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The teacher I loved most was my English teacher at senior high.She was one of those strict teacher but she was very patiently with us and cared about each one of us.Thus we guys all respected for her.She told us many stories about English history and spent a lot of time teach us literature and how to write.She always writes helpful suggestions for writing, organizing and presented better work.She encouraged us to read and write for pleasure, that gave us confidence.She always made us to feel happy in his class.She made big difference to our lives.That’s why I teach now. 3.短文改错: Mr. Smith had a 8-year-old son named Tony, who enjoyed listening to music very much. So he bought a piano to Tony, hoping that he can become a famous pianist one day. The little boy put her heart into practising the piano day after day and seemed enjoy every minute of it. However, half a year later, he told his father that he was tiring of practising the piano. Heard this, Mr. Smith said, “Tony, it is one thing to be fond of listen to music, and it is another thing to perform skillful by yourself. You can never play the piano well even if you don’t practise more.” 4.短文改错 My parents have decided to take me to Britain for a visit. I am excited, hoped to make good use of this opportunity. Firstly, I will talk to native speaker as much as I can improve my English. Secondly, there are many attractions that interests me a lot, among which is Big Ben, Besides, football, that is popular in England, is my most favorite sport. I have been dreaming of watching a living football match there but now the dream will come true. My friend Alice lives in London. I will probable meet her. However I do, I am sure I will have a good time. 5.短文改错 My father is now in his late forty but looks young for his age. He is very strict with me, especial in my studies. However, I know he loves me deeply in his heart. Once I fail to do well in my math exam, I was afraid of that it would make my father disappointing. On the contrary, he said I had tried my best and offered him a few word of encouragement. He said to me, “There is no need to feel bad about one or two failures and most important thing is to learn anything from failure and never give up.” Today is Father’s Day and I want to say thank you for my father. 6.短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) My mother is a teacher work in a key high school. She is too busy that she often

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has to get up early and stay up late. In addition to this, she hardly has any time to take exercises. She has been on poor health for some time. My father and I are worried that she may fall ill if she works too hard. These days I’m thinking why to develop my mother’s interest in playing sports. Considered that today is Mother’s Day, I decided buy a pair of jogging shoes for her. I secretly put them on the desk in her study. When my mother entered into her study this evening, she looked surprised, but she immediate realized my purpose. She promises that she would go jogging every evening. 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 One morning, I was waiting at the bus stop, worried about7. _____ (be) late for school. There were many people waiting at the bus stop, 8._______ some of them looked very anxious and9 . _____(disappoint) . when the bus finally came, we all hurried on boarD.I got a place next 10. _______ the window, so I had a good view of the sidewalk. A boy on a bike 11._______ (catch ) my attention.He was riding beside the bus and waving his arms.I heard a passenger behind me shouting to the driver, but he refused _12 . ______(stop) until we reached the next stop . Still, the boy kept 13. _______(ride). He was carrying something over his shoulder and shouting. Finally, when we came to the next stop, the boy ran up to the door of the bus.I heard an excited conversation.Then the driver stood up and asked, “_14.______ anyone lose a suitcase at the last stop?” A woman on the bus shouted, “Oh, dear! It ‘s _15. _____ (I )”.She pushed her way to the driver and took the suitcase thankfully, Everyone on the bus began talking about what the boy had done, and the crowd of strangers 16._____(sudden) became friendly to one another. English has changed and 17._____(develop) when cultures met ang 18._______with each other.From AD 450 to 1150 new 19._________(settle) to England enriched the English language th ang enlarged its 20._________.In 1620,some British settlers moved to America. Later in the 18 century some British people were taken to Australia too,and English was spoken in both th countries.By the 19 ,American English spelling was given a separate 21.______ when Noah Webster wrote his dictionary.At 22. ________,more people speak English as their first,second or a 23 . ______ language than ever before.People in South Asia such 24 . _____India speak 25._______English.China may have the 26._______(large) number of English learner. 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词或括号内单词的正确形式)。 Just now,I entered the website “Topic for Today”. I feel27.________ (interest) in the report on middle school students’ using cell-phones on campus. In fact, more students now come to school28 . ________ cell-phones. My schoolmates have different opinions. Some think29. ________ is convenient to get in touch with others
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with the cell-phone,30.________ also makes them feel safe especially in time of trouble. Besides , it is nice to enjoy 31 . ________ (variety) functions of differentcell-phones. Others think differently. First, the cell-phone is not32. ________ must in school, as there are some IC phones there, 33. ________ (make) it easy to call others. Second, many students often play e-games and send34 . ________ (message) with their cell-phones,even in class, which will surely have bad effects on their study. What’s more, a large amount of time and money will35. ________ (waste).In my opinion, the cell-phone is a useful tool in our daily life. But itdoesn’t mean we can use it36.________ (free) in school. 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(一个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, and 37.(thousand) of kinds of animals have disappeared from the world forever. About 170 kinds in the US alone 38. (consider) in danger. Why should people care? 39. we need animals, and if they are gone, there will never be any more. Every animal has its place in the balance of nature. 40.(destroy) one kind of animal can create many problems. For example, when farmers killed large numbers of hawks ( 老鹰), the farmers’ stores of corn and grain were destroyed 41. rats and mice. With no hawks to keep down their numbers, the rats and mice multiplied (繁殖) 42.(quick). Luckily, some people are working 43.(help) save the animals. Some groups raise money to let people know about 44.problem. And they try to get the governments to pass laws protecting animals in danger. Quite a few 45.(country) have passed laws. These laws forbid the killing of any animals on the danger list. Slowly, the number of some animals in danger 46.(be) growing. 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Waiting for a bus can be very47.(annoy). Often you48. (be) at the bus stop for half an hour, and the bus still hasn’t come. 49., people in Zhongshan, Guangdong don’t have to suffer this. It’s all because of a mobile APP, Zhongshan Real-time Buses. With the APP, people can find out the exact time a bus arrives and set an alarm to go to the bus stop in time. Five Senior 1 students make the APP possible. At first, they just wanted to add or change bus lines to help make it51.(easy) for students at their school to take buses. But later, they wanted to make something that is52.(benefit) to all the people of Zhongshan. 53 . (get) technical support, the team turned to the local public transportation group company. They carried out three surveys by collecting questionnaires 54.are completed by about 600 people in shopping malls and bus stops. “The work took___55.___almost all of our spare time for four months,” said Su Yinan, 16. On Feb 25, Zhongshan Real-time Buses was born. It now covers over 100 bus lines in the city and has been downloaded more than 60,000 times. The project won the first place on the Fifth National High School Students Leadership Convention this summer. “We are very happy that Zhongshan people are using the results of our efforts,”said
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Chen, “Students can also make a big difference56.society.” 第二节语法填空 (每空不多于 3 个单词)。 What should you do if you are not able to sleep?The best thing is to try to avoid bad habits. 57. you always go to bed and get up at about the same time,this will set a58 . (health)rhythm in yourlife . Don’t drink caffeine drinks in the evening . Smoking and alcohol can also keep you awake . You may have trouble59. (sleep)if you have a heavy meal just before you go to bed. You may also find it difficult60.(get)to sleep if you have a problem or something else on your mind.This is61. you need to relax.As you lie in bed,tense the muscles in your feet and then relax 62. . Continue up the body, tensing and relaxing the muscles until you reach the head. Start with the feet again if you are still tense.If you 63.(think)about a problem or about something exciting that is going to happen the next day,get up and write about it.That will help to take it offyour mind.You can also get up and read, but be sure to choose64. book that is not too difficult. 65. , you may get so interested that you won’t want to go to sleep even when you feel sleepy. Sleep welt and have sweet66.(dream)! 语法填空 A few months ago we started a blog __67.__ (call) "Confessions(自白)of an English Learner."This blog is__68 . __ you to share your stories about language misunderstandings. Many of you provided advice about __69.__ you learned English. Thanks to everyone who 70.__ (join) the discussion on the blog so far. One web visitor described his __71 . __ (difficult) with two English language words__72.__ sound similar but are very different in meaning. Moises wrote from his home in El Salvador. He described a mistake he made on his first visit to the United States. At the time, Moises was working on a ship. It was his second day. He was organizing some of his belongings __73.__ a co-worker came into the room they were sharing. The co-worker asked, "Hey, my friend, do you want soap?" Moises wrote that he was surprised by the question and excited _74.__ (use) his English. He answered, "No thanks. I am not hungry." Well, everyone in the room started laughing and Moises did not understand the joke. __75.__ new friends then explained that "soap" is something you use to wash yourself. "Soup" is what you eat. Moises said this incident happened ten years ago. He added, "Do you imagine that I am __76._ English teacher now?" 阅读填空(共 1 小题) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 I'm Jan Hasek, 77._____ old miner from the Czech Republic.In April 1945 I 78.______ (hear) something explode at midnight.I got up and 79._______ (run) outside.The sound came from a mine 80._____hadn't been used for a long time.Suddenly I saw some German soldiers 81._____the light of the moon.They were taking wooden boxes from trucks and putting 82.______in the mine.
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A week later I decided 83._____ (go) and see for myself.To my surprise the entrance 84._____ the mine was closed.Some people say that the Amber Room and some gold 85.___________ (bury) in the mine.I think it might be so, 86._________ the Amber Room has never been found. 语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的词或 者括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题纸标号为 1~10 的相应位置上。 I was a previous typist in a post office. Because I couldn’t tolerate _87._______(type) any more postage bills or postcodes on a typewriter every day, I resigned. With a greedy motivation of making big money, I took up working __88. _____ a business representative for the G.E Ecology Company, ___89.____ produced goods by recycling useful materials from our dustbins. My new job left me good ___90._____(impress) in many aspects except ___91._____ the working timetable was full of traveling by jets. Once, when speeding ___92._______, our jet was swallowed by a thunderstorm, which destroyed our GPS receiver and made us lose sight__93 . ____ the directions. A _94._______(constant) flashing light showed that our jet was in danger. A steward instantly asked us to put on masks and fasten the __95.______(safe) belts, and then pressed a button to switch on the escaping capsule. It slid sideways out of the opening at once and landed in a desert area safely. __96.____(lack) food and tablets, we were nervous and uncertain . 97.The film is so interesting that I have seen it many time. 98.China is much big than Japan, which is the third largest country in the world. 99.Besides, I have few friends, I don’t know that they don’t like to talk with me. 100.It is known to everyone that it is famous mountain with all kinds of plants and animals. 101.At once I apologize and controlled myself at my best till the dinner started. 102.On the night before my first day, I was too excited to go to sleep and as a result, I got up lately in the morning. 103.Bill was standing by the car, talking to two men which were helping him to repair it. 104.Thousands of people go to the seaside in every year. 105.My grandma was the best cook in the world but could make the most delicious dishes. 106.The boy suggested our go for a walk after dinner.I thought it was a good idea. 参考答案
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1. 【小题 1】teacher 改为 teachers【小题 2】patiently 改为 patient【小题 3】去掉 for 【小题 4】teach 改为 teaching【小题 5】writes 改为 wrote【小题 6】presented 改为 presenting【小题 7】that 改为 which【小题 8】去掉 to【小题 9】his 改为 her【小题 10】 添加 a 2. 【小题 1】contained【小题 2】 removed 【小题 3】 to deal with【小题 4】annoyed【小题 5】are being taught【小题 6】booked 【小题 7】to waste 【小题 8】Looking【小题 9】reform 【小题 10】complaining 3. 【小题 1】a 8-year-old son 改为 an【小题 2】bought a piano to Tony 改为 for【小题 3】he can become 改为 could【小题 4】put her heart 改为 his【小题 5】seemed enjoy every minute 在 seemed 后加 to【小题 6】he was tiring 改为 tired【小题 7】Heard this 改为 Hearing【小题 8】and it is another thing 改为 but【小题 9】perform skillful 改为 skillfully【小题 10】well even if 去掉 even 4. 【小题 1】hoped→hoping【小题 2】speaker →speakers【小题 3】improve 前加 to【小 题 4】interests →interest【小题 5】that→ which【小题 6】去掉 most【小题 7】living →live【小题 8】but →and【小题 9】probable→probably【小题 10】However →Whatever 5. 【小题 1】forty→forties【小题 2】especial→especially【小题 3】fail→failed【小 题 4】去 afraid 后的 of【小题 5】disappointing→disappointed【小题 6】him→me【小 题 7】 word→words 【小题 8】 most 前加 the 【小题 9】 anything →something 【小题 10】 for→to 6. 【小题 1】work→working 【小题 2】too→ so 【小题 3】exercises→exercise 【小题 4】on poor? →in poor 【小题 5】why→how 【小题 6】Considered→Considering 【小题 7】decided 后加 to 【小题 8】去掉 into 【小题 9】immediate → immediately 【小题 10】promises→promised 【解析】 试题分析: 本文讲的是我的母亲因为工作繁忙很少有时间做运动, 于是我在母亲节送了我母 亲一双运动鞋以此来让我的母亲多多运动。 【小题 1】work→working 考查非谓语动词的用法。此处 work 和 teacher 之间是主动关系, 所以用现在分词 working 作定语,修饰 teacher 【小题 2】 too→ so 考查状语从句的连接词。 根据后文的 that 可知, 这里是 so??that?? 句型,故改为 so 【小题 3】exercises→exercise 考查名词。根据句意:她几乎没有时间锻炼身体了。此处 表否定,用单数。故 exercises→exercise。 【小题 4】on poor? →in poor 考查介词的用法。此处 in poor health 意为:健康不佳。 用介词 in,故把 on poor? →in poor 【小题 5】why→how 考查疑问副词的用法。此处意为:我在想如何培养母亲的运动兴趣;故 用 how 【小题 6】Considered→Considering 考查介词的用法。此处 considering 是介词,意为:
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鉴于;考虑到。考虑到今天是母亲节。故把 Considered→Considering 【小题 7】decided 后加 to 考查不定式的用法。此处是不定式作宾语,两个动词连用,用不 定式的形式。故把 decided 后加 to 【小题 8】去掉 into 考查动词的用法。此处 enter 是及物动词,其后直接带宾语,故去掉 into 【小题 9】immediate → immediately 考查副词的用法。此处修饰动词 realize 用副词 immediately,故把 immediate → immediately 【小题 10】promises→promised 考查动词时态。根据全文内容可知,此处用一般过去时。 故把 promises→promised 【学法指导】 在短文改错中常出现的错误主要有以下几类: 1. 名词单复数用错,可数与不可数名词的混用。比如第 3 句 she hardly has any time to take exercises. 根据句意:她几乎没有时间锻炼身体了。此处表否定,用单数。故把 exercises→exercise。 2. 动词:时态和语态,常出现在总体时态为过去或现在时,中间杂有不适的另一时态的现 象;或是及物动词后无宾语,或是不及物动词后加了宾语;需要接 ing 形式的接了 to,或 相反等。比如第 1 句 My mother is a teacher work in a key high school. 此处 work 和 teacher 之 间 是 主 动 关 系 , 所 以 用 现 在 分 词 working 作 定 语 , 修 饰 teacher , 故 把 work→working。比如最后一句 She promises that she would go jogging every evening. 根据全文内容可知,此处用一般过去时。故把 promises→promised 3. 形容词副词:常出现需形容词的地方用了副词或相反;关系副词 where, when, why 等的缺失或错用。比如第 8 句,but she immediate realized my purpose. 考查副词的用 法。此处修饰动词 realize 用副词 immediately,故把 immediate → immediately 4. 介词:主要是介词的多余或缺失,错用。比如第 4 句 She has been on poor health for some time. 此处 in poor health 意为:健康不佳。用介词 in,故把 on poor? →in poor 5. 主谓一致性:第三人称单数漏掉 s,或主语为复数,谓语动词用了单数;再就是就近原 则对主语的影响。 6. 冠词:定冠词 the 的多余或缺失,如季节,月份,星期,球类及三餐活动,称呼头衔前 等不能加 the 的地方加了 the。 7. 数词:主要是序数词与基数词的混用和错用。 8. 连词:不合句中的逻辑关系。如需转折连词(如 but)的时候用了承接连词(so) ,或相 反等等。比如第 2 句 She is too busy that she often has to get up early and stay up late. 考查状语从句的连接词。根据后文的 that 可知,这里是 so??that??句型,故改 为 so。 9. 代词:主要是代词的格与数的错用。如男性用了女性代词,单数用了复数代词或相反; 应当用形容词性的物主代词用了宾格,主格或相反,关系代词的错用或缺失。 10. 常用固定短语或固定用法及句型用错。 考点:考查短文改错。 7.being 8.and 9.disappointed 11.caught
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本卷由系统自动生成,请仔细校对后使用,答案仅供参考。 stop 13.riding 14.did 16.suddenly 【解析】 7.about 是介词,后面要用动词的 ing 形式。 8.两个句子之间没有连词,故用 and 表并列。 9.由前面的 anxious 可知空格也需要用一个形容词,动词的过去分词相当于一个形容词。 to 为固定搭配,在?旁边 11.全文都是以一般过去时作为主线的,catch 要用过去式。 12.refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事 13.keep doing sth. 持续做某事 14.这是一个问句,根据句意,缺少助动词,又因为用一般过去时,故用 did。 15.本句的意思:噢,这是我(的) 。 16.became 是动词,需要用副词来修饰,故用 suddenly。 17.developed 18.communicated 19.settlers 20..vocabulary 21.identity 22..present 23.Foreign 25.fluent 26.Largest 【解析】 17.由于前面的动词是用了 has changed 现在完成是,故此处也用 developed。 18.据前的 met 和文章的意思,可推断此处填 communicated(沟通,交流) 。 是形容词,要用于修饰后面的名词,根据句意,应填 settlers(定居者) 。 20.文章讲的是英语,故此处的意思是要扩大英语的词汇量(vocabulary) 。 21.根据课文的意思可知是填 identity。 present 为固定搭配,目前,现在的意思。 23.根据课文的意思可知是填 foreign。 24.such as 为固定搭配,例如的意思。 25.根据课文的意思可知是填 fluently。 26.由于前面有定冠词 the,故用形容词的最高级。 27.interested 28.with 30.which 31.various
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32.a 33.making 34.messages wasted 36.freely 【解析】 试题分析:本文讨论学生校园使用手机的问题,关于这个话题,有两种截然不同的观点,支 持的认为方便学生的联系,让学生更有安全感,以及及时欣赏手机的各种功能;然后反对者 认为过多使用手机影响学习。 27.interested 考察动词短语。 Feelinterestedin :对?感兴趣,故填 interested。 28.with 考察介词。很多学生带着手机去学校,因此故用 with。 考察 it 的用法。本句结构 Itis+形容词+to do ,it 做形式主语,故填 it。 30.which 考察定语从句关系代词。该句为非限制性定语从句,关系代词在从句中作 makes 的主语,故用 which。 31. various 考察形容词。 修饰名词用形容词, variety 的形容词为 various (各种各样的) , 故填 various。 32.a 考察冠词。由于谓语为 is,所以此处用 a,amust :一件必须的事情,故填 a。 33.making 考察非谓语动词。现在分词短语在该句做结果状语,表示自然或者情理之中的 结果,故用 making。 34. messages 考察名词。 Message 为可数名词, 根据本句发送信息, 故用复数形式 messages。 wasted 考察被动语态。 Time 和 money 与 waste 在逻辑上属于被动关系,故用被动 语态 bewasted。 36.freely 考察副词。修饰动词 use 故用副词 freely。 37.thousands 38.are considered 39.Because 40.Destroying 42.quickly help 44.the 45.countries 【解析】 37.thousands 考查数词 。thousands of 数以千计的; 38. are considered 考查动词的时态。 句意: 大约有 170 种物种被认为是处在危险中的; 39.Because 考查连词。根据上文提到 Why should people care?为什么人们关心, 故用 because 回答; 40.Destroying 考查非谓语动词 。动名词做主语; 考查介词 。be destroyed by 被 。 。破坏; 42.quickly 考查副词。句意:没有老鹰来减少他们的数量,他们会快速的增长; help 考查非谓语动词 。句意:幸运地是,许多人来帮助挽救动物 ,表示目的 44.the 考查冠词。句意:许多人捐钱让来人们来了解这一问题, 表示特指;
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45.countries 考查名词。因为有 a few 可知修饰名词的复数形式,故用 countries. 考查动词的时态 。the number of 。 。的数量做主语,谓语动词 用单 数形式。 考点 :语法填空。 47.annoying48.have been49.However50.themselves51.easier52.beneficial 53.To get54.that/ 【解析】 试题分析:本文讲了一款软件,是用来查看公交车的路线。这是由学生发明的,起先只是为 学生发明,后来运用到了全社会,给每个人提供便捷。 47.annoying 考查形容词。Be 动词后面加形容词,故用 annoying 48. have been 考查动词。句意:经常是你已经在车站等了半个小时。用现在完成时,故 用 have been 49.However 考查连词。前面说等车经常等半天都等不到,后面说广东中山的人不用担心这 个问题,前后是转折关系,且用逗号断开,故用 however 50.themselves 考查反身代词。设置一个闹钟提醒自己及时赶到车站。主语是 people,反 身代词用 themselves 51.easier 考查形容词的比较级。让学生赶车变得更加容易,是与之前的情况做对比,故 用比较级 easier 52.beneficial 考查形容词。Be 动词后面加形容词,故用 beneficial 53.To get 考查动词。动词的非谓语形式做状语,这里想表达的是为了得到技术支持,故 用 to get 54.that/which 考查代词。这里是定语从句,来修饰 questionnaires,从句缺少主语用 that/which 55.up 考查介词。这份工作占据了我们四个月的空闲时间,take up 固定搭配,占据 考查介词。学生也可以给社会带来巨大的不同与改变,给,用 to 【名师点睛】 (一)提示性填空的做题方法 1. 动词 (1)如果所给词是动词,空格前是名词或代词,比较复杂的时候是动名词、不定式或者主 语从句,那么这个空一定是缺谓语,所以要根据上下文判断句子的时态和语态。 (2)如果句 子不缺谓语,而所给词又是动词,如果能排除是词形转换题的话,那么这个空一定是非谓语 动词。基本知识掌握后,还要关注上下文中提供的关键词来判断是哪种非谓语动词形式。比 如 Waiting for a bus can be very(annoy).Be 动词后面加形容词,故用 annoying。再比 如 (get) technical support, the team turned to the local public transportation group company.动词的非谓语形式做状语,这里想表达的是为了得到技术支持,故用 to get 2. 形容词和副词 首先,要让学生确切的知道,形容词在句子中充当的句子成分和所处位置。其次,要明确形 容词和副词之间的词性和词形转换。 根据前文, 学生能够判断句子却的是形容词还是副词之 后,根据上下文逻辑结构和句子意思,通过加减前后缀的办法把题目做正确。第三,注意形 容词和副词的比较级别,同级比较用和 not,其中要加形容词副词的 原级。用形容词和副词取决于前面的动词是系动词还是实义动词;比较级有比较连词 than 或者根据上下文判断有隐性的比较; 最高级前面有标志性的词 the。 比如 At first, they just wanted to add or change bus lines to help make it (easy) for students at their
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school to take buses. 让学生赶车变得更加容易,是与之前的情况做对比,故用比较级 easier 3. 名词 名词在语法填空中出现的几率比较低,但是名词却是做自由填空的一个非常重要的参照物。 名词在提示性填空部分, 最可能出现的题就是动词转化成名词这种形式。 但是学生必须明确 名词的特点。单数可数名词前面必须有三类修饰限定词:a.必须有 a/an,the;b.必须有形 容词性的物主代词;c.必须有指示代词 this 或者 that 以及不定代词。三者是必有其一,互 不兼容。不可数名词最显著的特点就是不能与 a/an 连用,但是英语中要注意一词多义的情 况(如抽象名词具体化) 。 (二)自由填空题的做题方法 1. 介词 介词包括表时间、方位、方式的介词 on,in,at,with,by,through 等。介词最大的特点 可以和动词、形容词等构成固定短语,通常都是介词在后,再就是和名词构成固定短语,尤 其是要注意是否加冠词的情况。同时,学生要清楚介词后通常都是加名词、代词(宾格、名 词性物主代词、反身代词) 、动名词和宾语从句等。比如“The work took______almost all of our spare time for four months,” said Su Yinan, 16.这份工作占据了我们四个月 的 空 闲 时 间 , take up 固 定 搭 配 , 占 据 。 再 比 如 “Students can also make a big differencesociety.”学生也可以给社会带来巨大的不同与改变,给,用 to 2. 连词 连词的考查包括的内容比较宽泛,主要区分开两大部分,即并列句和复合句。这是做连词题 的关键。, people in Zhongshan, Guangdong don’t have to suffer this. 前面说等车 经常等半天都等不到,后面说广东中山的人不用担心这个问题,前后是转折关系,且用逗号 断开,故用 however 3. 冠词 冠词的用法主要和名词连在一起,根据上下文进行判断是用定冠词还是不定冠 词,亦或是不用冠词的情况。 4.代词 在语法填空里,考查比较多的有人称代词和不定代词,人称代词要弄清楚所指代 的性别和数,不定代词要弄清楚所指代或修饰的词是什么。比如 They carried out three surveys by collecting questionnaires are completed by about 600 people in shopping malls and bus stops. 这 里 是 定 语 从 句 , 来 修 饰 questionnaires , 从 句 缺 少 主 语 用 that/which 总而言之,学生在了解全文大意的基础上,从语篇着手并联系上下文,根据自己掌握的语法 知识、词汇知识、生活常识、固定词组、句型搭配及对某一国家的风俗习惯、文化背景的了 解、行文的逻辑关系、语篇标志等进行填空。 考点:考查介词、动词、连词、冠词、名词等 get61.when62.them63.think/are thinking 64.a65.Otherwise66.dreams 【解析】 57.If;此处考查连词,由后面的 will,主将从现的时态可知是 if 引导的条件状语从句, 故填 If。 58.healthy;修饰后面的 rhythm ,可知需要一个形容词,故填 healthy。 59.sleeping;固定搭配:have a trouble doing sth,有困难做某事,故填 sleeping。 get;固定搭配:find+it+形容词+to do it 是形式宾语,to do 才是真正的宾语,故 填 to get。
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61.when;此处是 when 引导的宾语从句,根据后一句的 as you lie in bed,故填 when。 62. them;根据前文知道 the muscles 为复数, 后面再次提起它时, 用 them 指代, 故填 them。 63. think/are thinking;现在分词作定语, if 引导的条件状语从句主将从现, 故填 think/are thinking;。 64.a;这里泛指那一类读起来不是很困难的书,不是特指。故填 a。 65.Otherwise;由原文可知这句和上句是转折关系,后面是不这样做的后果,同时后面还有 个逗号。故填 Otherwise。 66.dreams;固定搭配。此处考查名词单复数的用法,dream 是可数名词,本句祝愿做好梦, 好梦有很多个,故填 dreams。 考点:考查词汇和语法运用能力 67.called68.for69.how70.has joined 71.difficulty72.that / 【解析】 试题分析: 67.called; 此处考查限制性定语从句, 先行词 blog 是物,因此该是 which was called ,并且此处 which was 可省略。故填 called。 68.for; 固定搭配:for+名词或代词+to do 。故填 for。; 此处考查宾语从句。根据句意此处是想表达,向人提供怎样学习英语的 建议。故填 how。 70.has joined; 此处考查现在完成时。so far 是现在完成时的标志,常见标志还有 already ,yet ever ,just 等等。故填 has joined。 71 . difficulty ; 此处考查形容词的名词形式。由 his 可知后面应用名词。故填 difficulty。 72.that /which; 此处考查限制性定语从句。先行词是物 words(词语) ,从句中缺主 语,此时 that ,which 均可引导该从句。故填 that /which。 73.when; 固定句式:be doing ?when,当?的时候,正在做?。这个句子前半 句写到 He was organizing?他正在整理??故填 when。 use; 固定搭配:be excited to do sth,激动的去做? 这个句子中 surprised(惊 讶)和 excited(激动)共用一套主语谓语即 he was。故填 to use。 75.His; 考查形容词性物主代词。通篇全文,故事的主人公是男的,这里是想 说他的新朋友解释?故填 his。; 此处考查冠词。句子的意思是你能想象到我现在是一名英语老师吗? English 是元音开头,应该用 an。故填 an。 考点:考查词汇和语法运用能力 【名师点拨】 现在完成时的用法 have(has)+过去分词(done) 1、现在完成时用来表示现在之前已发生过或完成的动作或状态,但其结果却和现在有联系, 也就是说,动作或状态发生在过去但它的影响现在还存在. I have lost my wallet.(含义是:现在我没有钱花了.) Jane has laid the table.(含义是:已可以吃饭了.) Michael has been ill.(含义是:现在仍然很虚弱) He has returned from abroad. (含义是:现在已在此地)
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2、 现在完成时可以用来表示发生在过去某一时刻的,持续到现在的情况,常与 for,since 连用. Mary has been ill for three days. I have lived here since 1998. 3.、现在完成时往往同表示不确定的过去时间状语连用,如 already, yet, just, before, recently, lately 等: He has already obtained a scholarship. I haven't seen much of him recently (lately). We have seen that film before. Have they found the missing child yet 4、 现在完成时常常与表示频度的时间状语连用,如 often, sometimes, ever, never, twice, on several occasion 等: Have you ever been to Beijing I have never heard Bunny say anything against her. I have used this pen only three times. It is still good. George has met that gentleman on several occasions. 5、现在完成时还往往可以同包括现在时间在内的时间状语连用,如 now, up to these few days/weeks/months/years, this morning/week/month/year, now, just, today, up to present, so far 等: Thanks to everyone who ___ (join) the discussion on the blog so far. 句子中有标志短语 so far ,因此直接就能填出现在完成时 has joined。 另有例句: Peter has written six papers so far. Man has now learned to release energy from the nucleus of the atom. There has bee too much rain in San Francisco this year. The friendly relations and cooperation between our two countries have been enhanced in the past few years. Up to the present everything has been successful. 6、现在完成时表示现在之前业已完成的动作,虽然其效果或影响仍然存在但已不再继续,但 是有一些现在完成时的句子 ,在后面加上 for+一段时间,则现在完成时的动作就表示延续 性. Thomas has studied Russian. (现在不再学俄语) Thomas has studied Russian for three years. (=Thomas began to study Russian three years ago, and is still studying it now.(同第 2 点用法第一个例句) 7、现在完成时还可以用来表示过去的一个时间到现在这段时间内重复发生的动作. We have had four texts this semester. 85.were 【解析】 77.old miner (一名老矿工)必须用冠词,故用 an。 考点定位: 考查冠词。 78.全文都是叙述过去的事情,而且此处有提示性的关键时间状语 In April 1945,故用一 般过去时。
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考点定位: 考查时态语态 79.全文都是叙述过去的事情,故同样也是用一般过去时。 。 考点定位: 考查时态语态 80.这是一个定语从句,从句中又缺少了主语,而先行词是 mine(矿) ,故关系代词可以用 that 或 which。 考点定位: 考查定语从句。 81.根据上下文,可知 by the light of the moon 是指借助月亮的光,by 是介词,指代方 式。 考点定位:考查介词 82.put 是一个及物动词,它后面却了宾语,根据句意,可知此处应填一个代词 them,指代 的是前文提到的琥珀屋。 考点定位: 考查代词 83.decide to do sth.是固定搭配,决定做某事的意思。 考点定位: 考查固定搭配。 84.the entrance to?是固定搭配,?的入口意思。 考点定位: 考查介词 85.本句的主语是 gold,根据句意,可知黄金是被埋在里面了,故用一般过去时的被动语 态。 考点定位: 考查一般过去时及其被动式 86.根据上下文的意思可知此处应该用一个表因果关系的连词,故用 as。 考点定位: 考查连词 考点:语法填空 87.typing88.as89.which90.impressions91.that92.up93.of94.constantly 95.safety96.Lacking 【解析】 试题分析:本文介绍了作者工作的转变,之前是做的打印员,后来觉得工作太无聊换了一份 工作,做商业代表,然后讲述了一次飞机上的意外事件。 87.typing 考查动词。Tolerate doing sth 固定用法,忍受做某事,故用 typing 考查连词。Work as 做...工作,故用 as 89.which 考查代词。这里引导非限制性定语从句,用 which 90.impressions 考查名词。形容词后面加名词,故用 impression,且这是可数名词,故 用复数 91.that 考查代词。Except 后面加句子的时候,用 that 引导 92.up 考查介词。Speed up 加速,固定搭配 93.of 考查介词。Lose sight of 看不到,固定搭配 94.constantly 考查副词。副词修饰形容词,故用 constantly 考查名词。The 后面加名词,故用 safety 96.Lacking 考查动词。我们与 lack 之间是主动关系,故用 lacking 【名师点睛】 (一)提示性填空的做题方法 1. 动词 (1)如果所给词是动词,空格前是名词或代词,比较复杂的时候是动名词、不定式或者主 语从句,那么这个空一定是缺谓语,所以要根据上下文判断句子的时态和语态。 (2)如果句
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子不缺谓语,而所给词又是动词,如果能排除是词形转换题的话,那么这个空一定是非谓语 动词。基本知识掌握后,还要关注上下文中提供的关键词来判断是哪种非谓语动词形式。比 如 I couldn’t tolerate _________(type) any more postage bills or postcodes on a typewriter every day。 tolerate doing sth 固定用法,忍受做某事,故用 typing。比如 ________(lack) food and tablets, we were nervous and uncertain .给的词是 lack。 我们与 lack 之间是主动关系,故用 lacking。 2. 形容词和副词 首先,要让学生确切的知道,形容词在句子中充当的句子成分和所处位置。其次,要明确形 容词和副词之间的词性和词形转换。 根据前文, 学生能够判断句子却的是形容词还是副词之 后,根据上下文逻辑结构和句子意思,通过加减前后缀的办法把题目做正确。第三,注意形 容词和副词的比较级别,同级比较用和 not,其中要加形容词副词的 原级。用形容词和副词取决于前面的动词是系动词还是实义动词;比较级有比较连词 than 或者根据上下文判断有隐性的比较;最高级前面有标志性的词 the。 3. 名词 名词在语法填空中出现的几率比较低,但是名词却是做自由填空的一个非常重要的参照物。 名词在提示性填空部分, 最可能出现的题就是动词转化成名词这种形式。 但是学生必须明确 名词的特点。单数可数名词前面必须有三类修饰限定词:a.必须有 a/an,the;b.必须有形 容词性的物主代词;c.必须有指示代词 this 或者 that 以及不定代词。三者是必有其一,互 不兼容。不可数名词最显著的特点就是不能与 a/an 连用,但是英语中要注意一词多义的情 况(如抽象名词具体化) 。 (二)自由填空题的做题方法 1. 介词 介词包括表时间、方位、方式的介词 on,in,at,with,by,through 等。介词最大的特点 可以和动词、形容词等构成固定短语,通常都是介词在后,再就是和名词构成固定短语,尤 其是要注意是否加冠词的情况。同时,学生要清楚介词后通常都是加名词、代词(宾格、名 词性物主代词、反身代词) 、动名词和宾语从句等。比如 working _________ a business representative for the G.E Ecology Company,考到了这个词组 work as,故用 as 这个介 词。 2. 连词 连词的考查包括的内容比较宽泛,主要区分开两大部分,即并列句和复合句。这是做连词题 的关键。比如________ produced goods by recycling useful materials from our dustbins. 非限制性定语从句用 which 引导。 3. 冠词 冠词的用法主要和名词连在一起, 根据上下文进行判断是用定冠词还是不定冠词, 亦或是不 用冠词的情况。 4.代词 在语法填空里, 考查比较多的有人称代词和不定代词, 人称代词要弄清楚所指代的性别和数, 不 定 代 词 要 弄 清 楚 所 指 代 或 修 饰 的 词 是 什 么 。 比 如 except _________ the working timetable was full of traveling by jets.except 后面加句子,用 that 引导。 总而言之,学生在了解全文大意的基础上,从语篇着手并联系上下文,根据自己掌握的语法 知识、词汇知识、生活常识、固定词组、句型搭配及对某一国家的风俗习惯、文化背景的了 解、行文的逻辑关系、语篇标志等进行填空。 考点:考查介词、动词、连词、冠词、名词等

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97. 将 time 改为 times98. bigger99. 将 that 改为 why100. 第二个 is 后加 a101. apologized 102.late103.将 which 改为 who104.将 in 去掉 105.but 改为 and106.go 改为 going 【解析】 试题分析: 97. 将 time 改为 times 本句中的 time 表示“次数”, 是一个可数名词, 前面有 many 修饰, 所以复数形式。句意:这部电影是如此有趣以至于我看了很多次。 98.bigger 后面有 than,说明应该使用比较级 bigger 的形式。 99.将 that 改为 why 句意:我不知道为什么他们不喜欢和我说话。Why 表示疑问,而 that 表示的是陈述。根据句意可知表示疑问。 100.第二个 is 后加 a 后面的名词 mountain 是一个可数名词,前面的主语是 it 说明是单 数,所以加上 a 修饰。 101.apologized 根据后面的 started 可知应该使用一般过去时,所以使用 apologized。 102.late lately 是副词“近来”,通常和现在完成时连用;本句表示起床晚了点,所以 使用 late。 103.将 which 改为 who 本句中定语从句的先行词是 two men,表示“人”,后面的定语从 句中缺少主语,所以不能使用 which 引导这个定语从句,而应该使用 who。 104.将 in 去掉 短语 every year 可以在句中单独做时间状语,前面不需要加介词 in。 105.but 改为 and 句意:我奶奶是世界上最好的厨师,能够做出最美味的食物。根据句意 可知上下文之间存在并列关系,而不是转折。故使用 and,而不是 but。 106. go 改为 going 动词 suggest 后面要接动名词形式 doing,本句使用了动名词的复合 结构。 考点:考查名词复数、形容词比较级、连词等语法知识

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