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Transcript: Hi, I’m Donna Bones, life and relationship coach here in New York City, and the author of It’s All About You. In this clip, we’ll talk about how to make a good first impression in college. And the first thing is really just the basics. Make sure that you dress nice. You know, don’t just because you can doesn’t mean you should wear sweatpants, and, and be really casual when you go to class. I'm not saying that you have to dress up all the time, but you should look nice.

Be on time. Being on time just shows respect and it’s a good habit to get into for your whole life. Maybe if you're a little bit early, then you can get a good seat. If you can sit near the front where you participate and ask questions, then that’s a good way to make a good impression. And, really study. I know it’s tempting, you're in college you're away from home, you’re having fun, but you are there to learn. So, if you can really make your studies a priority and do that first, then... I’m not saying don’t have fun, you should have fun at the same time. But the best way to make a good impression is to make school your top priority, dress nice, ask questions in class, show up on time, and really dedicate yourself to learning. I, I promise you as you get older and you go through life, yes, you’ll look back at the great times you had in college. But the most important thing is the education that you got at college. So, I think if you can put out the impression that you’re there to learn, and that you’re willing to learn, and you want to learn, then that’s the best way to make a good first impression. And as far as to the other students, if you want to make a good impression, maybe, you know, go join a fraternity or sorority or something. And join a club, or something else to get you involved with other people. And if you live in a dorm room, then that’s actually a good thing for the first year or so, cause then you can get to meet other people in the dorm and, and make new friends. So, I think, as long as you’re true to yourself, and be confident in yourself, and be proud of yourself, you’ll always make a good first impression no matter where you go. This is Donna Bones from New York City. Words: clip: n. 剪辑、视频片段

tempting: adj. something that is tempting seems very good and you would like to have it or do it 吸引人的 fraternity: n. a club at an college or university that has only male members 大 学兄弟会 sorority: n. a club for women students at an college or university 大学女生联谊 会


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