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2014 年广州一模语法填空 While thousands of college students headed for warm climates to enjoy sun and fun during their week off from classes, seven local students had other plans. The Northern Essex Community College (NECC) students and one of their teachers spent part of their spring break in New York City, helping repair an area___16___(destroy) by the hurricane. “I want to see for myself what happened,” said Terry. “I couldn’t imagine ___17__ it is like to lose your home and everything that you know and the __18___ (power) effect the hurricane had on those people, I wanted to do something, to understand their feeling of helplessness.” The group headed into Brooklyn’s Red Hook district, which was hit hard by the hurricane. There they met people from other parts of the country, ___19___ had also volunteered to help. Together, those volunteers and the NECC students __20___ (work) to clear rubbish out of a story building. They put on protective suits and gloves __21__ they entered the building. Inside the building, the students saw nothing but broken walls and doors and pieces of the building ___22___ (lie) all over the place. The students returned to school with _23___ sense of achievement, a feeling that __24___ helped people in need. It was remarkable how a community lost so much and was still able to recover, and this left the deepest impression __25___ the students.

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