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Unit 4 Sharing
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Leading in
Do you know the sign for volunteers?

What does the sign remi

nd you of?
help A hand: _________________ love and care A heart:_________________ peace A dove: _________________ Y stand for youth A letter:_________________

A Letter Home
--By Jo (a volunteer works in P N G)

Step1 Listening
1.What’s the main idea of the text?
The passage is written in the form of a
letter by a young volunteer, Jo. It is about

her experience as a teacher and her first
visit to a village which is the home of her


Step2 Fast reading
2.What’s the main idea of each paragraph?
____Para 1 A. What Jo’s school is like I ____Para 2 B. Jo’s first visit to a village A ____Para 3 C. How the villagers cooked their meals G ____Para 4 D. Jo said goodbye to the villagers B ____Para 5 F E. The way to deal with leftover food ____Para 6 F. What the hut was like outside and inside C ____Para 7 G Poor school conditions E ____Para 8 H.The ending of the letter D ____Para 9 I.The purpose of the letter H

Step3 Scanning
Divide the passage into four parts

How to divide it?

3.What is the main idea of each part? ? Part 1 The beginning of the letter (Para 1) ? Part2 2-3 (Para____) The introduction of the school and Jo’s work as a teacher ? Part 3 (Para____) A visit to a local village 4-8 ? Part 4 (Para 9) The end of the letter

Step4 Careful-reading
complete the sentences with the characters mentioned in the letter:
Jo 1. ______ is a young Australian woman. 2. Rosemarywas dying to hear all about Jo’s life in ________ Papua New Guinea. 3. The boys walked a long way to get to the school . ________ 4. The boys and Jo didn’t have any textbooks. ________________ Jo 5. ____became a lot more imaginative when

6. ________ started jumping out of the windows The boys during a chemistry experiment.

7. ____________ visited a village that was Jenny and Jo the home of one of the boys, Tombe. Kiak 8. _______ started crying “ieee ieee” to welcome them. 9. Mukap led us to a low bamboo hut. ______ 10. ______ was going to share the platform Kiak with Jenny and Jo. 11. Tombe’s family softly talked to each _____________ other in their language Jo didn’t understand.

Step5 Concluding and Reciting
? The passage is written in the form of a letter by a young volunteer Jo, she worked at a bush school whose 1 classroom were made from bamboo and grass. There’s no electricity or water there. It took the students about 2 two hours to3get(get) to the school. Jo hoped to make some difference to the Children’s lives by teaching them. The other day, Jo visited Tombe’s home.

? When they arrived at the village, 4 Tombe’s mother who had been working ___ 5 ____ (work) in the garden , started crying “ieee ieee”. Tombe’s father led them to his house, a6 low bamboo hut with grasssticking 7 (突出) out of the roof, 8 what he could only see a few tin plates and cups and greens. That night Jo and Jenny slept on a newly 9 (新近地) made platform. They left the village the next morning after many 10 goodbyes and shaking of hands.

Step6 Homework
1. Read the passage again after

class and find all the attributive
clauses in it. 2. Preparations: Learning about Language on page 32. Ex1,2&3

4. Discuss the question. P31T4.4. Why do you think Jo bacame a volunteer in PNG? Give as many possible reasons as you can . Would you like to work as a volunteer in a poor area? Give reasons.
?Because I want to share… with others/ … ? The reason is that …


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