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Unit 11 Career Planning Job Hunting

are preparing for (为……作准备)a 1. All students ____ monthly exam these days. are graduating from 2. We______ ( 毕业于 )Shangdu Vocational School next year. be concerned about (关心) me. 3. Please don’t ___________ 4. Finding a suitable job is very hard for most present 目前)。 people at _________( 5. The kitchen is full of (充满)smoke. 6. I looked for (寻找)my purse everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. 7. I valued (重视)his advice. 8. Mycareer (职业生涯) as a teacher didn’t last long. 9. We must face the challenge (挑战)。 10. I applied for (申请)scholarship(奖学金)。

for (准备)good food. 1. His mother alwaysprepares ____ graduated from ( 毕 业 于 )Peking 2. Xi Jingpin ______ University. 3. Liufang, you will come back soon and your are concerned about (挂念) you now. parents ___________ 4. We must face all kinds of stressesat present(目 前 )。 5. The bus is full of (充满) people. 6. Most students decided to study hard (决定努力 学习) after listening to yesterday’s report. 7. I value (重视) our friendship with you. 8. All college students are busy preparing for (忙着 准备) their resumes in June. 9. He decided to (决定)help mefrom then on (从那时起)。 10. The teacher let every student apply for (申 请) a bank card.

1. We must face the challenge.我们必须面对挑战 . 2. Do you think you will feel happy doing the job. 你认为你会愉快地做这份工作吗 . 3. Can you tell us something about yourself? 你能告诉我们有关你自己的事吗 ? 4. It’s never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,犹未为晚 . 5. What do you value most in your career? 在你的职业生涯中你最看重 什么 ? 6. Finding a suitable job is very important for us students. 对于我们学生来说找一份合适的工作很重要 . 7. 诚实的人是聪明的人。 He is wise that is honest 。 8. 最会夸夸其谈的人也最会说谎。
A great talker is a great liar。

1. He began/ started his speech with (开始) a humorous (幽默的) story. 2. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 千里之行始于足下 。 3. Knowledge begins with practice. 认识从实战开始 4. The ocean begins with little drops of water。 海洋是由小水珠组成。 6. 为…准备 prepare for 7. 自信 with confidence 。 8. 穿着整洁dressing neat 9. 身份证 ID card 。 9. 求职 job hunting 10.有礼貌 in good manners 。 11.毕业于graduate from 12.关心be concerned about 13. 现在,目前 at present 14. 充满 be full of

Job Hunting
Useful expressions of the last paragraph.

1. prospective employers 预期的雇主 2. cover letter 3. the main purpose 4. seek a job interview 5. hire sb 6. in person
附函 主要目的 寻求面试机会 雇佣某人 亲自

The translation of the last paragraph.
Job Hunting 一旦写好了简历,你可以附上一份 简明的“求职附函”一起寄给预期的雇 主。 求职复函要告诉你预期的雇主你是谁、 你的业绩以及你申请的职位。
但是,别忘了求职附函的主要目的是寻求 求职面试,因为除非亲自见过你,否则雇 主是不会雇用你的。

Language points of the last paragraph. ① Once your resume is completed, send it __ to prospective you can ____ employers with a meat, brief “cover letter”. 一旦写好了简历,你可以附上一份简 明的“求职附函”一起寄给预期的雇 主。

1. send sth to sb= send sb sth
把某物送给某人/送某人某物; 把某物寄给某人

eg. 1) I sent a postcard to my penpal yesterday. 2) I sent my penpal a postcard yesterday.

2. with 介词“ 有,具有,带有”
eg. 1)a girl with red hair

一位红发女郎 2) He looked at her with a hurt expression. 他带着受伤害的神情看着她。 3) They’re both in bed with flu. 他们双双患流感卧病在床。 4) Suddenly a man came in with a gun and said to him, “Your money or your life?” 突然进来一个带枪的人说道:“掏钱 。 译: 否则要你的命” 。

② But don’t forget that the main purpose of a cover letter is to seek a job interview, because employers won’t hire you unless they see you in person.

但是不要忘记附函的主要目的是寻求面试机会, 因为雇主没见到你本人是不会雇用你的。
注:in person /by oneself/on one’s own 亲自;亲身;独自地

1. on purpose “故意;有意地” 1) He did it on purpose, knowing it would annoy her. 他明知会激怒她,却故意那么做。
2) She did it on purpose, of course. 她当然是故意那样做的。

3) I’m not on purpose. 我不是故意的。

2. unless / if not
1) We will visit the Great Wall tomorrow unless it rains. We will visit the Great Wall tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. 2) Don’t enter the lab unless you are permitted to. Don’t enter the lab if you aren’t permitted to. 3) I won’t go to the party unless I am invited. 用 if not 改写: I won’t go to the party if I’m not invited .

1. a man with a suitcase .提衣箱的男子 2. a house with a red roof. 有红色屋顶的房子 3. in person/by oneself/on one’s own 亲自,亲身 4. The man talked to me with a smile on his face . (面带微笑) 5. Our teacher came in with a book under his arm .(腋下夹着一本书) 6. The woman sat on the chair with a baby in her arms .(怀抱一个婴儿) 7. 我可以每月寄1000元给你。 I can send you 1000 yuan a month. I can send 1000 yuan to you a month.

1. Our life is full of challenges and opportunities. 2. The whole society should be concerned about the growth and development of the teenagers. 3. She is looking for the key(that) she lost yesterday. 4. He has decided to apply for the job. 5. We don’t need it at present. 6. How many people participated in the opening ceremony. 7. He will attend the meeting in person. 8. The teacher asked the students to prepare for the exam. 9. Our teacher has much experience in teaching English. 10.She decided to leave here on Sunday instead of Monday.



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