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七年级上册英语Unit 6 第三课时导学案(段文兵)

上课班级 主备教师 教 学 目 标
知识与 能力 过程与 方法 情感态 度与价 值观

七(2)、七(3) 段文兵 副备教师 叶碧洁

Unit 6 Travelling around Asia 的 Listening 部分 2014 年 12 月 3 日星期 三


将所听内容与图片配对 自行组织语言对所在城市景点进行问答 了解部分亚洲国家的文化及首都的景点 听懂 Sara 对三座城市的介绍,捕捉关键信息 根据主篇章内容,结合本单元词汇和句型开展对话 录音机 循环播放法 能捕捉关键信息 教师授课过程(教师活动) 学生学习过程(学生活动) 教学意图 Activate classroom atmosphere.

教学重点 教学难点 教具准备 教法运用 学法指导 基本环节

导入 新课

If you work hard, you will make great progress.

Plan and organize information and ideas by deciding on the sequence

初 学 新 课

Recognize the presentation of ideas 在以 when,before,as soon as 等引导的时间状语从句,也 through headings, 适用“主将从现”原则,即如果主句是一般将来时,从句 paragraphing, spacing, italics, bold print and 则用一般现在时。 punctuation. Ss read the I'll tell her the good news when she comes back. new words. Key pattern learning : travel guide ;in 当她回来的时候,我将把这个好消息告诉她。 the north-west of; light up ;in the centre of;

从复习旧知 中,引出本课 所要学的重 难点。

引 导 释 疑

Open an interaction by eliciting a response by asking questions or providing information on a topic ? Maintain an interaction by asking and responding to others’ opinions Apply syntactic rules such as subject-verb agreement correctly


. If 条件句的同义句:祈使 句,and /or+将来时态的陈 述句。 Work hard ,and you will make great progress.= If you work hard,you will make great progress. 如果你努力学习,你 才会取得大的进步。 Hurry up, or you will be late.=If you don’t hurry up. you will be late。

在学生掌握 了核心词汇 后,适当设 疑,引导学生 思考和操练, 巩固所学知 识点。







学 习

Plan and organize information and ideas by deciding on the sequence of content. Develop written texts by using appropriate format, conventions and language features when writing non-narrative texts.

如果主句是祈使句,那 么从句通常要用一般现在 时。 If you want to have a chat ,call me up. 如果你想聊天,打我电 话。 3、如果主句是含有情态动 词时, 根据需要从句多用一 般现在时。 You should be quiet when you are in the reading room. 在阅览室时应保持安静

由词到句,由 句到对话,以 对话形式进 一步巩固和 操练本课语 法知识点。

当 堂 检 测

1. Compare and If 条件句的祈使句,and decide: Compare /or+将来时态的陈述句。 通过相关题 your timetables Work hard ,and you 目的训练,了 解 week. 学生是否 and decide who did healthier things in the previous will make great progress.= 会 活学活用 2. Pair work: If you work hard,you 所学的语法 talk about your will make great progress. 知识。 如果你努力学习,你才会取 timetables

课 堂 小 结

Group work: discuss when she comes back. and write about what 当她回来的时候,我 归 纳 所 学 知 Danny is going to do 将把这个好消息告诉她。 识,便于理解 in the future PP P7 和记忆。 she will give you a call Individual work: PP P8 write about what you are going as soon as she returns. to do in the future to correct your unhealthy habits

I'll tell her the good news



1) Listen and read place of interest“名胜” 5 times There are many places of interest in China. 2) Help Danny to change his The Great Wall is a place of interest. unhealthy habits

教 学 反 思


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