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Unit5 - Unit6 Exercise
一.汉译英。 1.吃早饭 3.每天 5.薯条 9.水果沙拉 1.我很喜欢打排球。 2.他喜欢吃草莓。 3.她不喜欢汉堡。 4.你喜欢花椰菜吗?是的,我喜欢。 5.你爷爷喜欢鸡肉吗?不,他不喜欢。 6. Peter 午餐吃什么? 吃蛋和牛奶吗?是的。 蕉,但他不喜欢西红柿。 只吃一个蛋,一个苹果和一些水。 7.Nick 早餐 8. 他喜欢香 9.早餐她 2.吃晚饭 4.冰淇淋 6.健康食品

二.选择最佳答案填空 1. He_____like baseball, _____he likes football. A. don’t ,but B. doesn’t, or C. doesn’t, but Yes, I____do C./, /

2. Do you want to A. a,want

play ______tennis? B. the,do

3. Do you like soccer? A. I don’t like 4. B.I like it. C. yes,I do

_____that man Does a

great sports collection C. Does, has

A. Do, have

B. Does ,have.

5.Does _____play computer game ? A. he 6. ______the boy swim? B. him Yes, he ____ C. his


A. Does,do 7.Ann_______TV A. watches 8.My A. fun 9. I like A. on to father likes

B. Can, can C. Is,is every day B. watch baseball. He thins it C. looks is _______ C. difficult

B. boring

watch basketball games_________TV. B. at

10. We ________football. We play football every day. A. like B. likes C. don’t like

11.—Do your friends have any story books?? —No,they___________.? A.aren't B.not have? C.don't D.can't?

12.—Do you have any empty bags?? —___________,I___________.? A.Yes;don' t? B.No;don' t have any? C.Yes,have any? D.No;have?

13.—How many pens __ _________ Jim ___________?? —Three.? A.does;have;have? C.does;has;has?

14.I don't ___________ a dictionary.She ___________ one .? A.has;have B.have;have? C.have;has D.have;has a?

15.They don't have ___________ colour pencils,but I have ___________.? A.some;some B.any;some? C.some;any;some?

16.—Is this your bike?? —No,it is___________.___________is red.? A.her;His B.his;Her? C.mine;Her D.h ers;Mine?

17.Every day ___________ has a good rest and does his homework after school.? A.Tom? B.Kate? C.Tomand Kate? D.Tom's sister?

18.___________ that old woman ___________ a house near the river?? A.Do;has B.Does;have? C.Does;has D.Do;have?

19.—___________,what's the time? ?

—___________,I don't know.I don't have a watch.? A.Excuse me;Sorry? B.Sorry;Excuse me? C.Sorry;Sorry? D.Excuse me;Excuse me?

20.—Who ___________ 20 yuan now?? —I do.? A.have B.has? have have?

21.—___________you___________any apples?? —Yes,I___________.? A.Do;have;do? B.Are;have;do? C.Are;having;am? D.Do;have;am?

22.—Li Wei,do you have any pencils?? —___________! I don't have any.? A.Excuse me B.Certainly? C.OK D.Sorry?

23.___________,do you have a pencil?? A.Hello B.Sorry? C.Thank you D.Excuse me?

24.Kate gives___________ some books,but I must give___________ back soon.? A.I;it;them?;they;they?

25.—Do your friends have any story books?? —No,they___________.? A.aren't B.not have? C.don't D.can't?

三.单项选择 ( )1.—Let’s have oranges. — ________. A.That’s sound good C.That’s sounds good ( B.That sound good D.That sounds good

)2.— Do you like apples? — ________. A.Yes, I am B.Yes, I do C.No, I’m not D.No, I not

)3.— Does your son like carrots? — ________. A.Yes, she does C.No, he doesn’t B.Yes, he is D.No, she doesn’t

)4.He has ________ egg and ________ hamburger., an B.a, a, a D.a, an

)5.There is a ________ shop. It sells bananas, apples, pears and oranges.

A.vegetable (



)6.Let’s ________ now. go to home C.go to home go home D.go home

)7.What ________ she have ________ dinner?, in B.does, for, at D.can, to

)8.There is some ________ on the table. A.tomato B.egg C.chicken D.banana

)9.There ________ lots of apples on the tree. D.are

)10.We need lots of ________ every day. A.healthy food B.salads C.milks D.vegetable

)11.— Do you like French fries? — ________. A.Yes, I do B.Yes, I don’t D.I don’t like them

C.I like them very much (

)12.________ your mother ________ carrots? A.Do; eat B.Is; eat C.Does; eat D.Are; eat

)13.Our friend ________ like salad. A.don’t B.doesn’t C.isn’t D.aren’t

)14.— Do they like hamburgers? — Yes, they like ________ very much. B.them C.their D.its

)15.-What do you______for dinner? A. do B. eat C. have

-Soda and milk.

)16.Her parents ________ lunch at home. A.doesn’t have B.haven’t C.hasn’t D.don’t have

)17.We have lots of food ________ dinner. C.for D.on

)18.________ does Lucy like? Tomatoes. A.How B.What



)19.Aunt Li likes ________ bananas. B.eating C.eats D.eatting

)20.-Do you like________?-Yes, I do. A. apple B. a apple C. apples

四.改正句中的一处错误 1.Apples, bananas and orange are fruits. 2.Miss Gao haves eggs and milk for breakfast. 3.He likes salad but he doesn’t likes carrots. 4.Does he and you eat lots of fruit? 5.He watches TV at dinner. 五.选择正确的词填空 am is are do does can don’t ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

6.I ________ a student. My name ________ Li Hong. 7.She ________ my friend. Her name ________ Wang Mei. 8.Where ________ your balls? They ________ under the bed. 9.________ those apples? Yes, they ________. 10.On Sunday, I ________ watch TV. I must do my homework. 11.— ________ her daughter have a nice English name? — Yes, she does. 12.— ________ you spell the word? — Sorry, I can’t 13.________ his grandparents like him? 14.— What ________ your uncle love? — He loves sports.

六.句型转换 1. I have a soccer ball (用 Tony 代替 I )

2.He has a




3. Gina doesn’t play






4. Do






七.连词成句 1. Tom have and Jack baseballs there

2. play soccer let’s

3. he





4. Alan

does a racket tennis have ( ? )

5. don’t play soccer I it’s because, difficult

6. doesn’t he play he watches sports them TV on only

7. brother has great a sports Peter’s collection

8. playing like I computer game very much

9. interesting sounds that

八、用所给词的正确形式填空 (5 分) 1. –Do you like bananas? --No, I don’t like __________ (it) at all. 2. Peter likes ________ (play) basketball. 3. His mother ________ (not) like French fries. 4. I like strawberry ice cream, but I don’t like ________. (strawberry) 5. They like _________ (eat) hamburgers and carrots for lunch.


九、按要求改写句子 (10 分) 1. Linda and Tom like French fries. (改成否定句) They _____ ______ French fries. 2. Does Tom like eggs for breakfast? (否定回答) ______, ______ _______. 3. She doesn’t have lunch. (变肯定句) She _______ lunch. 4. My teacher plays basketball. (改一般疑问句) ______ your teacher ________ basketball? 5. We play volleyball. (变成由 Let 开头的祈使句) ______ _______ volleyball. 十.补全对话。每空填入一词,使对话完整、达意。 A:Hi,Tom! (1)____________ you like apples? B:Yes, (2)____________ do.How about you? A:I like apples.And my father(3)____________ apples,too.Does your father(4) ____________ apples? B:No,he(5)____________ .He likes oranges and bread (6)____________ breakfast.What about(7)____________ father? A:He likes chicken(8)____________milk. B: (9)____________does your mother like? A:Oh!She likes ice cream and hamburgers. B:Does she like carrots? A:No,she doesn't. (10)____________ she likes broccoli.Do you like broccoli? B:No,I don't.

十一、任务型阅读 根据材料,请找出 Jim Green 为家人准备的晚餐,并填写表格。(10分) Today is my birthday. I want to thank my family for their love. So I cook the dinner for them. I know my mother likes hamburgers and broccoli. But my father likes chicken and tomato soup. I have a brother. He likes hamburgers, too. But he doesn’t like broccoli. He

likes carrots. I have a sister, too. She likes fish and French fries. I like chicken and strawberries. I will buy these things for the birthday party.

Mrs Green Hamburger and(1)________

Mr Green (2)_________ _________

brother (3)_________ _________

sister (4)_________ _________

Jim (5)_________ _________

十二、书面表达 写一篇5-8句的短文, 介绍你的家人以及他们的饮食习惯 (包括他们喜欢或 不喜欢吃的食物、饮料、水果等)。 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________




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