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Unit 6 At the zoo



It is so


It is so


It has a short tail. It has a long tail.

/> long




Fill in the blanks with “big” or “small”.

It’s a small bird. It’s a big ball.

It’s a small ball.

It’s a big bird.

Fill in the blanks with “long” or “short”

It’s a long pencil. It’s a short pencil. It’s a short ruler. It’s a long ruler.

Big, big, big,

big big eyes.
Small, small, small,

a small small nose.
Long, long, long, a long long tail. Short, short, short, a short short arm.

It has big ears.

It’s a dog.

It has a long tail.

It’s a monkey.

It has a short tail.

It has a short tail and a big mouth

It’s a duck.

It has big eyes and short legs.

It’s a pig.

It has small ears and a
small nose.

It’s a panda.

Look at the picture:

They are Amy and Amy’s father. Look at Amy, she is ______, B Look at Amy’s father,he A is____.
A.tall B.short

? ? ? ? ?

The mouse is____. C A The cat is______. A.big B.short C.small

Children, We have two new friends today,They are Bob and Jack. Look at Bob and Jack: C * Bob’s mouth is so ___. D Jack’s mouth is so ___. * Bob has two D ___ eyes and B legs. two ___ C eyes Jack has two ___ and two ____ A legs. A.long B.short C.big D.small

? Wow! Children, The bird is so beautiful ! small mouth ? It has a ______ long tail. and a ______ (short,long) big eyes and ? It has ______ ______ legs. (short,big) short

Oh, That is a purple bird!

big It has a ______ mouth and a short _____ tail. (short,big)


What is it?
It has a small nose. It has a long tail. It has small eyes and small ears. It has long arms and long legs.


What is it?
It has a small mouth. It has a short tail. It has big eyes and long ears. It has long arms and short legs.


1.练习(一):第二、四题。 练习(二):第二、五、六题。 2.读背unit 6 的Let’s talk。


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