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英语:unit6 lesson1 a matter of taste学案(北师大版模块2)

A Matter of Taste Outline I. Warm up Match the paintings with the names and the painters. Cabbag e Popp y Racing Horse II. Fast-reading Read the text quickly and answer the following questions. 1. What is Xu Beihong’s masterpiece(名著)? 2.Who h eld exhibitions abroad to promote Chinese art? 3.Who is good at drawing simple pict ures from everyday life? 4.Who is famous for drawing pretty women? 5. Why did Chen Yife i use black as the background of Poppy? III. Careful-reading(1) Read the text carefully and introduce the painters. This is Xu Beihong(1895-1953). Chen Yifei Xu Beihong Qi Baishi He was important in ___________________. He developed the _____________________. tradition of He Baishi _________________________________________. This is Qi (1863-1957). He was one of ___________________. During his early youth, he worked with _______. Between 1902 and 1909, he travelled across _________ and painted many picutres of _____. Later, his interest changed to ____________________. He _________________________________________. This is Chen Yifei(1946-2005). He was a ____________________. His_____________________________ are very valuable. He ____________________________________________. IV. Careful-reading(2) Read the text carefully and fill in the blan ks painters Famous paint ings Characters of the paintings It is a ___ _____ horse. __________is used to show the moving hair on its mane and tail. Different shades of grey are used to show the_______ along its body. Xu Beiho

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