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Yue Qi

docter nurse

actor director


This person knows a lot about money


This scientist studies the chemistry of living things


He or she works in business



She works in an office


Secretary General of the United Nations

This person has offered to do a job ---and may not be paid for doing it


Vocabulary and Reading 1 – warming up Look at the pictures and answer the questions.

1.Where is the man standing? 2.What is he holding?
A large circular board. No On a bend on a road in the mountains.

3.Can the bus driver see the lorry?
4. How is the road?
The road is very narrow and dangerous for traffic..

5. Why is the man standing there? 6. Is his work dangerous? Is it helpful?
Yes. His work is dangerous but very helpful He is directing the traffic.

Vocabulary and Reading 2 – skimming

? Read the passage and match the headings

Part1 Part 2
Part 3

The man The road
The reason why he does it.

Vocabulary and Reading 4 – scanning

Read the first paragraph and answer the questions.
Where is La Paz? It is in Bolivia and is the highest capital in the world. 2.Which road is the most dangerous there? Yes Few drivers respect the rules. 3.Are there any rules of using it? Do people respect them?

The road going north from La Paz.

Vocabulary and Reading 4 – reading
? Read the last two paragraphs and choose

the correct answers in part 4.
? Read the whole passage again and judge

the statements.

Part 4
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. What is Timoteo’s job? (a) He’s a policeman. (b) He’s a lorry driver. (c) He’s a volunteer who directs the traffic. 2. Where does he work? (a) In a small village in the Andes. (b) At the side of a road in the mountains. (c) In LA Paz.

? ……..

Keys: c, b, a, a, c, b

Vocabulary and Reading-4. True or False(4m)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The mountains make communication easy. Many roads are in bad condition and accidents are unfrequent. Timoteo has an unusual job. He climbs up to the bend with a large square board in his hand. Some one asked him to do the job. He felt that it was others mission to do it.

Listen to the text and fill in the blanks.

in bad condition(处于不好的状态 1.Many roads are ______________ ) and accidents are frequent. One road in particular ____________( 尤其), which goes north form La Paz, is ____________( considered 被认为)the most dangerous road in the world. on average 2. Although there is not a lot of traffic ,_________ (平均),one vehicle ___________( comes off 驶出) the road every two weeks. In theory 在理论上),the road can be used by 3.__________( in practice traffic……but _________( 在实践中), few drivers respect the rules.

1.Then one day while he was working as a had a close encounter with death lorry driver he _______________________ (与死神擦肩而过) . a profound effect on 2 .This last experience had _________________ _(对…产生重大影响) Timoteo.
in week out 3.And so every morning week _______,______ _, ( 一周又一周 ) takes up (站好 from dawn to dusk, Timoteo _______ 位置以备…)his place on the bend and directs the traffic.

Interview As a reporter, you just had read a report about Timoteo. So you want to have a face-to-face interview with him.

Vocabulary and Reading-. Role-play

Characters: Reporter Timoteo Villager A Villager B

Tips: 1. Something about the road 2. Something about the man 3. The reason why he does it 4. Local villagers’ opinions.

Vocabulary and Reading-4.Post-reading

If you were Timoteo Apaza , were you

willing to direct the traffic in the
dangerous area?

Homework: ? retell the passage in your own words and write it down



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