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必修一一单元getting ready and reading

Most human beings are as good as they are because unsung teachers were there when needed.

Work in pairs. Think of one teacher who you think is excellent and explain why. Use some adjectives as many as possible to describe him/her. Make notes.

Getting ready----word-guessing
Use the suitable words to fill in the blanks and guess(猜测) the meaning of the words.



easy-going warm-hearted good-looking hard-working
Lee Hom is handsome, that is, good-looking ___________.
warm-hearted The _____________ man wanted to help the old woman. easy-going Her _________ nature (本质)makes her easy to get along with.

hard-working The man teacher is _____________.

Work in pairs to group (分类) the words in the box according to the headings below.
kind(B)alive pretty caring humorous good-looking old funny excellent handsome easy-going lazy clever able serious beautiful warm-hearted shy young strict patient traditional ordinary-looking tidy silent active confident interesting hard-working

A: Appearance B: Personal quality C: Professional quality D: Others

Grouping words helps you learn and remember them better.

A: Appearance外貌

pretty good-looking old handsome
beautiful young ordinary-looking B: Personal quality个人品质 kind humorous easy-going lazy warm-hearted shy silent confident

C: Professional quality专业品质
caring serious strict patient

hard-working D: Others alive lively funny active excellent clever interesting able traditional
tidy acvtive

口语练习 Use some adjectives in the box to describe one of your favourite teachers. One of my favourite teachers is Mr./Miss _____. _____ Wang He/She is a maths (maths) teacher. very young He/She looks __________. I like him/her very he is very humorous much because __________________.

2. Predict(预测) Tony’s general impression of his English teacher with the help of the following words and expressions from the text. enjoy musical tone prepare lessons well sense of humor admire use aids in an imaginative way musical: (music+al) connected with music or consisting of music imaginative:(imagine+ative) an imaginative man is one who is good at imagining.
Your prediction(预测): Tony likes his English very much.

Fast Reading----Skimming Skim the text to check your prediction and find out how Tony thinks of his new school life. Tony enjoys his new school life.

Skimming(略读) is a type of tips fast reading which is used to get the main ideas of a passage.

Skim the reading and answer the questions
? ? ? ? 1.who is Mr.Mills? 2.Who wrote the letter? 3.when did the writer write the letter? 4.Does the writer like Mr.Mills?

Fast reading --- Scanning(跳读) Scan the text and complete the following

table with the information from the text.
Then share the ideas with your partner.

Before he prepares his lesson very ________ class, well. he_______ what he wants. acts out Mr Mills’ he has a ________ voice changing according to the content. devotion he has a sense of _______. to his humor In class, he teaches the students to teaching think in an ___________ way. imaginative he uses special ways to explain grammatical rules _________________.

Mr Mills’ devotion After to his teaching

he discusses different
________ with students in subjects

English. class plays he______ games together
with students.

Detailed-reading Read the text again and decide whether each of the statements is true or false. Correct the false one(s) F ______ 1) Tony has been learning English Tony didn’t like English English when he was in he entered junior with great interest since junior middle school. middle school. ______ 2) Mr Millsfacialhis arms, hands, F Mr. Mills uses his uses expressions to fingers and facial expressions to help help express his feelings. express his feelings.

T ______ 3) Mr Hills likes communicating with his students in English after class.

_____ 4) from the from that Mr Mills F We know We know letter the letter that may know crazy about pop music. Mr Mills issomething about pop music ______ 5) According to the letter, Mr T Mills must know how to play Chinese chess.

Para 1---2 Question: Which sentence is the topic sentence(中心句)? I do enjoy the new school life here. Do在这里不表示做,用于谓语动词前,加强语气,常译为‘确实,的确’

Word—guessing But I’m pretty crazy about this subject now. pretty means: A. nice B. very.

Para 3----4 Word—guessing 1) We can hear loudness and the musical tone… It means easily heard voice .响亮,洪亮 illnessthe students and the teacher darkness business 2)…if

can’t share several chuckles and at
least one loud laugh. It means small soft,small laugh.

3)Through his sense of humour,he has Made learning more enjoyable.

enjoy加-able=enjoyable adj. giving delight or pleasure 令人愉悦的 unbelievable comfortable

4)…he likes to meet with students outside of the classroom to discuss different subjects in …

Subjects means: topics

Questions learning been changed? Mr. Mills is his English teacher and he’s impressed very much by his

1)Why has Tony’s attitude towards English

devotion to teaching.

2)How do you understand “…his voice always changing according to what he is thinking about?”

It means that Mr Mills is so devoted to teaching and he is good at changing his voice to attract his students.

3) What is successful class according

to Mr. Mills? He believes that a class is a success if the teacher and his students can share several chuckles and at least one loud laugh.

Discussion Works in groups and discuss why Tony likes Mr Mills so much. Try to use adjectives and examples to support your idea. You may discuss the following aspects. A. His devotion to teaching B. His creative ideas about having a successful class. C. His personal qualities D. His relationship with students.

课后练习 请用方框内所给单词或短语的适当形式 完成下面短文。 enjoyable, furthermore, share, hardworking, unless, at least, catch up with, believe, impress, size

Mr. Zhang is my English teacher. He is the most 1. ____________ and easy-going hardworking person I have ever met. He is of medium 2. ______ and a bit fat. But students like size him very much. He is a good and experienced teacher. He is also quite friendly. As soon as school is over, he becomes the students’ friend and sometimes plays games with us.

3. ___________, sometimes he discusses Furthermore questions with us in English. He is experienced. He 4. believes that no teaching ______ is a success 5. ______, during it, the students Unless and the teacher 6. ______ several jokes and share 7. _______ one loud laugh. He makes at least more enjoyable learning 8. ______________ and more lasting. We are greatly 9. ________ by his impressed imaginative teaching.

With his help, I 10. ____________ my catch up with classmates and my English is very good now.

Homework According to what your group have discussed, write down the reasons why Tony likes Mr Mills so much.



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