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Important Words and Expressions

Create dialogues with as many listed words as possible.

flame red, have a crush on, have feelings towards somebody, hit it off You and me have this amazing connection. be stood up, have a big fight, Split / broke up with, lots more fish in the sea, No big deal. It’ll work out. have other / bigger fish to fry, robbing the cradle here, Don’t be chicken! have the guts to ask him/her out be made for each other, perfect match, fiancé=husband-to-be, propose to, engagement,

Beware of ads!

Step1 Lead-in
A. Compete to see how much we know about Chinese ad slogans. You would find how deeply we are influenced by ads. (2 minutes)

Directions: 大宝 天天见 Now the class is divided 神州行 我看行 into two groups. In turn 恒源祥 羊羊羊 each group will give an 过节送礼 黄金搭档 ad slogan until no more 风驰电掣 大运摩托 slogans can be provided. 人要衣装 美要亮(靓)妆 钻石恒久远 一颗永流传 简约不简单 利朗商务男装 今年过节不收礼 收礼还收脑白金

Step1 Lead-in

Matching Game

Work in groups. Match the slogans(广告语 / 标识语,口号) with the product or company.

Group Work

No more tears. All the news that fit to print. Don’t leave home without it.
Have it your way. Once possessed, nothing more is expected. 1. It’s the real thing. 2.The pause that refreshes. Something special in the air.

New York Times American Express Credit Card Burger King Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Rolex American Airlines


Group Work

Great hair cannot have flakes. You deserve a break today. / I’m lovin’ it. We do chicken right. Because you’re worth it. Where do you want to go today? Let your fingers do the walking.

Yellow Pages McDonald’s


Head-shoulders Kentucky Fried Chicken Microsoft L’Oréal

Group Work

Advertising Is Everywhere
Advertising appears in the most obvious and the most unlikely places.

Make a list of places or things or events where ads appear—excluding newspapers, magazines, television and radio. The group that comes up with the most places wins.

Group Work

Reference: We can find advertisements : on billboards(户外广告牌); on the walls of stores; on and in buses, trains or ships; on posters; on the Internet;

Group Work

on balloons in the sky;
on entrance tickets; on umbrellas, T-shirts, pencils, toys;

on shopping bags;
on mouse pads;

Group Work

in free samples;
flyer & banner; and even on the walls of washrooms.


Important Words and Expressions
uestion: ANSWER “Commercial” just refers to an advertisement on television or radio, while “advertisement” is something designed to persuade people to buy something, such as, a large public notice, billboards, posters, a short film on television, a picture with words in a newspaper. It is often abbreviated as “ad”.

Do you know the difference between “commercial” and “advertisement”?

Knowledge Tip

Typical TV Commercial Styles
Type of Commercial An expert or a user reports Language Used This is … (product’s name) Product’s description Appreciative comments Problem + Past and present tenses (before and after) product=problem solved Cause-effect Negative/positive statements The wrong choice vs. the Opposites right choice Cause and effect Comparisons Adjectives (comparative and superlative forms)

Mark it down

中文的九折译为英文是: 10% off或10% discount, 切忌将九折说成90% discount!
1) allow 10% discount (on the price of goods) (按照货价打九折) 2) sell at a discount of 15% (八五折出售) 3) We give a discount for cash. (现金交易可打折扣。)

Step 2 Watch and Talk
Watch 3 ads and talk about:

Which one do you like best?

Step 2 Watch and Talk
Ad 1: What did the boy really want, pepsi-cola or coca-cola?

Ad2: Where did the football star get the inspiration to shoot that goal?

Ad3: What is the ad for? What impresses you most in the ad?

Step 3: Communicative Skills

Asking for Clarification
? What exactly do you mean? Could you give me a concrete example? Could you be more specific? ? What do you mean by sth. /saying sth? ? Could you explain sth.? ? What are you trying to say? ? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch/get /follow you/I’m not with you...could you repeat that?/ say it again?/What was that again?/ One more time, please./ ? Sorry, my English isn’t so good. ? Could you slow down, please?/ Could you speak up a bit, please?

Step 3: Communicative Skills Rephrasing
? Are you saying (that) + S + V? It sounds like + S + V If I understand you correctly, + S + V ? Do you mean that...? ? You did say next week, didn’t you? ? Is it true that...?

Step 3: Communicative Skills Clarifying Your Statements
? Let me clarify. What I'm trying to say is, + S + V To put it simply, + S + V ? It means… ? What I mean is… ? What I’m trying to say is…. ? What I wanted to say is….

Step 4: Guided Talk
? Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ads.

? Preparation for the discussion: ? Listen to Model 1, 2, 3. Pick out the classical sentences for recitation and gather related opinions.

About Advertising
? Advertising can be done by means of a number of media like television, newspapers, wall paintings, billboards, magazines, Internet, by the word-of-mouth and in many other ways.

About Advertising
? The main objectives of advertising are: * Increasing the usage of a certain product and hence acquiring more orders. * Creating new customers and increasing brand recognition. * To obtain feedback from customers regarding a certain product. * To indicate introduction of new products or replacement of old ones.

Model 1 Who pays? Classical sentences for recitation:
1. The competitors are just canceling out each other’s efforts. 2. I’m afraid the extra costs of advertising will be passed on to the consumers.

3. The advertising produces a good image of products.
4. It seems contradictory. In other words, more sales mean lower production costs, but more advertising means higher costs to the consumer.

Model 2 Beware of ads!
Good sentence patterns:
1. Those TV commercials are killing me. 2. If I were you, I would not trust those commercials. 3. You’re the target audience.

4. Watch out, or commercials will take over your life.

Model 3 Are the free magazines free? quality products: products of good quality

Good Sentences:

The cost of ads is built into the products. Advertising serves a useful purpose.

Model 2 Beware of ads !
eye-catching, ear-catching, imaginative, persuasive, appealing, fascinating, … … with much creative thoughts, a catchy / witty / funny / weird / impressive slogan, the contribution of the stars ……

…take advantage of favorable images, pleasant music, impressive picture, … …present you a powerful product, …produce a feeling of reliability a feeling of wanting to have it right now
Now it’s your turn to make a dialogue and talk about ads. Use the expressions learnt.

Step 4: Guided Talk
Guide: Talk about the advantages and disadvantages from the following perspectives:

? Education
? Information -

providing ? Economic promotion ? Product development ? …

Disadvantages ? consumption; ? young people; ? reliability ? manufacturers : ? environment ? psychological influence ?…

? Product development Promote the sales; build a good image of a product; be beneficial to the buildup of the brand name / brand name awareness ? Educating / instructing /Information providing educative public service ads (公益广告); disseminate(传播) information on commodities; information of hi-tech contribution to product; ? Economic promotion stimulate the consumption(刺激消费); promote the upgrade of product; urge the manufacturer to innovate and introduce new tech; ? …

?Consumer & manufacturers; Piles of money are poured into commercials. More costs are passed on to consumers. unfair / ill competition; cancelling out each other’s effort; cutting each other’s throat; no one gets anywhere at last; ?Reliability untruthful / fake / false information; unreliable publicity (不可靠的宣传信息); cheat; ?Psychological influence; mislead young people; consume blindly, follow suit; Programs / TV series were interrupted by commercials; ?Environment Do damage to city image ?…




Daily life needs advertisements because the main function of advertising is to disseminate information on commodities, services, culture, employment, student enrollment and even marriage.

Advertising itself is a business that has provided a great number of jobs.


With advertisements, people save a lot of time in shopping for grocery, looking for jobs, etc. Advertising is a process of artistic creation and aesthetics. Without advertisements, newspapers, commercial radios and television companies could not survive.


Fake advertising cheats consumers and, in some serious cases, threatens people’s lives. Advertisements are not based on the quality of the goods, but something else. Advertisements on TV are a nuisance(讨厌的 人或东西 / 公害): they interrupt TV programs at a shocking frequency.


1. Slogans
Work in groups and guess what products are being advertised. (Just

guess the kind of product. You don’t need to name the exact brand of the product.)


1) From the Makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife. New! All Stainless Steel Water Resistant to 100 meters. 2) The best shave a man can get. 3) Come to where the flavor is. 4) Things go better with Coke. 5) Quality never goes out of style. 6) Clean your breath while it cleans your teeth. 7) We lead. Others copy.


1) Brigade Watch 2) Gillette 3) Marlboro光临风韵之境――万宝路世界 4) Coca-Cola 5) Levi’s 李维斯裤子 6) Colgate Toothpaste 7) Ricoh 理光复印机


Guess what is being advertised in the following short films?

Click the pictures to play

Watch the end of each video clip and see whether your answers are correct or not.

Click the pictures to play

Slogan Writing

What makes an effective slogan?

B. Read the following English ads slogans, work with your partner and try to translate them into Chinese.
Good to the last drop. Obey your thirst. Just do it. The new digital era. Impossible made possible. Take time to indulge. Feel the new space. Intelligence everywhere. 滴滴香浓,意犹未尽。(麦斯威尔咖啡) 服从你的渴望。(雪碧) 只管去做。(耐克运动鞋) 数码新时代。(索尼影碟机)

尽情享受吧!(雀巢冰激凌) 感受新境界。(三星电子)


Poetry in motion, dancing close to me. 动态的诗,向我舞近。(丰田汽车)

Slogan Writing

Work in pairs, try to write an advertising slogan for the following products:

mobile phone, laptop, car, cosmetics, sneaker, perfumes, college…

Slogan Writing

Mobile phone: How are you? / Connecting people. Laptop: Think different. / Where do you want to go today? Car: Everything we do is driven by you.


Practice the expression :

Don’t even think about it!
Create a dialogue using it.

--Hey, can I have another pepsi-cola?

--Don’t even think about it.
-- Could you lend me some money? --- Don’t even think about it.

Lester is meeting with Helen to discuss the release of the new laptop.

Lester: As you know, Helen, the Lenovo2009 is due for release next month. I think we've finally worked the kinks琐碎问题 out. Helen: That's essential, since quality is the focus of the ad campaign. The laptop must work really well if they're going to be the cash cows we're hoping for. Lester: Let's go over our promotion plans again. Helen: OK. We have six major retailers running demonstrations at most branches. And our exhibition team is already on the road setting up for computer shows. Lester: Good. What about print and radio? Helen: We’ve taken out full-page ads with two large trade magazines. And more important, our press releases have been well received. Lester: Any other ads? Helen: Yes. We’re putting full-page ads in the Sunday edition of three major newspapers. Lester: Sounds perfect. Helen: But nothing ever works out the way you plan it. So I have a couple of other tricks up my sleeve as well.

Terms Related to Ads

advertising agency 广告公司
advertising agent 广告代理商 advertising cycle 广告周期

advertising claims 广告词
advertising campaign广告宣传活动

Terms Related to Ads

advertising budgets 广告预算
attention getter 广告妙语 copywriter 广告撰稿人 flyer 广告传单 slogan 广告口号

spot announcement 插播广告


Important Words and Expressions

Create dialogues with as many listed words and expressions as possible. Role-play the dialogues.
canceling out,
commercial, pass on to,

make sth. appealing to,
Don’t even think about it! look no further / You name it!

? 1. Speech: The influence of Ads. ? 2. Role Play: ? Situation: In a shop, A:the shop assistant shows a man a spots suit and persuade him to buy because it’s the style advertised by the sports star.B: The man, a sports fan, is interested, but C: his wife dissuade(劝阻) him from buying blindly.


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