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短文改错 Thank you for your letter. To tell you the truth, I’ve thought a lot of about whether you should buy a laptop computer help you with your study. In my opinion, you’d better not. For one reason, it’s very easy for you to develop some bad habit once you have it, such as playing computer games, see movies and so on, which will be a waste of time. For other reason, buying a laptop computer don’t mean you can study well. If you want to make a progress, you need to put your heart into your study but work hard. Whether you had a computer or not is not the most important. Do you agree to me? Looking forward to your reply!

Answers: 锦山蒙中2013---2014学年下学期期中考试 英语试卷 答案:21-23 BCB 24-27 CBAB 28-31 DCBD 32-35 ACBD 36-40 GEFAD 41-45 CBADD 46-50 CBACD 51-55 CABDC 56-60 ACCBD 61.caused 63.speaking 64.over 65.on 66.or 67.on 68.compared 69.with 70.fewer Proof-reading: 1.去掉a lot of 中的of 前加to 3.habit---habits 4.see---seeing 5.other---another 6.don’t---doesn’t 7.去掉 make a progress中的a 8.but---and 9.had--have

第二节 书面表达(满分25分) 根据以下内容,通过合理想象,用英语写 一篇短文来展望未来新生活。 词数:100左右。 1.有些人可以到月亮上度假。 2.有些科学家可能在海底生活。 3.每家都有可视电话(videophone),通过 可视电话可以体检和购物。 4.孩子可以在家通过电视和广播接受教育。 5.机器人为你做家务。

Advanced Life in the Future Sometimes I dream about life in the future. What will it be like?Perhaps some people will go to the moon for a holiday, and some scientists will live under the sea. Maybe we will have videophones in every home. We can have a medical examination or do some shopping without leaving our homes. And I’m sure there will be more educational programs on the radio or TV, so perhaps some children won’t need to go to school every day. They’ll study at home. No people like doing housework. Maybe in the future each family will have a robot. Every day we can tell the robot what to do---shopping, housework and so on. I believe the dream will come true some day.

NMET98 My favorite sport is football.I ___ was a member of our school football team.We practise for three times every week and often watch football _____ match on TV together.Play ____ football not only makes us grow up am 1.________ for 2.________ matches 3.________ Playing 4.________

tall and strong but also give ___ us a sense of fair play
and team spirit.We must keep in mind that we play for the team instead ourselves.Also,the sport ∧ teaches us the________ important of obedience(服从). Each player must obey captain,who is the leader of ∧ the team.And ____ they must not break the rules too often if we want to win the game.

5.________ gives √ 6.________ of 7.________
importance 8.________ 9.________ the

10.________ we

(NMET99 )

The Problem with Television much 1.________ was 2.________

Now I can’t watch much television but a few years ago I was used to watch it every night. I was often a little tired after a day’s work and watch TV _____

watching 3._________
Unfortunately 4.__________

demands very little effort. __________ Unfortunate, there are
too many people ______ among my family.Some wanted to see___ the programme while others preferred another.I am __ happy with any programme but the others spent a lot time arguing and there ∧ was no way of settling the matter except by

in 5._________
one 6.__________ was 7._________ of 8._________ √ 9._________ everyone 10._________

______ at home reads instead. selling the set.Now someone

NMET2000 my The day before the speech contest(比赛) English teacher 1._________ ∧ schoolmates talked to me. She said that she and my schoolmate 2._________ ________ all

wished me success,but it didn’t matter that I would ____ 3._________


√ win or not.When I was on the stage the next day,I felt so 4._________ __ that nervous as I shook like a leaf.There were so many people 5.________ a \ \ present! Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher in 6.______ and ___ the crowd.She was smiling but nodding to me.I remembered 7._______ calmed ____ her words and calm down.I did a good job and won the first 8._______ __ are prize.Now my picture and the prize is hanging in the library. 9.______ often \ \ Whenever I see them I will often think of my English teacher. 10.______












I. 时态与语态
\ 1.I remembered the whole thing as if it was happened just yesterday.

2. The party the students had been looking forward to being _____ held yesterday evening at last. was ___ caught climbing over the garden 3.The thief has was wall.
\ taken place in our 4.Great changes have been hometown since 1978.

5.In the past two years he made great progress in ∧ maths. has
6.I’m sorry to say that ___ I fail in English exam this time. failed was 7.A man who named James made it in 1892.
∧ ∧

8.He found that a bag of corn had stolen from his been house.

II. 固定搭配

1.We called __ at Mr. Smith yesterday. on 2.The novel is very ___ worth reading.
well 3.She has been married with a man with little money for ten ___ years. to
__ arm. 4.The policeman caught the thief by his the ____ 5.Though he has worked for ten hours,yet he felt not a little


1.The Smiths did his __ best to make me feel at home. their 2.We found some wood and carried them ____ back to the cave. it

3.This pair of shoes is a bit tight.Show me another one. ___ pair
4.Kate and her sister went on holiday with a cousin of hers. ___ theirs 5.At the beginning of the basketball match,the team were not sure of himself. ______ themselves 6.Your clothes are dirty.You should change it now. __ them


1.Early to bed and early to rise are ___ a good habit.

2.There ___ are a chair and some desks in the room. is 3.The old ____ likes to look back upon the old days.
like 4.Collecting stamps ____ need a lot of money. needs
____ to come raise your hands please. 5.Those who wants want

即时检测(一) 下面各句中有一处错误,请选出。

1.Taking care of their grandson bring them great joy.





2.Help yourself to eat some bananas,Bob.





3.I’ve read most of the book.The rest of them are boring.




4.Don’t worry about me.Mike and his family is so kind to me. A B C D

5.Soon a cool wind started to blow and black clouds were
A covered the sun. D 6.When I tried to sit up,I felt a pain on my back and could A hardly move. D 7.Put the little plants in the shade so that the sun won’t burn it. B C B C

8.The woman who had caught stealing stole a watch.

9.Anyone who breaks the law will be put in the prison. A B C D

10.This pair of sunglasses are beautiful.I like it very much. A B C D

即时检测(一) \ school this year,I began After I finished the to look for work.Now several month ____ later,I still the \ 1.________ months 2._________

in hadn’t found the job that I was interested ∧ .Last Sunday 3._________
morning I received a phone call from a man calling him ___ 4._________ himself Mr.Smith.He said to me on the phone, “I hear you do __ 5._________ did √ 6._________ beating

very well in your studies.I may have a job for you.” _____ I entered his office with a beaten heart.How I hoped 7.__________ would ___ that I will go through the job-hunting talk today and he 8.__________ surprise _______ would take me on as a lab assistant.But to my surprised, 9.__________ was ∧ what he said disappointing.He only needed a model. 10._________

即时检测(二) sports Baseball(棒球) is one of America’s favorite sport. ____ 1.__________ where \ \ Many big cities where have professional(职业的)baseball 2.__________ is __ teams.The baseball season are from April to October. 3.__________ of ∧ During the baseball season,millions people go to 4.__________ watch ______ stadiums to watch baseball.People also watched 5.__________ on __ baseball in TV and listen to games on the radio. 6.__________ playing ___ People of all ages like play baseball.Many 7.__________ children ____ child play Little League baseball in the spring and 8.__________ too _____ summer.Many adults enjoy baseball either. 9.__________ √ They play after work and on weekends. 10.__________

即时检测(三) In Wednesday morning,Tom was walking along __ the streets.Suddenly he heard two shots.It _ came On 1.__________ They 2.__________

from the bank.He ran to the bank___ but saw
a man coming out of.The man was short and \ fat with red hair.He had a bag of money __ or \ a gun in his hands.The man ran away and was disappeared behind a bus.That afternoon Tom

and 3._________
4.__________ of \ 5.__________ and was \ 6._________ √ 7.__________

went a film.He saw the thief again and phoned the ∧ police.They caught the thief.How ____ an exciting day
for Tom!The bank gave him ﹩100___ for a reward.

to 8.__________
9.__________ What

as 10._________



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