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人教版高中英语必修1 unite1--2 测试题 有答案 2

高中英语必修 1 试题 姓名: 分数:

一 单词拼写 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1. He looks handsome and gentle, but a_____ he is a thief. 2. He went to Britain, hoping to learn s______ English there. 3. Some English

people have a strong a_____ , which adds difficulties to our understanding of them 4. Every form of transport has its own ________(优势)and _______(不利). 5. When I was a child, I d__________ of becoming a scientist. 6. After a long time, they f________ found the lost child 7. The salesman ________ (说服)us into buying his product yesterday. 8. The goods will be ________(运输运送) to Singapore by air. 9. What is your _____ (态度) to this plan? 10. I hope you to say something p____(合适的) for the situation. 二 单项选择(每小题 1 分,共 30 分) 1. Please____the numbers and I’m sure they will____more than 1,000. A. add up, add B. add up to, add up C add up, . add up to 2.Don’t angry with him. He made the mistake___. A. in common B. on purpose C by accident D. in a hurry 3.This is the first time we___a film in the cinema together as a family. A.see B .had seen C. saw D. have seen 4.He asked me___I would go to Beijing by plane the next day. A. that if B if C that whether D how 5.Can you tell me ___the railway station? A how I can get to B how can I get to C where I can get to D where can I get to 6.Iraq has ____too many wars since 1990s,making his people______ a lot. A. got through; pay B. looked through; face C. gone through; suffer Dpassed through; destroy 7. —Will you go to his birthday party? —No, _______ invited to. A. so as B. as if C as though D even if 8. It's seven thirty. I_______ go to school. A. have got B have got to C. got to D had got to 9. The bad news _________me. A. nervous B. anxious C. upset D. sad 10. It was at 8 o'clock _____ I went back home last night. A. that B. when C. which D. what 11. John is very _____,if he promises to do something he will do it. A. independent B. confident C. reliable D. flexible 12. →Do you need any help, Lucy? →Yes, the job is ______I could do myself.

A. less than B. more than C. no more than D. not more than 13.They made a____across the Atlantic Ocean.(大西洋) A. voyage B travel C journey D tour 14.Some English programs,____English on Sunday,Follow Me,are very helpful to us. A .for example B.according to C such as D because of 15.The teacher commanded that he ____go out of the classroom. A.go B went C is going D should went 16. He requested that they ______all night. A. slept Bsleep B would sleep D sleeping 17. He preferred ______rather than ______. A. to die; steal B. to die :stealing C dying steal D die stealing 18.Taxi ___is higher than the bus. A. fare B fee C price D charge 19.Y’d better make a plan ______schedule. A. ahead of B behind C on D from 20. Every morning, I can see an old man cycling ______ the road ahead of my school. A. about B. with C. along D. onto 21. The leader insisted that we_____ immediate action to solve the problem. A. would take B. will take C. took D take 22. That hero who died in the war was so brave that he never ______ to the enemies until death. A. gave up B. gave in C. gave away D. gave out 23.The reason why he didn’t tell you the truth was____he was not allowed to. A because B which C why D that 24.How about going to the movies?------I don’t____movies. A much care for B care much C care D care about 25.They are the ___who____Wuhan University and now are playing an important part in our factory. A graduate,graduated B graduates,graduated, Cgraduates,graduated from D graduate,graduated from 26.---- when will they leave? ------They___very soon. A do leave B are leaving C have left D leave 27.The weatherman has ___that it will be fine tomorrow. A promised B forecasted C planed D recognized 28.He is feeling___better____. A a little,as usual B a little,than usual Cquite,as usual D quite ,usually 29.This machine is very easy____.Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes. A operating B to be operating C operated D to operate 30.It’s hard to breathe at high____. A mountains B forests C altitudes D rivers 三. 用方框内所给单词或短语的适当形式填空.(每空一分,共 10 分)

dream about / record / give in /compare / change one’s mind / determine / play a part / recognize / make use of / get along with

1. For the sake of his health, finally he ____ not to go on smoking. 2. Since I entered No.1 Middle School of Taian, I’ve ____ going to Qinghua University. 3. He had to _____ to her strong determination. 4. The writer ____ his experience, ideas and afterthoughts about what they had seen. 5. People usually the youth to the rising sun. 6. I’m_____ to take part in the Olympic Games in 2012. 7. Her sweet smile____ in her winning the English Speech Competition. 8. Where are you from? I can’t ____ your accent. 9. To learn English well, you’d better____ every chance you have to speak it. 10. How are you_____ your classmates in the new school?

四 完形填空(每空 1 分,共 20 分) People always say that the earlier one learns a language, the 26 it is to do so, in theory it is that, 27 , in my opinion, that refers to spoken language. Capability(能 力) to practice some essential(基本的) 28 of a language and read between the lines can only be trained through proper reading ways and hard work 29 .So spending money to help 30 learn English may 31 up with disappointment. It is likely that the more you 32 ,the more you are let down. The daughter of one of my friends 33 English in primary school, 34 her foreign teacher’s blindness 35 psychology. She did not want to go on 36 English until middle school, 37 a college student studying English slowly 38 her interest in the language. It is better to have the child learn Chinese than to have some difficulty 39 learning English for several years. Having been engaged in English education, 40 find that despite(尽管) their excellent 41 , many students have 42 command of English words and phrases. So I suggest that children 43 classical Chinese prose( 散 文 ),rather than 44 them to learn English hurriedly. Otherwise, they may let go the best time to 45 the language ability of their mother tongue. 26. A. easy B. difficult C. easier D. more difficult 27. A. but B. however C. though D. yet 28. A. opinions B. regards C. requests D. expressions 29. A. step by step B. right away C. at once D. quickly 30. A. people B. girls C. children D. boys 31. A. begin B. start C. finish D. end 32. A. pay B. get C. buy D. take 33. A. loved B. liked C. disliked D. learned 34. A. because of B. because C. instead of D. instead 35. A. of B. at C. in D. to

36. A. learning B. to learn 37. A. while B. where 38. A. introduced B. practiced 39. A. in B. to 40. A. He B. I 41. A. pronunciation B. phrase 42. A. few B. less 43. A. write B. do 44. A. have B. let 45. A. study B. improve

C. with learning D. for learning C. when D. as C. explained D. developed C. at D. of C. She D. They C. language D. writing C. little D. fewer C. remember D. memorize C. cause D. make C. Learn D. master

五 阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 30 分) A Do you know about America? America is a big country. When it was young, the city of Washington,D.C was built. It was built in a forest(森林) near two beautiful rivers. It lies the northeast of America. In 1792,The White House was built. It is a white house with two floors. From 1800,President(总统)of the United States would live in it. It is now called the White House. At that time there was a park near the President’s house. And people let their horses and cows ,sheep ,and pigs eat grass in the park. Today in the same park there are no horses or cows, sheep, or pigs. It is a beautiful park for all people to see. In 1793 ,they built the great Capitol building(美国国会大厦).It was the most beautiful building of Washington,D.C Except those ,it also has another beautiful city, the biggest city—NewYork, we can see the Statue of Liberty. It is the tallest of the world. Do you know more about America? Can you tell some? 1. Which important building can you see in Washington,D.C?_____ A The White House. B The great Capitol building . C The Buckingham Palace. D Both A and B 2.Now the park near the White House is____. A. for animals to eat grass in B .for the presidents and official only C. for people to see D. for foreigners and their family 3.____is short for the United States. A. the U.S B.U.S C. the U.K D. the u.s 4.What’s the capital city of the United States? A. NewYork B. The great Capitol building C. Washington,D.C

D. America

5.What does the under line word mean? A.自由女神像 B.白金汉宫 C.白宫 D.落基山 B Henry Ford was the first person to build cars which were cheap,strong and fast.He was able to se11 millions of models because be could produce them in large numbers at a time; is, made a great many cars of exactly the same kind. that he Ford’ s father hoped that his son would be come a farmer,but the young man did not like the idea and he went to Detroit(底特律)where he worked as a mechanic(机械 师) .By the age of 29,in 1892,he had built his first car.However,the car made in this way, famous “Model T” did not appear until 1908-five years after Ford bad the started his great motor car factory. This car showed to be well-known that it remained unchanged for twenty year.Since Ford’s time,this way of producing cars in large numbers has be come common in industry and has reduced the price of many goods which would otherwise be very expensive. 6.Henry Ford was the man to built _____ cars. and strong and long and expensive D.strong and slow 7.Ford was able to sell millions of cars,because_____. A.he made many greet cars B.his cars are many C.he made lots of cars of the same kind D.both A and B 8.The young man became a mechanic,_______. A.which was his father’s will B.which was against his own will C.which was against his father’s will D.which was the will of both 9.The “Model T” was very famous_____. A.before 1908 B.between 1982 and 1908 C.before 1892 D.after 1908 10.Ford built his own car factory 1903 1908 1913 1897

C Everyday, 340 million people speak it. One billion people are learning it and it is said that by 2050, half of the world’s population will be using it. What are we talking about? That global language—English. The English language started in Britain in the 5th century. It is a mixed language. It was built up when German. Scandinavian and French invaders settled in England and created a common language for communication. Today it is the official language of the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Ireland as well as many islands in the Caribbean . Many other countries and regions use it for politics and business, for example, India. Pakistan, Nigeria and the Philippines. English is also one of the official languages of

Hong Kong.But global advertising and pop music mean that in most countries, you will see or hear some English. Thanks to McDonalds, we all know about "burgers". "fries" and "milkshakes". Songs by Madonna, Britney Spears and Celine Dion are in English. We can sing along, even if we do not understand what we are singing! English is a messy (杂乱的) language. Every year, dictionaries include new words that talk about popular culture, for example, computer-related words such as "blogging", "download" and "chatroom". Also included are words that teenagers use. Who does not know "cool", "OK" and “hello” ? Other languages also influence English. Many English words come from French. Words like "cafe" and expressions like "c'est la vie" (that is life) are all part of the English language. On the other hand, the French language includes English words like "le weekend" and "le camping". German words are also part of English. Words like "kindergarten" come from the German language. Recently, British people have become interested in "yoga". But the word comes from an ancient Hindu language in India. 11. The English language has a history of ______. A. over 2000 years B. over 500 years C. over 1500 years D. over 1000 years 12. The underlined expression “thanks to ” can be replaced by ______. A. because of B. thankful to C. not until D. as if. 13. Which of the following statements is true about the language of English ? A. It has been changing all the time. B. It has borrowed words from all the other languages. C. French words are used by the English because dictionaries have French words. D. Singers and film stars have the greatest influence on language. 14. How many people in the world are using English now? A. One billion people B. 340 million C. almost all the people in the world. D. not mentioned above, but the number is growing rapidly. 15. Many countries and regions use it for politics and business except______. A. the USA B. Nigeria C. the Philippines D. Norway

一 选 择 1-5DCDBA6-10 CDBCA 11-15 ABACA 16-20 BAAAC 21-25 DBDAC 26-30BBBDC
. changed his mind2. dreamed about 3. give in4. recorded5. compare 6. determined 6

阅读 1-5DCACA 6-10 ACCDA 11-15 CAABD

完形填空 26— 30 CBDAC ACDCB

31— 35 DACAD 36— 40 ACDAB

41 —





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