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英语选修7 unit2 Reading

人教课标 高二 选修 7

Unit 1

Look at the pictures below. What are their problems?

losing their left legs

Losing his arms

losing her hearing

losing her sight

mental disability

?Do you know anyone with a mental

or physical disability?
?Does their disability make it difficult for them to do some things? ?What have they tried to do to overcome these difficulties?

Steven Hawking physicist / mathematician famous scientist known for his theory about black holes and big bangs: A Brief History of Time

Zhouzhou (舟舟)
famous conductor

born mentally
disabled with an

IQ of a child

Zhang Haidi (张海迪)

became disabled at the
age of 5, taught herself

English and took up
writing in 1983.

Yang Guang (杨光)

Though named “杨光”, he has lived in a world

of darkness since he was
8 months old.

He impressed the audience at 2008 Spring Festival Gala Evening.

邰丽华 deaf dancer

What can you learn from them?

Look at the pictures on page 1 and
read the passages below each picture. 1. What have these people achieved

even though they each have a

2. With a partner, discuss what their
disability might be.

Rosalyn has broken a 800 metres’ record. She is in a wheelchair. Something must be wrong with her legs.

Richard has just passed his university entrance exams. He has very poor eyesight and so could not read the questions or write the answers for his college entrance exams.

Sally leads a busy life. She is hearing impaired (though not deaf as she can still understand loud speech in the cinema.)

Gao Qiang played a major part in the school play. He was born with Down’s Syndrome, which is a mental disability.

You are going to read an entry on a website called “Family Village”.

1. What kind of thing do you think people would write about? People would share their stories with others, such as difficulties, sorrows and so on. 2. Why do disabled people find the website beneficial? Through the site they can encourage one another and even get help from healthy people.

Read the text quickly and find the main idea of the whole text.

disabled sorry

2. Choose a topic for each paragraph.

Marty met a lot of difficulties at school. How his life has become easier.
The advantages of his disease.

An introduction to Marty and his muscle disease.

How the disease developed.

Scan the text and fill in the blanks.

__ ______ _______ that A muscle disease makes him very weak. ______ run Clumsy and can’t ____ or ______ stairs as quickly climb as other people. To live one day ___ ___ at a time ______.

Why did the doctors cut out a piece of muscle from Marty’s leg? A. Because they could cure the disease by cutting it out. B. Because they wanted to use it as a specimen (标本). C. Because they would transplant (移植) the new muscle. D. Because they wanted to find out the cause of the disease.

Marty got poor result in school because of his __________. A. absence from school B. being out of breath C. running a short way D. resting half way

1. Marty’s ambition To work for a software firm. 2. Marty’s achievement Invention of a football game. 3. Marty’s hobby Going to the movies and football matches. Spending a lot of time with his pets.

1. Don’t feel sorry for the disabled. 2. Don’t make fun of them. 3. Don’t ignore them. 4. Accept them for who they are. 5. Give them Encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.

1. Marty has ____ disease. A. a mental C. an eye B. a muscle D. a leg

2. What’s Marty’s dream? A. Being a famous football player and representing his country in the World Cup.

B. Being a doctor.
C. Being a college student.

D. Being a basketball player.

3. Which of the following is false? A. Although there are a few students who look down upon him, Marty never gets annoyed. B. Marty leads a meaningful life and does not feel sorry for being disabled. C. Marty only spends time with his pets and never with his friends. D. Marty’s disability has made him more independent.

4. From the passage we can infer that ____.

A. Marty asks others to feel sorry for him.
B. Marty never loses heart.

C. Marty is afraid of being made fun of
D. Marty will not accept any encouragement

because he has grown stronger

5. Which of the following is TRUE? A. The doctor could give Marty’s disease a name. B. The doctor knew how to make Marty well. C. Someone in the world could cure the disease. D. No one could give Marty’s disease a name.

6. When Marty says “I am one in a million”,
he really means ________

A. He is unique
B. He has a rare disease

C. He has a muscle disease
D. He lives a hard but happy life

7. What is the tone of the text?
A. Sad C. Positive B. Happy D. Negative

What can we learn for the Marty?

Marty has a ________ disease which muscle makes him very weak. This disease is very _____ that you could say he rare is “one in a million”. The doctors don’t know how to ______ him better, make but he is very _________ and has outgoing learned to adapt to his disability.

Before he was ten years old he was the ______ as others. His dream was same professional to become a ____________ football player. Then he started to get _______ weaker and _______. The doctor checked him, weaker name but no one knew the _______ of his disease. One problem is that he looks the same as others but he is actually _______. weak

He fell behind others every time he

returned from an __________. At high absence
school life is a lot easier for him. His _________ is to work for a software ambition company when he grows up. Last year he invented a computer _______ game football for a big company. Though he is busy, he does have some hobbies, like

movies going to the ________ and football matches, spending a lot of time with his _____. In many ways his disability pets has helped him grow _________ stronger psychologically and become more independent. He believes that having a disability does not mean your life is satisfying not __________. You should live as ____ and ____ a life as others do. rich full

Surf on the internet to learn about Braille.



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