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Book3 Module 5 小测验


Module 5 小测验

一、单项选择 1. To keep the room tidy, you’re supposed to put everything __________. A. in the position B. in orders C. in position D. in the order 2. He di

dn’t _______ a single word that you said. A. agree to B. agree with C. agree on D. agree towards 3. Do you know who _________ the telephone? A. invented B. discovered C. found out D. founded 4. It was 3 hours that I _________ the elephant, which ran away from the zoo. A. spent finding B. took to find C. spent to find D. coast for 5. How long have the two countries been ________? A. at a war B. in war C. at war D. in a war 6. Do you have a choice _______ language to study? A. which B. in which C. for which D. about which 7. Mrs Black took the police to ______ place ______ she saw the robbery. A. the same; as B. the same; where C. the same; that D. as the same; as 8. The school year is divided into two semesters, ________ is September through December. A. the first of which B. the first of them C. which the first D. that 9. When he was 12, his parents died,_______ him _______ from door to door. A. left, to beg B. leaving, to beg C. left, begging D. leaving, begging 10. The children had an argument _______ what game to play. A. over B. at C. for D. against. 11. The place ______ the bridge is supposed to be built should be ________ the cross- river traffic is the heaviest. A. which, where B. at which, which C. at which, where D. which, in which 12. What surprised me was not what he said but ________ he said it. A. the way B. in the way C. in the way D. the way which 13. I have many books, but _______ deals with the problem. A. none of which B. none of them C. all of which D. all of them 14. His followers liked the fact that he ______ what he taught. A. insisted on B. talked about C. believed in D. agreed with 15. Equipped with modern facilities, today’s libraries differ greatly from ________. A. those of the past B. the past C. which of the past D. these part 16. The discovery he ______ about this field of science was quickly accepted. A. found B. made C. invented D. searched 17. I didn’t know about it ______ you told me. A. if B. unless C. until D. once 18. You may borrow the book ________ you don’t lend it to anyone else. A. in good condition B. on no condition C. on condition that D. in no condition 19._______, because of all the disadvantages I have mentioned, I think, as a student, we don’t need a mobile phone. A. As a result B. In conclusion C. In fact D. To tell the truth 20. ______ production up by 60%, the company has had another excellent year.

A. As B. For C. Because D. With 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空 freedom kindness equal stress contribution order invent leather adviser honesty influence resign contain include treat position 1. The new book _____ 7 module, _____ one main revision. 2. Mr. Wang ______his students as his good friends. 3. Many a woman has a great ______ on her husband. 4. You looked ______ nice in both dresses. I wouldn’t know which one to advise you to buy. 5. She has very ______ offered to help out with the food for the party. 6. He held an important _______ in the company. 7. I _______ the importance of carefulness in this job. 8. His doctor _______ him against smoking. 9. I’d like you to give me an _______ answer. 10. The young teacher can’t keep ______ in her classroom. 11. This invention made a major ______ to road safety. 12. The shop sells _______ hand bags. 13. The computer is one of the greatest _______ in the world. 14. You are ______ to go or stay. We won’t prevent you making any decision. 15.He ______ from the company in order to take a better job. 三、完成句子 1. If you want to make progress, you’d better _________ __________ __________ _________ (听从老师的建议)。 2. I think she is _______ _________ _________ ________(一样不仔细) Marry--- they both often make mistakes. 3. She __________ (强调说) that ________ __________ ________ _________ (责任感) is very important. 4. Finally we know that he ________ ________ _________ (抚养成人) by his uncle. 5. He built his first computer while he was at university _______(用) an old television. 6. 他辞职的原因是他想赚更多的钱。. ( the reason why …) 7. 你希望别人如何待你,你就如何待别人。 (treat) 8. 这是一项他自以为豪的发明。 (介词+which) 9. 在那之前我对他一无所知。 (until) 10. --- 这两个国家打了几年仗了?(be at war) --- 大约半年。 四、语法填空 1. The place _______interested me most was the Children's Palace. A. which B. where C. what D. in which 2. Do you know the man _______? A. whom I spoke B. to who spoke C. I spoke to D. that I spoke 3. This is the hotel _______last month. A. which they stayed B. at that they stayed C. where they stayed at D. where they stayed 4. Do you know the year ______the Chinese Communist Party was founded? A. which B. that C. when D. on which

5. That is the day ______I'll never forget. A. which B. on which C. in which D. when 6. The factory ______we'll visit next week is not far from here. A. where B. to which C. which D. in which 7. Great changes have taken place since then in the factory _______we are working. A. where B. that C. which D. there 8. This is one of the best films _______. A. that have been shown this year B. that have shown C. that has been shown this year D. that you talked 9. Can you lend me the book ______the other day? A. about which you talked B. which you talked C. about that you talked D. that you talked 10. The pen ______he is writing is mine. A. with which B. in which C. on which D. by which 11. They arrived at a farmhouse, in front of ______sat a small boy. A. whom B. who C. which D. that 12. The engineer ______my father works is about 50 years old. A. to whom B. on whom C. with which D. with whom 13. It there anyone in your class ______father is in the country? A. who B. who's C. which D. whose 14.I'm interested in ______you have said. A. all that B. all what C. that D. which 15.I want to use the same dictionary ______was used yesterday. A. which B. who C. what D. as 16.He isn't such a man ______he used to be. A. who B. whom C. that D. as 17.He is good at English, ______we all know. A. that B. as C. whom D. what 18.Li Ming, ______to the concert enjoyed it very much. A. I went with B. with whom I went C. with who I went D.I went with him 19.I don't like ______ as you read. A. the novels B. the such novels C. such novels D. same novels 20.He still remembered the places and persons ___ he visited there. A. which B. that C. whom D. what 五、根据句意和所给首字母写出单词 1. The price of homes goes up and people from the area cannot a_________ to but a house. 2. Qingshihuang was the first r_________ of Qin Dynasty. 3. Confucius is considered to be one of the most important p_________ in ancient China. 4. He works hard and has a strong sense of r______________. 5. Many people agree that printing was i___________ by Chinese. 6. He thought that j___________ was the most important thing in the world. 7. He has no p______________; he’ll do anything as long as it is good to himself. 8. We have to admit that he has made a c_____________ to improving our working condition. 9. Hanhan’s novel is quite i______________ among teenagers.

10. She t__________ the boy as if he were her son.


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