十堰】---I think you can ________ money by yourself to buy a birthday present for your mother. ---OK. I‘ll try. I‘ll not let a penny waste. A. spend B. save C. cost D. leave --- It is You and me. 21.【2011 肇庆】--- What is the name of the song you sang just now? It ______ beautiful. A.heard B. listened C. Sounded

22.【2011 湖北黄石】Li Na, a word-famous tennis player from Wuhan, never _______her dream, She has just set a new record in the 2011French Open. A. gave away B. gave up C. gave out D. gave in 23.【2011 湖北荆州】—Is he still raising money for charity?? —Yes. He never hope of helping poor children.? up B. gives out C. takes off D. takes out? me more than a thousand yuan. 24.【2011 湖北荆州】—This dress looks beautiful on you. How much is it??—It A.spent B. cost C. took

D. paid? to buy one.

25.【2011 湖北荆州】—I‘m afraid a car is too expensive for me.?—But more and more Chinese can A. expect B. afford C. choose D. offer? it till next term.? D. Keep? 26.【2011 湖北荆州】—How long can I have your dictionary??— A. Hold B. Take C. Return

27.【2011 上海】The lady _____ dancing as a hobby in her sixties, and she is really good at it now. A dressed up A don‘t remember B looked up B don‘t know C took up C don‘t believe D put up D don‘t expect 28.【2011 上海】I have no idea what life would be like without water. The underlined part means ―_____ ‖.

29.【2011?无锡】—Will you please help me to repair the computer now? —Sorry. I‘m too busy and I haven‘t a minute to __________. A. spare B. share C. spend D. save

30.【2011湖南永州】The baby is sleeping. Please__ the radio. A. turn on B. turn down C. turn up its second lunar orbiter Chang'e 2. C. sent up D. sent out 31.【2011 新疆阜康】On October 15, 2003 China A. set out B. set off

32. 【2011 四川绵阳】 you don‘t work hard for most of the year and then work hard for only a few days before the exam, If you will probably A. succeed . B. finish C. fail

D. pass

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【泸州市 2011】9. --- Your coat is so beautiful. It must be expensive. --- Not really. I only _____ ¥30 on it. A. cost 答案:B 【解析】同义词辨析。考查 spend...on 用法。 【2011?四川成都】45. —The T-shirt looks nice on you! How much does it —I just A. take; afforded 答案:B 【解析】 考查动词用法辨析。 注意以下句型: spends money/time +on /in doing sth.‖; /sth. costs (sb.) + money‖; ―sb. ―It ―It takes sb. time to do sth.‖;―sb. pays + money for sth.‖; ―afford to do sth.‖(负担得起做某事)。根据本题句式选 B。 【2011?盐城】10. Many volunteers A. gave out B. cut out C. put out food and water to the local people in Japan after the tsunami. D. found out ten dollars for it. B. cost; paid C. cost; spent ? B. spent C. paid D. took

答案:A 考查短语动词。句意:日本的海啸发生后许多志愿者给当地人民提供了食物和水。gave out 提供,分发; cut out 切断;put out 熄灭;found out 查出。 【浙江湖州】 20. We should never ____till tomorrow what we can do today. A. put on 答案:B 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。put on ―穿上‖;put off ―推迟‖;give up ―放弃‖;give away ―捐赠‖。由题意―我们不 应该把今天能干的事情推迟到明天‖可知选 B。 【2011 山东泰安】34. —Jack, could you help me —I‘m sorry, my computer doesn‘t work. A. get out 答案:D 【解析】词组辨析。get out 是―出去‖的意思;look out 是―当心,小心‖的意思;take out 是―取出‖―拿出‖的意思; find out 是―查明‖―找出‖ 的意思,根据句意选 D。 【2011 山东泰安】35. —The little girl ______ her seat to an old man on the bus. —What a kind girl! A. brought 答案:B 【解析】情景题目。brought 是―带来‖的意思;offered 是―提供‖ 的意思;gave 是―把某物给某人‖;lent 是借给某 人。根据句意―小女孩把她的座位给了老人‖。 33. 【2011· 福州中考】— I often listen to the song Rainbow. — So do I. It _______ beautiful. A. feels 答案:C

B. put off

C. give up

D. give away

when the plane will take off on the Internet?

B. look out

C. take out

D. find out

B. offered

C. gave

D. lent

B. smells

C. sounds

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【解析】考查系动词的用法。feel―感到……‖;smell―闻起来……‖;sound―听起来‖。由句意:-我经常听《彩虹》 这首歌曲。-我也是,它听起来优美。故选 C。 38.【2011· 福州中考】— I _____ 5,ooo yuan on this iPhone. — Wow, so much! I can‘t afford it. A. spent 答案:A 【解析】考查 spend, pay 和 cost 的用法。人+ spend…on sth./doing sth. ―某人在(做)某事上花费……‖;人+ pay for ―为……付钱‖;物 + cost… ―某物值…‖句意:— 我在这个电话上花费 5000 元。— 哇,这么多啊!我买不起它。 故选 A。 【解析】考查词语辨析。人+ spend…on sth./doing sth. ―某人在(做)某事上花费……‖;人+ pay for ―为……付钱‖; 物+ cost… ―某物值…‖句意:— 我在这个电话上花费 5000 元。— 哇,这么多啊!我买不起它。故选 A。 42.【2011· 福州中考】— We all like Miss Wang. — I agree with you. She always makes her English classes ______. A. interested 答案:C 【解析】考查 make + sb. + adj.的用法。句意:— 我们都喜欢王老师。— 我同意你的意见。她总是使她的英语 课堂有趣。Interested 修饰人而 interesting 则修饰物。故选 C。 【2011 天津】37. If it is dark,_____ the lights, please. A. pick up 答案:C 【解析】 词语辨析。 Pick up,捡起、拾起,look at,看……, turn on,打开, play with,与……一起玩。根据 句意选 C。 (2011 广西南宁市)30.—What a big storm last night! —Yes. I was doing my homework. Suddenly, all the lights in my house _______. A. went off 30. 答案:B 【解析】动词短语辨析。go off意为“离开”,turn off 意为“关闭”,take off 意为“脱下,起飞,收敛”, get off 意 为“下车”。根据句意“我在做作业,突然在我家里的等都灭了”, 可知选B。 【2011 贵州贵阳】34. "Marcia, could you please_________my dog when I'm on vacation?" "Yes, sure. " A. look after 答案:A 【解析】 根据句意:Marcia,当我度假的时候,你能帮我照看一下我的狗吗?是的,可以。look after 照顾;look at 看;look for 寻找。故选 A。 【2011 贵州贵阳】45. My best friend Alex failed in the math competition. I'd like to_________. A. dress him up 答案:C 【解析】 根据句意:我最好的朋友 Alex 在数学竞赛中失败了,我想是他振作起来。dress up 打扮;pick up 捡起;

B. paid

C. cost

B. interest

C. interesting

B. look at

C. turn on

D. play with

B. turned off

C. took off

D. got off

B. look at

C. look for

B. pick him up

C. cheer him up

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

cheer up 使……振作。故选 C。 【2011 湖南湘西】33. You are ill. You had better _______ the doctor right now. A. look at 答案:B 【解析】考查动词辨析 表示看医生用“see the doctor”. look at 是单独的“看”,watch 是“观看”。 【2011 湖南湘西】35. I _______ like some noodles. A. does 答案:C 【解析】考查固定句式 would like sth “想要吃、喝或买某东西”。 【2011 湖南益阳】25. The idea to go to West Hill A. looks 答案:C 【解析】词义辨析。句意是“去西山的主意听起来很棒”。故应该是 C。look 意为“看起来”,taste 意为“尝起 来”,不符合题意。 【2011 广西贵港】32. I bought a new sweater last weekend. It ________ me 120 yuan. A. paid B. take C. cost D. spent 答案:C【解析】考查点:同义词的辨析。解题思路:四个选项都表示“花费”,pay 做主语的是人,其后一般用 介词 for,take 用于句型 it takes sb some time/money to do sth, cost 表示“花费”做主语的是物,spend 做主语的 是人。根据句意 It 指代的是 a new sweater。故选 C。 【2011 广西贵港】38.—Your bedroom is so dirty. Would you please ________,Peter? —OK, mum. I‘ll do it right away. A. set it up B. put it on C. pick it up D. clean it up 答案:D【解析】考查点:动词词组辨析。解题思路:set up“建立”, put on“穿上”,pick up “捡起”,clean up “清 理,打扫”。根据句意:你的卧室很脏,你可以去打扫吗?故选 D。 【2011 广西贵港】39. The girl ____ the woman. Maybe she is her daughter. A. take care B. takes after C. takes off D. look after 答案:B【解析】考查点:动词词组辨析。解题思路:take care“小心”,take after “与……像”,take off “起飞”,look after “照顾,照看”。根据句意:也许她是她的女儿。可知上文句意:她与那个老妇人像。故选 B。 【2011 广西贺州】44. We must______ using plastic bags in order to protect our earth.. A. give out 答案:B 【解析】考查点:考察动词词组辨析。解题思路:give out ―分发‖,give up―放弃‖,give away ―分发‖;give in ―屈 服‖。根据句意:我们必须放弃使用塑料袋来保护我们的地球。故选 B。 【2011 郴州】34. She likes reading. She usually________ some books from the library. A. buys 答案:C 【解析】考查动词的用法。borrow… from… 意为―从……借……‖。

B. see

C. watch

B. had

C. would


B. tastes

C. sounds

B. give up

C. give away

D. give in

B. lends

C. borrows

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【2011 河源】30.He _______ all his money _______ to charity after he died. A.gave…up 答案:C 【2011 遵义】22.Sometimes I take a No. 31 bus to work. 答案:B 【2011 遵义】31.It will ________ much time if we drive instead of walking. A.take 答案:C 【2011 泰州】10. When Daniel is in a bad mood he likes wearing orange to _______. A. wake himself up C. give himself up 答案: B 【2011 山东菏泽】25. Mary is tired of learning because she is_____ to do better than she can, both at school and at home. A. thought 答案 B 【解析】考查动词辨析。句意:玛丽疲于学习,因为她在家里和学校被期待着做的更好。因为 hope sb. to do sth. 不正确,也无此类被动语态。故选 B。 【2011 山东菏泽】30. Last year was a hard time to my friend Jim, but he didn‘t_____ hope. A. pick up 答案:D 【解析】词语辨析。pick up 捡起, (用车)接某人;use up 用完;put up 张贴,举起;giveup 放弃。句意:对我的 朋友吉姆来说,去年是个困难时期,但是他没有放弃希望。故选 D。 【2011 浙江舟山】21. Smoking is not allowed in public places since May 1st. It may be a good chance for some people to ______ smoking. A. put up 答案:B 【解析】词组辨析。 本句句意: 也许这是人们放弃吸烟的好机会。put up 意为―搭起‖,give up 意为―放弃‖,pick up 意为―捡起‖,look up 意为―查询‖,只有 give up 符合句意。 【2011 山东德州】24. Humans are cutting down the forests to ________ the land for other uses. A. clear 答案:A 【解析】词汇辨析。clear ―清晰的,清楚的‖; destroy ―破坏‖; cover ―覆盖‖; protect ―保护‖;又根据句意―人 类为其他的用途而砍伐树木,破坏了土壤。故答案为 A。 【2011 山东德州】28. When you have difficulty, do remember to _________. Two heads are better than one. A. make a decision B. give up C. ask for help







B. cheer himself up D. pick himself up

B. expected

C. hoped

D. helped

B. use up

C. put up

D. give up

B. give up

C. pick up

D. look up

B. destroy

C. cover

D. protect

D. give advice

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

答案:C 【解析】词语辨析。make a decision ―做决定‖;give up ―放弃‖;ask for help ―寻求帮助‖;give advice ―给出建议‖; 又根据后句题意 ―两人智慧胜一人.‖及前句句意―当我们有困难时‖可推测,要寻求帮助,故答案为 C。 【2011四川内江】32. Every year driving after drinking wine _____ a lot of traffic accidents. A. happens 答案:C 【解析】词义辨析。happen发生,前面是发生的事情;provide提供;cause引起,前面是原因,后面是结果。根 据句意, 每年酒后驾车引起大量交通事故。选C。 【2011四川内江】33. — Which scarf do you prefer? —The red one. It _____ more comfortable. A. tastes 答案:B 【解析】词义辨析。taste 品尝;feel 感觉;get变得。根据句意,你比较喜欢哪一条围巾?红色的。它感到更舒 服。选B。 【2011四川内江】36. Remember to_____ your mobile phone when the plane takes off. A. turn on 答案:C 【解析】词组辨析。turn on打开(家电、收音机、水龙头等); turn down调低(音量);turn off关掉(家电、收音机、 水龙头等)。 根据句意,记得当飞机起飞时关掉你的手机。故选C。 【2011 江苏淮安】4. Don‘t _________ the bus until it has stopped. Safety is first. A. get along 答案:C 【解析】 。动词短语辨析。get along 进展,和睦相处 get off 下车 get up 起床。语境:要直到车停下来才下车, 安全第一。故选 C。 (2011 江苏宿迁)5. Han Han is a popular writer. His new book will ______ this September. A. come up 【答案】C 【解析】 本题考查词组辨析。 come up 意为―开始; 发生‖; come in 意为―进来‖; come out 意为―出版‖; come on 意 为―快点‖。句意―韩寒是位受欢迎的作家。他的新书将在九月_____‖。此空应为―出版‖,故选 C。 【2011?山东青岛】35. Some parents might worry that their children's hobbies can _______ schoolwork. A. get the way of C. get on well with 答案:D 【解析】 动词短语辩析。 句意为―一些家长或许会担心他们孩子的爱好会妨碍孩子们的学业。 ‖短语get in the way of 意为―妨碍,阻止‖,故选D;选项C是―和……相处融洽‖。 【2011?山东青岛】31. Tom__________ his father, because they both are cheerful and easygoing. A. looks like B. takes after C. doesn't take after

B. provides

C. causes

B. feels

C. gets

B. turn down

C. turn off

B. get go

C. get off

D. get up

B. come in

C. come out

D. come on

B. get on the way of D. get in the way of

D. isn't like

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

答案:C 【解析】 固定短语辩析。 after和look after 都含有―像……一样‖之意, take 但是look like主要是指表面像, 而take after 指性格、气质等方面像。又题意可以看出该题正确答案应选B。 【2011?山东青岛】29. — How is your English study? Not bad. But I_______ learning English grammar. A. am interested in C. have a little trouble 答案:C 【解析】考查固定短语的用法。have trouble doing sth.意为―做某事遇到了困难‖;答语说―还不错。但是……‖,由 这个转折词可以看出说话人在语法学习上遇到了一定的麻烦,故答案选C。 【2011 山西】27. The tour guide has made the route for the school trip. We don‘t need to ____ that. A. be worried about B. be afraid of C. be sorry for 答案:A 【解析】固定短语的考查。Be worried about 意为“担心,忧虑”,be afraid of 意为“害怕”,be sorry for 意为“抱 歉”。 根据句意“导游已经制定了旅游路线。我们不需要担心”,可知选 A。 B. am good at D. have no trouble

【2011 山西】25. How I wish I could sleep longer! However, I had to get up as soon as the alarm clock ______. A. ran off B. went off C. took off 答案:B 【解析】动词短语的辨析。Run off go off 意为“take off 意为“脱下,起飞”。

【2011 山西】18. --- I need a costume for tomorrow‘s performance, but it‘s too expensive. --- Why not _____ one? A. buy 答案:B 【解析】动词辨析。Buy 意为“买”,rent 意为“租用”,lend 意为“借”。根据上文“我需要一套明天表演的衣服, 但是它太贵了。”可知下文为“为什么不租一个吗?”因此选 B。 【2011?山东青岛】28. My car alarm is always______ whenever my neighbor's cat goes under my car. A. going off B. going out C. breaking down D. setting off 答案:A 【解析】考查动词词组的辨析。根据句意―当邻居家的猫无论何时跑到我车底下。‖可猜测汽车报警器都 会―响‖,故答案选A,意为―发出响声‖。 【2011?山东青岛】25. — Look! There is a horse racing program on TV now. — Hmm .... It __exciting. A. seems B. looks like C. feels D. seems like B. rent C. lend


2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

答案:A 【解析】考查连系动词的用法。由exciting―令人兴奋的‖可知谓语动词必须为连系动词,而a horse racing program―赛马节目‖是要―看起来‖才合适的,故答案选A,意为―看起来‖。 【2011 本溪】6.—What do you think of the 3G mobile phone? —I really like it, but I can‘t ______ it. A. stand 答案:B 【2011?宁夏】( )35. When the shy girl was asked to answer the question, her face ____ red. A. seemed 答案:C 【2011?宁夏】( )38. The two pictures look the same to me. It's hard to one from the other. A. speak B. say 答案:D 【2011 本溪】13.—Look at the sign ―No Smoking‖. —Sorry, I‘ll ______ my cigarette(香烟) at once. A. put up 答案:B 【2011?宁夏】( )39. We had ____ the sports meet because of the heavy rain. A. put away B. put up 答案:C ( )36. 【2011 凉山】—I don‘t know the new word. —It doesn‘t matter, you can ________ in the dictionary. A. look up it 答案:B 解析:考查动词短语的辨析。look for 的意思是―寻找‖;look up 的意思是―查字典‖,跟代词时应该放在 look 与 up 的中间,句意―你可以在字典中查一下它‖,因此,答案为 B 项。 【2011 山东枣庄】17. When I got to school, Amy ______his homework. A. had invented 答案:B 【解析】B 故选 B. 【2011 山东滨州】29. –Shall we go and ________ hello to the foreign teachers? –Good idea! Let‘s go. A. say 答案:A 【解析】考查短语用法。say hello to sb. 是固定搭配,意为―向某人问好/打招呼‖。 【2011 山东滨州】32.—The sweater is very nice. I‘ll take it. —But you‘d better ________ first. I think it is a little large for you.

B. afford

C. spend

D. refuse

B. looked C. turned D. appeared

C. talk D. tell

B. put out

C. put on

D. put off

C. put off, put on

B. look it up

C. look for it

B. had finished

C. had developed

D. had rushed

invent 发明,finish 完成, develop 发展 rush 冲,根据句意:当我到校的时候埃米已经完成了作业。

B. speak

C. talk

D. shout

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

A. pay for it 答案:D

B. put it on

C. put it off

D. try it on

【解析】考查短语的用法。这四个短语都是动副短语。 pay for―付款‖;put on―穿上‖;put off―推迟‖;try on―试 穿‖。由答语―你最好先试穿一下‖可知应选 D。 【2011 四川乐山】22. –Do you like your new T-shirt? –Yes. It _______ very soft. A. feels 答案:A 【解析】 词义辨析。 句意―你喜欢你的 T 恤衫吗?‖―是的,它摸起来很柔软‖。 柔软的感觉是通过摸的动作实现的。 【2011 四川乐山】29. He _______to save his pocket money for later use, but he spent it on a toy soon. A. refused 答案:C 【解析】 动词辨析。 根据句意―他承诺节省零花钱为今后使用, 但是不久他就买了玩具‖。 refused 表示拒绝干某事, persuaded 表示劝说某人干某事。故选 C。 【2011 浙江台州】20. -Let‘s -OK. I‘ll cut up the meat first. A. eat 答案:D 【解析】词义辨析。 eat―吃‖;buy ―买‖; heat ―加热‖; make ―制作,加工‖。根据答语―好的,我先切肉‖可推 测是想做一些饺子,因此用 make。故选 D。 【2011 山东潍坊】19. With the help of the Internet, information can ______ every comer of the world quickly. A. go 答案:C 【解析】考查动词辨析。go 意为―去‖;land 意为―着陆‖;reach 意为―到达‖,作及物动词,后面直接加地点状语; arrive 意为―到达‖,作不及物动词。句意为―在因特网的帮助下,信息能够很快的到达世界的每一个角落。‖故选 C。 【2011 浙江宁波】23. When you don‘t know a word, you can _________ in the dictionary. A. look it up 答案:A 【解析】词组辨析。look up 查阅(书本);set up 建立;give up 放弃;pick up 捡起。它们都是动副词组,代词放在 中间。根据句意,当你不认识一个字的时候,你可以查阅字典。故选 A。 【2011 浙江宁波】34. — Have you seen the funny movie Let the Bullet(子弹)Fly? — Yes, it made me _________ many times. A. laugh 答案:A 【解析】词义辨析。laugh 笑;cry 哭;sleep 睡觉;sing 唱。根据句意,你看过这部有趣的电影《让子弹飞》吗? 是的,它使我笑了许多次。得出答案 A。

B. sounds

C. smells

B. persuaded

C. promised

some dumplings right now.

B. buy

C. heat

D. make

B. land

C. reach

D. arrive

B. set it up

C. give it up

D. pick it up

B. cry

C. sleep

D. sing

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【2011 山东聊城】28. I‘m not sure whether I can hold a party in the open air, because it ______ the weather. A. stands for 答案:B 【解析】词义辨析。A 项意思是―代表,象征……‖;C 项意思是―靠……生活‖;D 项意思是―同意……‖。根据句 意:是否举行宴会不确定,得取决于天气状况。B 项意思是―取决于……‖。 【2011邵阳】26. —Could I borrow your computer. Bob? —Sorry, I am ______ it. A. taking out 答案:C 【解析】考查动词词组的词义。take out―拿出‖;turn on―打开‖;C. work on―忙于;使用‖。句意为:鲍勃,我能 用一下你的电脑吗?对不起,我正在使用。故选 C。 【2011 广安市】27. -David, can you _______ yourself? -Of course, I can. A. dress 答案:A 【解析】动词辨析。 dress sb。给某人穿衣服;put on 是穿上……衣服;wear 是穿着衣服,表状态。根据句意: 戴维,你能自己穿衣服吗?故选 A。 【2011 浙江金华】24. — How long may I — For a week. But you mustn't A. borrow, lend 答案:B 【解析】考查词语辨析。borrow 意为―借入‖;lend 意为―借出‖, lend sth. To sb.意为―把某物借给某人‖;―借多长 时间‖用 keep,为延续性动词。how long 和延续性动词连用,故第一空为 keep;由答语句意―但是你不能把它借 给别人‖可知,第二空为 lend。故选 B。 【2011 山东济宁】22. Most British high school children ______ uniforms at school. A. wear 答案:A 【解析】词汇辨析。Wear―穿着‖;put on ―穿上‖;dress―给……穿衣‖;dress up―装扮,打扮‖,由句意―大多数英 国中学生在学校穿校服‖可知,用 wear。故选 A。 【2011?兰州】28. Mary is used to A. wear 答案:C 【解析】词义辨析。句意―玛丽习惯于穿 T 恤衫和牛仔裤‖,be used to doing sth.习惯于做某事,因此排除选项 A、 B,wear 强调状态,put on 强调动作,由句意知―此处表示状态‖,因此选 C。 【2011?兰州】35. ―Don't A. speak; says 答案:A

B. depends on

C. lives on

D. agrees with

B. turning on

C. working on

B. put on

C. wear

your bike?

it to others. C. lend, borrow D. keep, borrow

B. keep, lend

B. dress

C. put on

D. dress up

a T-shirt and jeans. D. putting on

B. put on

C. wearing

to strangers on your way to and from school‖, mother often C. talk; speaks D. talk; tells

to me.

B. speak; tells

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【解析】词义辨析。句意:―在你上学或放学的途中,不要对陌生人讲话‖,妈妈常常对我说。speak to sb.对某人 讲,say 侧重于讲话的内容,因此 A。 【2011 浙江丽水】20._________,you guys ! You don‘t want to miss the train, do you? A.Look up 答案:C 【解析】动词词组辨析。Look up 是查询,give up 指放弃,hurry up 指放弃,grow up 指长大,从后面的句子―你 们不想错过火车‖。说明要让他们快点。 【2011 浙江丽水】22.If you_________ the unnecessary lights, you‘ll save some energy. A.get off 答案:D 【解析】词组辨析。关灯或其他电器之类的东西应该用 turn off. 【2011 浙江丽水】29.Personally I don‘t quite agree that people_________ dangerous animals as pets. A. depend 答案:C 【解析】词义辨析。Keep sth. as a pet 意为―饲养……作为宠物‖。 【2011 湖北黄冈】29. —Li Na won the tennis championship in the French Open on June 4, 2011. —We take pride in her. She is the first Asian professional tennis player to win it. A. are interested in 答案:C 【解析】考查短语辨析。take pride in 的同义短语为 be proud of,意为―以……而感到自豪/骄傲‖。 【2011湖北黄冈】36. —What are you doing, Uncle Wang? —I am sorting out old books and I‘ll ______ to kids in West China. A. give them up 答案:B 【解析】词组辨析。根据句意“我要把书赠送给中国西部的孩子们”,give away 为“赠送;分发”之意。故选 B。 【2011 贵州安顺】26. —Dinner is ready. Help yourself! —Wow! It ______ delicious. Could you please tell me how to cook it? A. tastes 答案:A 【解析】词义辨析。根据句意“你能告诉我怎样做的吗?”说明它应该闻起来非常美味。 【2011 襄阳】30.----What kind of volunteer work would you like to do? ---- I‘d like to A. find out 【答案】C 【解析】动词短语辨析 find out 找出,查明;look up 向上看,查阅; cheer up 使……振奋(高兴起来) hand ; out 分发。句意为―我想让生病住院的孩子们高兴起来。‖ 【2011 襄阳】28. ----How is the life in Wenchuan earthquake areas now?


C.Hurry up

D.Grow up

B.put off

C.take off

D.turn off




B. are terrified of

C. are proud of

D. are used to

B. give them away

C. give them off

D. give them in

B. looks

C. sounds

D. Feels

sick kids in hospital. B. look up C. cheer up D. hand out

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

---People are living a much better life than we A. expected 【答案】A B. supported C. discovered

. D. noticed

【解析】 动词辨析 句意为―现在在汶川震区人们的生活怎么样?‖―人们的生活比我们预计的要好‖。 expected 预 计,期望; supported 支持; discovered 发现; noticed 注意。 【2011 广东】26. —I hear you run for half an hour every day. —Right, we have to. It is one of the ______ in our school. A. rules 答案:A 【解析】本题考查词义辨析。A 项意为―规定‖;B 项意―计划‖;C 项意为―习惯‖;D 项意为―机会‖。由句意―我听 说你们每天跑步半个小时‖―对,我们必须的。它是我们学校的____之一‖。由上句 we have to. have to 却表示由于 某种客观原因而不得不做某事。可知此空应填―规定‖。故选 A。 【2011 广东】34. This silk dress ______ so smooth. It‘s made in China. A. feels 答案: A 【解析】本题考查词辨析。feel 意为―摸起来‖;smell 意为―闻起来‖;sound 意为―听起来‖;taste 意为―闻起来‖。 句意―这丝制裙_____很光滑。它产于中国‖。根据语境可知此空应为―摸起来‖,故选 A。 【2011 广东】42. Smoking is bad for your health. You‘d better _______. A. set it up 答案:B 【解析】本题考查词组辨析。set up 意为―建立‖;give up 意为―放弃,交出‖;pick up 意为―捡起,拾起‖;look up 意为―查询‖。句意为―吸烟不益于健康,你最好戒掉‖。四个选项中只有 give up 具有 ―戒掉;放弃‖之意,故选 B。 【2011四川德阳】20. – Oh, I left my dictionary at home. Can you _____ me yours? A. lend 答案: A 【解析】本题考查词义辨析。lend 表示‖借给别人‖; borrow 表示‖从别人那里借来‖; keep 是借的延续性动词和表 示一段时间的时间状语连用, 多用于完成时.句意―我把字典留在家里,你能把你的字典借给我吗?‖。―借给别人‖ 用 lend. 排除 B、C。正确答案是:A。 【2011 上海】51. Though I _____ the phone number many times, the foreigner still couldn‘t write down. A) repeated 答案:A 【解析】考查点:动词的用法辨析。 解题思路:句意为―虽然我把电话号码叙述了多次,但是这个外国人还是记 不下来。‖故由句意可知答案选 A;B 是―拒绝‖,C 是―研究‖,D 为―辨认‖; 【2011?盐城】5. Sandy feels unhappy because nobody seems to A. notice B. look C. watch D. read her progress. B) refused C) researched D) recognized B. borrow C. keep B. give it up C. pick it up D. look it up B. smells C. sounds D. tastes B. plans C. hobbies D. choices

答案:A 考查动词在特定语境中的用法。句意:Sandy 感到不高兴因为好像没人注意到她的进步。 13. 【2011· 苏州】 If you don‘t wok ________ enough, I don‘t think your dream will come _______.

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

A. hardly; truly 答案:C

B. hardly; true

C. hard; true

D. hard; truly

【解析】考查短语。work hard 意为“努力”,先排除 AB;come true 意为“实现”。故选 C。 【江西省2011】28.1 hated my new school at first, but I made lots of friends and now I_______ it. A. get B. take C. fit D. love 【答案】D 【解析】词义理解 句意为 ―一开始,我不喜欢我的新学校,但是我交了好多现在我喜欢‖。 8.【2011?扬州】If anybody calls, tell them I‘m out and ask them to ______ their name and addresses. A. pass 答案:D 【解析】词义辨析。Pass 意思是“递过去”;write 意思是“写下”;take 意思是“带走”; leave 意思是“留下”。 根据句意:告诉他们留下他们的姓名和地址。 5. 【2011?扬州】—I won‘t go to the concert this evening. I ______ watch the NBA on TV. It‘s more exciting. A. had better 答案:B 【解析】 词义辨析。 Had better 意思是“最好”; would rather 意思是“更喜欢, 更愿意”;ought to 意思是“应该”; have to 意思是“必须”;根据情境:我今晚更愿意看 NBA,音乐会就不去了。 【2011 安徽】39. I can hardly hear what it is saying on TV. Would you please A. turn it up 答案:A 【解析】选 A. turn up“调大”; turn down“调小”; turn on “打开”;turn off“关闭”。由前句“我几乎听不见电 视在说什么”可知,应该是 A 项。 【2011 安徽】41. We can't do listening practice today, for Miss Zhao's tape-recorder doesn't B. turn it down C. turn it on D. turn it off ? B. would rather C. ought to D. have to B. write C. take D. leave

A. act 答案:D

B. do

C. serve

D. work

【解析】选 D. 考查动词词意。句意:我们今天不能做听力练习了,因为张老师的听力磁带出问题了。表示机器 等出故障,要用 work。故选 D。 【2011 湖北· 武汉】 37. - I like reading. - Great! It can _____ your mind. A. read 答案: C 【解析】 考查了动词的用法。it 指 reading,这里指读书能补充人的思想。feed 是―补允,喂‖的意思。 2011 安徽芜湖】34. Don‘t be afraid of new words. You can ______ in the dictionary. A. look at them B. look for them C. look them up

B. lose

C. feed D. feel

D. look them over

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

答案:C 【解析】词组辨析。look at 意为“看”;look for 意为“寻找”;look up 意为“在…(工具书)中查找”;look over 意为“检查,察看”。根据句意:不要担心生词,你可以在字典中查找它们。故 C 为正确答案。 7. 【2011· 苏州】 I _______ keep dogs for protection, but now I keep them as pets. A. would rather 答案:C 【解析】考查短语辨析。 would rather 意为“宁愿”;had better 意为“最好”; used to 意为“过去常常”; to 意为“必须”;根据后句句意:但是现在我把它们当宠物养,可知过去常常是养狗保护。故选 C。 10. 【2011· 苏州】Now more and more people are _______ the danger of drinking and driving. A. tired of 答案:B 【解析】考查短语辨析。be tired of 意为“对……疲倦”;be aware of 意为“意识到”; be fond o f 意为“对……特 别喜爱”;be proud of 意为“为……感到自豪”。根据句意可知应为“意识到”。故选 B。 15. 【2011· 苏州】 —We must act now because time is ______. —Yes. Let‘s start. A. coming out 答案:D 【解析】考查短语辨析。come out 意为“出版、出来”;give out 意为“用尽”;cut out 意为“切断”; run out 意为“用完”。根据句意可知应用 D。 【2011 连云港】10.—Do you have Nokia E72 mobiles? —Sorry, they have been ______.You may come next week. A. given out 答案:C 【解析】考查动词词组。句意:他们已经被卖完。give out 意为―分发;用完;消耗尽‖; look out 为―小心,注意‖; sell out 为―卖完,用光‖;come out 为―出版‖。 【2011 连云港】7.—How long do you think the terrible weather will ______? —Why not listen to the weather report? A. appear 答案:B 【解析】考查动词的辨析能力。句意:你认为坏天气将会持续多久? 【2011 陕西】28. My uncle called and asked me if I had A. invented B. raised C. received D. ordered the birthday gilt from him. B. last C. change D. discover B. looked out C. sold out D. come out B. giving out C. cutting out D. running out B. aware of C. fond of D. proud of have B. had better C. used to D. have to

C 【解析】考查点:本题考查动词的词义。 invented ―发明‖;raised ―提高‖;received ―收到‖;ordered ―订购‖。 句意为―我的叔叔打电话询问是否我收到了他的生日蛋糕‖。故选 C。 【2011 陕西】30. Anyone who sings well can A. take part in B. take off C. take out the activity in our school. [A] D. take care of

A 考【解析】考查点:本题考查动词词组词义的辨析。 take part in―参加‖;take off―起飞‖;take out―取出;拿出‖; take care of―照顾;照看‖。句意为―任何唱歌好的人都可以参加我们学校的活动‖。故选 A。

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【2011清远】30. I want to watch the basketball match. Would you please ______ the TV? A. turn on 答案:A 【解析】考查动词词组辨析。句意,我想看球赛,请打开电视。打开为 turn on 【2011 广西百色】 24.It‘s raining heavily outside. Why don‘t you _______ your raincoat? A. put on 答案: A 【解析】本题考查短语辨析,put on―穿上‖,take off―脱下‖,―Why don‘t you+动词原形?‖意思是―你为什么 不……?‖,用来表示提建议,根据句子的意思,故选 A。 【2011 湖南益阳】27. —What are you doing? —I'm A. finding out 答案:C 【解析】词义辨析题。Find out 意为“找到”;look after 意为“照顾”;look for 意为“寻找”,根据句意可知“我 在寻找门上的钥匙”。 (2011 湖南岳阳中考)27.-The girl drought(旱灾). -What a good girl. A. took away B. gave up C. gave away 解析: 本题考查动词词组的词义辨析。 What a good girl!―多好的一个女孩啊! 由 ‖可知女孩是把所有的钱都―捐 或赠‖出去了,故答案选 C,意为―赠送‖。 【2011 雅安】4. Some of my classmates _________ after school every day. A. walks home 答案:B 【解析】考查动词的形式以及 home 的用法。句中有 every day 为一般现在时态;主语为 some of my classmates, 动词应用原形;home 为副词,前边不加 to。故选 B。 【2011 雅安】16. Her sister ____ a taxi driver. Now she works for a charity. A. is 答案:D 【解析】考查近义词组的辨析。be used to do―被用于‖;be used to do ing―习惯于‖;used to do―过去…‖。句意为―他 的妹妹过去是一个出租车司机,现在她为慈善组织工作‖。故选 D。 ( 2011 大庆) 8. These cabbages ______ well because they _____nice. A. look, sell 答案:C ( 2011 大庆) 15. Please check your paper to_____ there are no mistakes. A. think of B. try out C. find out D. make sure 答案:D 42.【2011· 福州中考】— We all like Miss Wang.

B. turn off

C. turn down

D. turn up

B. to put on

C. take off

D. to take off

the key to the door.

B. looking after

C. looking for

all her pocket money to the people in the Southwest for the serious

B. walk home

C. walk to home

D. goes home

B. were used to being

C. is used to being

D. used to be

B. sell, are looked

C. sell, look

D. are sold, look

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

— I agree with you. She always makes her English classes ______. A. interested 答案:C 【解析】考查 make + sb. + adj.的用法。句意:— 我们都喜欢王老师。— 我同意你的意见。她总是使她的英语 课堂有趣。Interested 修饰人而 interesting 则修饰物。故选 C。 【2011 浙江杭州】28. I have to well prepare for the math test tomorrow because it ______ 30% of the final exam. A. sets up 答案:D 【解析】词义辨析。set up 意为―建立;搭建‖;put up 意为―张贴;举起‖;use up 意为―用完‖; 而 make up 意为 ―组成‖。由句意―我不得不为明天的数学测试做好准备,因为它占期末考试的 30%。‖可推断选 D。 【2011?河南省】27. —Mom, can I leave my homework for tomorrow? —I'm afraid not. Don't____ what you can do today till tomorrow. A. put on B. put down C. put up D. put off 答案:D。考查短语动词词义辨析。put on穿上; put down放下 put up举起 put off推迟。从I'm afraid not.知mom不 同意―我‖把作业留到明天做。故选D。句意:我恐怕不可以,你不要把今天的东西推迟到明天做。 【2011 黑龙江绥化市】 () 8. —Which dress do you prefer? —The red one. It______more comfortable. A. feels B. smells C, sounds 答案:A 【解析】感官动词的用法。句意“它摸起来更舒服” 柔软的感觉是通过摸的动作实现的。 【2011 四川宜宾】24. I _________ $300 for the bike. A. took 答案:D 【解析】D 考查动词辨析。paid…for 为固定用法 根据句意:我花$300 买那辆自行车。故选 D。 (2011 四川资阳)24. Hurry up, Mike. You must get to the airport an hour before the plane _______. A. gets off 答案: C 【解析】 考查动词词组的词义。gets off ―下车‖;turns off―关闭‖;takes off ―起飞‖;puts off―推迟‖。句意为―快点, 麦克。 你必须在飞机起飞一个小时之前到达机场‖。故选 C。 (2011 四川资阳)29.—Time is money. —But I think time is _________ money. A. as important as C. the most important in 答案:D 【解析】考查了动词短语的词义的辨析。B、C 形式不正确,首先排除。句意为―时间就是金钱。‖―但是我认为, 时间比金钱更重要‖。根据句意,可知使用形容词的比较级,故选 D。 【2011 安徽】46. The food here smells good, but what does it

B. interest

C. interesting

B. puts up

C. uses up

D. makes up

B. spent

C. cost

D. paid

B. turns off

C. takes off

D. puts off

B. more important as D. more important than


2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

A. taste 答案:A

B. touch

C. seem

D. feel

【解析】选 A。句意:这种食物闻起来很好,但是(尝)起来怎么样呢? Taste“尝起来”; touch “触摸”; seem “好像”;feel like “想要”。结合句意选 A。 【2011?铜仁】23.— How long can I ________ the book? —For two weeks. A. keep 答案:A 【解析】词义辨析。How long―多长时间‖,通常和延续性动词连用。而 borrow, lend, buy 为短暂性动词,keep 是延续性动词,意为―这本书我能借多长时间啊?―两个星期‖故选 A。 【2011?铜仁】34.Bamboo can ___________ paper. A. used to make 答案:C 【解析】 词义辨析。 used to do sth 意思是―过去常常做某事‖; be used to do sth 意思是―被用来做某事‖; used be to doing sth 意思是―习惯做某事‖。由句意可知―竹子被用来制作成纸‖,故选 C。 【2011 湖北黄冈】27. —Talking loudly in a library is impolite. —In fact, we should also take care not to cough or sneeze loudly in public. A. look after 答案:B 【解析】考查短语辨析。take care ―注意,当心‖之意,同意短语 be careful。 【2011 湖北黄冈】28. —Mei will represent our class in the English Speech Contest. —She is clever and can speak English really well. She will not make us disappointed. A. knock into us B. care about us 答案:C 【解析】考查短语辨析。let sb down 是让某人失望的意思和划线部分短语意思相同。故选 C。 【2011 湖北· 武汉】 39. - What are you going to do for the School Day? - We‘ll _____ a new play. A. put out 答案: D 【解析】 考查了动词短语的用法。由句意可知,在学校日是将上演一个新的戏剧。put out 熄灭;put off 推迟; put into 放进;put on 上演。 【2011 湖北· 武汉】 38. - Chinese tennis player Li Na won a championship again! - Yeah, I watched the game and my spirits _____ at the news. A. rose 答案: A

B. borrow

C. lend

D. buy

B. be used make

C. be used to make

D. be used to making

B. be careful C. take care of

D. look up

C. let us down

D. help us out

B. put off C. put into

D. put on

B. calmed

C. turned

D. shook

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【解析】 考查了动词的用法。 句意:—中国网球选手李娜又夺得总冠军了!—是的,我观看了比赛,对这个 新闻,我情绪高涨。由句意可知,这个激动人心的消息,不会令人平静,只能令人情绪上涨(rise)。 【2011 桂林】36. Grandma is ill. I have to ________ her at home. A. look for 36. 答案:D 【解析】动词短语辩析。look for意为“寻找”,look up意为“查阅”,look at意为“看”,look after意为“照顾”。根 据句意“奶奶病了,我不得不在家照顾她”。可知选D。 【河北省 2011】31. We'd better wait A. a few 【答案】A 【解析】考查词语辨析,minutes 是可数复数名词,排除 C 和 D,由―Jeff will come soon‖可知:前句用肯定形式。 ―我们最好多等几分钟‖,用 a few more minutes 表示。 【河北省 2011】35. Would you please A. take out of 【答案】B 【解析】考查词语辨析,由题意―我做饭的时候请你照顾好我的孩子好吗‖可知:用 take care of 照顾;照看。take out of 带出去;take part in 参加;take away from 从带走,均不符合题意。 【河北省 2011】37. This sentence A. feels B. sounds C. tastes 【答案】B 【解析】考查词语辨析,feels 感觉;sounds 听起来;tastes 尝起来;smells 闻起来。―这个句子听起来正确‖,故 选 B。 【2011 天津】34. I _____ some of my free time playing basketball for my school team. A. spend 答案:A 【解析】词义辨析。这四个选项词都有―花费‖的意思,其中只有 spend 可用于 spend time (in)doing sth.题干后有 showing,所以选择 A. 【2011 山东临沂】33. Around the world, more and more people are _________ dangerous sports activities, because life in modern societies has become safe and boring. A. taking out 答案:C 【解析】短语意义辨析。“参加某项活动”用词组 take part in 表达。其它短语意义与句意不符。 (2011· 南京)9. –It‘s said that aliens tried to warn the astronauts on the moon to ______ . – Maybe they didn‘t like human beings to get close to them. A. stay up 9. 答案:C 解析:考查固定词组。理解句意,外星人尽力警告月球上的宇航员远离它们,stay away 意为:远离。

B. look up

C. look at

D. look after

more minutes. I think Jeff will come soon,

B. few

C. a little

D. little

my baby brother while I'm cooking? D. take away from

B. take care of

C. take part in

right. Please write it down. D. smells

B. cost

C. take

D. pay

B. taking off

C. taking part in

D. taking care of

B. stay out

C. stay away

D. stay behind

2011 中考英语单项选择分类汇编—动词辨析

【2011 山东威海】28.Mary heard somebody call her, so she turned _______to see who it was.. A. off 答案:D 【解析】词义辨析。turn off 意为―关掉;关上‖, turn out ―生产‖, turn up 为―把(声音)调大一点‖, turn around 指―转身‖。由句意―玛丽听到有人叫她,就转身看一下是谁(在叫她) 。‖可知,用 turn around,故选 D。 B. out C. up D. around




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