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unit3 说课稿

人教版八年级上册 UNIT 3 What are you doing for vocation ?
Good morning ,Ladies and Gentlemen! I am glad to stand here to show myself again. It is really a challenge for me, but I will try my best to do it well. Today my teaching material is : “What are you doing for your vocation ?” Section A in UNIT 3.Generally speaking,I divide this section into 6 parts.They are : Analysis of the teaching material, ,Teaching aims, Focal Points and Difficult Points .Teaching methods ,Learning strategies ,and Teaching procedures. Part1. Analysis of the Teaching Material SectionA is talking about vacation plans. This is an interesting topic for students. So all the activities in this unit are helpful to raise students’ learning interest. According to this aim ,SectionA lists out target language,chief functions,grammer focus and the vocabulary .So I will finish SectionA in three parts: Part 1 mainly tells us the basic language content ,while Part2 and Part3 enlarge the students’ knowledge and teach them how to use the language. Part 2 Teaching Aims and Demands : This part

includes :Knowledge Aims, Ability Aims, and Moral training Aims.


Knowledge Aims: introducing the key phrase, Such as babysit, camp, bike, ride, visiting cousins, going to sports camp,

going to the beach b) Ability aims : I think as a teacher ,I’m a director,while the students are I will give my students enough chances to speak out and express their ideals freely ,and try to train students’ ability of making future plans and improve their listening ,speaking,reading and writing. c) Moral Training Aims: To encourage students to be brave to speak English. Training the competition and cooperation. Build up the correct opinion. and love their jobs. Let students know: No pains, No gains Part 3 Difficult points and focal points There are 2 items in it: 1.The students learned the phrase “be doing” and they knew it means something (或 some activities are happening) is happening. So it’s difficult and important for them to understand that it can also be used to talk about the future activities. 2.listening to specific information As we all know, to learn a foreign language, 4basic skills are

essential, they are interrelated and interdependent. We must correct their pronounciation and intonation in order to do well in listening, and learrning to find out the useful information. Part4 Teaching Methods For the teaching method, First, I choose the situation method. I’m sure that students will behave according to the circumstance around them and that’s a good way to improve their creative thinking .Second , I choose communicate approach. During my class, I'll communicate with my students, In this way, we have conversations, and the third one is cooperation method, I think in this way, it can prompt students to study in groups and improve their cooperative skills. Part5 Learning strategies 1. Let the Ss pass "Observation—Imitation—Practice" to study language. 2. Let the Ss pay attention to the key information in listening practice to help to cultivate students’ comprehensive ability, including the understanding of the text. 3. Enable the Ss to study English language by Communication. Part 6.Teaching Procedures Step 1. Warming up

At the beginning of the class ,I will show some pictures for my students, Then I will leading into the topic :…And this is the interaction

between students and teachers, I think it can arouse the students’ attention and enthusiasm . Step 3. Listening Listen to the tape three times, For the first time the students only need to understand the general meaning of the conversations. For the second time the Ss pay attention to the activity in each conversation and write them in the chart. For the third time the Ss pay attention to the time that the activities in each conversation are done and write them down in the chart. After that ,learn the new vocabulary, here pay more attention to their pronuciation. And then, give them some praise. This activity gives students listening practice in understanding the target language in spoken conversation. STEP 4 Free talk and Presentation Give students several minutes to discuss and make some students come to the front platform and make a dialogue using the target language. For example: A:What are you doing for your vacation?
B:I’m going camping. A:That sounds nice.Who are you going with?

B:I’m going with my parents. A:How long will you staying there? B:I will staying there for a week

STEP5: Summary of the lesson In this unit,we’ve learned the useful pattern :”be doing”, And we've done much oral practice using the target language to help my students to memorize STEP6:Homework I think proper homework is quite necessary for students to enhance their knowledge and have a fully revision. so the homework will be: NO.1 Memorize all the key words and expression NO.2 write a passage talk about what you and your classmates are doing for your next vacation. Step 7 :blackboard design


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