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Healthy Eating教学设计

Unit 2 Healthy Eating Foreword
With the rapid development of the economy, more and more peopl e pay much attention to the quality of life. What counts most, in term s of quality of life, is one’s health. As chairman Mao Zedong once said, “The body is the capital of revolution.” Moreover, health is the capital of all other things. No health, no wealth. Therefore, there is no happiness to speak of. In this unit, we will talk about one aspect of health that is healthy eating.

Ⅰ.Teaching analysis
This lesson provides some information and key vocabularies about h ealthy eating. It focuses on the developing students ’ ability of talkin g about healthy eating and different types of food.

Ⅱ.Students analysis
Senior high school students, Grade 1 .Students have already laid a goo d foundation for English in terms of English knowledge such as vocab ulary and grammar, as well as English skills such as listening, reading, s peaking and writing, thus it is not so difficult to involve students into

the learning process. Besides, healthy eating, the topic of this unit is fa miliar and interesting, so students are comparatively active in learnin g this unit. In this sense, I will emerge students into the situational lear ning, stimulating their strong interests.

III .Teaching objectives:
A. Knowledge: 1. Enable students to acquire some vocabulary, especially some word s relating with food. 2. Enable students to get useful information from the text. 3. Enable students to accumulate some basic knowledge of restaurant management. B. Ability: Improve the reading ability, such as skimming, scanning, close reading, summarizing and so on. Enable students to analyze the text by themselves. Dstinguish the useful information from the text. C. Affective: 1. Enable students to keep a healthy eating habit. 2. Enable students to learn something from Wang Peng, in particular, the strategy of restaurant management.

IV. Important points and difficult points
Focal Points: 1.Students can understand the passage 2. Students can tell which protective food is and which energetic foo d is 3. Students can apply their reading skills to efficient reading under the guide of the teacher Difficult Points: Students can improve and apply their reading skills.

V. Teaching contents:
A. to learn some vocabulary relating with food; B. to get useful information from the text; C. to analyze the plot of the story.

VI. Teaching aids:
Multimedia facility, chalk,blackboard.

VII. Teaching procedures:
Step 1: warming up
Activity 1:Showing pictures

Teacher give students the pictures of all kinds of food and ask their Chinese names, ask students to speak out their English names. Then tell which are healthy and unhealthy. Activity 2: Do a survey Making a dialogue with classmates, then doing a survey Name Breakfast Lunch Supper Favorite Food

Step2: Pre-reading
Activity1: Discussion Compare of the four pictures ,try to think about what kind of eating diet is healthy to us. Then discuss what healthy food include. Activity 2: Predicting Look at the title of the reading passage ,the pictures and skim the passage. Then predict what the passage is talking about.

Step3: While-reading
Activity 1:Chart filling

Wang Peng’s

Yong Hui’s


Energy-giving food

Protective food

Energy-giving food

Protective food

Activity2: Analise the text Read the whole passage clearly, and answer the following questions. ? how many parts can be divided? ? What’s the main idea of each part? Activity3:Ture or false Read the passage carefully and think about these statements whether they are true or false . ? Usually Wang Peng’s restaurant was full of people ? Yong Hui could make people thin in two weeks by giving them a good diet. ? Wang Peng’s regular customers often become fat. Activity 4: Paraphrasing Comprehending the words and difficult sentences on the

passage ,and discuss with your partners. Then finish the following exercises.

Step4: Post-reading
Activity 1: summary Reorganize words to retail the passage Activity2: Filling the blank Activity3: Discussion ? What is the most important thing for a restaurant to win customers? ? If you are Wang Peng , what will you do to win customers back?

VIII.Optional activities and homework:
A. Optional activity: Do an interview of what people eat every day, and analyze whether they have a healthy eating or not and give som e reasons. B. Optional homework: Design a healthy menu.

Since it is the first class of this unit, the major job is to grab students’ interests in learning. Therefore I focus on meaningful learning by

means of preparing some pictures. Most importantly, the main job of this lesson is the reading material. I am more like an authority in this part which lacks students’ enough involvement. I am afraid that I rely on the multimedia facility too much, which constraint students’ thinking, so next time I should control the use of multimedia to certain extent.


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