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新人教版英语高三单元测试7 必修2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games

甘肃省新人教版英语高三单元测试 7 必修 2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games
1.If you leave the club ,you will not be ______back in . A.received B.admitted C.turned D.moved 2.—I wonder ______you’ll water this kind of flower .—Every other day . often long soon much 3.The Olympic winner will receive a gold _____as an award . A.vase B.medal C.castle D.jewel 4.A new ______bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate two months ago . A.regular B.physical C.usual D.former 5.We drew this conclusion on the _______of research and experments . A.motto B.glory C.basis 6.We all know that the Great Britain will ______the Olympic Games in 2012. A.charge B.volunteer C.admit 7.It is my ______to check that all doors and windows are locked after everybody leaves . A.doubt B.poster C.responsibility D.evidence 8.Taking _______exercises regularly will do good to our health . A.physical B.stubborn D.fluent 9.The taxi driver was _______$50 for ignoring the red light . A.replaced B.fined C.debated D.removed 10.You’ve been working all morning –I think you _____a rest . A.charge B.admit C.bargain D.deserve 11.Children under 18 will not be ______into the pub in this country . A.designed B.decorated C.competed D.admitted 12.I might buy a TV ,if I can find a ______in the sales . 13.The sign at the entrance to the club says ,―Children without the company of an adult are not to be _________.‖ A.admitted B. joined D.entered 14.—I wonder how much you _______for your servives. ---Well ,the first two are free while the third costs $30 .

A.bargain B.charge C.offer D.donate 15.I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale ;it was a real _______. B.bargain 16.---Good news .Jack ,I’ve got promoted . ----You _____it .Your abilities and hard work paid . A.get B.mean C.make D.deserve 17.I really don’t know why he hates everything we _______. A.stand out B.stand for C.stand aside D.stand up 18.These professors had interrupted their own research to accept an invitation to _______in an unusual experiment . A.take a part B.take part a part part 19._______the cost ,the project will take a lot of time as well . A.Other than B.Except for C.In addition D.Apart from 20.I _______less than a pound a week when I first started work . A.used to earn B.was used to earn C.used to earning D.was used to earning 21.Why many adolescents have trouble communicating with their parents lies in _______we call ―generation gap .‖ A.what B.that C.which 22.She could not speak ,nor ______anything we said . A.she could understand B.could she understand C.could understand she D.understand she could 23.There are no running races or horse riding events in the Winter

Olympics ._______there are competitions like skiing and ice skating . A.Besides B.ExceptC.Instead D.However 24.The competition is fierce .No women or children are allowed to ________. A.join B.take part in C.compete for D.join in 25.Atlanta ,a Greek princess ,was very beautiful and could run faster than ________man in Greece . A.any other B.any C .the other D.other Part two :完形填空 Is the world really going mad? 26 day I was sitting in a restaurant 27 a

quick drink and a talk with a few friends when I suddenly everyone in the restaurant was smoking. It wasn’t long was 30 29


that almost

the whole room 31 a

with smoke. I asked with an apology for permission(允许) to 32 !

window to stop myself

Nowadays air pollution is something that hardly question any more. However, I still can’t walk down the street in any of the big cities without are 33 that people

34 from the air pollution. It is time for the government departments of the 35 the public

world to introduce emission(废气排放) controls on all cars and transport system to encourage people to 36

their cars at home. A friend of mine 37 when he climbs

takes flying lesson each morning and it really makes him above the smog layer(烟雾层) and looks down that!‖ This kind of things can 40 39 38

it and thinks: ―I’m breathing

results from the bad management of resources. Waste 41 , and

should, be treated properly. Road construction, House

industrial development are all earthmoving(earth-reducing) operations and can change the balances of 42 created over millions of years. I would like to 43 serious

studies done on all these main works before they are built. Also, there should be 44 national parks set up to keep the most beautiful parts of countries in their 45 . B. Another B. drinking B. realized B. after B. filled B. recover B. sitting B. forgetting B. existing B. reduce B. stop B. tired B. at C. Every C. having C. watched C. before C. arranged C. shut C. talking C. deciding C. resulting C. improve C. drive C. foolish C. from D. Each D. buying D. showed D. now D. surrounded D. open D. dying D. learning D. surviving D. raise D. leave D. excited D. for


26. A. The other 27. A. reserving 28. A. remembered 29. A ago 30. A. full 31. A. break 32. A. standing 33. A. thinking 34. A. suffering 35. A. increase 36. A. put 37. A. sick 38. A. on

39. A. thought 40. A. but 41. A. work 42. A. life 43. A. see 44. A. fewer 45. A. situation Part three :阅读理解

B. question B. yet B. building B. mind B. look B. less B. states

C. pollution C. or

D. operation

D. and D. setting

C. achievement C. humans C. observe C. more C. soils

D. plants D. watch D. no D. places

A 篇 Fading beauty She is widely seen as proof that good looks can last for ever. But, at nearly 500 years of age, time is catching up with the Mona Lisa. The health of the famous picture, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1505, is getting worse by the year, according to the Louvre Museum(卢浮宫博物馆) where it is housed. ―The thin, wooden panel on which the Mona Lisa is painted in oil has changed shape since experts checked it two years ago,‖ the museum said. Visitors have noticed changes but repairing the world’s most famous painting is not easy. Experts are not sure about the materials the Italian artist used and their current chemical state(化学状 态). Nearly 6 million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year, many attracted by the mystery of her smile. ―It is very interesting that when you’re not looking at her, she seems to be smiling, and then you look at her and she stops,‖ said Professor Margaret Livingstone of Harvard University. ―It’s because direct vision (视觉) is excellent at picking up detail, but less suited to looking at shadows. Da Vinci painted the smile in shadows.‖ However, the actual history of the Mona Lisa is just as mysterious as the smile. Da Vinci himself loved it so much that he always carried it with him, until it was eventually sold to France’s King Francis I in 1519. In 1911, the painting was stolen from the Louvre by a former employee, who took it out of the museum hidden under his coat. He said he panned to return it to Italy. The

painting was sent back to France two years later. During World War II, French hid the painting in small towns to keep it out of the hands of German forces. Like many old ladies, the Mona Lisa has some interesting stories to tell.

46. What does the writer mean by ―time is catching up with the Mona Lisa‖? A. The painting woman is not so beautiful any more. B. Ageing is something that affects us all. C. The painting needs repairing. D. At such an old age, she is no longer popular. 47. What makes the repair work difficult? A. The wooden panel is thin and old. B. No one knows exactly what materials were used to create the painting and how it might respond to treatment. C. The health of the painting is suffering. D. Experts can’t agree on how to carry out repairs. 48. What makes her so mysterious according to Professor Livingston? A. The materials the Italian artist used. C. The way Da Vinci painted the smile. B. The way she smiles. D. It plays a trick upon the human eyes

B篇 Hundreds of years ago, a Roman army came north from England to make war on Scotland. The Scots, a brave people, love their country. They fought hard to drive the enemy out of Scotland. But there were too many of the Romans. It looked as if the Romans would win. One night, the leader of the Scots marched his soldiers to the top of a hill. ―We will rest here tonight, my men,‖ he said, ―Tomorrow we will fight one more battle① . We must win, or we will die.‖ They were all very tired. So they ate their supper quickly and fell asleep. There were four guards on duty, but they were very tired, too, and one by one, they fell asleep. The Romans were not asleep. Quickly they gathered at the foot of the hill.

Slowly they went up the hill. Closer they came to the sleeping Scots. They were almost at the top. A few minutes more the war would be over. Suddenly, one of them put his foot on a thistle (蓟). He cried out and his sudden cry woke the Scots. In a minute they were on their feet and ready for a battle. The fighting was hard, but it did not last long. The Scots wiped out the Romans and saved Scotland② . The thistle is not a beautiful plant. It has sharp needles all over it. Few people liked it. But the people of Scotland liked it so much that they made it their national flower. 49. Hundreds of years ago, the Romans ____ . A. came from the north through England to make war on Scotland B. came to the north Scotland from England to make war on Scotland C. came from the north of England to fight the Scots D. came to the north from the south of Britain to fight the Scots 50. At the shout of a Roman soldier, all the Scots who were asleep at the hill ____ . A. began to fight the Romans hard B. stood up without putting on their shoes and began to fight C. woke and rose immediately, ready to fight D. put their feet into their shoes at once and were ready to fight 51. The result of the war is that ____ . A. the Romans killed all the Scots B. the Scots were defeated C. the Scots were driven out of Scotland D. the Scots defeated the Romans 52. The Scots made thistle their national flower because thistle ____ . A. is lovely, though not beautiful B. gave them happiness C. is a kind of useful plant D. helped the Scots in wiping out the Romans

1-5B A B A C 6-10 D C A B D 11-15 D C A B B 16-20 D B B D A 21-25 A B C D B 26-30 ACBCB 31-35 DDAAC 36-40 DABCD 41-45 BAACB 46-52CBCBCDD


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